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some Ten x Rose ficart inspired by one of my all-time faves, Worthy of Her by @abadplanwellexecuted​. with a detail insert because i’m so pleased with their faaaaces

(this fic has all my favorite things in a story! like adventure! romance! banter! swords! a Big Damn Kiss™! yes. you should go read it. like right now.)

A night on the town, part 1

Pairing: McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1487 (a little longer than I planned)

Warning: Brief mention of sex

Maggie waved her hand in front of your face as you stared aimlessly at the screen before you.  “Earth to [Y/N].  You alive in there, girl?”  The movement startled you, as somehow you had not heard her walk into your office.

“Umm yeah, Maggie. What are you doing here?”  You straightened yourself up in your chair and pulled on the lapel of your lab coat in an attempt to look like you weren’t half-asleep with boredom.  She put her hands on her hips on her hips with that mother hen look she often got with you.

“You need a break. All these patients and boring files are going to melt that big brain.  Come on we are going out tonight.  Dancing, a few drinks, then we can walk home looking at all the pretty lights of York Town.  I promise I won’t try to pawn you off on some random stranger.  Even though you do need to get laid sometime this century.” Shaking your head, you stood up walking around your desk.  

“Let’s not talk about that. The last time was horrible and I have no desire to repeat it.”  Maggie looked like she was going to stomp her foot.

“That is what I am saying! We go out have fun and go home a little tipsy and tired.  No pressure for anything more.  What could go wrong?”  Your brow rose in her direction.

“I can’t believe you just said that.  Something awful is going to happen now.  I will blame you if I end up here with a broken anything.”  She laughed as she jumped up and down.  

“Oh we are going to have so much fun.  Come on Doctor Boring I have a dress that will look perfect on you.”  Grabbing your hand, she dragged you through the door of your office past your commanding officer, who eyed the two of you warily.

“I probably do not want to know.  I need you in one piece for your next shift Doctor [Y/L/N].”  Your cheeks flushed.  Doctor Baush had seen you arrive many a time, for your shifts, hung-over after nights out with Maggie.

“Yes sir.  I will be here, I promise.  I have never missed a shift.”  The man nodded once then went back to his PADD.  She dragged you all the way back to her assigned quarters. Refusing to let you go home because she knew you would probably back out if given the chance.  The dress she handed you was better than you had imagined. It was not trashy or revealing. The knee length dress, had a light skirt that twirled when you moved.  It was a pretty aqua number with a black sash at the waist that accentuated your hips. You had to give it to Maggie she knew what you liked.  She pulled your hair up in a pretty and easy bun then just put a little flair of makeup around your eyes.  That was the reason she had become one of your closest friends.  She knew when to push you but never pushed too far.

The two of you walked arm in arm towards the busy central commercial streets of Yorktown.  Laughing and talking as you made your way through the crowds.

“Well, there must be shore leave.  Look at all uniforms out tonight.  Too bad we aren’t looking for some sexy Commander for you.” Maggie wiggled her eyebrows at you.  You could only laugh and pinch her arm gently.  

“Come on you promised me dancing and a few drinks.”  You pulled her into one of the lesser crowded bars.  Lesser, being it was still packed but there was not a line around the corner to get in.  A few shots for the both of you before you ended up on the dance floor for a few hours. While you were not drunk, your body felt warm and you had that normal pink tinge to your cheeks that happened just before you reached that point.  That was your cue to cease the drinking.  It felt awful waking up in the morning with a hangover.  So you quit while you were ahead.  You looked around for a few minutes for Maggie before finding her leaning back against a wall talking to some tall redheaded man.  They looked to be in deep conversation so you made your way back to the bar.  Just before breaking through the wall of people, someone tapped your shoulder.  As you turned, all you could see were startling blue eyes and a mess of blond hair.

“Hello, beautiful. Want to dance?”  The words were slightly slurred and he did not seem all together stable on his feet.    

“Oh no, pretty boy.  I am getting some water and taking a seat. My feet are killing me.”  You walked off leaving the surprised man in your wake.  Thankfully, one seat at the bar was open between everyone trying to cram into the small space.  As you sipped on your water, you turned back looking at the crowd and sighed.  This was not your scene.  It was getting to be too much.

“How come you aren’t out there dancing with that guy?” A voice asked from next to you.  Looking over you found a dark head of hair and a half smile looking into his liquor glass.

“Oh you mean the pretty boy? Umm no.  He is drunk and I don’t do the whole sleeping with a random stranger thing.  I really don’t need to wake up with some form of the clap either.  The hypos for that are not fun.”  The man choked then spit out his drink.  Raising a brow at him.  “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.  Yes, I’m fine.  Just uhh, the drink went down the wrong pipe there.”  You knew it was a lie but he was smiling wide now.  He looked handsome with that smile too.  “May I ask you a question?” You nodded at him, interested to see what the question was.  “Why are you in a place like this with people like this?  It’s a bar and people come to bars to drink and make fools of themselves.  You don’t seem like someone who would come here to do that.”

“Well that wasn’t what I was expecting.  But, I’m here because I needed a break in the monotony.  I’ve been bored and needed a bit of drinking and dancing.  Not looking for my soul mate or anything.  Just something letting me know I am still alive. You ever feel like that?”  The man sat up straighter on his stool looking at you in a way that made your cheeks flush more than they already were.  It wasn’t rudely, just searching deeper.

“Darlin’ you have no idea. I’m Leonard, by the way.”  He held his hand out.  You shook it with a dip of your head.  

“[Y/N].  Want to go outside, and talk?  This place feels like it is closing in.”  Leonard smiled again, setting a credit chip on the counter.  

