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Kubo posted on twitter.

“I told TV Asahi that with all the work that went into this museum it’d be a shame not to hold it elsewhere! I hope that my wish comes true!” ( x )

Yes Kubo, I agree. I’m thinking a worldwide tour would be ideal. :o 

Starlight Shines Bright, But Not As Bright As My Love Tonight

“Lafayette….” Alexander gasped, his hand covering his mouth as tears began forming in his eyes. “I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Well, saying ‘yes’ would be ideal,” Lafayette joked halfheartedly, forcing a smile on his face as he tried to keep his balance on one knee. The diamond ring glimmered in the candlelight, illuminating the windowsill that displayed the inky darkness of night where stars shone brightly. Metallic gold lay twisted around the diamond, holding it in place and forming what was quite clearly an engagement ring.

“But what if I didn’t?” Alexander asked quietly, his voice weak as he attempted to keep his emotions held inside. “What if I told you that I don’t want to marry you and I never wanted to see you again because then you’d find someone who deserves your love?”

“Alexander…Even if you did say those things, and even if they were true, I could never find another person whom I hold so much affection for in my heart. If only I could reach the sky and give you a star of your own, if only you could see how brightly you shine….” Lafayette whispered, eyes wide with hope.

“Gilbert…” Alexander muttered, leaving his chair and leaning down to be face-to-face with the anxious Frenchman on the floor. He ran his hand along Lafayette’s cheek for a moment before pulling his chin up to kiss him softly, and pulling away far too quickly. “You didn’t even have to ask. I will always be yours.”

“You…You mean..?” Lafayette stuttered, beginning to shake slightly.

“Yes. I mean yes, I’ll marry you, yes, I’ll be your husband, yes, I’ll love you until our dying days, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!” Alexander exclaimed in tearful joy. He stood up fully and offered Lafayette his left hand slowly. Lafayette stared up at him for a moment, a single tear streaming down his face, before sliding the ring onto Alexander’s finger and standing up, grabbing him by the waist and spinning them around.

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He shouted, uncaring at what volume he spoke. He set Alexander down after a few moments of crying and spinning him around, and gazed at him lovingly for a moment before speaking in a soft voice. “My love, you look so gorgeous in the starlight…”

Alexander wrapped his arms behind Lafayette’s neck and kissed him for a moment, only pulling away for a moment to whisper, “Starlight shines bright, but not as bright as my love tonight.”

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ur blog is goals and lol at that svt mtl for the gory horror movie XD ik requests aren't open for this but could you do like svt's ideal types? maybe one for bts too? feel free to delete this ask it goes aganist ur guidelines but like ur ships are so accurate... i ship them myself after reading ur reasoning lol (ooh is it alright if i become glasses anon?? soybean anon is already taken)

BTS’s Ideal Types

Glasses anon?? OMO HOW CUTE WELCOME TO THE MINI FAN CLUB lol no this blog is nowhere near that popular yet and of course I could; thank you for asking so politely! I was thinking about doing this a few weeks ago but decided against it after so many asks started popping in my inbox heuheu

Rap Monster: Namjoon’s ideal type, when discussing personality, would be someone who’s mentally intelligent and able to start an interesting conversation; either on worldwide affairs or facts about the last book you two have both read plenty of times. He’s all for an open-minded person, and would cherish a partner that respects his complex thought process. His partner themselves should be able to understand his random ‘facts of the day’ moments, and still love him even after the daily “oops! I broke it…” line.

When it comes to appearances, he would prefer a fiercer look, something more bold and suggestive. It’ll attract him right away, and he’d want to get to know the person better almost instantly. Heads up, Namjoon stans! If you use makeup, striking colors like red and gold would appeal to him, but lay off the excess makeup. A nude lipstick could work too as it contrasts against all those shades. As for clothing, a tank top that shows off your biceps would work just fine; being physically fit is a plus!

Rap Monster’s ideal type would be someone who’s mentally captivating, and clever on first glance. They may even have a rebellious spark in their eyes; it’ll draw him in.

Jin: Jin’s ideal type, in terms of personality, would be a mature person that understands situations quickly and frequently makes correct choices morally and when it comes down to split-second decision making. He’d love someone who can cook AND eat well, since he very much loves food himself. When it comes to dating, I see him as a pretty traditional person, but because he’s unpredictable, I think it’s safe to assume that he would venture out of the path a little to change some things around.

In a much more shallower perspective (not stating that Jin is shallow in the least), he may be drawn to girls (or boys) that have softer features or someone who appears younger than they actually are, such as singer IU or Korean actress Park Bo Young. As long as their choice of clothing and makeup is down-to-earth and nothing too extravagant, it’ll be a ‘yes, i like what i see so far’ from him.

Jin’s ideal type would be someone who’s mature, warm, and motherly; they should be able to handle themselves well in public. He would prefer softer features over sharper ones, basically someone who’s good-looking themselves.

Suga: Personality-wise, Yoongi might go for a calm and patient lover, one that’s able to handle his sassy remarks and lazy habits of his. I mentioned before in one of my mtls that to me, he seems like the most versatile out of BTS; his tastes probably changes a lot in a person. I’d love to see him with someone nearly just as sarcastic and laid-back as him; but it’s not too hard to imagine him being together with a fluffy, peace-loving unicorn either though.

If we’re going to go by appearances, Suga would probably prefer a more ‘swag’ rather than a polished/cute choice of clothing on his significant other, however, the curious eyebrow cocks up only if the certain s/o suits the ‘swag’ look. If the amount of bling-bling is blinding and way too unnecessary, it’ll decrease the chances of him asking them out and make his potential lover look like they’re trying too hard. Makeup isn’t necessary, but if you want to flaunt your good looks, go all in. Purple lipstick, blue eyeliner works perfectly; just remember not to look like you’re trying extremely hard to impress him!

Suga’s ideal type would be someone who’s laid-back and prefers to stay out of drama/gossip. He’d like it if they dressed similar to his style; ripped jeans with a checkered shirt around the waist would be smiled upon.

