yes that's exactly what he's doing

  • Draco: I want to bone Potter so hard.
  • Pansy: Uhh, do you even know what that means?
  • Draco: Of course, I do. Crush his bones, turn them into dust.
  • Pansy: I...that's no-
  • Blaise: Yes exactly, crush his bones. Look here he comes, you should tell him.
  • Potter: *enters the great hall*
  • Draco: *stands up* WANNA GET BONED, POTTER? CAUSE I'M READY.
  • Great Hall:
  • Harry:
  • Draco:
  • Pansy: *stage whispers* It means to have sex, Draco.
  • Draco:
  • Harry:
  • Draco: Well. *cough* Taking this into consideration, the offer still stands. *looks down at his crotch* Literally.

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Rewatching Star Wars, it always bugs me a little when Owen and Beru have their "He's too much like his father," "That's what I'm afraid of," conversation. Imagine being Baby Luke in this situation, with foster parents who are secretly afraid that you're going to snap and go on a genocidal rampage at any given moment. Guy's probably got some issues, is all I'm saying.

See, I didn’t read it at all that his parents were afraid of him or afraid of what he might do – Owen pretty obviously treats him exactly as a teenage son would be anywhere else. He gives him chores, calls him on his shit, firmly reminds Luke that he needs to honor his commitments; yes, he’s holding him back from applying to the Academy, but I’m sure that’s in part because he doesn’t want Vader finding him. 

I asked Nakki “Wait, so how exactly DOES Vader know that Luke is his son?” and she said “Well he’s been running around the galaxy calling himself Luke Skywalker” which was a good point. I would imagine applying to the Imperial Academy under the name Skywalker is sooner or later going to draw some attention. 

I think Owen is afraid for Luke more than anything – when he’s afraid he’s like his father, I figure it means Luke is too curious and adventurous for his own good, and wants to be out in the world instead of staying safely at home. It reads (and always did read) more like the concern of a parent who wants what’s best for their child and knows that child is endangering themselves, not someone who is afraid of what that child might do to them. 

Fake Chats #176
  • Taehyung: well.
  • Yoongi: well.
  • Taehyung: what do we do about this?
  • Yoongi: what do you mean what do we do? We take pictures as evidence and complain about it later.
  • Taehyung: we can't just join the party?
  • Yoongi: No, we can't.
  • Taehyung: why not?
  • Yoongi: because.
  • Taehyung: because you can't stand the idea of sharing Hopi-hyung with Jimin even though it's very obvious that Hopi-hyung really loves Jimin and loves to cuddle him and you also know that while Hopi really loves Jimin he also really loves you and will cuddle you later if you just ask, but nooooo, that's not good enough for you?
  • Yoongi: yes. Exactly. See, I knew you could be smart sometimes.
  • Taehyung: thanks.
  • Yoongi: you're welcome.
  • Taehyung: so, do you wanna just cuddle me instead?
  • Yoongi: you're not my Hopi.
  • Taehyung: so, do you wanna cuddle me INSTEAD?
  • Yoongi: yeah, sure, get over here.
  • Taehyung: sweet! You know, I like cuddling Hopi-hyung too, not just Jiminnie.
  • Yoongi: don't. Push it.
we fall in love in mysterious ways

“F.R.I.D.A.Y? I’m still not sure about the guns. Maybe we could use another metal to make them even better. I mean they should be really light, so Groot can hold them.” Tony says when he looks at his blueprints. Something looks still wrong.

“I would suggest the vibranium that’s left, Sir.” F.R.I.D.A.Y answers and Tony looks up at that. He can feel the slight pain in his chest. Vibranium. The Shield. Steve

“Yeah well maybe you are right. Not like Rogers would still want something from me, right?” Tony jokes. Or he tries. It comes out bitter and sad at the same time.

Sometimes he still misses Steve. No Rogers now. Yeah he misses him and the other brats. But they aren’t here anymore, so he should stop with that.

Rogers, Barnes, Barton, Romanoff, Maximoff, Wilson. They are all gone and Tony is sure they never want to see him again. Also that other guy…. the one with the ants.

