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We guardians are responsible for protecting and distributing the Miraculous for the good of all humanity. We are chosen in childhood and trained for many years for this mission. But when we were much much younger, we — I made a mistake. The guardians’ temple was destroyed all because of me. Two miraculous were lost that day: the butterfly and the peacock. Also gone forever was the ancient spellbook.

My favourite part

Of 3x06 was Jamie fastening up his buckled boots. Two reasons

1. Those buckled boots do things for and I am only human

2. They are so JAMMF, prior to Claire’s return he’s wearing his shoes, he looks totally different to any variation of himself we knew before Culloden. After Claire returns, we see a little bit of that old Jamie. The real JAMMF. Whether they were supposed to mean anything or it’s just a case of Terry liking those boots as much as we do, but it really stood out to me.

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Another thing that bothers me about Gabriel is like…his complete disregard for his son’s safety like?? All of Adrien’s classmates have been akumatized…and while some of them may be ridiculous…others pose a significant threat. Timebreaker for instance–nearly murdered (in essence) Chat Noir. Granted he probably didn’t/doesn’t know his son’s secret identity, but the rest of the class almost evaporated from existence. I’m sure he’s well aware Adrien spends most of his day with his class and could easily become a casualty due to his antics. That or he can at least sense his son’s presence.

He could have been crushed by Stoneheart, diminished by Pixelator, mauled by Animan, literally thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Volpina (yeah he was an illusion, but I wouldn’t put it past her to do it).

“But Ladybug reverses it all anyway, so is it really an issue?” …Yeah…he’s banking on LB and CN losing…so she can’t reverse anything…I mean…

Then he pulls the frantic; “Adrien! My son! Where is he? I want him to be safe!” bs. I genuinely think he panics to a degree when Adrien disappears…but only when it’s not by his hand (Christmas Ep.). Again, the way he feels the need to dictate and control his son is upsetting.