J-Hope: If we’re going to go by personality, he’ll go all for a smiley, funny significant other. Hoseok, in my opinion, prefers to be surrounded by positivity rather than negativity, so a pessimistic person wouldn’t exactly click with him, romantically speaking. Sure, he’s easygoing and extremely fun to be around with, and doesn’t select his friends or future lover, but a pessimistic person as his partner in life wouldn’t really be his first choice. Hoseok himself is emotional, so I think he’d do well with a caring lover that is able to comfort him effortlessly.

Regarding appearances, Hoseok would be the hardest for me to decide. I don’t think he has a specific preference of clothing or makeup; he’s just as likely to enjoy seeing his lover wearing jeans and a sweatshirt as he is when his lover’s in a tank top with dangerously short shorts. He also wouldn’t mind the body type of his significant other; Hoseok would like chubby people just as much as thin people. It wouldn’t hurt if his partner could dance though; work them moves J-Hope stans!

J-Hope’s ideal type would be someone cheery and has a positive outlook on life. He’s really open-minded, so he most likely doesn’t have a preference to how his significant other should look like.

Jimin: Jimin’s ideal type would be someone who’s extremely thoughtful and generous; someone who’s polite around adults and mostly places themselves second in most scenarios. They always have someone else on their mind when making decisions, and often is concerned about others’ emotions and physical conditions.  His ideal type wouldn’t be the ones that are easily pushed around though, they should be able to have a voice when unjust actions are committed against them, or someone else.

Appearance-wise, he might like a more subtle choice of clothing on his partner, one that he can compliment on and isn’t too extravagant or revealing. I totally see him loving a mature, sexy look on his significant other though! He’d be really aroused by it, and would give them nonstop kisses on the lips or neck.

Jimin’s ideal type would someone thoughtful and generous, who always thinks of others first before themselves. He’d enjoy seeing his partner in formal wear; whether they decide to go the ‘casual’ way or ‘sexy’ way is up to them.

V: V’s ideal type would be a person who enjoys laughing, and has a beautiful smile. He would be instantly attracted to them, as he’s a sucker for charming and sweet people. He would adore a cute and childish partner that he can frequently spoil and coo over too, and since he’s especially sweet with kids, he would want a partner who’s quite good with or loves children also.

When it comes to appearances, V might like a softer, more ‘girly’ style on his significant other on a typical basis, although he would be (pleasantly) shocked if they dressed slightly more revealing once in awhile. He’s the type that wouldn’t really mind how his partner looks like early in the morning; he’d still enjoy giving kisses to them even if they had bad morning breath and would find their disheveled hair adorable.

V’s ideal type would be someone who has a beautiful smile, and frankly, someone who loves laughing. He’s quite flexible with whatever his partner wears, cute clothing might appeal the best to him, however.

Jungkook: Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s flirty but also mature. He would like being teased a little, so out of all of BTS, he may be the one who’s completely unbothered by the fact he’s dating a noona, and instead may even enjoyed being playfully pushed around because he’s younger. His partner should be patient with him; I see it being a problem relationship-wise if they’re not. Jungkook’s around the awkward transition of adolescent to adult, and he’s, frankly, still slightly impulsive. His significant other taking a few cautious steps to being understanding with him would create a stable and healthy relationship that would last a long time.

When considering looks, Jungkook has made us all aware that Korean singer IU is one of the female idols he really admires. He might prefer a taller partner, but don’t dwell on height too much! As long as the gap between his lover and him isn’t too large, it’s not difficult to imagine him leaning down to kiss the top of his lover’s forehead. Regarding the sensitive topic of makeup, Jungkook would probably choose a lighter makeup-look rather than to a heavy one, but of course, he wouldn’t stress over it much.

Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s patient and playful, in addition to being mature when dealing with decisions that could affect their relationship. He would prefer a taller partner, but wouldn’t mind how they dress, unless they reveal a little too much in public (he gets jealous and possessive quickly).

This piece of work is based off my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with it, as long as aggressiveness is kept at a minimum ^~^. Keep in mind that we, fans, have no to little idea of who BTS actually looks for in a partner so don’t get discouraged!

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what's ur ideal voltron season 3?

keith is the new emperor of the galra empire and hes married to shiro. they have two space dogs–    ok but really: ideal s3 things that i also think are possible:

  • preKERBEROS FLASHBACKS!! the thing is, shiro going missing again basically parallels the first time keith lost him. so if there was ever a time to be reminded of that, it’s now. this goes along in the vein of something like no not again i can’t do this by myself again, but also references back to lines like “If it wasn’t for you, my life would be a lot different.” That thing he says about how shiro changed him is also important, because it means meeting shiro in itself was pivotal, so i think we’ll also get some flashbacks to that first meeting. and, like ive said in some other meta, black lion was able to project zarkon’s memories to shiro to help him understand their situation. if keith was still hesitant about the whole leading voltron thing, i see no reason why black wouldn’t share some of shiro’s memories to help encourage him.
  • I don’t want shiro to be gone forever, but i definitely want his absence to be felt. I want keith to have time to grieve and mourn again, i want the other paladins to have to try and rebuild whats left of their family. to pick themselves up and keep going. Remember when we all thought it would take like a season for the paladins to get back together and they did it in about two episodes? Yeah, i hope they don’t do that.
  • but!! i also want to see how shiro’s doing every now and again. like, if he’s in an alternate universe, maybe cut between that au and the current one every now and again. and yes, i would like to see him in an au, ideally one where he either never went to kerberos or they never formed voltron.
  • More pidge and lance interactions! They seemed closer in season 2 and i really liked that. Id like to see them go on their own mission together, something like In The Belly of the Weblum or The Depths.
  • speaking of weblums, more keith and hunk! keith is gonna be really hurting with shiro gone and he already is starting to open up and kinda let others in, which is v good for him. i think hunk kinda picking up on that and spending more time with him would be nice
  • Let hunk visit the rock he admires v much im sure they still miss each other a lot

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Clay Jensen° Apology Kisses

“Psst Jensen!” You turned your back to the occupied teacher and faced said boy, “Clay! Stop ignoring me you idiot.”

He was hunched over his work, although he wasn’t doing anything. “What do you want?” He hissed, tilting his head slightly in your direction.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his sudden outburst. You two had been close friends for quite a long time but a few weeks after Hannah’s death, he became much more hostile towards you.

