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hey there, i'm writing an essay about how destiel is real for a friend of mine and I was wondering what you think the most important pieces of meta that i should put in? can you recommend anything?

Hi - wow, that’s some dedication. All I did for my friends was send them some links - and, on one memorable occasion, I spent one entire 30 minutes conversation occasionally glancing at my (female&blinded by heteronormativity) friend’s lips instead of looking at her eyes, and by the end of it she was uncomfortable af and half convinced I was into her, and that’s when I presented her with a list of gifsets like -

- and basically dropped my mic and sashayed out.

(Man, I wish my hair was long enough to be flicked back.)

She changed her mind after that, by the way. And it’s really weird how most behaviours and gestures are used on screen precisely because we understand them as human things we all do on a deep level, and yet we’re suddenly unable to figure out what they mean if they’re not about a man and a woman. Uh.

(That applies to me as well, by the way. We see what we know about, not what is actually there, and that’s just inevitable - but can be unlearned, with some patience and many, many mistakes.)

Anyway, here are a bunch of things - I hope they’re useful.

Also, the entire S8, which was basically a demented Jane Eyre AU, and the entire S11, because, again, that Amara thing didn’t make sense without Destiel subtext, and finally @deanswingsbothways’ drunken rant (spoiler: contains the line “Destiel is not a story we are telling each other. Destiel is a story we are being told.” and bless).

You should also consider pimping your essay a bit, because there are a lot of posts and gifsets about how Destiel is regularly paralleled with canon couples on Supernatural, or follows the same rules as romantic relationships in movies. Here’s a bunch of them: Destiel and Sam/JessDestiel vs Dean/AnnaDestiel vs Sam/Amelia, Destiel vs David/VioletDestiel and Spuffy, Destiel and Clexa, Destiel and Phoebe/ColeDestiel vs Charlie/Gilda, Destiel vs every other couple on SupernaturalDestiel and Lucifer having funDestiel and romantic movies, Destiel and the Doctor, Destiel and Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Destiel and Tangled, Destiel and Saileen, and, of course, the beautiful and despairing trainwreck that was Repo Man.

And finally, there was that one time I went crazy and spent an entire weekend mapping every single love trope they’ve ever used around those two idiots in love, because I was just that fed up and the thing’s there, okay, and the more they say it’s not the more layers of tropes and mirrors and longing glances and narrative parallels they keep slathering on top of this thing, so, whatever and who even knows. At this point, you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because they’re homophobic or assume their audience is homophobic, and you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because of internal narrative reasons (God knows both Dean and Cas are never going to believe they’re actually good enough for each other), but to say there’s nothing there at all - that’s beyond whatever.

Anyway, my post is here, and these were the final conclusions:

As you may have guessed, this is something I’m sort of interested in - I came for the monsters and started to reblog stuff out of spite when I realized I was being treated like a crazy fangirl who sees love everywhere because women (right). If you’re looking for more sugary goodness, I tag stuff as destiel, spn meta (my own opinions), awesome meta (other people’s opinions), love tropes and parallels, and you can also have a look at some excellent meta writers who have eyes and therefore see Destiel and sometimes discuss it - people like @elizabethrobertajones​, @grey2510​, @tinkdw​, @bluestar86​, @mittensmorgul​, @floralmotif​, @k-vichan, @treefrogie84, @thevioletcaptain or @postmodernmulticoloredcloak (and I know I’m forgetting someone - that’s what sleeping four hours does to you, sorry). So, again - I know this post is a bit ‘join our cult’ (which is what you asked for, but still), but really - what I like about this fandom is that we can talk about stuff and we can disagree about stuff and still be friends, but this new idea currently spreading in the real world like wildfire - that not only you can have your own opinions (totally legit), but you can also have your own facts - nope. I hope your friend reads your essay (you’re welcome to share it, by the way) and sees that yes, there’s objectively something going on. If they still don’t, the final test is, “What if Cas were a woman? Would you see it then?” 

(And we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?)

Seriously, good luck.

EDIT - More great meta

( @destielisgonnabecanon - you’re welcome! Go win that bet! 😁)

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I'm trying my absolute hardest to be positive, or at least open minded about Jack but it's really difficult. Can you help?

I’m not sure what it is you are unhappy about… because Jack embodies all the things I find most exciting about the story unfolding for TFW so I’ll do my best!

In my tag #jack the nephilim you will find loads of stuff but yeah… the general gist from me is that I believe Jack represents the CATALYST and EXPOSITION for TFW’s stories next season and leading towards their positive endgame.

I don't know if you read my meta on Amara as a massive exposition to Dean’s emotional journey but this is along the same lines, basically most side characters end up giving us expositions to TFW because they are the ones we care about! Jack just embodies all 3 which is freaking fabulous!

They need something plot wise to push them in the right direction and he is literally it.

Jack is a mirror for all of TFW in different ways and the way that he deals with these things and the way that they help him deal with them will allow them to deal with those things themselves. 

It’s the “see one, do one, teach one” scenario which is a psychological sales technique that says that a person only truly understands a concept if they can teach it to someone else. Through teaching these things to Jack and seeing it have a positive outcome for him they will learn that these things are good for themselves and continue down that path themselves.

1. Jack is a mirror for Sam in that he is expected to fulfil Lucifer’s expectations regardless of what his own choices would be. Lucifer doesn’t expect him to be his own person, just to do what he wants him to do. I therefore hope that he won’t. (Pushing this even further perhaps Jack not only will defy Lucifer but also step up and become a leader himself of Heaven/Hell? What a mirror in that case!).

2. Jack is a mirror for Dean in that he is expected to fulfil his father’s expectations and not make his own choices or have any emphasis on himself, what he wants, just be a good little solider and do as he’s told. I therefore hope that he won’t. (Pushing this even further perhaps Jack may learn not only this but also some things about himself and learn to embrace them, perhaps Dean will help him with one of these things?! I mean… I can just see Jack being like actually I’d like a strawberry milkshake not a coke…is that for girls? And Dean is like no dude just have it if you want it…then a little sideways smile to himself. Argh ok now you’ve got me totally wildly wishing away but yeah, who knows after season fanfic 12 :p).

3. Jack is a mirror for Cas in that he is partway between Heaven and Earth (and Hell but mainly Heaven and Earth given he’s half Angel half Human). I mean DUDE he even LOOKS LIKE CAS while Cas is dead, he’s supposed to be a mirror, I’m living. Months ago I wildly wished without any hope that Jack might do a little head tilt and remind Dean of Cas, and now here he is all dressed up like him… I mean how much more can we wish for?! He’s going to be a HUGE exposition for not only Cas’ story but also Dean’s grief. I’m living!

Anyway, aside from this yes he’s a huge Cas mirror in himself. He needs to learn who he is and what he is, he needs to learn that who he is is more important than what he is, that his choices are what makes him who he is.

So… Jack has already been set up as embodying all of TFW’s core arcs. Regardless of whether he ends up being bad or good he will be key as an expositional role for what he mirrors in them. For me whether he ends up bad or good basically depends on how long the show will go on for, if it’s ending soon he will end up good, if it isn’t then they have to subvert it all and keep them all miserable and repressed for a while longer so he’ll end up bad.

As I keep saying, the themes of Supernatural are not particular to Supernatural, they are themes that are in a lot of modern culture these days: CHOICES, LOVE, FOUND FAMILY…

e.g: (I feel like I’m going to be using this gif a lot this season :D)

So yeah… Jack is going to be a CATALYST to their stories, he’s not replacing anyone, he’s not there instead of anyone, he is there as an EXPOSITION to core things about the characters we already care about :)

If on top of that we start caring about him as his own character then great! But that’s not imo what the point of him is to start with, its all about this ^^^

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A very random question but in your opinion, what's the difference between plot-drive and character-driven stories?

I’ve been staring at this message in my inbox for days now, and on top of being a long-debated question regarding writing in general, I think it’s also incredibly relevant to the structure of Supernatural specifically. And because of that I’ve been half excited about and yet half dreading trying to answer this.

Not dreading in a bad way, but dreading because I know this is gonna turn into some kind of patented Mittens Uses Too Many Words To Say The Thing sort of post. Because I have FEELINGS about this. :P

Let’s start with the basics, and I’ll explain why this is a much debated thing. Seriously, just google “plot vs character driven writing” and each link you click will offer a different assessment of what this means. I mean, just speaking about Romance novels as a specific, some people would characterize them as “plot driven” and others as “character driven,” depending on your understanding of what is meant by those terms. It’s… confusing.

Because a character driven story is one which obviously HAS a plot which advances throughout the story, but it’s the character’s emotions and choices and personal growth that DRIVE the plot forward.

A plot driven story is one in which the character may also experience emotional growth and make choices and everything, but in reaction to an external plot that draws the character along in its wake.

