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tsukishima kei & yamaguchi tadashi

“i’ve never turned my back on you. and i’m not starting now.”

  • Dean: Alright, listen. I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the blue steel.
  • [Dean makes a model-face, while actual FBI agent looks on; unimpressed]
  • Dean: ...This is kind of an off day for me, this doesn't usually happen.

What more do you need than P  R  I  D  E ?

#MayWeDrawDaily Day:…………….19….oh….

UhH…Yeah I have no other excuse other than work has been super busy and i’m super lazy. I didn’t have much time for arting othe than the occasional sketchbook doodle all week…and it…shows. So rusty.  Here’s a Yamaguchi cause hes the best and I love him.

“We’re doing somethin’ that’s never been done before! How could that not be dangerous?”

For @newsiestober day 10, my favourite quote! (or one of them, at least) Davey has a lot of amazing lines, and i think this one says a lot about his character :D


It happens all the time. We fall in love with these characters, whether we do it intentionally or not. We’re captivated by their presence, and we’re drawn in to their storyline. We’re touched by the mark they leave on our souls, and we’re so hopelessly invested in their well-being and safety that we feel the need to protect them, to keep them away from hurt. We love them, and maybe we even relate to them. When they’re hurt, we feel their pain. When they cry, we sob along with them. And then something beautiful happens and we rejoice in their glee. When they’re happy, we’re happy. And if they happen to pass away, then a small part of us dies alongside them. We fall in love, and we never stop.

“After I had returned to New York, the agent read this ‘Bewitched’ script and phoned me that it was a good role, so I accepted. During that same trip to the West Coast, I ran into Agnes Moorehead at a party. She told me about the series, so I was somewhat pre-sold before I was invited to play her husband. I wanted to work with Aggie. I think highly of her talents and like her.”

-Maurice Evans, in a 1964 interview

With the possible exception of the Equator, everything begins somewhere.

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 18/32