Bruce wasn’t there when everything had fallen apart. And he still is gone and Tony misses him. God he misses him and Thor. But they didn’t tried to reach him. At all. Maybe they are with Rogers?


Tony looks up at that. He isn’t alone. Not by far. Rhodey is still here, even if he has days where he can’t look Tony in the eye. Because he is embarrassed that he still needs help to walk.

But Tony knows Rhodey loves him, so thats alright.


And right. The Guardians of the Galaxy are here. Tony is still not sure, why exactly. But they are with him for a few weeks now and Tony is glad for the change.

“Yes?” He asks and looks at Peter, who stands in his doorway. What is he even doing here? F.R.I.D.A.Y greets Peter and the guardian smiles at the ceiling.

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omg i cant unsee that petty alec at a party while magnus is playing lmao i would read an entire fic just about that one picture

ask and you shall receive. based off this post: “why does this picture look like malec at a party where magnus promises to go home after one more game, but theyve been there for over two hours now and alec just wants to go home, but hes too petty to say anything” and this picture:

magnus beamed his puppy eyes at alec, who stood at the bar with a beer in hand. sure he didnt love the taste, but having to wait while magnus mingled with every possible person meant he needed at least some alcohol in his system. so when maia suggested their newest beer on tap, he didnt refuse.

“please, alec? i havent seen catarina in over three months. you cant expect us to finish talking in just a few games. just one more?” magnus fiddled with the hem of alecs shirt, his fingers lazily sliding along his thigh.

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Imagine Draco buying your baby a broomstick
  • Draco: lOok what I GOT my LiTtLe BuDdY
  • Baby: *shrieks in joy*
  • You: Draco
  • You: Draco that is a fireboult supreme
  • You: You CAN'T buy that for a ONE-YEAR-OLD
  • Draco: Yes I can
  • Draco: Actually, I just did
  • You: Draco you'll KILL him
  • Draco: He can do this he's a MALFOY
  • You: that's exactly what I'm worrying about
  • Draco: come here little lad, don't listen to that spoilsport
  • Baby: *mounts broom*
  • You: *leaves room in annoyance*
  • You: *hears a loud rattling noise, a thud, Draco howling in pain and a one-year-old's laughter*
Haechan Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where you can hear your soulmates voice in your head but only when they sing