All stories incorporate both character and plot development (hopefully! or otherwise why would we bother reading them. This reminds me of my favorite English teacher who taught a class called Literature of Changing Times. I think I’ve mentioned her before *waves hi at Mrs. Proenza if you’re out there reading this. You are awesome, btw*. First day of class when we were going over the reading list, she said, “Ha! Jokes on the admins for approving this class, because ALL literature is about changing times, and this just gives me an excuse to teach y’all my favorite books!”

That was an awesome class, because it was obvious how much she loved every book we studied, and it definitely carried through in OUR enthusiasm for the subject. She basically was the one who taught me how to be passionate about stories.)

So yes, all writing will have elements of a plot moving forward, and characters who are hopefully relatable and whose motivations we understand and/or sympathize with, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if a story is more driven by the external plot or the internal character motivations because both seem important.

Now, specifically relating to Supernatural. Taken as a whole, the series has used both character driven AND plot driven stories, sometimes simultaneously. I’ve heard one description in an old meta ages and ages ago that SPN was actually telling us two different stories based on whether you were looking at it through Sam’s perspective or Dean’s.

Short tangent to explain: Sam’s story has largely been plot driven, and that meta I mentioned above compared it to the traditional story structure of the Horror genre. An external force acts on a character, the character is forced to react, make choices based on those outside influences, and thus growth and change happens for the character. Dean’s story (aside from during the MoC arc, when Dean was literally acted on by an outside force) has largely been character driven, similar to a character in a traditional Fantasy genre story where the character is the one who goes chasing after the plot, and his emotions and choices drive that plot forward.

But it’s more complicated than that, because of course it is. :P

Obviously that’s reducing things to their absolute simplest form, but Sam’s narrative began when an outside force literally acted on him, with Azazel dripping demon blood in his mouth. That obviously drove the plot forward, setting up everything that’s happened in the entire series in the opening scenes of the pilot episode.

But Dean’s story really begins (again, in the pilot episode) because he has an emotional need for Sam to help him find their father. That ALSO drives the action of the story forward, because without Dean’s internal motivation, the rest of the plot wouldn’t have happened, either.

Using the Carver Era (s8-11), you can really see the difference between a character driven narrative and a plot driven one. See by my personal bias in the following description if you can tell which style of storytelling I personally prefer:

Early s8 began with a HUGE dose of character driven plots. Dean comes back from Purgatory without Cas and is basically pining or in mourning. Sam’s been on an extended vacation playing house with Amelia. Dean’s internal drive to “fix the plot,” i.e. find and save Kevin, drives the early part of the season while Sam feels a little resentful of being dragged away from his “normal” life.

Then Cas miraculously turns up, they find Kevin, and suddenly they’re learning about other tablets that exist in the world. In a plot-driven world, they would’ve sought out the tablets and probably destroyed them. They wouldn’t start making these huge universe-altering decisions based on the information they learn from Kevin Tran, Prophet of Chuck.

The whole Trials storyline begins as a character-driven story. It’s their united motivations (Sam and Dean), their internal desire to accomplish this thing, that gets the ball rolling. And Dean intends to be the one to carry this burden of the trials, until fate hands that burden to Sam. Once again, outside forces have turned the course of the story. So Sam is the one who again must react TO the plot. Dean spends most of the rest of s8 reacting to Sam’s reactions, supporting him through the trials, but also emotionally attaching himself to Castiel’s story.

Cas spent most of s8 in a similar narrative position to Sam, except he didn’t even realize it. He believed he was acting on his own emotional choices much of the time (turning off Angel Radio, deciding to be a hunter, and then deciding to reconnect in order to answer prayers– we see him healing a baby and generally trying to do good in the world). Yet all along, he’s being acted on by outside forces and is literally being mind-controlled. So he believed he was driving his own plot, when behind the scenes his plot was being driven for him.

At the beginning of s9, Sam is again put into a situation much like Cas’s during s8 where he BELIEVES he’s in charge of his story, while unbeknownst to him he’s actually got an angel in the driver’s seat. Sam’s being dragged along by that plot again. But it was Dean’s internal motivation that directly put him in that situation.

Finally it’s Dean’s turn to make a choice that leads to a self-sacrifice he believes is the only way to regain control of the plot (Abaddon! Must! Die!), and takes on the Mark of Cain without reading the fine print. Thus begins what we BELIEVE is an internally motivated story for Dean, because for A FREAKING YEAR the show was telling us through parallels and the narrative itself that the Mark was a curse and what we were seeing was a change INTERNAL TO DEAN. Heck, it literally turned him into a demon. He wasn’t POSSESSED by the demon, it wasn’t an outside force acting on him, it was his very own most internal soul that had been transformed.

And then round about 10.15 the narrative pulled a 180, yanked the rug out from under a year’s worth of narrative buildup of an intensely INTERNALIZED (i.e. CHARACTER DRIVEN) story for Dean and said WHOOPSIE NOPE IT’S ACTUALLY AN OUTSIDE FORCE CONTROLLING DEAN! You thought he was actually growing as a character but nope we’re taking this one step below Fuckhands McMike territory and blaming EVERYTHING that’s happened on this big scary Dark external force! The plot basically pantsed us all.

Suddenly, after two and a half years of mostly character-driven storytelling, everything shifts and everyone’s chasing after the plot again. Dean loses ALL control over the thing inside him as he’s hopelessly dragged off by the Darkness.

And then in 10.23, Dean wrests control back over his own story by literally killing Death, while Sam and Cas have set events in motion that free Dean from the Mark of Cain and release it into the world at large instead.

Now obviously a huge portion of s11 is plot driven– their reactions to having released the Darkness and their scramble to fix what they broke as it spreads across the land. But even from the start of the season, the narrative gradually shifts into a nice balance between plot and character driven stories, where the two really begin to merge together (even on a subtextual meta level).

Another interesting aspect of Supernatural is the two types of episodes– the Mytharc (which are largely plot-driven) and the MotW (which are usually one-off monster hunts with an internal plot driven structure– MUST SOLVE THE CASE AND SAVE THE PEOPLE AND KILL THE THING!– but are generally propelled by a spurt of introspection and character growth. These are the episodes where they aren’t just acting and reacting to the Big Plot Things, but actually experience growth and change themselves).

And this is why I LOVE s12. It’s almost entirely character driven, even with the overarching plots. The main focus isn’t so much the motives of the Bad Guys and our Intrepid Heroes trying to save the world from them. It’s about the characters own personal emotional growth, how their choices affect the narrative (and yes, even Sam’s choice to work with the MoL is really a CHOICE and not something he was compelled by the plot to choose. His personal internal desires led him to that choice, and are now leading him AWAY from that choice, but it’s still been a real choice for him. Same with Cas and the choices he’s been making, and even CROWLEY, in choosing not to lock up Lucifer properly (or just kill him already ffs).

Dean is at the center of all of this, acting as that strange force of balance he’d achieved in 11.23. He’s not so much driving the story with his emotional choices, but sitting at a weird central axis while the story takes place all around him. He’s pulling a string here and there and waiting to see what budges.

I LOVE THIS. It’s glorious chaos, and I feel like Dean, sitting all zen-like in the middle of a huge unraveling sweater.

Okay, I confess. I don’t necessarily prefer one style of storytelling over the other (though I am a Dean girl, so I guess I probably do prefer a character driven story… and even Cas’s story has long been about his acquisition and proper application of Free Will, learning about humanity and making choices for himself, so while he’s experienced huge swaths of character development and growth it’s not entirely been character driven growth…). And I adore Supernatural’s complicated blend of the two.

I just really hated the bait and switch of late s10. You know that gif of Bart Simpson where he’s playing the video frame by frame and says something like, “you can pinpoint the exact second his heart rips in half?” Yeah. it’s like in 10.15 there’s a record scratch and suddenly we’re watching the freaking Stynes grab the plot by the short and curlies and yanking it in an entirely unforeseen direction. Like, out of left field. Like they picked up Baby off a coastal highway and plonked her down in a muddy field to spin her wheels, jarring. That’s what they did with the narrative.

After 10.23, once the plot had been suitably yanked around where they wanted it, the narrative structure AND the plot itself became about finding another way, a better way, a balanced and unified way. And since then it’s largely stayed on track.

How did I turn a simple question into this? It’s who I am as a person. I hope that’s okay. :P

Phone Calls

Words: 1.7k

Summary: Set during 12x12. Unable to join the hunt due to a previous injury, you’re left with only updates via phone call.

Warnings: Feels trip (I almost cried writing it)

A/N: 12x12 messed me up. So I had to write about it. I think there’s gonna be a sequel. Master tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.


“I wish I could be more help, guys.” You would have gone with to help on the hunt Mary called about, but you had been nursing a nice set of broken ribs. You could have called Castiel to come fix them, but you didn’t want to bother him. He was busy trying to track down Kelly Kline; and trying to find the devils baby-mama was a little more important than your ribs.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 62: Assurances

Sam Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Sure, your talk with Sam was supposed to calm all your fears of wanting a new life. A life away from hunting. But you knew he had tried, at least once to leave this life. What if he truly wanted a normal life, a life away from Monsters, and he was hiding that just to placate you. Hell, you were a Monster! How could he expect to have a normal life when his girlfriend was a Reaper, an abomination that he had tried so hard to get away from.

