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Gender: Dude
Star Sign: scorpio 
Height: 1.70m more or less
Sexual Orientation: Aroused
Hogwarts House: muggle, technologie better than magic
Favorite Color: ORANGE
Favorite Animal: Cats
Average Hours of Sleep: between 7 and 12 hours … usually more 10 if i can
Cat or Dog Person: Cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: not really a favorite one, maybe right now the zootopia cast and the bunny in particular
Favorite Singer/Band: thats too hard ! There is thousands of favorite !!! 
Dream Trip: world trip
Dream Job: yes
When was this Blog made:not that long ago two years or some shit like that
Number of Followers: eerrf 1.5k something ? And there is like 30% of pornbots ? I think
What made you decide to create this blog: I wanted to insult someone who were stealing the art of an artist

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It’s been a complete year now since the Meme Team Club was established and since then, wow. Thanks Asagao Academy for giving the Meme Team the chance to exist and let me mee the people I know now!

One year ago I, out of boredom and impulsiveness after seeing a rise of self inserts in the Asagao Academy tag, made a Blue and a post asking “haha lol who wants to make a video game club like in the game?”

Apparently a LOT of people did. In less of a day, there was a blog, a jacket, and a name established. Since then, the meme team members have been such a source of positivity and happiness that I feel like I’m so blessed to have been able to know them all.

And every one of them is so talented??? Like we got artists, writers, crafters, memers??? And so many good SIs?? I love them all so much???

Read more below for General Asagao Feels

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hey so, small psa. makes me feel weird when ppl go through my blog n reblog things from like… months ago. not talkin’ abt queued stuff, but scrollin’ down my blog in my tags looking for stuff to reblog. makes me uncomfy. idk why, maybe thats dumb + i acknowledge that. but like. ye. if its ok for me to ask ppl dont do that, i’d appreciate.

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but he was literally reblogging/encouraging almost every fan artist and he didn't check their blogs before reblogging it's not as if he purposefully targeted minors? yes thats extremely irresponsible but he apologized and said he'll be careful to check from now on. he used to reblog so much fan art that it basically seemed like he went through his tags and reblogged almost everything so to say that he specifically targeted minors seems misleading

he reblogged nsfw fanart without screening people. he is 28, he knows that his fanbase is primarily children and teenagers, and he consciously decided to put porn of himself on his main blog that primarily children and teenagers look at. he encouraged people to look at his ass and draw pictures of his ass on his main blog which is looked at by primarily children and teenagers. without checking if the people drawing them were minors. pornography of himself

he is 28 and films in high school settings and talks about school in a good chunk of his vines, targeting minors to like him and therefore consciously setting up his fanbase of mostly children.

he copypasted his apologies to everybody who sent him a message (which i can somewhat understand due to him being such a big internet personality). his apology still isn’t public on his tumblr yet, and as far as i know, he hasn’t apologized publicly on any other platforms either.

he has repeatedly gotten called out, deletes the evidence, and then forgets and starts doing whatever it was once again.

his vines and blog are primarily targeted at minors.

it’s sketchy.

A Tag Thing

I was tagged by @prettisetsky (thanks fam)

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag some blogs you wanna get to know better!

A- age: 18 (please help i cant adult)

B- birthplace: New Jersey, USA

C- current time: 6:05 pm

D- drink you last had: coke

E- easiest person to talk to: probably joonbee or kate

F- favorite song: who tf knows man, right now though pick something off the Hamilton soundtrack and thats your answer lol

G- grossest memory: oh you know that sexual harassment and the years i speant blaming myself lmao

H- horror yes or horror no: yeah i like horror movies i get really into them even the bad ones

I- in love?: not right now

J- jealous of people: i can be but i try to keep it in check

K- killed someone?: not yet (government dude spying on me its a joke)

L- love at first sight or i should i walk back by again?: i dont theres love at first sight but i think there can be a spark at first sight  

M- middle name: xavier

N- number of siblings: 3

O- one wish: to be happy with myself and where i am in the universe

P- person you called last: my mom

Q- question youre always asked: “how you doing?” i dont know please go away

R- reason to smile: i have a few so the list: leaving jersey, going to school, my siblings, and my friends

S- song you sang last: kim possible theme song/Call Me Beep Me

T- top 3 fictional characters: (im doing all from vld cause i can), pidge, hunk, lance 

U- underwear color: grey and theyre confy af

V- vacation: i dont really like long vacations because i get overwhelmed and mentally exhausted because of being around so many people for so long, im more of a day vacation

W- whens your birthday: April 19

X- x-rays: once when i got hit by a car and a lot of times for my teeth

Y- your favorite food: cheese steak and cheese fries

Z- zodiac sign: Aries/Taurus, im right on the cusp

I’m a tag: @batistabombingdatass @sparrowwitharrows @l0serlif3 @ana-thinks-and-stuff @sirsammysenpai @that-lovely-hippo

MH Writing Task #3: 10 facts about me...for...some reason...

