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I really appreciate that even though Kara was in a terrible situation, she still answered the phone when Lena called the first time. She could have just as easily let the call go to voicemail (she had every right to do so) but instead she picked up the phone and told Lena that it wasn’t a good time and that she would call her back. Kara’s going through so much in this scene and she feels awful but she still answers the phone instead of ignoring Lena because she’s an extremely caring person and she doesn’t want Lena to feel brushed off. It was a subtle but important way of showing how well Kara knows Lena and I just thought it was a good moment.



destiny island form #2: SoRiku/Oblivion form

again referencing @mikeybound‘s post

I want Sora and Riku to be like a perfected anti form. Let them revel in darkness. Let them be stealth and speed. Let them command heartless to fight for them.

that last part isn’t in the pictures, but i did want to include some heartless elements thus another ear hoodie!! i got this pose from one of Riku’s KHX cards but i forget which lol

so while the SoKai form was a surprise, the Soriku was a calculated one. once Sora found out he could even get forms from other keybladers(who aren’t directly a part of his being) he was excited to try it with Riku too!! but Reeks being the somewhat angsty one is all concerned abt it, also Sora has his own darkness issues; he just doesn’t want them both to get stuck again.

then it turns out (after a slight freak out) that it was nothing either couldn’t/hadn’t already handle and they have a grand ole time slipping behind unsuspecting heartless and blowing them up. bless

the SoRiKai one may take a bit longer since life stuff is coming up so stay tuned!! 

A mob psycho 100 magical boy au that doesnt involve as much suffering? Sign me the heck up
In this au, mob only gets his magical powers when hes in his magical boy form! 

And in his case,, he also has to feel a certain emotion to 100% to use his powers,, since in the neutral state, he doesnt have any powers. The wand thing hes holding contains his energy,, and basically when he holds it, he can just use his powers like in the anime  He can also go into the ??? mode if he is made unconscious while in a 100% emotion state,, his whole outfit becomes black and no one wants to know what happens in that case 

Also some highlights of the au:
- Shou and Ritsu fistfight a spirit because dimple confiscated their magic powers. Plot twist, they win with the power of violence
- Reigen owns a magical girl equipment store and has mob walk around in his outfit to get customers
- Dimple wants to have an army of magical people so he can be,, the strongest spirit out there tm
- Shou reaches his true magical girl form after ritsu kicks him in for burning down his house
- Shou transforms when he dabs,, and his weapon is a fidget spinner
- Teru gets a skirt at one point because they run out of pants, he rocks it though
- Ritsu has a huge spoon as a wand
- Honestly this whole au is just,,, teruble

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Seeing as you shit on Robert a lot it looks like you're threatened by strong masculine men. Feminity is fragile indeed.

You do know you can’t spin that narrative when femininity is already maligned and treated as a weakness in society, right?


…I was enabled by several people. SHUSH.

shipping is fun until youre on the 114th page on ao3, its 4:02 am and you realise youve lost control of your life

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if sans's soul is still alive, is it conscious? if yes, does he know all that's happening ?

barely? idk if you’ve ever fell unconscious

I have. And it feels like everything is numb you can barely hear anything, everything’s black and even if someone were to slap your face you’d barely feel anything at all. Aside from not feeling your body you can’t talk or even open your eyes. 

It feels like that but worse, cus he’s dying in the process lol.

Sometimes, our party follows our DM’s carefully crafted plot…

… and sometimes we plant a magic bean mid-combat, roll 100 on a d100, and sprout a massive beanstalk into the clouds.


Favorite Character Meme: 8 Favorite Quotes

*whispers* series 3 is the best RTD series…


aight… tokis a good boy who wants to share his passions with his friends because thats what the friends do, yes, so he does this with all of the band members, but skwisgaar is weird and murderface has to be in a -really- good mood for it and pickles is hard to find so he usually ends up with nathan, sitting on the couch while he stares at a blank notepad.

“nathan, you busy?” he says and nate grunts because he knows hes not busy but doesnt wanna say it, but doesnt wanna lie for no good reason, so he just grunts and toki flops next to him and opens this big binder full of fucking pokemon cards. “looks!! i gots a holographics giratina!”

and the card is shiny and it looks pretty badass, so nathan grunts again and toki takes this as a sign to give him a long, informed overview on the rarity of cards and what affects it and all this stuff. nathan continues staring at his paper silently, offering nods of acknowledgement once in a while.

the topic shifts from rarity to “i just think its neat” as toki pulls out his favorite cards; a shoddy, torn up charmander thats poorly taped together, an absolutely pristine cutiefly, a mamoswine, a popplio, a this and that and jesus christ why are there so many pokemon??? eventually hes just going through and showing nathan all of his cards.

and the best part is that toki knows hes -showing- nathan and not just pointing them at him because nathan went from staring at his own blank page to pointing at cards and going “what the hell is that” and taking a foretress card and going “this thing has an attack called “everybody explode now” holy shit” and his favorite is toucannon.

when toki doesnt have anything else to say he gives nathan a big, unrequited hug and scampers away to do other toki-things and nathan sits there in silence and stares at his blank paper and draws a terribly-drawn giratina (which is basically a spiky worm with “holo” scribbled over it) and decides its time for a nap.

;-; i like my boys.


far too young to die // panic! at the disco