It was a week after your talk with him, and it still was front and center in your thoughts. You couldn’t get away from it. Sam had assured you a couple of times he was being truthful, but you still wondered if a part of him wanted that normalcy that you could never give him. It hurt, knowing that you might not be enough for the man you loved more than anything. Making you wonder if after everything the two of you had been through, if it was time to take a step back and let him have a chance with another human.

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Well basically the confession sender is a new fan and asked how much of the fandom's writers' speculations usually turn out to be correct. I don't follow meta writings much but I've seen your posts on my dash a few times. So if you don't mind :)


Well, I’m really new to fandom and meta writing, I only started this season, so I’m not an authority on this in the long haul, but others can probably tell you way better if they want to jump on this post!

In fact I was very shameless about reblogging some of my old meta’s from early season 12 and pointing at them being like - SEE!!! :p I’ve added a few links below where relevant and where I could find them in my tags…

From what I can say from season 12 at least, because that is where I jumped on board…. The meta writers of which I am one from the off said:

- Dean is Sam’s parent. CHECK.

- Dean has to let Sam go to become an adult, let him get out of being the child, they can then work on the same level now as real BROTHERS and not a parent / child dynamic and they will function better like this. MASSIVE FAT CHECK. Dean saves Mary and Sam takes down the Mol, SEPARATELY but supporting each other.

ENDING THE TOXIC CODEPENDENCY    *Tink cries tears of joy*.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- Amara is the exposition for Dean’s feelings and Mary is going to be her extension, therefore Mary will help Dean on his path to self awareness and self acceptance. MASSIVE FAT CHECK.

- Mary through being not what they WANT but what they NEED will make the boys grow into themselves and in the end be happy even though it will probably happen by her being not what they want. CHECK. 

- Mary will also help Sam on his path to self forgiveness. Yes, she did, through taking on the blame for his demonic arc via Ramiel then eventually actually saying it to Sam, CHECK. But this will continue forwards too, its not completely done.

- The theme of blood v found family throughout the early season 12 MoTW episodes being KEY to the season and next season re: Jack. CHECK, but Jack still to come, but I’m pretty confident about this lbr.

- The metaphorical death of Dean Winchester = Performing!Dean. CHECK.

- The freaking cucumber water, which antis made fun of meta writers for but was PROVEN TO BE ABSOLUTELY THE METAPHOR WE ALL SAID IT WAS WHEN PERFORMING!DEAN CAME TO THE CLIMAX IN 12x22. CHECK. We are gonna see so much of this in season 13. I’m so ready :D

- The death of Crowley (we weren’t sure if a permanent death or a transformational death, but Mark S really made that choice it seems) as a metaphor for this metaphorical death of Dean because Crowley = Dean’s dark side, which is the part that he has now reconciled within himself and has “died”.

- The actual death of Cas by being stabbed with an Angel blade. CHECK.

- ALL my own personal “break up theory” meta about how Cas and Dean needed a BIG IMPACTFUL BLACK MOMENT and a separation at the end of season 12 to forward their romantic arc into the next phase, aptly entitled “winning him back”. You can’t get a much bigger black moment than a right in front of the other’s face stabbing to death with their grace literally exploding and you collapsing in a heap next to them in shock… MASSIVE CHECK.

- That the theme of brainwashing/agency would become important. CHECK.

- Ketch would be killed by either Mary or Dean or more likely a combination of both due to his interactions with them (he is Dean’s toxic masculinity as well as a bad guy and part time John metaphor). CHECK.

- Neither of the boys would kill Toni. CHECK.

- Mick would die (Cas parallel). CHECK.

- Sam to take the mantle of the leader of the MoL / hunter community. SO MUCH CHECK I YELLED AT THE TV.

- The grenade launcher is a giant metaphor for Performing!Dean and his walls coming down. MASSIVE FAT CHECK. Toni even SAID it was a metaphor :D

- Once Dean lets go of being Sam’s parent and feeling the need to protect him from himself and their past (as @postmodernmulticoloredcloak talks about, the sanitation of the story), Sam will learn more about their childhood and how this affected DEAN. Dean will open up more and be more true to himself, he will move forwards with his self acceptance arc. THIS WILL BE SEASON 13.

So yeah…. so much, and I’m sure there are loads of individual ones I’ve forgotten, and these are just from season 12 nonny :D

Day at the Lake

Summary: When there are no monsters to hunt you decide to take the boys and your angelic boyfriend out to a surprise location  
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word Count: 1,517 

Warnings: cute fluff 

A/N: I managed to finish my second fic this might actually suck really bad. but hey, I tried. 

Originally posted by omgjustasupernaturalfreak

Originally posted by healthyhappysexywealthy


it was your favorite season. People were genuinely happier, kids were out playing, pool parties were happening. It was just a better time when it was summer. As a child your parents would take you out to a lake near your house, your mother bringing food to spend the day swimming and having fun, listening to your dad’s favorite music.  
Normally you, Cas and the boys would be hunting but since monster’s and other supernatural creatures weren’t causing trouble you all decide to enjoy a few days off to relax in the bunker. The bunker was quite, you and Cas were cuddling after an amazing night together, Sam and Dean doing god knows what, Dean probably watching porn and Sam out on a run, but it was quite when an idea popped in your head. You were going to plan a day at the lake for your boys.
The next morning you planned which lake you were going to spend the day at. Then you were going to plan how to get everyone there.
So you went ahead with your plan. You told the boys you had to go get some things you needed at the store in town but in reality went driving to a lake you found online that was close to the bunker. It was a small lake and it had a dock where you and the boys could relax and eat after, it was perfect. Next, you went into town to get some food so you, Dean and Sam could eat when you got hungry since Cas didn’t eat. You got tons of snacks, from chips and soda for Dean to healthy packed fruit for Sam and a few of your favorite snacks for yourself.  
You slowly and quietly slipped into the bunker with all the snacks sneaking past the war room, thanking Chuck that Sam & Dean weren’t there. You quietly put the snacks in the back of the farthest cabinets where you knew no one would look in. And you put the stuff that needed to be cold in the back of the bunker fridge covering it with the old take-out food.  
Then you packed everything you needed your swimsuit, towels, pair of new clothes, etc… You packed Cas, Sam and Dean’s bag too because you wanted it to be a complete surprise and you bought them swimming trunks since you doubted that they would have a pair since swim suits weren’t necessary in the life of a hunter. You got the rest of their clothes by taking them while they weren’t in their room again thanking chuck that they didn’t catch you yet.  
Once you got everything ready you put your bags in garbage bags as a decoy so the boys wouldn’t look in it. Then you sneaked into the bunker garage to put it in the trunk of baby along with the snacks you had purchased.  Now you just had figure out how to get everyone there.
You went into your shared bedroom with Cas to think but as you walked in Cas was already there  
“HEY THERE CAS” you exclaimed as you went to hug him while planting a sweet but short kiss on his lips.

He returned the gesture but you could instantly tell there was something that he wasn’t saying.
“Hello Honey Bee how are you?” he said in the deep gravely voice you loved so much.
“I’m fine babe what about you is there something on your mind?” you asked with a puzzled look on your face  
“why yes actually, I’m sorry but there something I have to take care of tonight and I won’t be here until tomorrow morning,” he said with a somewhat sad look on his face. A look of relief was spread across your face as you thought there was a big emergency that needed to be dealt with that would mean that you would have to put your plans on hold but thankfully he would be here in the morning just when you could all leave, but you put on an expression of sadness to cover it up so Cas wouldn’t suspect anything. You explained to your angel that it would be fine and to be safe as you both bit farewells for now as you would see him in the morning.

As soon as Cas left you planned on how to get the boys out to the lake without them knowing. As you sit at the edge of your bed you come up with the perfect idea.  
You walk into the war room and just as you guessed Sam was reading some old book, as Dean was on his laptop.  
“Hello boys,” you say as they turn their attention to you  

“I found a really easy case not far from the bunker, it’s a salt and burn but you never know, you guys wanna check it out in the morning tomorrow,” you say walking up to the table, leaning on it.  
“Sure thing” Dean responds  

“okay then I’ll go to bed now so I can gear up early in the morning,” Sam said while getting up and putting his book away.  

“Yeah same here,” Dean said 

“Alright see you guys in the morning,” you say grinning as you walk back to your room, happy that everything was going to plan so far.

As you got ready for bed you couldn’t stop feeling thrilled for what would unravel in the morning and the faces on your boys. You slipped in bed to excited for sleep but eventually slipped into slumber. 