  • hello
  • im back with another one
  • if youre new to my soulmate aus you should check them out ;)
  • shameless self promo
  • lets get started
  • so mark is your bff
  • yall hang out all the time
  • you guys hang out at your house bc the dorms are “too noisy” according to mark
  • although you just think he doesnt want to be harassed by his hyungs
  • youre best friends with this rap god but you have yet to actually listen to him or his group
  • its not like youre purposely not listening to it but you just havent had the time to give it a listen
  • another reason you havent listened to them is because your soulmate sings all the time and you absolutely adore their voice
  • they sound like an angel and you get lost in their words all the time
  • mark worries that someday youll get hurt because youre not paying attention to your surroundings
  • “y/n….y/n…are you listening to me?”
  • “hmm? of sorry mark i-”
  • “-was listening to your soulmate i get it just pay more attention yeah?”
  • mark is secretly the mom friend
  • sometimes you wonder how you sound to your soulmate
  • do they like your voice? or do they get annoyed whenever you sing?
  • “you know mark, maybe my soulmate could be an idol with you”
  • “y/n have you even listened to my music yet? they have to be as good as my group”
  • “ahh i actually havent listened to your music your band is called nct right? do you have any music on you?”
  • so you finally give marks music a go
  • and he starts it out with nct dream, my first and last
  • “?? what do you mean? the person at the beginning who says ‘oh maybe maybe’?”
  • “YES”
  • so mark fills you in that that was his friend and band mate haechan
  • and you fill in mark on how your soulmate sounds exactly like haechan
  •  yall go to the dorms to figure this out
  • so the game plan is that you wait outside and sing my first and last and mark is going to see if thats the song in haechans head
  • “heeyyy mark whos your friend~~~”
  • you and mark both scream a little and jump
  • “haechan…what have i said about sneaking up on me…”
  • “only once a week?”
  • “yeah and you did it yesterday so no more”
  • so your plan has been thrown out the window now
  • “this is my friend y/n and they were just walking me back here”
  • “and now youre going to let them just walk home by themselves??? this late at night???? chivaLRY IS DEAD”
  • “if youre so concerned you can walk y/n home im going in the dorms bye y/n”
  • so thats exactly what haechan does
  • he walks you home and youre currently missing all your chances of telling him yall are soulmates
  • you finally get to your house and hes about to leave
  • its now or never
  • “i think we’re soulmates, haechan”
  • “woah i know im the true visual of nct but i think id know who my soulmate is just by hearing their voice”
  • “oh im sorry then i must be mistaken then”
  • youre about to rush into your home in embarrassment
  • but then a hand catches your wrist
  • “hey hey i was joking i know your my soulmate. woah wait are those tears pls dont cry it was a joke”
  • he holds your face in the palm of his hands and wipes away those stray tears
  • “youre too cruel haechan”
  • “cmon dont say that here lets go inside and ill sing you to sleep”
  • so yall go inside and cuddle while he sings for you
  • and he finally leaves when hes certain youre asleep
  • ok im done
  • love you guys for reading this
  • byebye
  • Alaric: Look, in my experience, the best thing to do in these types of situations is to just talk about it.
  • Damon: That is not the relationship my brother and I have. We're not "open" like that.
  • Alaric: Really? Because you're open with me.
  • Damon: Only because you ask me annoying, intrusive, personal questions all the time!
  • Alaric: Exactly! You need to do that, be the Ric in the conversation.
  • Damon: You want me to just say "Cowabunga, bro!"?
  • Alaric: Oooh, yes, that'd be awesome.
  • Damon: Well, it's not going to happen. Alas, we are not "cowabunga" people.
  • *later*
  • Stefan: Where's Damon?
  • Alaric: Oh, um, he couldn't make it. He's attending to some urgent business.
  • Damon: That's a stone-cold lie!
  • Stefan: Damon?
  • Damon: Cowabunga, brother!
  • Stefan: What?
  • Alaric: Yeeeeesssss.
50 shades of bradley

A/N: ill admit at first i didn’t know what to make of this request but i had so much fun writing this, i haven’t wrote actual smut in a while so its the first time in a long time that i just sat there and wrote the whole imagine/smut in one sitting. Hope y'all love it! 

******* also remember this is smut so it does include sexual acts******

Request by @maxinejordanstyles : Helloooo It’s me. AHAHHAHAHAHAH Anyway, thanks for replying! So here’s my plot I guess? Um maybe you and Brad decided to watch 50 shades of gray and then later Brad becomes um you know. And blah blah stuff happens. thanks you don’t have to rush yourself doing this!!! Ilysm! Ps. You writing still rocks!!! Bye for now! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Brad invited you over for a movie night, tonight so you gladly obliged and was at his house by 5pm. He greeted you at the door with a hug and a kiss, per usual. You sat on the couch with your typically busy boyfriend and sat with him on the couch, content with even just being with him in that moment.

“So what are we watching tonight?” You asked curiously leaning into him on the couch.

“I wasn’t sure, thought we could look through what’s new” he suggested as you went through the movies available for renting.

“Hey what about that 50 shades of gray that everyone is obsessed with, i have to admit ive been pretty curious about it” you admit slightly timid of what brads reaction would be.

“Seriously? I mean sure, if you want to”

“Yeah, let’s go for it.” You say, clicking on the movie.

As the movie started you sat close to brad with his arm around you and you both stared at the screen watching the movie. That was until the first sex scene came on and you felt brad kiss your neck.

You giggled and said “brad stopp, watch the movie” you said taking his hand that was around you in your hand.

“But baby” he whined touching your leg.

“Brad, be patient” you said teasingly kissing him quickly.

You could tell he was already sexually frustrated, but you had hardly gotten half way through the movie.

Once you were getting towards the end of the movie you decided you would have a bit of fun with him in the mood he was in. You moved your hand to the inside of his thigh inching close to his bulging hard on that he had from this extremely sexual movie.