“What the fuck Clay? Look I know you miss her, so do I, but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.” Shaking his head he turned back to face the front and you did the same, annoyed at him.

° ° °

The rest of the school day, Clay avoided you, even going as far as sitting with Tony instead of you at lunch. Angry and hurt, you texted him to meet you at Monet’s at six to study and talk.

Five to six, you arrived at the coffee shop and took a seat at a small table towards the back, ordering yourself a hot chocolate.

When fifteen minutes passed with no sign of Clay, you decided to get started on your English assignment without him.
Once the time reached half past, you sent him a text asking where he was and if he was coming.

No response and thirty minutes later, being sat at the table alone, you left bearing a heavy heart and teary eyes.

° ° °

The next day at school, you spotted Clay getting out of Tony’s Mustang and quickly ran up to meet him. “Hey Clay.”

Being pulled out of his thoughts, he sent you a small smile, “Hi (Y/n).”

“So… Where were you yesterday?”

Confused, he looked at you. Giving him an expectant look, he quickly put on an apologetic one. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow.”
Reaching his locker he put in the combination and started fussing about within it.

“We were supposed to meet at Monet’s to study! I can’t believe you.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot; I was with To-”

“With Tony, of course.” You cut him off angrily, “I thought we were friends Clay, friends don’t blow each other off to hang with other people!”

“I’m honestly really sorry (Y/n). To make up for it let me take you to the Crestmont to catch a film?” He put on his innocent face and smiled at you.

“Goddammit man, you know I can’t refuse when you do that.” The first bell rang in the background signalling the students to head to their homeroom.

“I know.” Clay laughed. “So meet me there at 7?”

Swivelling around to make your way to your classroom, you sent him a small wave, “See you there Jensen.”

° ° °

Arriving at the Crestmont, you spotted Clay fiddling at the counter. “Aloha Helmet boy.”

Spinning around, his doubts of you standing him up like he did to you disappeared. He gave you a small grin before speaking, “Oh, hey (Y/n).”

“Don’t look so frightened Clay, I was late because my mom asked me to do something before I left. I didn’t forget or anything.” Sending him a gentle smile, you purchased the tickets and went on into the screening room.

° ° °

Oh how badly you regret picking a horror movie. There wasn’t a lot of people in the theatre so yours and Clays ‘manly’ scream echoed all around.  A series of jumpscares later, your popcorn had been strewn everywhere and you were seconds away from losing your voice.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief as the credits rolled on screen, you turned to Clay, “Holy shit, never again. Let’s get out of here.” Tired, you got up and turned to leave before a hand grabbed yours.

“Wait a second (Y/n).” His hand pulled you back quickly and before you knew what what going on you felt a pair of warm lips on yours. Eyes wide, you looked to Clay, who looked just as shocked as you did. Seconds passed before he hesitantly moved his lips across yours, his eyes fluttering closed.

You stood there, not moving while Clay carried on. Pulling away, he took note of your confused face, and began apologising, stuttering uncontrollably. “Oh my go- (Y/n), I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to- I should have asked. No wonder you didn’t kiss back. Oh god, I’m such an idiot.” Internally face-palming, his face heated up and he avoided eye contact.

“Clay, it’s fine, I was just shocked.” You interrupted his rambling and set your hands on his arms. “We can try again if you want?”

'What the actual fuck (Y/n)?’

“Oh shit, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was… We can… Y'know what, I’m just gonna shut up.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Laughing, he leant in and pressed his lips onto yours in a passionate and heated kiss. Clay’s arms wrapped around your waist whilst yours connected around his neck.

A few minutes and a make out session later, you both emerged breathing heavily and with swollen lips. He pressed his forehead onto yours and stared into your eyes. “Erm, I guess I’m supposed to walk you home now?”

Smiling at his awkwardness, you shook your head, “That would be ideal, yes.”

Clay intertwined your hands and lead you out of the cinema. “At least, this way we probably won’t be attack by any sadistic nun demons.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re not gonna waste their precious time on a socially-awkward, skinny boy obsessed with Star Wars,” Clay swung your arms and rolled his cerulean orbs.

“Very funny, (Y/n).”

“, and a… I don’t even know what I am.”

“An amazing, beautiful and kind girl.”

“Very cheesy, Clay.”

Showing off a toothy grin, he replied, “You like it.”

“I know.” Leaning up you left a small kiss on his cheek and closed your eyes in pure bliss.

• • •

Yeahhh… I had no idea how to end that, sorry if it seemed a bit rushed :/
Sorry for all the time skips as well; I’m lazy

I can’t believe I’m making a post defending Even again but welp here we go

I am so tired of seeing posts attacking Even about what may or may not have happened at Bakka, and about how he may or may not have kept things hidden from Isak.

Even is a very private character. We know this. There is a lot about himself that he keeps inside, even from the people he loves. I don’t doubt that he still hides a lot from Isak, because deep down, he is still very scared of losing him. Even deflects a lot of questions about himself away; tries to charm his way out of answering them. This doesn’t mean he’s a player. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. This means he’s a very scared and insecure person; more so, I think, than Isak. And yes, he’s a little more secure in himself now. Yes, he’s happy with Isak. But that doesn’t immediately mean those thoughts Even had about himself, his illness and whatever happened at Bakka, go away overnight. Or, really, in four months. That type of deeply ingrained “this person will leave me” mentality takes years to undo and actually, nearly always stays in the back of a person’s head, no matter how happy they are in their current relationship. 

Also, we don’t know whether or not Isak knows about what happened at Bakka. There’s a chance Isak does know. There’s a chance Even told him. We don’t know.

I don’t want to really talk about the whole “what if Even was with Mikael and cheated him with Sonja?? Once a cheat, always a cheat!” thing. But I will say this: surprise! Doing something bad does not make you a bad person, and situations are complicated. Cheating is horrible, yes, and Even should have broken up with Sonja before he and Isak shared their first kiss. But does that make him a terrible person?? No!! His relationship with Sonja was in tatters; we know this. We also know she was controlling. We also know she knew about his bipolar disorder and that Even most likely felt like he couldn’t leave her, seeing as she’d supported him through everything and, as I’ve said, was controlling.