You woke up exceptionally early the next morning trying to wake up earlier than Sam which was a little tricky as you’d rather spend the next few hour’s in your warm comfortable bed, put decided against it because of your spectacular day at the lake. You threw off your covers and quickly dressed as you would for a hunt but with your swimsuit underneath. Next, you quietly jogged to the kitchen to retrieve the snacks you had prepared prior to that morning and the stuff you packed for Sam, Dean, and Cas since they would be in their normal hunting attire like their towels, swimsuits etc…

Afterward, you slipped into the bunker garage and slowly ran to the back of the Impala opening baby’s trunk to put the stuff there hiding it with your usual duffel bag. Then going back into the kitchen to meet the boys since they should be already ready just grabbing some breakfast to prepare for the drive ahead. You proceed to have a light breakfast with them, as you were interrupted by a flutter of wings. Instantly recognizing it you jumped out of your seat to greet Cas and proceeding to ask if everything went alright then asking if he would like to tag along to the next “hunt” you found which he agreed too. You were already happy that he agreed so you just finished up your small breakfast and headed to the garage with the boys to your destination.

Driving out the bunker you proceeded to give Dean directions to the lake you had found the day prior. Just as you were telling Dean to park Baby near the lake, the boys had a confused look on their face as to why they were at a lake rather than the ghost site you had made them believe they were being led. Just as Dean was going to ask why you had brought them there you yelped “SURPRISE!”

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“I thought we needed a little break from all the nasty supernatural creatures trying to kill us all the time so I planned a day at the lake since the weathers been nice, come on it gets better” you quickly said as you all got out of Baby. You led the boys to the trunk showing them all the stuff you packed. 

“Look I got all you swim wear, even you babe,” you said as your eyed landed on Cas. 

Sam and Dean were just about to say something like just going back to the bunker but you quickly interrupted saying “and I have booze snacks” as you wiggled your eyebrows.

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“Sam help Y/N with the bags,” Dean said as he went to see the lake.


You and the boys had all changed into your swimsuits you bought and had settled down on the dock with the blankets you packed, snacking and drinking, enjoying the view.

Cas and you were sitting down taking in the sun as he kissed the side of your head “Thank you my love” he said looking into your eyes

“anytime my angel” you said as you pecked his lips 

“now come on I didn’t plan this for us not take a swim” you said, tugging Cas and getting Sam and Deans attention as you ran off the dock and canon balled into the lake and rising up enjoying the warm fresh water. 

“LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!” you exclaimed ushering the boys to join you 

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“Well,” Cas said shrugging his shoulders as he jumped in after you.

Don’t Fear the Reaper  Chapter 65: In this together

Sam Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Arriving back at the cabin, you couldn’t keep the smile off of your face. Now that Sam knew about your predicament, you were beginning to look forward to it. For so long, you had been worried and ashamed that you couldn’t give Sam the type of life he had always wanted. And now, you were pregnant, a thing you never would have dreamed possible. It seemed like such a good omen, a way to bring the two of you even closer together, and you couldn’t wait to go through the next step of your life with him by your side.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Dean grumbled, noticing how happy the two of you seemed to be. “Just minutes ago, you were running away from us, and now here you are, the happiest I’ve probably ever seen you.”

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So I saw a post about Sam and Cas being friends, and since I always write them as such, I figures I might write an introduction. Also, friends Dean and Jess for the win.  

“It’s just… weird.”

“If you are saying what I think you’re saying, Winchester, I’m throwing that ring right back into your face.”

He laughed, able to tell that Jess didn’t mean it.

“Nah, I don’t have a problem with it being a guy. God knows he’s been mooning over Doctor sexy long enough for me to figure certain things out. It’s just - Dean is in a relationship”.

“Yes he is” Jess confirmed, still not understanding.

“In a relationship”.

She raised an eyebrow.

“In a committed, monogamous relationship. My brother”.

“I don’t find that surprising. Remember Lisa?”

“I do, that’s why it’s strange! We all know how it ended…”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you underestimate your brother sometimes”.

“Yeah” he said, mustering his girlfriend - no, fiancée - cook the meat because she was convinced he was far better at preparing salad than “anything substantial”. “Maybe you’re right”.

After all, the last thing he would have expected was Dean being so open about his attraction to guys.

And, if he was being honest, Dean sounding so smitten. After he had listened to his brother vainly trying to describe the exact shade of his new boyfriend’s eyes, he had decided he had to meet him.

Because apparently Cas was going to stick around for a according to Dean’s wishes.

Cas. Castiel. The name of an angel, said the man himself, and Dean didn’t seem far away from taking it literally.

He smiled.

It was nice to know that his brother was happy. They hadn’t had the easiest start in life. Dean deserved all the luck he got.

And if Cas held what Dean promised, it was indeed a stroke of luck that they had met.

Not because he was a well-paid lector in one the country’s biggest publishing companies but because he was nice to Dean and constantly surprised him with dates or burgers at work.

Dean needed someone to take care of him.

So he was rather curious about this Castiel. And he really wanted to make a good impression himself.

He knew Dean.

His brother had surely talked him up beyond all reasonable measure.

Jess pushed a cup of coffee in his hands and smiled. They never needed much words.

Then it was six o’ clock and Dean, punctual as ever, was right at the door with his boyfriend.

“Sam, Jess, this is Cas” he announced and Sam didn’t believe he’d used that tone of voice for introducing anyone else than him yet.

He studied the blue-eyed man with the dark hair and serious smile; he was not what he would have supposed was Dean’s type, but it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered. Nothing except for the fact that Dean was grinning brightly and holding Cas’ hand and looking like he was on cloud nine.

Jessica was beaming back, obviously thrilled; and soon, Sam came to the conclusion that he agreed with her.

Because Cas wasn’t just nice. He wasn’t just smart. He wasn’t just charming in an admittedly now and then strange kind of way.

Sam had been wrong about him caring for Dean.

He adored Dean.

He corrected Dean when his brother put himself down again to compliment either Sam or his boyfriend, insisted he was smart, held his hand during dinner, talked about them taking a holiday when Dean had never been on a holiday - well, ever.

His brother was being spoiled.

And Sam loved every minute of it.

He hadn’t seen his brother blush that much since he was a high schooler and going out on his first date.

But he still really wanted to talk to Cas alone.

The opportunity presented itself later that evening when Jess forced Dean to help her put away leftovers - obviously with the design of allowing them to talk.

And it was only then that Sam realized that Cas was drawing as much confidence from Dean as Dean was from Cas (Sam had just about chocked on his drink when he’d mentioned casually that he was thinking of taking a course at community college).

He was avoiding Sam’s eyes.

“Cas? You okay there?”

He figured it was best to be direct. Dean had told him Cas was more comfortable with people telling him the truth than being polite.

It worked.

“I’m just - I want to make a good impression” he admitted. “You are very important to Dean, and I’m not really good with people - “

“Trust me, Cas, you’re good enough. Especially when you keep that smile on his face”. He paused. “Scratch that. ONLY if you keep that smile on his face”.

Cas’ eyes flew to the kitchen door, and he smiled, the soft, happy smile Sam recognized, the one he undoubtedly wore when he looked at Jess.

Cas was as much in love with Dean as Dean was in love with Cas.

“I intend to” Cas said softly.

Sam raised his glass.

“I’ll drink to that”.

“Do you think he likes him?” Dean inquired anxiously.

“Which way around?” Jess asked. “Sam - Cas or Cas - Sam?”

He glared at her. “Both, of course.”

“Dean” Jess sighed. If this was going were she thought this was going, then there was the hole problem in a nutshell. “First of all, yes. On both. And second: Would it matter?”

Dean had always been ready to drop anything and anyone when it came to Sam.

He frowned at her then declared, “No”.

That night, after they had left, Jess turned to Sam and said, “He’s going to marry him”.

She was proven right two years later.

Headcanon: When Sam and Dean were kids, they used to wrestle a lot, especially when they both wanted something (the remote, just to name one). John used to physically put himself between them as soon as he felt like they were going to hurt themselves, trying to separate them. It usually ended up in a tickle fight dad vs sons, who made peace just to have a chance to win.

(Usually, John surrendered to make them happy)

11x19 Coda: Extended Conversation with Cesar

They drove in silence, Dean chanced a glance to the side every so often. They’d discussed everything that was normal for two unknown hunters working together.

What got you into the life, your plan to get out of the life. Who you’re in the life with.

He knew about revenge and what it felt like when you finally got it. He felt the pang of disappointment when he wasn’t satisfied. He also knew that he had to keep saving people, but it wasn’t like that for everyone. Especially not the ones who had someone special.

Someone like Cesar, for instance. Who was married to his hunting partner, who could have a happy normal domestic existence once their revenge was complete.

Dean just couldn’t wrap his head around it. Two guys hunting together, sure. But they were married, and happy, and normal. He wished he could have that. With a guy, with a girl, with anyone. He couldn’t possibly fathom having a person to share this kind of life with.

Well, almost couldn’t. He and Sam were hunting partners, always had been, always would be. But no matter what the fans on the online forums said, he just didn’t feel that way for his brother.