“Babe what do you think you’re doing” he said becoming flustered.

“Oh im just having a bit of fun” you joked placing you hand directly on his hard on, whilst you began palming him.

“Baby dont tease me like this”  he whined.

“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it” you teased, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

“Thats it, you asked for it” he laughed, picking you upover his shoulders carrying you to his bed. Leaving you in giggles.

“Is this what my baby girl wanted? Hmm” he said climbing on top of you kissing you softly.

“Mmh yes please brad, i need you” you said coming off more needy than you had wanted.

“Whatever you want my princess” he said kissing down your neck to the parts of your chest that were already exposed from your shirt.

“Oh these half to go my love” he said smiling to himself removing your shirt and then your pants revealing you in your panties and bra. Brad hummed as he kissed all over your body, leaving you in shivers, then returning to your mouth.

“Mmh, bradley its your turn” you giggled peeling his shirt off his toned body and unbuckling his belt.

He took his pants off and threw them on the floor and returned right on top of you in only his boxers.

“Better? Hm?” He teased kissing your neck.

“Perfect,” you say getting into a heated makeout session with him, You pause for a moment, and slip from under him. He looks at you confused, but you only smile at him. You walked to the front and center of his room and looked directly at him whilst you touched all over your body with your bra and underwear still on.

Brad stared at you in awe, you’ve never done this but you were feeling particularly feisty tonight. You seductively remove your bra slow and teasingly, letting it hit the floor. You then turned around and slowly removed your underwear before slowly walking over to brad and getting on top of him.

“Baby that was so bloody hot” he said moving his hands to your ass and squeezing it.

“Yeah,you liked that?” You said in a cheeky tone. You then kissed your way to his v line right above his boxers looking up at him with innocent eyes.

“Fuck your so beautiful” he muttered.

You removed his boxers and tossed them on the floor revealing his hard on hitting his stomach. You licked the tip before putting his entire member in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. You’d glace up at him every so often because you knew that drove him crazy. He had his head back muttering sounds of pleasure. He was really close but you just couldn’t wait any longer. You got up and almost put his member into yourself until brad flipped you over.

“I dont think so darling” he laughed.

He did something unexpected, he kissed you slowly down your stomach, right to your pussy.

“Fuck brad don’t do this I need you inside me right now”

“Oh ill be inside you, but not quite yet my princess” he said kissing your clit, then began lapping his tongue around your clit and inside your pussy driving you insane.

Your moans filled the room and you were reaching the brink of an orgasm, but he didnt stop.

“Brad, fuck dont stop” you moaned out.

This made him go faster and lick the shit out of your clit while working his fingers inside of you pumping in and out finally bringing you to your orgasm.

“Thats my baby girl” he smirked licking up every inch of cum on his fingers.

“Fuck brad its been so long” you panted.

“I know baby girl, you ready for the real deal” he said pumping himself before putting a condom on.

“And you were going to rush, and not put a condom on, tsk tsk young lady” he teased you.

“Mmh, ive been a bad girl teach me a lesson” you teased

He laughed at your mocking voice mimicking the movie. He started thrusting into you like it was nobody’s business.

“Fuck bradley keep going it feels so good, fuck” you said moaning loudly. He kissed your neck softly while thrusting even faster than before, just hitting your g spot.

He was on the brink of cumming and so were you, you both seemed to be in sync.

“Brad dont stop, im almost there”

“Me too baby girl me too” he said in desperation.

He brought a hand down to rub your clit finally making you cum for the second time tonight. He came in his condom, pulled out and took his condom and threw it in the trash.

“That was so amazing brad, i missed you”

“I knew you had a reason for that movie” he teased before kissing you

“Well bradley, you’re supposed to say ‘i miss you too babe’ but i guess your kiss will suffice” you laughed.

“You know i missed you, so stop that” he said kissing you again.

“Can i sleep here” you whispered while under the blankets cuddling with him.

“I kind of assumed you’d be sleeping over anyways my love” he said cutely kissing your nose.

“Okay cool because i’m definitely to lazy to get up right now.” You said causing him to laugh.