In an ideal world, yes, Even would have broken up with her before him and Isak got together. But he didn’t. What he did do, though, was break up with Sonja immediately after his weekend with Isak and told her about Isak. This is not what someone who is a serial cheater would do; he didn’t string her along, play her, lie to her. He was honest. He broke things off. And yes, he briefly reconnected with her, but that was only after Isak made his comments about mentally ill people. Of course he would run back to a place of safety after hearing something like that. 

I really, really doubt Even and Mikael dated. The clip we have of the two of them at Bakka showed a friendship, to me, more than anything else. I didn’t really get a hint of anything more between the two of them, but who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. There is so much we don’t know, but hating on Even over stuff we don’t know is stupid. 

I doubt that Julie would take a character who is bisexual and bipolar - two things that people consistently and wrongfully associate with ‘playing’ and ‘cheating’ - and reinforce those negative stereotypes even more.

I hope people have a little more brains than to force Even into those stereotypes too.

I drew @ethernetbot for @crankyplier because Im shameful trash, but I’m excepting shameful trash and love all other dark versions of these characters.

Hell, CC loves other dark versions of him better than him LOL.

Stop complaining about unfair divorce

Honestly, men’s rights activists, MGTOW, and other men’s groups need to stop complaining about unfair marriage/divorce laws. To be clear, I think these laws are unfair to everyone involved, are complete crap and should be abolished.

BUT…marital law in the United States can be contacted around. If you don’t like the martial laws regarding a given situation then write (or, even better, hire an attorney to write) your own marriage contract - otherwise known as a prenuptial agreement.

Yes, the default laws suck. Yes, changing the laws would be ideal. But lots of things suck and the answer is to do it yourself, not to accept the crappy default or to go without altogether.

Ordering fast food is the easy way to get a meal, but it is bad for you and often barely palatable. But the answer is to learn to cook yourself (or pay someone to prepare a healthy meal) not to go without eating!

Stop the hunger strike of avoiding marriage, don’t order a “fast food” government marriage…assume your responsibilities as an adult and learn to make your own healthy marriage!

(And yes, all of this applies to women too…except that they risk less in a “fast food” government marriage because laws right now tend to favor them. But laws can change and women who married under favorable laws could easily find themselves getting divorced under less favorable ones.)

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would u marry a guy who has a past with other girls?

(This is just my personal opinion, not everyone has to agree! also if ur not Muslim leave this post alone bc it’s not for u)

For me, this is a complicated question which doesn’t necessarily have a simple yes or no answer.
In an ideal world, honestly I would prefer to marry someone who didn’t have a past. I’m not saying I’m perfect or pious by any means, but I can say that alhamdulillah I’ve kept away from zina my whole life (so far, may Allah keep it that way). Good women are for good men. I hate when people say it’s easier for girls because many girls do have strong desires and face temptations. I honestly think it’s mainly due to cultural double-standards and expectations that girls tend to have less of a ‘past’ than guys. It does frustrate me to think that I’ve been striving, fighting my nafs and resisting fitna, and then to imagine that my hypothetical future husband has been out there indulging in his desires and giving himself away to other women without a care in the world.

However, someone’s past doesn’t completely define them as a person. Sometimes people turn to Islam after a really bad phase; I think even born Muslims can kinda go through a similar experience to a revert in this way. Even though they have completely changed and left their bad past and haram life behind, they can never erase what they did in the past. In this situation I think it would be unfair to judge someone from what they did before they came to the deen, and it wouldn’t put me off marrying such a person.

However I do know a lot of guys will say ‘I’ve changed’ in a tokenistic way in order to impress a religious girl. But in reality they haven’t truly changed or repented in their heart, and they don’t really regret what they did, they’re just saying that because they’ve decided they wanna settle down and marry a ‘pure’ girl. In fact if things didn’t work out with the 'good girl’, those type of guys often go back to committing zina again. If I felt like that was the case, it would hugely put me off that guy. Obviously it can be hard to gauge real sincerity in these situations, but I think you can get an idea by observing someone’s character, attachment to the deen and the company they keep. Allahu alim.

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What was up with Bum reaching for the door? He wanted Sangwoo to know what was going on? But then he didn't mention it or even mouth that someone was in there when he came out of the stall and saw Sangwoo? I don't know what he was going for :/

I think Bum is just in the habit of doing whatever Sangwoo wants him to do. Even right now, when Bum is not feeling particularly loving toward Sangwoo, he still obeys him.

But he’s also got a lot of reasons to hide what’s going on. Bum still has no idea what kind of thing will make Sangwoo fly off the handle. If he mentions that some guy cornered him and asked about his legs and said he knew Sangwoo killed people, for all Bum knows Sangwoo will blame him for it and nearly kill him again. Even if Sangwoo only knows Bum was locked in a stall with another man, it could make him fly into a jealous rage. He might take it out on Bum. Or he might murder the guy right there in the bathroom. Or follow the guy home and make Bum help kill him. Bum simply has no idea.

Perhaps more importantly, Bum just doesn’t feel loyal toward Sangwoo right now. He’s viscerally repulsed by Sangwoo touching him. He can barely stand to look at Sangwoo or talk to him. He doesn’t feel invested in helping Sangwoo or making Sangwoo proud of him or anything like that. If Seungbae had caught Bum while he was still idealizing Sangwoo, then yes, it’s quite likely he would have called out for help. Part of Bum still considers Sangwoo his savior. Just a few chapters ago he wanted Sangwoo to protect him when they were in the grocery store.

But Seungbae is one lucky motherfucker, and he caught Bum in peak “disloyalty to Sangwoo” mode. Right now he probably thinks Bum is on his side, because he has no understanding of how trauma or abuse or mental illness work. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

One more thing: a lot of people seem to think Sangwoo knew Seungbae was there. I see no reason to believe he did. He MIGHT have, but I don’t think this was clearly signaled to the reader. Sangwoo might never learn Seungbae was in the bathroom.