Then there was Cas. Another person, well, angel, who could share this life with him. Who he wouldn’t mind being able to touch whenever he wanted. Whose smile made his stomach flip and his heart race. Dean just didn’t know how he could possibly ever broach that subject.

Or if he would ever get the chance to.

He glanced sidelong at Cesar again; a seemingly butch male who could pass for straight, but was happily married to a man. Had been for as long as Dean and Cas had known each other.

“So-” Dean cleared his throat awkwardly, unsure of what was about to come out of his mouth, “Have you, uh, always liked men?”

It was a horrible way to ask, he knew that. He just wasn’t sure how to formulate the question properly. He legitimately wanted to know if the guy had always been gay or if it was strictly for Jesse. Maybe he was into both, who knew.

Cesar’s answering laugh was more than a little bitter and defensive.

“You know,” he began, his tone told Dean that he hadn’t asked right and was about to get chewed out, “you’re not the first hunter Jesse and I have encountered who questioned my sexuality. It’s like you all think the same way, that I made a choice to love a man. It’s who I am, you know, I can’t change that because you think it’s wrong.”

“Woah-I, no- what-” Dean tried to salvage the moment, but Cesar cut him off.

“I’ve always been attracted to men, yes I know, shocker. Someone as burly and manly as myself, has always liked men. There was a time when I thought I liked women more, sure, but there was always something missing. I could never fully commit myself to them because it wasn’t what I wanted.”

He looked at Dean then, his eyes shining with a fury and a purpose, and with honesty.

“When I met Jesse, though, I knew it was right. The way he made me feel, not only about myself, but about my impact on the world. My impact on him. He told me I made him a better man, that I made him think outside of the box, that I expanded his horizons. I changed him for the better, and he changed me. I couldn’t see my life without him. He is my home. If you don’t believe that’s real love, then I have two words for you: fu-”

“Woah hey! No! Cesar!! Calm down, man.” Deans cheeks were a furious shade of red and he cleared his throat awkwardly, “No. That’s not why I asked. I believe you love Jesse, I believe it’s real, man. I’m not some homophobic asshat.”

“Oh.” Cesar breathed and then scratched at his neck awkwardly, “Sorry, I get a bit carried away about that stuff.”

“I understand. I’d be the same way, if-” Dean’s words caught in his throat, if what? If he were gay? If he and Cas got together? If he could openly accept himself?

“If you were as proud of yourself as I am?” Cesar was staring at him quizzically, but he was also looking right through Dean, as if he could see the real him. It made him squirm a bit; usually Cas was the only one who scrutinized him so.

“It’s not that I’m not proud, I’m just…”


“Yeah, I-I guess.”

“I went through that. For a long time. It never really made since until Jesse.” Dean half smiled as he thought of Cas and how the guy grounds him, how something as simple as a smile, a look, or a hand to the shoulder can make him feel ten times lighter, can make him feel right, “Do you have somebody like that?”

“I, uh… Yeah. I do… But he’s… Sort of lost right now.”

“Lost how?” Cesar frowned, Dean didn’t want to drag him into their problems.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you after we find these chitter sons of bitches. Gotta give Jesse his retribution.” Dean smiled a small hint of a thing at Cesar as he pulled up to the forest and threw the Impala into park. They’d talk after, and maybe these guys could help him find his way back home.

yaelstiel  asked:

Aeren queen of fics! how are you this morning? I hope spain isn't too hot now. can I ask you for a fic, if you ever read one (even a short one) about the detox in s4 or s5? a fix fic for the detox scenes? if you have and even if you don't - have a wonderful day ♥

Detox!Sam Fic Recs

hello yaelstiel dear, sorry for the late reply, this week was pretty messed at home, these fics are what I can remember about the detox, mostly Gen but I think a few wincest there too :)

Here It Comes, There It Goes Again  What with detoxes and resoulings, Sam’s memories of the panic room can’t be good. So it’s unfortunate that they are under some supernatural siege at Bobby’s and retreating into the panic room and closing the door is the only way to be safe. Sam is in his right mind and he’s not tied down and no one is doing anything to him and he’s fine, he’s just fine. There’s plenty of ventilation, of course he can breathe. And he doesn’t need to open the door. The closed door is what’s keeping them safe. He does. not. need. the. door. open. He’s fine.

The Hashish-Eater The h/c fic challenge prompt here: Sam’s first panic room experience, please. Probably prior to being tied down. Sam’s craving for demon blood and his general hallucinatory state lead him to think that drinking from the only available source of demon blood on hand is a good idea. Said source? Himself.

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing This fic deal with the fll out after Lucifer Rising, plenty of Sam/Dean angst and supportive Castiel.

Thicker Than Water  Know how Dean took issue with Sam’s whole blood junkie problem? As well he should, yes. But, here’s the thing - he and Sam get cursed and wake up in the morning in the wrong body - Sam in Dean’s, Dean in Sam’s, and Dean has this itch, this hunger, this salivation, that won’t go away. He can’t stomach a burger or a steak or meat because it just makes everything worse, but life’s life and a job’s a job, so they keep working. But, when all’s said and done (with the job, not the curse) and Dean goes for a beer and Sam elsewhere, in comes Ruby. And God does he ever hate her on so many levels, but she smells so good and he wants what’s under her skin. He needs it. He has to have it. If you want to make me really happy and be a total bastard, you can flip them back and leave Sam with suffering the drying out in the panic room ordeal so that Dean has angst.

Empty Shells  This time is different. This time, it wasn’t Sam’s fault. This time, Dean won’t let his brother go through it alone. Missing scene/tag for 5x14 “My Bloody Valentine.” Rated T for Sam’s freaky hallucinations. 

Dependency   Sam has a demon-blood addiction. Maybe a 12-step meeting will help.

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down   Exploring the ruins of Bobby’s burned-out house was not one of Sam’s better ideas.

Reset   (this is an AU, not what you were asking but a good reading  :P) Takes place in Season 5, where ‘My Bloody Valentine’ left off. The horseman Famine made Sam relapse into his demon blood habit, forcing Dean and Cas to lock him in Bobby’s panic room again. This is my take on the fallout.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 38: Summoning Death

Sam Winchester x Reader

1220 Words

Chapter Summary: Wanting to get Sam’s soul back, you go to the only person you could think of.

Story Summary:  You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

While you set up the makings of the spell, Dean made himself feel more comfortable by getting different weapons out of the trunk of the Impala, even though none would work against Death. You cracked a smile when Dean pulled out the grenade launcher, a wistful look on his face before he placed it back.

“So what’s the plan again?” He asked, pacing around you, the nervous energy too much to keep him still.

You sliced your palm, wincing at the flashing pain. Dripping the blood down in the copper bowl, you turned your attention to Dean. “I summon him here, beg for him to help us bring back Sam’s soul.”

“Sounds simple.” Dean answered, shrugging his shoulders.

Wrapping a bandage around your hand, you frowned. “I wish it was. Maybe you should stay in the car. I really don’t want anything to happen to you if this goes awry.”

“Hell no. You’re doing this for my brother. The least I could do is stand by your side.” He argued, giving you no choice but let him stay there.

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1/2 I understand not waning your favorite showrunners and writers to leave a show and wondering how it will affect everything, but everyone worrying about the brodependency and destiel: you don't get this kind of continuous progress on these storylines unless *everyone* is in agreement and on board, and on the same page on some level. They've been telling a cohesive story for years now, and you don't achieve without everyone in agreement on certain things.

2/2 Robbie Thompson by himself did not keep destiel going. Carver by himself did not keep destiel going. A slew of other writers, set directors, directors, costume designers, etc, keep these arcs/plots/stories flowing and moving. No one is going to suddenly drop two solid seasons worth of progress and years worth of subtext just because Carver and Thompson are gone, because that would imply that they were solely responsible for every bit of the destiel storyline. And that’s not how it works.

Yes. This.

And do you know who’s responsible for some of the most destiel things that have happened? Dabb and Singer.

Yes, yes. We know the Unforgivable Sin that Singer committed (or at least had a major hand in the commission of, and the subsequent falling out with fandom in the horrendous aftermath…) but as far as destiel and the brodependency go? Yeah. The entire writing, directing, editing… every department… they’re all on the same page. If they weren’t, we’d be seeing a really uneven, disjointed, incoherent mess of a narrative. And we really, really aren’t.

S11 especially has been honing on two main narrative points: You can’t outrun your past (wrestle your demons! Sam’s quote from 11.01: “What happened to us? Hunting things – were good at that, sure we’re great at that. But that’s only half of the bumper sticker, man.” They are literally revisiting the past and getting a chance to undo past mistakes, to make different choices, i.e. breaking the codependency through better understanding and effective communication, which is my stupid tag for this whole deal.) And the second main narrative focus of the season is love (in all its forms, negative, positive, romantic, familial, obsessive, supportive… just all of it.) And frankly, if ANY of the writers weren’t onboard with the direction the story’s been going (and it’s been going this way for the last four years or so), they’ve had plenty of opportunity to, you know, STOP writing for the show. You don’t write a rich, consistently layered narrative if you’re being forced to write something you fundamentally disagree with, you know? Well, I suppose you could, but it would be soulless and flat. And this show is not soulless.

