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@adoringjensen and I were chatting the other day, as we do, and we realized how much we wanted to bring this net back, add some new members, make some new friends, and cry over jensen/dean some more!! So I dusted off Ye Olde Spreadsheete and here’s what’s what.

You want in? We want you! Please see info for you below the cut. First order of business is an official petition for Dabb to given us more glasses!Winchesters content and cas and jack too please

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Tag game on writing!

I was tagged by @kaguneko thanks my sweet!

I’ll tag @shippingeruri @ladymacbethsspot @erurifluff @kittyboo8015 @valisi-clark @lostcauses-noregrets @ackbang

1. How did you come up with your username and what does it mean?

I used to have another username which began with Z but I had to delete the account and start again, therefore Z was Dead. Also I like Pulp Fiction and my initials are ZD. Multi reason!

2. Which fanfic of yours has the most feedback? (bookmarks/subscriptions/hits/kudos)

In terms of Eruri fic, it is Thirst.

3. What is your AO3 profile icon, and why did you choose it?

It’s a vortex by HR Giger. I love him so so much. I would change it to something more fandom related but I am very visual so if I was to see a different pic pop up, it would confuse my poor brain.

4. Do you have any regular/favourite commenters?

Yes! They bring me life.

5. Is there a fanfic that you keep going back to read again and again?

Cardamom by @lostcauses-noregrets I am in love.

6. How many stories are you subscribed to? How many do you have bookmarked?

Subbed to nine stories, 76 bookmarks, 15 user subs.

7. Which AU do you find yourself writing the most?

Modern AU. I seem to drabble in canon if I’m in a mood.

8. How many people are subscribed and bookmarked to you in total? (you can view this on the stats page)

User subs is 126. Story subs 315. Bookmarks 699.

9. Is there something you’d like to write about but are afraid of people judging you for it? (Feeling brave? If so, share it!)

Hahaha oh god. Probably. But I can’t think of anything definite right now.

10. Is there anything you would like to be better at? Writing certain scenes or genres, replying to comments, updating better, etc.

Updating better, god yes. I used to be much quicker to update but life and, honestly, Tumblr got in the way. For this reason, I’m planning on writing my current work in it’s entirety before posting ANY of it.

11. Do you write rarepairs or popular ships more often?

I would say popular as Eruri is, in my mind, popular.

12. How many stories have you posted on AO3 to this day (finished and unfinished)?

40 works so far.

13. How many stories do you have saved in/with your writing program?

Three. My current, Thirst, and the start of a whiny drabble/one shot which may or may not ever be finished.

14. Do you write down story ideas, or just keep them in your head?

A lot happens in my head when I daydream at work (monotonous tasks give me a chance to live Eruri in my head). But the important parts get noted down. In fact, this just reminded me to make a note about a watch, thank you!

15. Have you ever co-authored a story?

Yes! Its fun but also the pressure of not fucking up someone else’s story is immense.

16. How did you discover AO3?

Google search results.

17. Do you consider yourself to be a popular or famous author in your fandom(s) on AO3?


18. Do you have a nickname or fandom name for your readers?

I don’t think so, no.

19. Was there an author who inspired or encouraged you to write?

Yes to both.

20. What writing advice would you give to a beginning author?

This is for fun! Have fun!

21. Do you plot out your stories, or do you just figure it out as you go?

Usually I have a vague plot line and then I follow it slightly, meander off into tangents and find myself 15 chapters deep with not much happening. Which is why this next one is planned and has an expansive narrative in the background which I’m following more strictly.

22. Have you ever gotten a bad comment on a story? If so, what did you do?

Yes! It was over two years ago and in the midst of some really bizarre ‘comment war’ which I had nothing to do with but somehow got dragged into it. I still believe the whole thing was perpetuated by one person. But that’s besides the point haha! I just laughed and carried on.

23. Is there a certain type of scene that you have a hard time writing? (action, smut, etc..)

Action. Getting people’s limbs and weapons in the right place without having an actual visual representation is tricky for me. You don’t want to break up the flow and tension with too much descriptive.

24. What story(s) are you working on now?

My new one. On chapter three so far. Hopefully it will be meaty and an interesting read.

25. Do you plan your next project(s) before you finish your current ongoing story(s)?

Always. Which can be a problem in terms of concentration.

26. Do you have a daily writing goal set for yourself?

Nope. I do it when I can and when I want to. I’m trying to not beat myself up about productivity.

27. Do you think you’ve improved as a writer since you first started?

Yes, I learn so much all the time.

28. What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

I tend to like what I just wrote until the next one pops up, so it changes I guess. I did enjoy writing a reincarnation AU last August 2016, 1960’s mods and rockers, Brighton beach. I liked the research for that one.

29. What is your least favorite story that you’ve written?

Probably all of them to some extent. My style has changed a fair bit this year so to look back is both painful and uplifting.

30. Where do you see yourself (as a writer) in 5 years?

Posting less, but spending more time planning and mapping out fics. I’ll save the impulsive ideas for one shots and drabbles.