You love being an intern at such a prestigious company. Sure, the corporation is huge and super successful, and they treat their interns extremely well with many perks: a huge free gym just for interns, an exclusive intern commissary with lots of protein options, and free health coverage including mandatory therapy once a week. You grew to understand that the therapist could really mentor the interns to find their purpose. You grew to appreciate that your therapist helped you sort thru how to maneuver the corporate life, especially who had the power and who to suck up to. Sure, the gym was great and had plenty of equipment (although the music piped through the sound system seemed to make you zone out at times), and you ate every meal at the commissary (even though some of the dishes had a slightly medicine taste). Still, the best perk given to the interns was the free therapy. You learned that your therapist gave great advice. Over the last 6 months he has given you terrific advice, and you learned to trust his words of wisdom. Even now, you are so happy to have him give you advice. For instance, he told you “Silly boy! When the billionaire owner of the corporation invites you to his Caribbean island for the weekend, you go!” You knew you should go, but was so happy when the therapist confirmed your wish. Yes you have been lusting for the owner for the last 6 months. Yes you cancel all other dates and plans and agree to join the boss. You remember the advice the company’s therapist gave to you in your weekly sessions. The therapist has been great for the last 6 months since you started seeing him. Those sessions helped clear up your life and set you on a path for true success. After just a few sessions you realized that your boyfriend was stressing you out and it was a good idea to dump him. You also learned that you wanted to devote time to the gym instead of dating. You put on 20 lbs of lean muscle and reduced your body fat..this new body needed less stress and you were so happy to ask the therapist to make some decisions for you so you would not have to stress about some big decisions. Hair style, body hair, where to live now that you moved out of your bf’s house, and even who to focus now that your body was ready to date again. He made you realize that you could land one of the major clients, or executives of the company. In the last few weeks you had begun to lust for each of these older powerful men. Then, one day the big boss owner walked through the intern gym and took a look over the class of interns. You remember he looked at you and smiled before leaving the gym. At your next session the therapist had a huge smile and told you he wanted you to meditate and fantasize about a perfect life. He used the short phrase that got you to relax. He led you through a mediation exercise and you felt so relaxed. He had you imagine yourself naked and waiting for your ideal older man to step in front of you. It felt so real. Like you were actually naked and hard. Of course it was just a fantasy. It surprised you when you saw the big boss enter the room. Yes, he must be your fantasy of an ideal man. So powerful and sexy. Yes he was your new goal. Of course, such an ideal man needed the ideal boy but it was worth the effort to be perfect for the boss. Perfection meant more (and very specific) polishing and the boy learned what he wanted to change - bigger pecs, fuller lips, even less stress, cuter haircut, maybe a different name. The owner deserved a celibate boy. It’s as if his fantasy man said that aloud in his fantasy. Thus you decided that you had to be celibate and train your ass so that the boss might fit right in should he ever want to invite you on a date. During your meditation you heard this billionaire god tell the dr other things to change but you zoned out. In the days that followed your workouts changed as did the various vitamins you took. Grooming changed and you look on the super elite air of a male model who could be kept by the richest man in the country. Your therapist made more decisions to help you reach your goal. More hours in the gym, dr visits to make those lips and teeth perfect, and different files to listen to when you slept. A month has passed since you fantasizes about being inspected by the boss. But yesterday the owner called you to his office and invited you to join him for a weekend retreat. Strangely, the therapist was also in the boss’s office. As he had made most decisions for you over the last few months, you turned to your therapist to ask him what to do. He repeated the phrase that makes you relax deeply when you mediate in his office. You love to meditate for him as you get to hear his great decisions. Yes l, you would love to go away with your ideal man. No need to pack as he would supply anything you needed. Yes, the billionaire would make all decisions from now on. Yes you wanted to take your shirt off now to show him the hard work you have done on your body. You were still a little out of it when you had the urge to kiss him and let him worship those big pecs of yours. Soon you were whisked off to his private jet and coasting above the clouds. You then hear the big owner use the same special words that the therapist says when he wants you to de-stress. You relax and just want him to make decisions. The boss is always right. You love him making all decisions from now on. The more decisions he makes, the more you become devoted to him. Yes, relax and listen. He decided that you wanted to be his perfect muscle trophy boyfriend and you would gladly let him mold you further. He also decided you no longer wanted to work for the company and you obediently signed a resignation letter he put in front of you as well as some other papers. You seem to pay no attention to the content of those documents and it really does not matter. You feel so happy that he now has power of attorney over you and that he decided you needed a better name : Cody (you always loved that name, didn’t you? If not, you love it now). He decided your immediate goal was to seduce him so that he wanted to be your master and very generous sugar daddy. It is as if you knew your eyes and pecs had some unique power and they were unleashed at full force. You seal the deal and ride your master before the jet lands. As the jet taxis to the awaiting car he gives you your new outfit befitting a silent obedient trophy boy: Versace speedo and ray bans. You are so happy that you no longer have to make any big decisions ever again. you here you are, on a weekend long “retreat” to his island.You have already taken 6 of his loads since you arrived yesterday. Keep up the good work and you will be moving into his penthouse upon your return. I bet you will never go back to the intern pool.


I cannot, for the life of me remember who submitted this idea to me, so if you’re out there…this one’s for you!

Disclaimer: I do not hate Leta (I don’t even know her) I’m just using the concept of this character and what we know about her to create some fun conflict. Tbh because she’s played by Zoe Kravitz I’ll probably end up loving her.

P.S. This was too long to do as a one shot so here is Part 1 out of 2 or 3

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Falling in love with your childhood best friend was an absolute dream come true.

You and Newt had met at Hogwarts after you both had been sorted into Hufflepuff together, and hit it off instantly.

You did pretty much everything together. You had all the same classes, studied together all the time, and generally never left each other’s side.

So of course, you started to fall for him, and call you crazy, but you were pretty sure he was falling for you too. Everything just felt so natural between the two of you, it didn’t even matter what anyone else at school thought of you. You had each other, and that was all either of you wanted.

It was perfect, wasn’t it?

But of course, nothing stays perfect like that forever.

At the beginning of your third year at Hogwarts, is when a woman by the name of Leta Lestrange walked into your life, and ruined everything.

Newt was instantly head over heels in love with her, and it absolutely killed you.

He stopped coming to your daily study sessions, and spent all his time following the Lestrange girl around at her heels. She developed an interest in magical creatures just to wind him around her finger even more, effectively knocking you out of the picture.

She was an absolute witch to him, yet you were the only one who could see it.

