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What’s the sexiest thing about Lilith?
Kelsey Grammer: Oh, her ass.
Bebe Neuwirth: No, no… not about me. He’s asking about Lilith.
Kelsey Grammer: But it’s all in the same package!

I’m not in the ml fandom bUT @illustraice ‘s Sun/Moon au has me h o o k e d.  Now, I’m no artist so I can’t draw for it (believe me I just tried drawing Mari and I spent more time outlining muscles than anything so that was a lost cause), and because I’m not in the ml fandom and I have no grasp on Mari and Adrien’s characters, I can’t write for it, either.  Buuuuut, given what I’ve read for this AU, I can certainly devise a playlist for it.  Because music is universal.

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday | May I Trading Yesterday | Run Leona Lewis | Drop in the Ocean Ron Pope | Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | Echo Jason Walker | Infinity One Direction | California King Bed Rihanna | Battlefield Jordin Sparks | Bleeding Love Leona Lewis | Listen To Your Heart DHT | Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden | Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s | Saware Arijit Singh

Can y'all please stop ranting about the 2.5 age gap between Yurio and Otabek. Like please, and if you’re going to rant about it DO NOT tag it in the “otabek x Yurio” tag please. Those of us who understand that because it is not a sexual relationship and understand that it is not canon sexual (making it legal) would like to go through the tag and look at fan art and cute fluffy things. We don’t want to hear your opinion. Sorry, but if you think it’s disgusting, that is your right. We don’t have to agree with you though and there is nothing stopping us from continuing to ship it.

“the future of gaming will be subscription streaming like spotify and netflix”

me if that day ever comes:


BTS texts; Jimin
(Namjoon’s) (Jungkook’s)

(i) when you’ve worried him
(ii) when he’s scared
(iii) when he’s horny
(iv) (a, b) when you don’t know what to wear
(v) (a, b) when he’s playful af

/jungkoohks(since you won’t request) the-storyweaverbecause Jimin’s not ruining you enough


England: Well, it’s okay I guess? A bit stressful but still nice. Other than look after the big buffoon of a king, I spend quality time with ‘Scone’. Finest breed of dogs for a queen.

America: Yeah, right! ‘Iggy-queeny and corgi’ have a nice ring *snickering*

England: Shut up you dolt!

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@nekoevilx3 - Sorry for a messy piece of shit. I picked a wrong kind of paper but don’t wanna make you wait any longer. Thanks for your question!!

I bet Nico would be that kind of boyfriend who’d watch series with Will and read books and play games ONLY so he can disagree with him.

Like one day Nico’s going to be glaring at Will from the Hades table and Jason would be like “Did something happen between you two?” and Nico would sigh exasperatedly and answer “He keeps saying Star Trek is better than Star Wars and it’s totally not.”