*under a cut for length, you’re welcome people who Do Not Care about this stuff :P*

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When I Sleep

SPN Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. seducing-winchesters
Prompt: Only When I Sleep by The Corrs
Pairings: Destiel, Sam/Jess
Word count: 8.7K
Tags: Major Character Death, AU, domestic!destiel, car accident, some fluff and angst


The butterflies in Dean’s stomach intensify as beautiful blue eyes meet his from across the restaurant. Shit, maybe this is all a mistake. He’s way too nervous for this. Regardless, he lifts a finger to signal the man with a small smile, which is returned, leaving him breathless.

How is he going to make it all through dinner?

He swallows nervously, getting up and extending his hand in greeting. Is that weird? Shaking hands on a first date? They’ve met before under different circumstances but… he can’t just sit there like an idiot and a hug feels too intimate. So handshake it is.

“Castiel, it’s great to see you again,” he says, hoping he doesn’t sound too nervous.

Castiel smiles warmly at him, shaking his hand before they sit across from each other. “Hello Dean,” And damn, Castiel saying his name sends a shiver through Dean’s body, “I’m glad you invited me to have dinner with you.”

“I’m glad you agreed,” Dean laughs softly, more out of nervousness than anything else. He wishes he consumed more alcohol before coming to dinner because it certainly helped him out when they first met at Gabriel’s party. Man, Sam’s friend really knew how to have a good time, although Dean may be a bit biased because that’s when he met Gabriel’s jaw dropping brother. And to think, he almost didn’t let Sam drag him to the party to begin with.

Castiel snickers, opening his menu to gaze over the options. “Did you really think I would say no?”

Dean does the same, shrugging gently. “Well, we’d both had a few drinks. I thought maybe you would’ve changed your mind the next day.” Yes, Dean was certainly drunk because despite priding himself on being able to smooth talk a woman like nobody else, he’s complete jelly when it comes to a cute guy. It’s kind of pathetic, actually.

But there he was- spending his entire night flirting with this incredible guy. They could not stop talking about anything and everything. Sam practically had to pry Dean away from him at the end of the night to go home, but the possibility of not seeing Castiel again was too much for Dean. He needed to know this wasn’t goodbye, so he just blurted it out. If he was sober, he would’ve never asked Castiel out. He’s way out of Dean’s league.

Castiel glances up over his menu at Dean. “Dean, that’s ridiculous. I thoroughly enjoyed your company the other night.”

Dean snorts. “Anyone enjoys anyone’s company when there’s shots involved, Cas.”

Castiel’s lips twitch as the name leaves Dean’s mouth and he starts to panic. Crap, is that too weird? Nicknames are way too intimate at this point, aren’t they? They aren’t even technically dating. Shit, he’s screwing this up. “Ah, sorry… that just kinda came out…”

Castiel bites his lip softly, making the fluttering in Dean’s stomach act up again, and the corner of Cas’ mouth quirks upwards. “I like it.”

Dean breathes out a sigh of relief before going back to studying the menu with his own small smile. “Okay, Cas. So whatcha gonna have?”


Blaring horn. Bright lights. Screeching. A desperate cry before sudden impact.

And then he’s numb.

Is this what the end feels like? It’s strangely peaceful. Wait no, it can’t be. He’s not ready.

He’s not ready.


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lizblogging  asked:

I just have to tell you, you have such a gorgeous way with words, and I am in love with the ways you describe Dean. First it was freckles in leather, then it was whiskey-and-pine eyes (I'm obsessed with that phrase), and in Pure it was "eyes that looked like deep-afternoon sunlight filtered through August leaves." These descriptions just take my breath away! You are a very talented writer, and I will read everything you write!

(I’m publishing this so I can keep it FOREVER AND EVER !)

THANK YOU! I love Dean, I love him so so much. And YES, let us discuss all of the pleasing physical attributes of Dean shall we?

Let’s talk about those shoulders. (The dark angel gif was made by the amazingly talented canoncanoff. It’s from Dark Angel, but ARE ANY OF YOU COMPLAINING? I think not.) Look at little Wee!Jensen. Even as a teenager he has these broad shoulders, even the BONES of his frame are wide and strong. As an adult, he has these amazing shoulders, shoulders that would make Michelangelo itch to pick up a chisel and do a Study Of Dean. Dean has shoulders wide enough to shoulder responsibility of the whole damn world, wide enough for someone to find shelter in, strong enough to rebuild a car and behead a vamp and dig a grave. His shoulders are perfect, and make my brain go hnnng.

And just LOOK at his obliques! As many (many) have pointed out, Dean/Jensen does not have a chiseled washboard six pack. I love it. He is slightly soft (NOT chubby, just… soft) but look at the outside of his abdomen; that upside-down U shape is the outline of his obliques, and they are unf. This is the belly of a man who likes beer more than cardio, but is still incredibly active. This is the body of a man who could piston his hips into yours over and over and over until your brain is mush and your body is a tight instrument that is playing whatever tune Dean pleases. 

These are thighs you could bite. These are thighs I would pay to bite. Again, while these aren’t the lean thighs of a swimmer or a distance runner, these are the kind of thighs that would be really great at supporting a hot, fast bout of up-against-the-wall nooky; a girl could wrap her legs around his waist and let him take care of the rest. These thighs can outrun ghouls and other creatures that stalk the night; these thighs can help kick though solid wood doors, these thighs would be PERFECT to snuggle between and watch the night sky. I have feelings about those beautiful thick bowlegs. Feelings. 

And finally, his PERFECT, PER-fucking-FECT face.  It’s weathered over the years and ONLY BECOME BETTER. He has little crows feet forming at the corner of his eyes from worrying about Sam and laughing at whatever he could; these are wrinkles earned through living life to the fullest. He has freckles, little sun drops kissed across beautiful high cheek bones. His jaw, OH GOD HIS JAW, it’s tough enough to take a hit or three, beautifully accented by a little bit of scruff, and almost as tough and determined as Dean himself.

Dean’s lips (especially that sinfully full bottom one, Jesus) look like porn when wrapped around a beer bottle, would know just what to do with a lady’s legs bracketing his ears, and make me want to nibble on them. 

Dean’s eyes… really, the word “green” is not an accurate description of these eyes. His eyes… they’re the gold-flecked moss of a fairy pool in the sun, the amber color of Tennessee’s finest, they can shift to the hue of a midwest sky right before a twister hits, or the warm buttery depths of Indian Summer sun filtering through broad oak leaves. His irises can shift between a deep whiskey gold to almost pine colored, and god do they have depth. They’ve seen what goes bump in the night, they’ve seen hell and blood and death and the end of hope. And yet they can sparkle and laugh still, after everything, and usually they are laughing while looking at Sam, because that’s the focus, that’s what this is about. 

lizblogging, thank you for giving me an excuse to objectify Dean. Mmm. I just love this man. 

yaelstiel  asked:

well so if we're on the fic recs, i am pretty sure i've seen you reply to this before but i don't know how i tagged it or if i reblogged it. do you have wincest hurt comfort (preferably hurt!sam comforting!dean? ) Thank you love <333

hi yaelstiel here we go, some hurt!Sammy with protective!Dean, and please, check tipsysam blog, if I’m correct, Hanna has a lot of hurt!sam in her fic-rec tag and she’s wonderful.

Dictionary for a Dead Language by britomart_is Under mysterious circumstances bitterly disputed by the historians, Sam Winchester said yes to Lucifer. Three years later, Lucifer is gone and the familiar landscape that the Winchesters once traversed is a burnt-out ruin of its former self — not to mention the damage done to Lucifer’s vessel. Trapped in a grotesque parody of domestic bliss with a brother he no longer recognizes, a shell-shocked Dean has no reason to believe that happy endings exist for men like the Winchesters.

Pins & Needles by theashopmuses A lot can change in an instant. Six months ago, Sam was injured in the course of a hunt that went terribly wrong. Now, there’s something in the woods of Michigan’s upper peninsula, stalking, beating, and killing people in the tiny town of Big Bay. A retired hunter calls Sam and Dean in to investigate, but they’re also still dealing with the aftermath of that hunt-gone-wrong, and the effect it’s had on their relationship.

The Three Kings Verse by cosmic_medusa. N/A: When I saw Sam sneaking out behind a dumpster to drink demon blood, I said aloud “oh…he’s an addict.” And, dealing with a loved one with addiction, it completely seized me. I love the show as a whole, and I suppose I long for a family as loving and open as the one I’ve attempted to create below, trying to base it completely off of the amazing canon themes of family Kripke created. As a blanket statement, please be alert to themes of drug abuse, alcoholism, child abuse, addiction, depression, and anxiety. I have done my best to address these themes with honesty, but also humor, and much, much love, which is what we’re all looking for, no matter what our issues and across all vices.

