yes that is a pregnancy test in my mouth they were only a dollar so what

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Prompt: Lucas and Maya had a baby at 16 & 18 and Maya's late again, causing Lucas to freak out

i loved this so much that i accidently wrote 1.5k words?? i’m not sure if it’s exactly what you were looking for, but it’s something all right. thanks for the prompt!! 

“I’m late,” Maya blurts out as they walk into Abigail Adams High School.

“Late?” Lucas muses. He glances at his watch to check the time, then says, “We’re not late. Actually, we’re early for once. I think this is the first day we’ve gotten Matthew to daycare on time in months. We have plenty of time.”

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fic: Vilify

repeatinglitanies: Prompt: Due to her father’s recent turn of fortunes, Belle is forced to leave her very conservative, religious boarding school. Desperate circumstances force her to sell her body to Mr Gold. And due to her upbringing, she misunderstands when asked if she is on the pill.

I’ve changed it pretty considerably, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! 

Rated PG-13, with (like all prostitution-related stories) implications of dubiously consented sex.


                If there was a single constant in Calum Gold’s life, it was that his bad deeds came back to haunt him. He’d paid for every legally binding but morally questionable deal he’d ever made over the years, though, and he was feeling like perhaps fate or consequence or karma or justice had finally stopped pursuing him. Of course, he was wrong.

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