“ i love you so much, you know that?” He said brushing his hands through your hair.

“I love you too bradley, to the moon and back” you said before falling asleep on his chest.

“My princess, always” he whispered kissing your forehead as you slept.

jeon wonwoo: a concept

i have a lot to say about this boi so bucKle up

Originally posted by mvnghaos

look at his beautiful smile

look at that lil nose crinkle and his amazingly straight teeth 

his smile brings me so much joy it iS IMPOSSIBLE. to not smile when i see him smile??? like look at his eyes and how they crinkle when he smiles oH my lorDy what a beauty

Originally posted by wonwoo-gifs

look at that soft hair, those dark brows, that underappreciated jAWLINE MMmmm what a sharp

look at his transition to cute smiling pup to model incarnATE

@pledis pls bring this hair back

((see also- wonwoo in red mocknecks: a concept))

Originally posted by itswonwoodarling

i have honestly never admired anyone in glasses any more than this gorgeous man

they just?? compliment his face really well and he looks so smart and fluffy

not to mention:

Originally posted by mingyuwagyu

his,,,,,,, cheekboNes???!??!? 




and his slicked back hair got me feeLin some kinda way mm forehead hmu

(disclaimer: i do not have a kink for foreheads)

Originally posted by infinitblaq

mm yes ruDE Boi,, 

u have like 0 right to do that

not just to me, but to anyone

is it just me or is it getting hot in here

but oh nO it doesn’t stop there;;

Originally posted by visual-17

*gasps in latin*

sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

old meme, but sums it up 


Originally posted by visual-17

look at his little smirk bitchass he knows exactly,, what he’s doing and he is. enJoying it the little shit 

if thats not enough he adds that tilt of his head 

like a “better than you” salute,, i swear this boi got me all up in his business

if i wasn’t in wonwoo’s lane before i definitely am now

just run me over with the pretty u car

Originally posted by visual-17


Originally posted by jisootherabbit

ESPECIALLY WHEN HIs lil snooter crinkles 

see when it does that 

Originally posted by sneezes

lil crinkly thing

u know that feeling of when u rlly like something and u stare at it for really long hoping you can ingrain it into your memory

thats me

with this gif

Originally posted by livelovelunch

Originally posted by mvnghaos

sleepy wonwoo, amazing, beautiful, work of art, 17/10 would recommend, sign me up

Originally posted by visual-17

he looks like such. a dad in japan ofd but im diggin it hes adorable either way

Originally posted by wonuflake

thank u for putting up with this semi rant

i hope u all love jeon wonu a lil bit more now maybe like 100%

this boi? i like, i love, i protect

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Exactly, that's my problem with the question in the first place, like why would you ask him about Zayn's ED that's HIS matter and only HIS. And if H had said that he knew then what would he do? Trying to "save" him? Feed him himself? The interviewer had already undermined Zayn and his experiences in the band, painted him as this weak person who was whining about being exhausted all the time but Harry "thrived" under these conditions. So what's the point? That H would never had issues like that?

yes, i think that’s exactly the point. zayn’s whole narrative since he left has been centered around the concept of truth. the truth abt how toxic and grueling the environment they were working in was. the truth abt what an outsider he was made to feel like from the beginning in a way that none of the others can truly relate to bc he was the only muslim man of color from a working class city amongst them. the truth abt how his mental and physical health were deteriorating as a result of those two things.

so of course harry, the pageant queen, can’t angle himself in the same way bc that was obviously not his truth. he was the most popular, the baby, the star from day one, and i’m sure he’s well aware of that but lbr, there’s nothing particularly charming abt talking abt how easy you had it unless there is an underdog character whose story you can take pieces of to make yourself look better. it’s even easier for him bc zayn isn’t even someone who’s been easily awarded sympathy or compassion for being brave enough to open up and share his experiences in the first place. but now it’s both of their experiences and you can literally watch the media and harold’s stans in real time running to make harry the hero while removing all of zayn’s agency in the same headline.

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Made up fic title: Say yes to the Armor

Omg i have a funny idea. Not sure if thats what you wanted.