Stay The Distance by lazy_daze. (S/6)  Sam is dependent on Dean’s touch and closeness after the wall falls - Dean’s presence reminds him of why he chose to wake up, and keeps the memories at bay, allowing Sam to function. The brothers have to face up to what happens when their Winchester codependency becomes literal, and the physical, spatial and temporal boundaries of their bond blur the line between familiar and suffocating, comforting and limiting

Deeper Than Skin by Meigun-Blaze: When a sudden snowstorm has Sam remembering Hell and his body temperature dropping, Dean has to get him warm again, using any means necessary

Under Sufferance by veronamay From this prompt on blindfold_spn:  Sam/Dean, touch-starvation.  Besides other things, Lucifer touch-starves Sam in Hell as punishment (Sam did fall in the Pit with his entire body and all…). Once out, Sam cannot bring himself to ask Dean despite how badly he needs it. Dean needs to realize what Sam’s problem is, and how to get himself to help, since constant touching doesn’t exactly come naturally to him.Set between seasons 5 and 6.

Consider the Hairpin Turn Masterpost by cherie_morte : AU of 6x22: Sam’s wall has shattered and the memories in his mind have splintered. When the Sam who remembers Hell tells him to go find Jess and be happy, Sam knows he can’t stay while Dean needs him. But when the Sam from Hell says that Dean is already there looking for him, Sam leaves his memories of the pit behind to find him. What he finds is a life he doesn’t remember: a house that he shares with his brother (and has for years), a law career he thought he’d left behind at Stanford, and a relationship with Dean he never dreamed he could have. Life is almost too good to be true, at least until Sam begins to hear his brother’s voice calling to him, begging him to wake up

Under The Falling Sky by slf630 For this prompt at the kink meme: After leaving the chapel, Sam and Dean get into the backseat of the impala. At first it’s just big brother mode Dean making sure Sammy is okay, but it slowly turns sexual as Dean realizes how close he got to losing his little brother. Lots of kissing, gentle sex because Sam is pretty beat up, cookie points if you pay homage to the season 3 finale with comments such as “I got you”.

General Shooting and its sequel Making it through by callistosh65. mild R of the Sam/Dean variety - which is mostly because Sam is not feeling well and Dean has a potty mouth.
Dean: “Sammy, I need you to be honest with me from here on out, man.”
Sam: “You’re right. And I will be.”
-8.17. Goodbye Stranger-

Two souls!verse (WIP) by mlebayre This is mostly AU. I’ve taken cannon and events from all four seasons, but they are more references than spoilers. In this verse Sam never dies, so Dean never makes his deal

Invisible line by: TiTivillus   Cole’s first mistake was going after Dean. His second mistake- the one that would cost him his life- was hurting Sammy. Season 10, Hurt!Sam, Protective!Dean (sunshinesamwinchester  I’m still searching for season 10 fics,maybe this can works for you?)

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 35: The Truth

Sam Winchester x Reader

1450 Words

Chapter Summary: After being hurt and confused by Sam, he finally admits something is wrong.

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Why isn’t my spell working on either of you!” Veritas, the goddess of truth screamed at you and Sam. Both you and Dean were staring Sam’s way, wondering the same thing.

“Well, you see, I used to be a Reaper. So that’s probably the reason.” You said calmly, but it only pissed her off more.

Sighing, you thought back to the last couple of days. Ever since Sam and his grandpa had saved Dean from becoming a Vampire, things had not stopped spiraling down. Catching wind of another hunt, Dean had jumped on it, while keeping a careful eye on his brother. Now, here you were, tied up by a Goddess, who wanted to cut your tongue out, and slowly munch on your body.

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anonymous asked:

hello i appreciate all the work you do here thank you so much so i was wondering if you have any fanfic recs that are long and not too dark? its just that most of the time they all contain dark themes such as suicide, substance abuse, etc and i don't think it would be wise to read those consecutively do you have any that is long and light-hearted? I'm cool with the drama genre but not too dark sorry if I'm so picky

Oh, no don’t be sorry that’s actually a very valid request!  We should probably add a ‘fluffy’ tag or a ‘light-hearted’ tag to our tags page now that I think of it.

Besides the rec I’ll include below, you could also check the Romantic Comedy tag.  Most of those are pretty chill (and especially good for when you need to recover from something like a season finale or an especially dark or depressing fic) :)

A Room of One’s Own (NC-17 Word Count: 94,059)

All Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn’t understand.

Well That Was Just Peachy (NC-17 Word Count: 63,779)

While Team Free Will is on a run-of-the-mill hunt, something abruptly goes awry out of a mess of confusing nowhere and Dean is left to deal with it all. Which is great, because without Sam and Castiel as their… usual selves, well, they may as well be giant, useless babies. There’s also conversation about personal space. Way too often. Which, of course, is even greater.

Exotic Berry (M  Word Count: 86,127)

Dean Winchester is like everyone else, mostly.  When he’s not being Deanna Winchester who moved out of the small town of Lawrence, Kansas to a prestigious boarding school with off-campus housing.  Things are going well for him, until he runs into Castiel Novak.

Preacher Comfort (M  Word Count: 42,799)

Dean Winchester works as a nurse at an after-hours medical clinic. He’s a champion at what he does, but for him, professionalism has its pitfalls: good-looking patients make him flustered. Luckily, his fly-by-night infatuation evaporates within minutes, since most patients only swing by once. Castiel (fondly known as Bee Sting Guy around the clinic) is one of those iniquitously handsome fellows – and he keeps coming back. He’s also a Catholic priest, 94% asexual, and in need of the tender love that happens to be Dean’s speciality.

Warnings:  Very Brief Mentions of Past Child-Abuse, Brief Mentions of Past Self-Harm

Comments:  Those couple of warnings may seem off-putting but I swear this is actually one of the most light-hearted, cute fics I’ve ever read.

Messenger Number 3  (M Word Count: 23,016)

Opening night is closing in at the Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, and the play is cursed. As if that weren’t enough for Dean, the head of the tech crew, to have on his mind. A tale of love, family, and iambic pentameter.

Ten Summers (M  Word Count: 33,036)

Dean is thirteen when he starts going to Uncle Bobby’s summer camp, and when he meets his best friend, Cas Novak. Over the next ten summers, Camp Wooded Falls becomes the backdrop for friendships, romances, and drama as they move from high school to college and ultimately into adulthood.

Love Equals Tragedy Plus Time  (NC-17 Word Count: 63,397)

Castiel Novak is a perpetually single, awkward mess of a high school teacher with a thing for bad boys, so it only makes sense that Dean Winchester, the very portrait of the phrase, were to travel to Pontiac Illinois to be his student. Dean’s in town with his family to hunt a ghost, but when he meets Mr. Novak, he finds a new reason to stick around. It doesn’t take long before the two give into temptation, and when they do, neither expect the life altering events that follow.
Dean certainly doesn’t expect to meet Castiel all over again - and ten years younger.

Silhouette  (M Word Count: 52,468)

Castiel Novak has searched high and low for a place to live and finally he has no choice but to settle on a little house in the countryside with four other people, Sam and Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore and Jo Harvelle. They keep a stable of horses and have acres of land, freedom Castiel has always longed for. And not only does he get the serenity and peace of the countryside, but he learns so many new things through living with these people and they teach him in the ways of their lives day by day. For Castiel, this little group of people become a proper family to him, something he has never had before and to his immense surprise, he finds love too.

The Grace Archer (NC-17 Word Count: 31,360)

As all the great tales begin: once upon a time, in a long forgotten place, there lived an archer. He shot so well and so true that the king took note and rose him in rank, until the mysterious archer was the king’s most trusted adviser. The archer served the king well, until the royal line was no more, and further still.
Tales of The Grace Archer were told for centuries. Fact turned to legend. Legend passed into myth. And that is how the archer preferred it, hidden in the forests and lost to mankind.
There he would have forever remained, if a young man with dark blonde hair and green eyes had not crashed into his life with a problem only The Grace Archer could solve…

Sleepless in Lawrence, Kansas (NC-17 Word Count: 50,162)

“Um, yes, hi. My name is Sam and I’m calling from Lawrence, Kansas.”
A new voice… Castiel loved new voices. They always had new stories to tell.
“Kansas… well, it’s not really midnight down there, is it? What keeps you up?” he asked.
“I’m worried about my brother, Dean.”
“Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental.” - Sleepless in Seattle

How (thanks to Gabriel) Dean and Castiel (Accidentally) Raised Each Other (and Sam)  (NC-17 Word Count: 69,693)

In which, Gabriel meddles with the time line and Castiel becomes Dean’s angel rather sooner than intended.

Kung Fu Grip  (M  Word Count: 57,826)

“Cas, I’ve been enrolling me and Sammy in schools since I was twelve. I think I can handle it.”
Cas is frowning. “It’s not a matter of—handling it,” he says. “The principal will be more receptive and helpful to you if she believes you to have a parent or guardian who is actively concerned with your welfare. I want to make sure she understands you are important.”
Dean does not get a warm squishy feeling in his chest.
(In which Dean is de-aged, Claire and Emma are simultaneously the worst and best sisters ever, and Cas really deserves a hug.)