1) I work in the clerk’s office at a local juvenile court. This is why I know some things about law…and why I have lost a lot of my faith in humanity.

2) For some reason, as a kid, I wasn’t a fan of the Animaniacs, but now that I’m an adult, I love them. I sometimes hum the theme song at work…no one has said a word about knowing it so far.

3) I run a Comic Drake fan blog…which needs some serious updates.

4) I hate coconut, both the flavor and the texture. Same with onions.

5) The first dessert I ever made was a homemade pound cake from scratch. I was about nine years old.

6) The video games Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI are the reasons I can read the King James version of the Bible and Shakespearean plays well. Thank you Cyan and Frog.

7) My first cosplay ever was Reno from Final Fantasy VII. My first cosplay at a convention was Xena.

8) I gave Jeremy Renner a Lego movie Hawkeye, and he absolutely lit up, saying that his daughter plays with Legos and he couldn’t wait to give it to her, so she can play with “daddy” when he’s away. Still melts my heart.

9) I speak with a Romanian accent when I cosplay as Wanda/Scarlet Witch from Age of Ultron.

10) My first movie in a movie theater was Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with my maternal grandmother. She’s sadly passed away when I was fourteen, so when it came out both in 3D and live action, I saw them with my mother. We’re going to see the musical later this month.

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what are some of your favorite davekat blogs?

ooh i did a big post about this awhile back, lemme find it for ya. 

looking through my old posts i just got to the final hs upd8 part where im really salty about no davekat dialogue or kisses or nothing LOL it brings back the pain

ok here it is: 

some of these folks dont post a lot of davekat anymore (understandably, since we no longer receive fodder from the Huss) but i still like them & recommend them!

so heres an UPDATED LIST Of people who still regularly post davekat:

@landofscrubsandcrumbs draws some of my favekats

@maybesomehomestuckart author of Within, Without. I bow down to them

@daveactualstrider aka the Davekat Royal

@ddeeric is always up for some davekat

@askthestargazers has this great humanstuck davekat comic

@asexual-davestrider enjoys a good davekat

@melisbelly is a young art genius who offers their talents toward the honorable cause of davekat

@yerlosing runs a great hs blog in general but heavily davekat yes

@dyonoi is still lovely strong trash

@complete-bs-district is a sinner and a half

@sol-lay has a quality davekat tag & posts general cool art (50% hs related)

@egossweetheart got some davekat times

also i wanted to recommend a few great hs blogs (not davekat) which are Mandatory Reading Material in addition to the davekat starter kit:

@paperseverywhere is currently busy with hiveswap & other things but her artwork is A+ just look through the tags

@sometipsygnostalgic is just a quality homestuck blogger (and now overwatch but thats my other personal fave..UNrelated…)

@toastyhat has a lovely hs tag and isnt opposed to some good ol’ davekat

hope that gives ya something to start with, and as always, feel free to chime in if you’re a davekat person reading this & you have recs (including yourself)!

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GOD fucking tell me about it. One super fucking popular UT fanartist believes that asriel "was the bad one" to chara and "hurt him" and betrayed him and did bad to him and chara is The One Doing Good and that Asriel should have just been ok with everything and every time I see their blog on my dash I just. God

yes thats insertdisc5 if were thinking of the same person and trust me i hate them even more now that i know that than when i found out they ship(ped) charasriel (incest). lol. why are none of these people decent.


Hello Barduilings! :D

Okay so let’s start that Barduil Fandom Meetup shall we?

My name’s Bérénice, I’m a Belgian student living in Brussels. I’m 19 and I was born on November 9 (apparently that could also be Barduil’s birthday since it’s probably the day they met in Dale, I’m so happy *cough*). I have a younger sister named Eléonore and three cats–Eliott, Liam and Gabriel.

I’m currently in my last year of high school I think you call it. Though I have no idea what I’ll do of my life, so yeah I’m still wondering what’s going to happen next year.

I’m a very shy ace person with social anxiety. IRL, I don’t talk much and it can take a while for me to open up and act like I do with my closest friends. I’m incredibly lazy, and I have an apparent lack of self confidence about many things. It doesn’t look like I do but when I’m with my family I’ve got a very bad temper.