31. What is the easiest thing about writing?

Im not sure if this is the right kind of answer, but having a creative outlet is incredibly soothing for my mind.

32. What is the hardest thing about writing?

Finding time. And the terrible self doubt.

33. Why do you write?

To get the damn story out of my head. To get shit off my chest. To share it. And for fun :)


Everyone is smiling except Keith, because he’s got better things to do than smile at you.  

Right! So I made y’all a few icons you never asked for! If anyone wants one with a different flag behind it, feel free to PM me, I’ll fix you up.

Fixed version: And by this, I mean I’ll 100% make this post about pride, and not about my headcanons for the characters :) 

Girl Meets World Season 4 Episodes and Synopsises

1x1 - Girl Meets Growing Up

Riley and her friends fear that in Junior year they will be so caught up in College and Growing that they will not have time for each other so they make a pact for the Sophomore Year.

1x2 - Girl Meets Freshman

The Gang walks the school exercising their Hugh School Experience and Performing the “Service” they got last year as well as getting to know the New Senior Class.

1x3 - Girl Meets Lucas and Zay

When a problem back in Texas brings Lucas and Zay together, The group tries to make sense of the situation and analyze what brought them together.

1x4 - Girls Meets New York City

Riley goes to Maya’s old apartment and realizes life outside of The New York suburbs for real.

1x5 - Girl Meets Move In

When Maya moves into her new house upstate with Shawn, she gets emotional about leaving where she started and now living with another person.

1x6 - Girl Meets Alphabetical Order

The group figures out just how different they really are from each other. Auggie and Ava have a sleepover and pour out their feelings

1x7 - Girl Meets Mr. Matthews

Riley accidentally digs up tapes that give a whole new look on her father. Maya helps her blackmail her father with information she knows. Auggie and Ava learn the concept of Blackmail

1x8 - Girl Meets New Dad

Maya learns to live with Shawn’s embarrassing and invasive rules. Maya acts out when she finds Shawn snooping on her computer.

1x9 - Girl Meets Scars

The group hits an awkward situation when the rest of the school still thinks the triangle is on-going. Riley gets offended when the school expresses their wants for Maya and Lucas to be together.

1x10 - Girl Meets Auggie’s Birthday

This year, Riley is out in charge to organize the best birthday ever for Auggie and she is determined to succeed.

1x11 - Girl Meets Squad

The group has an argument when a girl wants to join their friend group, Maya and Riley learn what it would mean to have new friends.

1x12 - Girl Meets Boys

A Field Trip to New York brings Evan up to Riley and Charlie has gone through “The Hot Over Summer Treatment”. Jealousy threatens to overcome Lucas

1x13 - Girl Meets Smart

When Farkle is selected for a worldly ranked Mathematics Competition, The group learns what it’s like to be in Farkle’s shadow.

1x14 - Girl Meets Dress Code

When Maya’s shoulders show through her dress, she takes a stand against the dress code.

1x15 - Girl Meets Responsibility

Riley is now Responsible for Dinner, Auggie and Herself at Home because of her age. We also see the characters struggle through their newfound responsibilities.

1x16 - Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen, Again!

Riley and Maya decide to have a dual sweet sixteen between the two of them but they struggle to decide on a theme. Auggie gets envious of the attention Riley is getting.

1x17 - Girl Meets Clubs

Riley decides to join Band with Maya. When Maya turns out to be a band genius, Riley gets jealous of her best friend.

1x18 - Girl Meets World of Terror 3

The group discovers why they are drawn to each other in the first place when their feelings show boldly.

1x19 - Girl Meets Drive

The gang couldn’t be more excited about their driver’s test

1x20 - Girl Meets Homecoming

The group dresses formally to attend the Homecoming Ball. Riley decides she wants to redo her kiss with Lucas.

1x21 - Girl Meets Adoption Part 1

Maya is ecstatic to be Adopted but the situation turns when she finds out her birth dad has to sign the papers.

1x22 - Girl Meets Adoption Part 2

The adoption ceremony is final and everyone comes together for it

1x23 - Girls Meets Long Game

Maya thinks she has everything Riley has now but is envious when she realizes that her and Lucas are official unlike her and Josh. Maya works but the courage to ask Josh about what they are.