Seeking Friendship  (T & Up  Word Count: 36,364)

The information pops up in Castiel’s head as if he’s reading it on his computer screen right in front of him. He had come across Dean’s dating profile the very day he made his own three months ago. He must’ve looked at 20 or 30 different profiles that day, but Dean’s was the only one that kept replaying over and over in his head for a week after. “Dean W., seeking friendship.”

Forget-Me-Not Blues (NC-17 Word Count: 68,688)

Sam and Jess are getting married and Dean couldn’t be any happier for them. Honestly, they’re kind of disgustingly perfect for each other and Dean’s pretty damn excited about staying with them the week before the wedding. He’s Sam’s best man, of course, and he doesn’t even mind that Jess has her own best man to share in all the organisational duties. The more the merrier, right?
Except Dean must have done something to epically piss off the universe because Jess’s best man just happens to be Castiel friggin’ Novak. He’s got even hotter since High School, but apparently no friendlier and if Cas wants to spend the week pretending like they’ve never met before? Fine. Two can play at that game.

The Last Great Race (NC-17 Word Count: 82,346)

There is a race that takes place every year in Alaska called the Iditarod, a thousand mile journey across the Alaskan wilderness by dog sled team that has come to be known as “The Last Great Race on Earth”. It is a test of endurance, of the relationship between dogs and their people, traversing mountain ranges, frozen rivers, forest and tundra.
When writer Castiel Milton is forced to spend two and a half months in Alaska at Winchester Kennels to cover the race preparations and the Iditarod itself, the only person more dismayed than he is Dean Winchester, one of his hosts. Castiel views his assignment as a punishment and is less than impressed by his surly host, and Dean distrusts the sheltered city-born writer who has invaded their home and their lives. But soon, as the Winchesters prepare for their race and Castiel learns about sled dogs and what a musher’s lifestyle is all about, they forget to hate each other and their relationship evolves into something neither of them expected.

Bump and Run  (NC-17 Word Count: 77,770)

Dean Winchester, a junior at KU, could have never imagined that he would cheer for a professional football team, let alone for his favorite team, the Kansas City Angels. But he gets more than he bargained for when he strikes up an odd friendship with Castiel Novak, the Angels’ hall-of-fame bound cornerback. Dean has to juggle going to school and dealing with his family’s crises and planning for the upcoming UCA Nationals cheer competition, all while struggling with his sexuality and his feelings for Castiel.

Freefall (NC-17 Word Count: 128,538)

AU. The most exciting kindergarten teacher Dean Winchester’s life ever gets is when he plays mechanic in his uncle Bobby’s shop on the weekends. That is until a birthday party goes tequila-nova and he trips into a one-night stand with an incredibly hot firefighter named Castiel. Dean’s life gets a lot more exciting after that.

Vita Nuova (NC-17 Word Count: 61,800)

AU. Dean Winchester takes a job as a teaching assistant to get his little brother into a prestigious academy. He doesn’t quite expect such long nights and snobby kids, but the real surprise is professor Castiel Novak: or falling in love with him, that is.

The World Crashing All Around (NC-17 Word Count: 36,300)

During a storm in September of 1987, Dean and Sam hear something hit their roof. When they brave the backyard to investigate, they find a fledgling angel.
A story about best friendship, spoiled plans, and love, in four parts.

Learning Curve  (NC-17 Word Count: 37,853)

Dean is a pre-school teacher and Castiel Novak is his new student’s intriguing guardian. They both know the sacrifices that come with caring for others, but, over time, they learn what it means to want something for themselves.

Unfamiliar (NC-17 Word Count: 29,252)

“We all know that Familiars will be the closest to you. Your bond with a Familiar will transcend family, friends, and even your future husband or wife. A Familiar becomes a part of you, and you a part of them.” Mr. Adler’s dull tone rolls across the auditorium and it’s clear to everyone that he doesn’t care about the topic. It makes Castiel feel bad for his Familiar. “Now, can anyone tell me why Witches need Familiars and why they need us?”

Accelerando  (T & Up Word Count: 21,274)

When Castiel and Gabriel begged their aunt and uncle to attend public school for their senior year, Castiel had assumed they would fly below the radar, maybe attend a few social events, and more than anything, get out of the house for more than a trip to the grocery store or Emergency-Room visit.
Castiel is quickly discovering this year will be nothing like he imagined, seeing as he failed to account for one very important factor: the Winchester brothers.

Beyond The Ether  (NC-17 Word Count: 52,611)

Mythology fascinated Castiel. On a professional level, of course (a requirement when you teach world religions and philosophy), but very much on a personal one as well. When he accidentally summons an ancient pagan god and protector called Dean, he is thrust deeper into that world then he ever thought possible.

PWP: Pie Without Plot  (NC-17 Word Count: 82,517)

he is in the kitchen with flour on his hands and an apron and there is flour on his forehead and cas leans across the counter and wipes it off with his thumb and dean says “thank you” and cas says “you’re welcome” very seriously and later dean makes apple turnovers and he only ruins them a little and sam realizes it’s not a real hunt like four days into it and he lets dean stay undercover for like a week and a half or longer maybe way longer because he is such a good everything

Halfway  (NC-17 Word Count: 29,963)

A Fallen!Castiel bunker fic; Castiel arrives back at the bunker after six months of being missing, with eighteen of his newly-fallen brothers and sisters in tow; shameless schmoop and angel-care ensues. ♥

Chasing Cars  (NC-17 Word Count: 45,400)

After an awkward accidental encounter at a local strip club, Castiel discovers his college roommate, Dean, has a secret career as a stripper, and their relationship begins to change and a bond begins to form. They face the joys and challenges of life together and discover along the way how deeply they’ve come to care for each other.

Comments:  Now whilst Dean is a stripper, it’s merely because he’s trying to pay for school, there’s no prostitution or anything.  It’s more a part of the comedy aspect of the fic.  It also has a bunch of family feels.

The Best Years of Our Lives My Ass  (NC-17 Word Count: 111,000)

AU after Season 8, episode 6, “Southern Comfort.” Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old. They have to get out, that’s the important thing. Only, falling in love with his angel wasn’t a part of the plan….

Try-Something Tuesday  (NC-17 Word Count: 48,400)

Dean Winchester teaches a third-grade class. He’s new to this whole ‘bisexual’ thing - but by pure happenstance, he meets Castiel: a particularly dapper male librarian who moonlights as a substitute teacher. Dean’s curious and Castiel is willing, so why the hell not?
Except, fate never intended it to be one-time-only…

The Request  (M Word Count: 36,770)

When Sam Winchester prays for his brother, Castiel is finally sent on his very first assignment. But what should be a simple love match turns into much more and Castiel finds himself risking everything to ensure the happiness of his extremely frustrating charge.

Convenient Husbands  (NC-17 Word Count: 39,000)

“It’s only temporary, right?” Dean says. “Just until you’re healed up, and then we’ll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?”

Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake  (NC-17 Word Count: 31,000)

Dean is a waiter in a strip club to put his kid brother through school. Castiel is dragged to the club as a part of his sister Anna’s bachelorette party. Dean and Cas hit it off, but Dean thinks Cas is the one marrying Anna.

Crossroads State  (M  Word Count: 51,002)

Castiel has a nice predictable structured life teaching high school, even if he happens to be overqualified for it. Then this guy moves in around the corner and literally knocks him on his ass.

A Warriors Rest  (NC-17 Word Count: 27,619)

Castiel, an outcast fairy, has lived most of his life in the guise of a human in a sleepy Northwestern town in the state of Oregon. It’s quiet. People move there to retire and forget the world. And it’s small so newcomers are a thing of note. So when a man not near retirement age moves in, green-eyed and handsome, Castiel pays attention. But his cabin is set up in the midst of the woods the locals avoid. Where the entrance to his people’s lands rests. The thickset trees are teeming with the supernatural. So how is it this man hasn’t run screaming from the woods? And why does his home feel so strange to Castiel’s fairy senses?
But, more importantly, does he even care for those answers when the man grins so warmly?

Chains and Handcuffs (50 Shades of Awkward)  (NC-17 Word Count: 98,068)

After Dean abuses his new demonic powers for the umpteenth time, Sam gets fed up and stages an intervention. Castiel is assigned to demon-sitting duty, but when his new charge still manages to fly the coop, Sam decides that more drastic measures must be taken. It is terribly awkward for everybody involved… until it’s not.

Comments:  This actually surprised me because I expected it to be kind of angsty because Demon!Dean tends to be, but it’s actually pretty much crack and shenanigans and fluff.  

Wow.  This was all I could scrounge together right now, but there’ll most likely be a part 2 and 3 and so on, haha.  But I hope you like!