So when she ultimately accidentally got him thrown out of Hogwarts, you were furious.

You had to finish the rest of your magic training alone, and it was absolutely miserable.

Your finished school with mediocre grades, and got a job working at the Ministry, where you eventually found each other again.

So one book, many kisses, and three years later, here you were, falling in love all over again.

And it was perfect again.

So it only seemed appropriate that the woman who ruined that the first time, would walk right back into your lives and do it again.


You and Newt were cuddling on the couch in his flat, doing nothing but looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing each other’s hands playfully. There were two untouched glasses of red wine on the coffee table, and the sound of rain resonated outside.

“I really need to check on my creatures” he said between kisses, lips pressed to your knuckles.

“Why don’t you stay just a few more minutes” your gaze lingered on his face, studying his intense amount of adorable freckles.

“No, we’ll end up sitting here for hours…” You felt him start to rise, but you grabbed the arm of the couch, and held onto his tie, keeping him sat on the couch.

“You’re not going anywhere” you whispered, and leaned down, planting kisses along his jaw.

“(Y/N)…” he groaned, giving into the heat, when all of a sudden…

There was a knock at the door.

Both your heads perked up, wondering who the hell it could be at this hour.

Sure you were use to random reporters from The Daily Prophet at the door, wanting to get a word from your boyfriend, but at 11:30 at night?

“Who the bloody hell could that be” you complained, but Newt swung your legs off of his lap, and stood up. You pouted, grabbing your wine glass and following him to the door.

He waited for you to appear at his side, before he twisted the handle, and swung the door open, revealing the last person you’d expect to see.

“Leta?” Newt breathed, in complete shock and confusion.

You never thought you would have to see her again, yet here she was. The beautiful, Leta Lestrange, stood in your doorway with a suitcase, soaked to the skin.

The glass slipped from your hands and shattered on the wooden floor.

They both stared at you, as you try to comprehend what’s happening.

You blinked furiously, bringing yourself back to reality.

“I am so terribly sorry!” you exclaimed, face turning beat red from embarrassment.

“You just…surprised me, that’s all. I’ll go get a dustpan to clean this up” you backed up from the scene, and raced to the kitchen.

What the hell was she doing here.

“Newt…I didn’t know where else to go” you heard her helplessly wail, and you rolled your eyes.

You bent down to get the dustpan from under the sink, wondering if he even owned the blasted thing.

“I can’t believe I was so foolish to believe I could trust Igglehart… My business completely fell through! I lost my job, my house, my friends…I’m ruined!” You laughed to yourself.

So karma really does come through.

“I heard you lived in the city, and I just knew I had to come find you. I was wondering if I could stay here with you?” You were ready to hear Newt absolutely shoot her down, humiliating her for even stepping foot in this building.

But of course he wouldn’t do that.

“Oh…Leta I-I don’t know”

“Oh Newt, it will only be for a few nights. Just until I’m back on my feet.” She practically begged.

“Then I guess…I guess it’s fine just for a few nights”

“What?!” you cried, shooting your head up only to be met with the ceiling of the cupboard.

You cried, and rubbed your bruised skull in regret.

You pulled yourself out from under the sink, observing the scene.

Leta had launched herself at your boyfriend, engulfing him in a hug.

You swore he was about to wrap his arms around her, before you called out and got his attention.

“Newt!” you hissed, calling him to the kitchen. He furrowed his eyebrows, but followed you.

He entered the room, and gave you a confused look.

“What is it, love?” he, much too innocently, asked.

“You cannot let this…this monster back into our lives! Much less share a roof with her!”

He looked suddenly taken aback, and frowned.

“(Y/N), how can you say that? She was my best friend from school…you’re telling me I must throw her onto the streets?” You cringed, hearing those words come from your boyfriend’s mouth, but bit back your pride and scowled.

“That would be ideal, yes”

“You know I can’t do that! This is my home, and I have the right to open it up to anyone I please.”

You opened your mouth to say something, but was interrupted by shout from the living room.

“Is this wine?!” Leta called, already taking several sips from Newt’s glass. Your scowl deepened.

“Newt, this woman is nothing but trouble! She had you expelled, hell, you were in LOVE with her! Are none of these excuses valid enough?” you whispered sharply, half out of rage and half out of immense fear. You were so terrified that because Leta was back, Newt’s feeling for her would resurface, and you would be cut out from the picture again.

Newt shrunk away from your sudden outburst.

“I admit that what she did in the past was wrong, but can I not give her a chance to redeem herself? We’re all different than when we were in school.”

You couldn’t help but notice he dodged your second statement, making your heart ache a little.

“I don’t know Newt…” you mumbled, staring at your hands.

Sensing your unease, he reached down to your fingers and kissed your knuckles in a sweet, familiar fashion. Your stomach was filled with butterflies. How could you say no to him?

“Fine…only because I trust you” you say with unwavering confidence. Newt would never act upon Leta, you were 100% sure. Newt’s not the boy he use to be.

He released the breath he was holding, and pressed a grateful kiss to your cheek.

“Thank you (Y/N)” he smiled, and raced back into the living room to help Leta with her things.

You watched him talking to Leta, and your smile fell to the floor.

And suddenly you were back in Hogwarts. You were sitting alone in the library, watching as Leta took everything from you all over again.

You were beginning to regret ever opening that damned door.

Think Outside the Lovesquare Day 7: Soulmate AU

This is late, but to be fair, it also ended up being much longer than I expected. I wanted to write a Chlonette soulmate AU, and I wound up going with one where your injuries are healed when you’re close to your soulmate (from this list).

She wanted to believe it wasn’t just the ladybugs that healed her scraped knee. After all, she was sure it had healed itself before the hole in her pants had repaired itself. She desperately wanted to believe that Ladybug’s presence, just the fact that they were in contact had been what healed her.

Unfortunately, Chloe had no way to prove it.

Every time she got close to Ladybug, though, she couldn’t be sure or she wasn’t injured or any number of things stopped her from being able to confirm that Ladybug was indeed her soulmate. Akuma after akuma went by with nothing to show for it but more news for the Ladyblog. It wasn’t until Nathanael was akumatized and Chloe was bruised in the struggle that she was able to watch it fade away when Ladybug jumped in front of her.

