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Summer Storm


Prompt: This combines a number of summer vacation prompts I’ve been sent. All will be credited at the end of the one shot. 

Summary: The gang (along with Josh) head to the Minkus’ family beach house for a week of fun in the sun. On their last night in town a storm hits.

Pairing: Rucas, ft. light Smarkle + Joshaya 

Word Count: 3390

○ ○ ○

The Minkus family own a holiday home in Malibu and by home, I mean an extravagant mansion right on the beach. The family however, barely use the house despite having owned it for a number of years. 

Although, when Stuart has company business to handle over the summer in Malibu he sees it as an opportunity to use the facilities. Considering he’d be mostly out and occupied with business he urges his son to plan a vacation around it with his friends. 

Eventually all five friends manage to convince their parents to allow them to go on the trip and they were all off on a Malibu adventure in a matter of days. On first arrival at the mansion, everyone - with the exception of Farkle, whom is used to its grandeur - is blown away by the sheer size of it all. 

Riley immediately finds herself spinning in the grand entrance, her eyes dancing around the room as she tries to absorb every beautiful detail of the building. 

“Whoa,” Riley stops her twirling when she catches a glimpse of the lavish chandelier hanging above her head. 

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