The guardians are on earth for a while. Its their third visit already and they love it here. They know Tony for a little over three years now and he is already a guardians as well.

They are not here for a mission this time. No Tony wanted to go back on earth, because he needed something to do here. Well nobody complains, because its like a short holiday. so here they are.

Peter is a bit wondering what his boyfriend exactly wants here, but he knows how Tony gets in his workshop. so he gives him a bit space.

Later in the evening they are all on the kitchen balcony, eating dinner. Its then that Tony shows up. Finally! He was down there over 24 hours. But its not Tony in his buisness suit or his favourite sweats. No he is wearing the armor.

“What are you doing?” asks Gamora, because she hates it when they fight while they eat.

Tony says nothing he just goes over to Peter. His steps heavy now. Then he goes down to one knee. Peter can’t breathe. Tony holds his hand up and there is a ring.

Oh god.

Peter can’t do anything. He only stares at the ring and tries so hard no to die.

“Say yes to the armor!” grins Rocket and finally Peter can move again.

“Yes! Yes!” he says it a few times more and smiles so hard. Of course he wants to marry Tony. So Peter stands up and opens the iron man helmet.

Its empty.

“Well this is a bit awkward.” says the real Tony who stands a few meters behind them.

“What?” asks Peter because was this all a mistake? Tony doesnt want to marry him?

Tony comes over and takes Peters hand.

“Stop worrying. I just fucked up. I wanted to ask you. But i was supposed to be in there. I wrote this action into the armor so he could support me if i would faint. Because… i was really nervous! But then he took off without me.” explains Tony and he blushes a deep red. Peter chuckles.

“Well seems like even my armor loves you.” giggles Tony then and Peter smiles.

“Say it again.” he whispers and Tony goes silent. He seems really nervous even though his armor got a yes already.

“Marry me.”


you cant fuck wait thats the same bear. thats the same bear you assholes. what do you think you are playing at huh. think you can just draw the same bear two fucking times in two different movies and nobody gonna notice, you sacks of shit. i know animation is expensive but would it have killed your asses to draw a slightly different looking bear over the footage you were tracing you hacks. this sort of thing is exactly why i have laid down in my will that a portion of my corpse’s dust be slam dunked over the walt disney statue by one of my operatives. yes i know he was dead by the time of this executive decision but i dont care. taste my dust uncle walt. 

aotlover13  asked:

It's me! :D I just wanted to ask what would happen if the turts had a sick s/o and their diabetic​ so their blood sugars would go crazy. (I'm asking this because I actually started getting sick a couple days ago and now I'm lying in bed actually sick XDDD) I MISS YOU <3 k that's all XD



Calm and keeps his s/o calm as well.  Gives them plenty of water and check their sugar every hour, and doesn’t forget about the keytone strips if they need to use the bathroom.  He’s an excellent caretaker; he knows exactly what to do and he’s very reassuring about it. And yay you!  Cuddle time until your blood sugars are down to the level they’re supposed to be.  And he DOES NOT let you fall asleep.  (Yes it is dangerous to fall asleep if your blood sugar is high.) Don’t worry, you are in very good hands here.


Even if he’s been with you a while, he’s still kinda nervous when it comes to your diabetes; he’s afraid he’ll do something wrong and make your blood sugars worse.  But he takes Donnie’s advice, as well as yours, and follows instructions as best as he can.  He gets you water when your cup is empty, and frequently forgets about the on hour rule.  The keytones are what scares him the most, that and if you begin to get anxious, but he helps that by immediately wrapping you up in his arms for cuddles.  He’s trying.


Doctor Donatello has arrived.  Literally a tub of water bottles ready to be drank, plenty of blankets, and hourly sugar checks and kisses.  If you start to get anxious, he does too, but he keeps in control enough to be the doctor and take care of you.  Checking for fevers, asking if you feel nausea, reminding you of keytones.  He’s a good boyfriend, more of a doctor though.  Don’t expect a lot of cuddles, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give them.  He’s just concerned for your health.