My favourite actors are David Tennant, Luke Evans and Matt Smith. I love Lee Pace and Ewan McGregor very much too. I love watching movies and TV Shows (Doctor Who, Hannibal, Sherlock, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Supernatural, Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, …), writing, reading (Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle and The Picture of Dorian Gray are my favourite books), spending time with my closest friends, cooking (okay baking mostly I mean come on CAKES) and spending hours on my computer. But I like laying on the grass under the sun too, and staring at the stars is one of my favourite things.

At this point you all know my favourite fic is Phosphenes by queerteddy but well I never miss a chance to say it because you know, maybe some of you haven’t read it yet? Same for my favourite series which is Shakespeare Does A Funny Thing by the-star-named-andy. And my favourite artist is queenstardust, like, can I get everything as teeshirts and posters, please? I enjoy all Barduil art and fics tho <3

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I used to avoid this blog because it made me question humanity but now that I've been dealing with ridiculous guys on various apps for over a year I see the appeal and now can't stop reading the backlog haha. I want to submit some myself but my question is do you still take submissions via people just tagging you in the posts they make on their own blogs? Or has the tag gotten so crazy that's no longer a viable method?

Yes and yes

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Can you recommend some Dan and Phil blogs you follow? My dash is severely lacking right now

YES i can! some people i follow are todanhowell flannelhowell tokyohowell danyphil dogedan catlester runawaylester dankmemeshowell japanphan spaceyhowell plutohowell sweaterlester uhphil mothshirtdan blossomphan thorlester bootiphil phansomniac phantasticalities galaxyphan athletichowell dauntlester pughowell starlighthowell cookiephil sarcastichowell danscrotch hcwell fireworksphan danielhhowell danhowellpng danhowcll fall-out-phil orchidlester flusteredphil innuendohowell hearteyeshowell modelhowell aquariusphil and i think thats a pretty good bunch of ppl to follow i literally love all of their blogs <333


Because of this: I’m going to lose this blog entirely and it’s going to become inactive. Unfortunately I got notified of this too late. The email I used for this account is no longer accessible and I can’t log in on anything until I change my password and to do that I need to use the email I used to make this account WHICH I CAN’T ACCESS BECAUSE ITS LITERALLY NON EXISTANT NOW. Which means I have no choice but to start over and lose everything. This blog, this URL, my followers etc. Tumblr won’t help me or anyone else with this problem. I’ve already contacted them and they just send you a link telling you to start over. They don’t allow any other verification other than email because apparently they have no other ways to prove you’re the account owner. Which is bullshit. So if you don’t want to lose me and keep in touch with me follow me at my new blog/URL @bigtimerushhx

Luckily I was still logged in through my app but I can’t change my email on the app. So what does this mean? I’ll continue to use Bigtimerushx through my app until it logs me out and once it logs me out i’m moving over to the URL @bigtimerushhx thats with an extra H.

You could say i’m fairly pissed. Tears were involved because I worked so hard on this blog and I love my URL, now I’m forced to abandon it because tumblr is fucking stupid and their staff doesn’t do shit to help you. Thanks for the warning tumblr. You forcibly log people out so they don’t even have time to change their emails. Don’t let this happen to you, Make sure your email is up to date. As of right now I have no other ways to resolve this issue.

Tagging people i’ve gotten to know/mutuals who may want to keep in touch with me if you don’t thats fine lol but I do notice you so I’m going to let you know anyway: @amusementforme @ishipitlove @seaolicity @fiacresgirl @olicitykiss @deadlybingo @petitsourire19 @juliesioux @felicidysmoak @somewhatinvisible @moviemenlover @trippsykes @pamgrl926 @blackleather77 @youresoprettythatithurts @ferreyranderson @meggomeeeggo @hackergoddessfelicity @mimozka @oli-feli @coal000 @jlxox @lingarhan @d21aces-blog @alanna-the-lionheart @emilyzbett @itscaramelprincesstime @jellyjabber @jenni-inwonderland @bookolicitynessa @broken-coffeemaker @booksbloggingandchocolate @moonbebesworld @queensmegan @smoakinfelicitys @felicity-said-yes @felicitymeagansmoak

Whoop whoop! In celebration of hitting 5k followers, I decided to do blog rates (FINALLY bc i was making attempts before but couldn’t make it properly lol)! I truly appreciate each and every single one of you, you guys are amazing and i don’t know how did i get so lucky to have all of you. I’m honestly so grateful for you being supportive, and for sticking with me here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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→ reblog this post (likes DON’T count) (spread the world :))
→ send me an ask telling me your favorite captain swan headcanon ((i trust your imagination) It can be of them together, or involving others, or a headcanon just about emma or just about killian). If you don’t have one that’s not a problem, you can tell me your theories, or your favorite fanfic, or favorite song that reminds of cs, or favorite cs moment/quote, or just something about you or anything ;) I don’t mind :) 

And from me you’ll get smth like this:
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