They were definitely soulmates.

Now, she just needed to figure out a way to tell her. Maybe she could hire someone to spell it out with flowers in the park or build a commemorative statue in gold. Maybe she could pay Jagged Stone to write a song telling everyone that she, Chloe Bourgeois, was Ladybug’s soulmate.

“Marinette, could you pass these out to the class?”

Chloe barely noticed when Marinette stood and took a pile of papers from Mrs. Mendeleiev. She just held out a hand when it was time for her to take a sheet.

Marinette frowned and shoved it towards her.

“Ow!” Chloe scowled, glaring up at Marinette. “You cut me!”

“Where?” Marinette asked, looking down at Chloe’s fingers.

Which was odd, because Chloe had seen it. She’d felt it. She knew she’d gotten a papercut.

“Just be more careful,” Chloe snapped.

Marinette bristled and moved on, shooting her a nasty look.

Obviously, Chloe must have imagined it. Maybe it just felt like she’d gotten a papercut. Maybe she just wanted it to be a papercut because it was easier to be mad at Marinette when she could come up with a reason.

Then, she looked at the back of the page.

She wasn’t imagining a small line of her own blood on the page. She had definitely been cut. And she’d definitely been healed, which meant that Marinette was also definitely her soulmate.

And if Ladybug was her soulmate and so was Marinette, that meant…

Chloe jumped to her feet. “Mrs. Mendeleiv, I need to go to the nurse. I’m not feeling well.”

Their teacher rolled her eyes and gestured for Chloe to leave.

“Are you okay?” Sabrina asked, her voice soft as Chloe snatched up her things.

“No,” Chloe murmured, a sick feeling spreading through her stomach.

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Au Pair / Minho

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Word Count: 4300

Request: Can you do of any of the SHINee members listed that they’re a single dad and you’re hired as a nanny and after some time you guys end up together? Thanks!

wow this is the longest scenario I’ve ever written for Tumblr I think…


You would be lying if you said that you didn’t feel even slightly uncomfortable. You were sitting in the living room of a strange man’s house while he looked through your resume. Although you had spoken on the phone prior to this meeting you were still feeling nervous. You needed this job.

But it turned out he also needed you to take the job.

“Mr. Choi,” You began, your hands clasped together on your lap, “I was wondering when you would like me to start?”

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imaginariumgeographica  asked:

Hi Ann I have some pressing radchaai tea set questions. 1. What exactly is a tea flask? I always pictured like, a thermos type dealy? 2. How large are tea bowls? Are they proper bowl sized or are they just those little cup thingies that look a bit like bowls? 3. Do the flasks match the bowls? Like for the rose glass set, would the flask also be rose glass? Thanks :D

1) yes I envision a thermos-type dealy too. Somehow, through the magic of super advanced technology, it heats the water to the right temperature for brewing whatever sort of tea, brews the tea, removes the leaves from the water, and holds the tea at temp. 

2) definitely not soup-bowl sized. They range in size from the tiny tea bowls you see up to maybe small teacup sized (probably about 6oz at the max). 

3) ideally, yes, for a set the flasks would match the bowls.

Kim Donghyun Breakup Scenario

Summary: you and your ex boyfriend Kim Donghyun broke up months ago, but you still can’t seem to get over each other // angst and a little fluff

It was a cold night and you were covered in a mass of pillows and blankets, a bowl of popcorn on your lap as you flipped through the TV stations. You paused as you saw a familiar face on the TV, sitting through an interview on Mnet. 

“So, Kim Donghyun.”


“What would you say is your ideal type?” The interview let out a fake giggle. “For all of your fans out here who are curious.”

“I don’t really have an ideal type. I guess someone who can understand me and gets along with me well.” He answered.

The interview nodded. “But if you had to choose you know, long or short hair, over or under 165 cm, things like that, what would you say?”

“I don’t think things like that matter because if someone’s personality is attractive then their appearance doesn’t matter to me.” He smiled, happy that he found a way around the interviewer’s attempt at getting him to crack.

“Alright, and the last question from a fan is, do you have any dating experience? Maybe a crush when you were in middle school?” 

Donghyun laughed nervously. “Uh… you know–”

You quickly switched the channel, unwilling to hear what he would say. You decided to watch a rerun of Running Man which helped you take your mind off of your ex-boyfriend and fall asleep.


You groaned, trying to tap your phone with your eyes closed as you rolled over on your couch to turn off the noise that was disturbing your precious sleep. 


You stuffed your phone under your couch cushion in hopes of minimizing the sound.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzzzz.

“What the hell” You groaned as you got up, rubbing your eyes as you picked up your phone, trying to read the bright screen. You realized it was a call from your best friend Sohye so you immediately scolded her as you answered the call. “I’m trying to sleep dude! Call me back later.”

“Y/N did you see Donghyun’s interview on Mnet last night?!” 

“I watched a little bit of it but couldn’t get through it. And I told you not to talk about him in front of me, you know how bad the breakup was!”

“Sorry, I know, but you HAVE to watch it. It’s all over YouTube. I sent you the link so watch it when you can which I suggest you do like right now.”

Sohye ended the call and you complained to yourself as the light from your screen blinded you as you found the messages app and clicked on the link Sohye had sent you. 

“I don’t think things like that matter because if someone’s personality is attractive then their appearance doesn’t matter to me.” Donghyun smiled.

“Alright, and the last question from a fan is, do you have any dating experience? Maybe a crush when you were in middle school?”

Donghyun laughed nervously. “Uh… you know….” He paused, fiddling with his shirt collar. “I actually dated this one girl, whose name I don’t want to mention right now since she isn’t a celebrity, but uh… she was the best girlfriend I could have ever asked for, but I made mistakes and I had to make sacrifices to continue my dream as an idol and… you know I just wish I had the chance to apologize and mend things with her so” Donghyun turned to the camera making your heart jump. “if you’re watching this, please, I’d love to talk to you again.”

You scrolled through the comments on the video and felt yourself getting nervous at all of the hate.