The boy just makes the entire thing worse; he panics, you panic, he panics some more, you panic a lot.  Literally shoves water bottles into your lap, checking your sugar every ten damn minutes.  But, if he’s had longer experience with you about this topic then he’s not so panicky, just nervous, and is checking on you after longer periods.  But still, he’s too worried about panicking to cuddle or comfort you.  You have to calm him before you can take care of yourself.

read it here now!

Can someone please tell me if they think this is good or if I should keep writing it? 


 In Jensen’s defence, he hadn’t started the fight. He was just in the library when Brady Robins sauntered in with the rest of the football team. Brady had strutted over, yes-strutted, confidently and everything. over to the far back corner where Jensen was sitting, plopped himself down at the table and just sat there. Jensen was good at being invisible, but sometimes to find a shadow, you’ve got to shine a little light on it.

 Thats exactly what Brady loved to do. Brady didn’t say anything to Jensen, he just sat there and stared. Then finally, he moved. Brady stuck his lanky, mile long arm out and swatted the book out of jensens hands. 

Naturally, if Brady had done anything else, Jensen probably would have ignored it, but nope. That cocky asshole just had to go for the book didn’t he. Jensen sighed, ”Can I help you?, Brady shrugged. “ I don’t know. Can you?” “Brady, I swear to god. If you don’t leave me alone, I will knock your teeth so far down your throat, you’ll be sticking a tooth brush up your ass to brush them.” “woah Jensen, all i wanted to have was a good time man, relax” Brady chuckled, “a good time? a good time to you is taking my backpack and ripping up my homework and assignments, because if you don’t have them done, so it’s not fair to anyone else too right? that a good time? or is having a good time beating the shit out of me so you can make up for your daddy issues’ at home right buddy? because honestly Brady, I’m so damn sick of you treating me like shit. so i promise the next time you put your filthy hands on me, i will break your neck.” Jensen exclaimed angrily, his chest rising and falling along with each ragged breath he took. 

 He picked up his book, gathered his things and calmly walked out of the library full of dumbstruck teens shocked at little precious Jensen Ackles’s outburst. Leaving a shocked Brady behind at the table. Brady got up quickly from the table, jogged back to the table where the rest of the football team sat, and hatched his plan out quickly, then took off out the library doors on jensens trail. Little did Jensen know that the big bad boy outcast, Jared Padalecki had saw the whole thing. 

Jared had been talking to Ross, leaning against one of the posts in the library when Brady sauntered past. But Jensen didn’t have to know that right now. — — Jensen had started running down the hall as soon as he got far enough away from the library, he wasn’t sure where he was going but he was pretty sure he was heading towards the football field. He pushed the side doors open and stepped outside, started walking towards the bleachers. 

Pulling out his book again, he sat down with his bag laying beside his feet, he started reading again. He wasn’t sure how long he had been reading uninterrupted, but he flinched when he noticed a pair of combat boots to his left. 

He slowly followed the legs until he was looking at a face that was staring back at him. Eyes wide he gasped, “J-Jared?!, what are you-“ “Relax kiddo, i’m just keeping you company until your next class” Jared interrupted him. Jensen gasped again, he forgot about his next class. Jensen stood trying to gather his things when Jared grabbed his arm and pulled him down to sit again on the bleacher. “Just relax, you’re already late. You’ll just be yelled at if you go now.” Jared reasoned, Jensen sighed and put his things back down.

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"but it’s also the way harry just makes whatever he’s doing and wherever he’s doing it seem Natural and just.. the right place tbh" omg yes, that's exactly what I've been thinking. The things he's doing are so big and high profile but he's always so at ease and confident it just makes it all seamless and perfect. The build-up is amazing and he doesn't have to be everywhere at once because whatever he does gets the best kind of exposure. I can't say enough​ about this, it's so wonderful

he really has always had this absolutely phenomenal ability to adapt to whoever and wherever he is, any interview in any country, any situation, and it is truly one of the most mesmerising things to watch. i always think of mark rylance asking ‘how do you get that?’ when he say just how.. relaxed and effortlessly charismatic harry is at such a young age and unimaginable level of fame already, and it cuts me to the core honestly 😩 he is quite literally just at the beginning of his career and everyone who’s willing to look can already see he’s a legend in the making ✨

BTS Reacting To their Girlfriend being a Victorias´s Model

Hi Guys, this is my first Reaction. Hope you like it :) If you want more, my request box is open.