1x24 - Girl Meets Middle School

The group takes a trip back to the middle school on the last day of sophomore year and discuss college, their lives as they know it, and what’s to come.

things in musical theatre that always gets me that I realised during a road trip
  • that bit in waitress, “you’re my dOCterr”
  • the harmonisation in what’s inside
  • when dawn goes “I’m not defensive!”
  • that bit in hamilton where everyone sings over each other in non-stop
  • “I hope that you… burn”
  • when john sings the rise up bit in my shot
  • Angelica. everything she says and does.
  • the choir in once upon a december
  • “hey balaga, ho balaga, hey hey ho balaga, hey hey hey balaga, the famous troika driver”
  • Lucas Till going “WOOoooOOooOOooOOOooooOoOOooOoooOOOoooOAH”
  • and when everyone goes “corpulence”
  • honestly everything piere says like yes hand me the existential crisis
  • and whenever amber gray opens her mouth goddamn
  • when everyone sings over each other in 96,000
  • “the only room with a view is a room with you in it”
  • literally everything the piragua guy says
  • “Hey guys, it’s me! The biggest disappointment you know.” - nina is me
  • basically whenever Mandy Gonzalez sings tbh
  • in 21 chump street when naomi sings “take the money justin, please just take the money”
  • and in cousin where justin goes “looooooooooove”
  • in a day in falsetto land when they all sing over each other frick yes
  • “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” and then when you realise it won’t be
  • “god you’re a pAIn in the aSS”
  • literally whenever the lesbians from next door speak
  • when they harmonise in “the tango maureeeeeen” in tango: maureen
  • when joanne goes “so be wise ‘cause this girl satisfies”
  • all of seasons of love, every version, it’s beautiful and iconic and frick if that song didn’t define my childhood
  • when kevin goes “i’ll do something inCREDible that blows gods frICken mIND” in you and me (but mostly me)
  • the harmonisation in poor thing
  • when everyone sings together in arabian nights
  • the genie’s rendition of tale as old as time - petition to get James Monroe Iglehart to sing a full version
  • “Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?”
  • heather chandler going “you’ve come so far why now are you pulling on my dICK”
  • allllll the harmonisations in candy store
  • and blue
  • in come from away when they go “I am an Islander”
  • when bev mimicks the wwii pilots “Hey lady, hey baby, hey! Why don’t you grab us a drink?”
  • and then, “well they can get their own drinks” and that cute lil laugh after
  • “suddenly there’s nothing in between me and the sKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”
  • “And that’s how we started speaking the same language”
  • when everyone is praying together holy shit that moves me every time
  • “cause I’m freaking out, you’re freaking out and we’re all 👏 freaking 👏 the 👏 fuck 👏 out”
  • anytime someone says “you are there and I am hereeeeeeee”
  • “hot towel, hot towel, c o l d towel?”
  • in legally blonde, elles voice crack when she says “some girls were just meant to smile”
  • “and with the chance I’ve been given I’m gonna be dRIvEn aS hELL”
  • “with fear and shock and aWEEEEEEE”
  • when they’re all singing at the end of blood in the water
  • the entirety of Ireland and the reprise
  • the blatant subtext jokes in take it like a man
  • in Miss Saigon “and now I’ll leave remembering heRRRR,, just heeeeerrrr”
  • tbh whenever the engineer has a solo, I mean he was an arsehole, but it was the only fun thing in that musical
  • “I still believe he’ll come for me” - kim, my heart, my only wish was for her to happy and safe goddammit
  • the literal entirety of “ascot gazette” in my fair lady
  • and show me
  • “READY, AIM, FIRE!!”
  • the humming in wouldn’t it be lovely
  • allllll of heaven on their minds in jesus christ superstar, it’s literally the only song that hasn’t been done wrong in any version
  • also everythings alright
  • okay there’s so much for newsies so this’ll be short but “Newsies on a mission! Kill the competition! Sell the next edition! We’ll be out there, CARRYING THE BANNER”
  • dear evan hansen in waving through a window going “WAVING, WAVING WOAAAAAAHHHHHHH WOAHOHOHOH”
  • “has been hard (hard) has been bad (bad) has been rough. (KINKY!)”
  • “if I stop smoking crACk”
  • alll of you will be found
  • “DONT BE A PENIS THE MAN IS A GENIUS” - iconic from something rotten! every. fucking. time
  • all of it’s hard to be a bard
  • in do you hear the people sing “IT’S THE MUSIC OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL *NOT* BE SLAVES AGAIN”
  • frick literally all of les mis is iconic

Okay that’s pretty much all I got through before my phone went flat and then the trip was boring but yeah



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  • Me: //gets possessed by demon
  • Priest: i am here to help-
  • Demon possessing me: we don't want you
  • Priest:
  • Demon: we want Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third

me @ bighit : yes bighit, it’s me.. again. We both know that blue lenses exist and if Taehyung happen to have it tonight, god bless u.
Another thing, if ONE member has the coconut hairstyle I’m gonna sue y'all. My boys need justice, we’re not playin fucking games here.
Ah! I almost forgot! Put That Iconic earring on Seokjin god will thank u later trust me.
And pls call billboard bc I want 7 individuals cameras following each steps of the boys and 1 for the whole group and even if with these they can’t witness seokjin’s flying kiss they better cancel the show, and their lives.


yoongi edition


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careful boyz she thicc

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Going backpacking with yoongi n getting lost af

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Him after sharing a shower n he’s all wet n steamy :)

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hands hands handsome hands hahaha…

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how many smuts are based of this gif? not enough

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bruh I should tag ‘porn’

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Wind=my bff

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Concept, dancing yoongi gif

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  1. in conclusion: we must protec, repeat after me

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