Who the hell is this bitch?! Who would ever break up with my precious Donghyun (43 likes)

Hey, you don’t know who broke up with who. Donghyun and this mystery girl are both human beings. Donghyun can get into relationships if he wants, just bc we are fans doesnt mean we can control his life. (174 likes)

Donghyun is mine wtf (312 likes)

petition to complain to bnm bc why tf does donghyun like someone ???? ??? (12 likes)

guys calm down lol (20 likes)

How would you feel if your bias was dating someone ?!? ofc i have the right to be angry lol (68 likes)

You quickly stopped reading the comments and turned your phone off, putting your face in your hands. Should I really give him a call? Or is it not worth it considering….

3 months earlier.

“So what did your manager say?” You said as you opened your refrigerator, looking to see if there was anything you could snack on.

“About what?” Donghyun asked as he scrolled through his phone.

You closed the refrigerator door and sat next to him at your kitchen counter. “About us, you know, the fact that we’re dating and you’re debuting?”

He looked up at you, locking his phone and putting it down. “I mean I don’t think I should.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not supposed to be dating…” He said quietly, looking down at his hands.

“What?” You raised your voice. “I thought you said that your manager was fine with it as long as we kept things on the down low and didn’t get caught in any scandals.”

“But it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know.” He said with a sigh. “I don’t understand what’s so difficult about this situation.”

“Well what’s difficult is that you’re taking this risk and if your manager finds out god knows what would happen to you.”


“Well does it not bother you that if we’re supposed to be secret then that means we can’t go on normal dates like we used to and we’re confined to being together in either my apartment or… or your parent’s house?”

“But that shouldn’t matter.” He said as he took your hand but you pulled back.

“It does matter Donghyun. Can’t you realize that this is also going to make things extremely difficult for me too?” You sighed. “Try and think about things from my perspective for once.”

“I am thinking about this from your perspective and I think that things aren’t going to be any different because of this small detail.”

“This isn’t a small detail Donghyun!” You yelled, losing your temper.

Donghyun gave you a long look before grabbing his phone and backpack and making his way towards the door. “Fine, then if you aren’t willing to deal with this small inconvenience for our relationship then we don’t need to date anymore if I mean that little to you.”

“You don’t–” Donghyun slammed the door shut behind him, interrupting you. You scoffed, anger swelling up inside of you. “Fine! If you’re going to be this immature about it then we can breakup!” You yelled, your voice breaking at the end of your sentence as your eyes teared up.

Your thoughts were interrupted with a knock on the door, and you pulled a sweatshirt over your pajamas before going to see who it was. “Y/N? Are you home? It’s me.” 

You had nearly grabbed the door knob when you jumped back at the sound of Donghyun’s voice. You felt yourself getting nervous, unsure about whether or not you should open the door.

But after a few seconds, you heard Donghyun shuffle around and clear his throat. “Y/N, I don’t know if you’re asleep or standing on the other side of this door but I have a few things I want to say.” Donghyun paused as if he was expecting you to answer, but you stood there, hugging your sweatshirt closer to your body, ready to hear what he had to say.

“I was being selfish and immature, and I should have thought through the consequences of what would happen with us dating while I was promoting with the group, but instead I just assumed that you would be fine with anything that would happen because…. because I just had this idea that you had this unconditional love for me no matter what and when that idea was threatened in anyway I got so scared… because I thought you would leave me. Because everyday I wondered why you loved me you know, like how did this amazing, wonderful, beautiful person end up liking someone like me. But instead I should have tried to compromise, but I just pushed you away and made the biggest mistake of my life. Y/N, I know I’m probably talking to a door right now and look really stupid but, I’m sorry. I’m really really really sorry.”

You realized you’d teared up a bit during Donghyun’s long apology so you sniffled, wiping your tears before swinging the door open. Donghyun jumped back in surprise, almost as if he was assuming you hadn’t been listening. “Y/N….”

You blinked back a few tears before responding. “I’m sorry too.”

Donghyun let out the breath he’d been holding in and engulfed you in an enormous bear hug, nuzzling his face in your hair. “I missed you y/n.”

“I missed you too.” You said quietly as you pulled away from the hug.

You two stood in front of your door way, his hands still wrapped around your waist and yours around his neck. Donghyun slowly leaned down and gave you a kiss, making you feel a bit nostalgic.

Once he pulled away, you gave him a small smile. “Let’s go inside, it’s cold.”

anonymous asked:

Idk, it doesn't seem totally right to me to not tell someone you may have given them an STD, or might give them one. If this were AIDS for example, I doubt you'd be saying it's not your responsibility to divulge information about any STD's you have. A lot of feminists say that having sex with someone while deliberately withholding information from them that would make them not want to have sex with you is a form of rape, and while I'm not sure I'd go that far it does seem pretty shitty.

Why don’t you check my STIs tag or my HIV tag to see me saying exactly that, over and over and over again? 

Yes, in an ideal world, there would be decent sexual health education and no stigma about STIs, and we could all easily get tested and treated regularly and could share our statuses without fear.  That would be jolly.  But that, comrade, is not the world in which we exist. The fact is, most people do not know shit about their own sexual health, or the ways in which STIs can and cannot be passed (sex workers are better than the general population than this – we have reason to be). 

Your risk as a sexual actor is very much in your hands: If you want to have sex where there is a zero percent chance of being exposed to an STI, you can get a perfectly serviceable vibrator for under a hundred dollars (while lube and your hands are cheaper yet).  Human beings carry germs, and sometimes pass those germs between one another. If you want to have sex with another human, you can bring your odds of catching anything right the fuck down by using barriers, using PrEP if that’s relevant, and by engaging in sex acts that carry lower risks.  All of these choices – ones that you  make about your body (which is the only body you get any say about), are far more reasonable harm reduction options than “demanding everyone I want to have sex with share their intimate medical information with me.”  

The post you’re whining about is specifically addressing a sex worker.  Sex workers are criminalized for our profession in most parts of the world, and experience stigma and state violence everywhere. A sex worker who discloses an STI risks actual violence from clients or from police, and risks tanking their financial well-being – if a client doesn’t disclose (and they won’t), and gives you an STI, they’re not going to pay your rent and for your groceries while you recover, and if it becomes known in client communities that a sex worker had an STI, even if it’s a completely curable one, it could more or less permanently prevent them from earning enough money to survive.