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How To Make Circle Icons In Batches in PS

So I did the Batch Icon Tutorial that showed how to make icons in batches of 75 and it seems to be really popular and that makes me happy. I was speaking with someone I RP with today who complimented me on my circular icons that I use on my indie rp blog. I offered to make them icons - since we have the same muse and I already have about 2,000 plain icons of that perticular muse but they want to learn for themselves and that made me really excited and inspired to make this tutorial on how to make Batch Icons as Circles. If you’ve read my previous tutorial then some of these steps will be familiar. Shall we begin?

I am going to be making this icon:

Long Tutorial Under The Cut. 

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draw davekat as knights but in full medieval knightly uniform on horses w a real pretty background. i fucking dare you to make this masterpiece because it needs to happen

helmet bc there are definitely no shades at that time period