The first Time he saw you in Show was when the both of you were sitting in front of the tv on the couch. He would be taken aback at first, but then super proud. “Why don’t i go into the Kitchen and cook something for us and you put on some of your work cloths?” *He is probably gonna prepare some chocolate covered strawberries and whippet cream*

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Both of you were lying in your bed cuddling. When you noticed Suga was about to fall asleep. you loudly blurred out, that you are a Victoria´s Secret Model. First he was like “Yeah Sure” You took out your phone to show him some Behind the scenes pictures of you and the other Victoria´s Secret Girls. “Well, now that you stopped me from taking a nap, you should model something for me.” *If you stop our Yoongi from sleeping, you have to reward him ;)*

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He was actually the one who found out himself. He somehow ended up watching the Victoria´s Secret Show on Youtube and there you were walking the Runway. No need to tell you how turned on Joon was by that. Later when you came Home he confronted you. “Damn Baby, now i have to punish you for not telling me sooner.” You two spend the next Hours in the Bedroom. Him punish you real good. *Yes exactly what all you naughty minded people think*

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One Time Jhope came over your Apartment, whitout telling you beforehand, as always. You were still in the Shower, so you told him to wait for you. Suddenly you heard a high pitched scream. Running out of the Bathroom, you found Jhope looking through your Victoria´s Secret Magazine, at a picture of you. He was totally fascinated. “Thats what you do for a living? I like!”

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You were currently busy in the Kitchen, when you phone rang, so Jimin awnserd it for you. “(Y/N) Phone? Handsome Boyfriend Jimin speaking.” “Hello this her Manager, can you tell (Y/N) that Victoria´s Secret wants her in this years Show again. Thank You.” He came running into the Kitchen. “You model Underwear? But you are so innocent and shy. Wait, every Men can see you like that? Thats only meant for me.” *Jelouse and Pouty ChimChim activated* Making you go red form embarrassment. “Oh, Jiminie, i only love you.” That made him smile that Beautiful Eye smile of his.

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The first time you told him about you job, he was really confused. He started asking you all types of questions. How you got into this Job? What exactly you do there? What people you work with? After awnsering literally a thousand of them, he would still be cutley clueless. Trying to make sense of all the informations. “ Im not a hundred precent sure about it yet, but i think i like it.” He would pull you into a tight hug and shower you in kisses.

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This innocent cutie got really shy when he saw pictures and gifs, his fans send to him, of you modeling for Victoria´s Secret. Finding it funny you decided to tease him a bit. You came from behind, wrapped your arms around him and laid your chin on his shoulder. “Do you like what you see?” That made him turn bright red. “ Im just kidding Kookie. You are so cute.” That didn’t sit well with him, he turned you around and pulled you close to him. “Yah, don’t call me cute. Im a Men and Im gonna show you.” *uhh dominate Kookie* He pulled you into a deep kiss and started touching you all over, before groping you butt, making you moan.

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Peter Pan X reader

Request: Love your blog! Could you do a peter pan imagine where the reader and pan get into a fight and then pan says he doesn’t care about the reader so she goes and kisses a lost boy and then pan realizes how much he’s screwed up?! Thank you!

I really like this prompt! 

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, editing by me which is a sin in itself seeing I have the grammar skills of a turtle on acid.

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I appreciate others taking notice of ppl not giving niall the love/appreciation he deserves (bc it's about damn time!) but ppl have to remember we're getting there! He's not been lower than top 7 on iTunes in weeks! Also we have a goal of 100 mil streams by July 4th & at the rate we've been going we can easily achieve! If y'all remember that same goal for TT we tried to reach by New Years- so w/ streams it has picked up & we will do in exactly 2 months what it took 3 months & 2 days to do w/ TT!

oh thats great!!! i really hope we can, and yes KEEP STREAMING!! it really is doing quite well!