“Lead the way.”  You couldn’t help but grin at him.  After a moment to let Maggie know where you would be, you walked out towards a bench that looked over the lights of Yorktown. The two of you talked for hours. Finding it funny how much you had in common.  You had attended the academy just two classes behind him and each of you had heard the others names in passing.  Leonard had even read your report on Xenobiological sampling; published last year.  There had always been rumors about the grumpy southern doctor in the medical circles you knew.  However, he laughed and smiled easily with you.  Before you both knew it, the sun was coming up.

“I can’t believe it. We have been talking for six hours. The time just flew.”  You stood up realized how stiff your body was from sitting for so long.  

“Me either.  But it was wonderful.  After I get some sleep today, would you have dinner with me?  I want to see you again.”  Leonard had been holding your hand for the past few hours and now he gave it a quick squeeze.  The hopeful look on his face made your heart melt.

“I want to see you too. I will meet you here at 1900.  You better not be late, Leonard.”  You leaned up on your toes and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“No ma’am.  I will be right here waiting.  1900 hours.”  He said quietly as he looked down at you.  You fought the urge to kiss him again.  It would end with you unable to pull away.  You already knew it.  Leonard stood there watching you as you walked off towards your home.  The feeling of his eyes on your back did not leave until you turned the corner.  Your heart was pounding in your chest.  Your mind moving at a million light years a second.

“I need to see that man again.”

part 2

The Wedding of Fareeha Amari and Doctor Angela Ziegler

Pharmercy Appreciation Week Day 6: Wedding. @pharmercyappreciationweek

A/N about translations: Because I can’t speak German or Egyptian Arabic, expect some wonky translations. On the Subject of Egyptian Arabic, the translation to English was, well, let’s just say, off. As in, I have no idea what the heck is going on there. So I put the approximate English pronunciation, followed by the actual way to write the words. See the end A/N for actual translations.

“I promised you a special stream today, and I am here to deliver!” Hana exclaimed, talking into her phone. “Are you prepared to get up close and personal with Overwatch? Of course you are. And today, you get to attend a wedding.” She turned the phone to face Fareeha standing next to her. “And here’s the lucky bride-to-be. Well, one of them anyway.” Fareeha looked at the mirror, observing Hana as she broadcast a behind-the-scenes view of the wedding. Hana wore a three-piece suit with a pink tie, her bunny logo emblazoned in the center. “Hopsotch23 wants to know who the lucky lady is. Care to say who, or do you want to keep it a surprise?”

As Fareeha turned her head, Satya pushed it back into place. “Don’t move,” Satya ordered as she continued to perfect Fareeha’s hair. Satya was also wearing a three-piece suit, though her tie was blue and her jacket was currently hanging next to the door, next to Fareeha’s dry cleaning bag.

“They know who it is,” Fareeha said.

Hana waited a moment before nodding. “Yes they do. PharahIsBae wants to know if you really want to do this.”

Fareeha cocked her eyebrow. “What was that name again?” she asked.

“Just answer the question,” Hana said with a smile. “For your fans.”

Fareeha started to nod, Satya quickly holding her head still. “I’ve never been more sure of anything.”

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anonymous asked:

Spencer Reid x female reader, please? The bau is tracking a killer and his next target is y/n, a friendly & funny part time manager at a plus size high end boutique. The rest is up to you!

I really like this idea! I hope you like it!

Originally posted by sweetg

“Okay, so what do we know?” 

“His type is long woman between 25 and 35, rich, beautiful and loved and liked by many. Probably lots of contacts with people. All are abducted in this area.” 

“Guys, he already took these, in that area is one more high end boutique. I talked to her, she fits the profile perfectly.” 

“Let’s go then.” 


Y/n smiled as the man walked into her boutique. “Hello sir. Can I help you today?” The man looked nervous, his eyes twitching. “Uhm, yes. Could you help me pick..” The glass door flung open. Y/n was surprised. “Excuse me sir, I’ll be with you in a minute.” She made her way over to the men. Her tight dress and high heels gave her a mature aura. “Is something wrong?” Her voice wasn’t angry, she sounded concerned. “Miss, you need to come over here.” A man with longer hair said. She noticed the men had their hands on their guns. Slowly, she walked to the guy who had his hand stretched out and got pushed behind them. They arrested the customer. And took her with them. 

“So, doctor Reid. You are saying that he wanted to kidnap me?” She said with a raised brow. “We are not sure, but you fit the victim profile perfectly.” Y/n was concerned, she was now safe, but what about her friend? “Doctor Reid, I was wondering, I have a friend who works in the shop when I don’t. What if he kidnaps her?” Spencer Reid tilted his head. “She won’t go to the store. The unsub has only took women from their office or shop. She is safe.” Her fingers curled around the hot cup. “Then why am I here?” That was a good question. “You fit the profile, your friend didn’t.” Y/n was still worried about her friend. “When can I go? I mean, you have the unsub, don’t you?” Spencer got up. “I need to ask Hotch about that.” What was it with this girl, he didn’t even know her and she was getting him crazy. 


“Thank you for the care, I’m sure I’ll be okay. Like you said, I’m at home. The shop will be closed for another two weeks.” Y/n told Spencer as he walked her to her taxi. “I sure hope you’ll be okay. Here you have my card. If something doesn’t seem right.” He smiled awkwardly as Y/n took the card. “I’ll remember that.” She smiled one last time and closed the door of the yellow car. 

She was home and had called her friend who was indeed fine. It had been a long day, but she wasn’t hungry so Y/n directly got to the shower. She pulled the bobby pins out her hair, making her locks fall over her shoulders and stept out her heels before she even got to the bathroom. She didn’t bother to wash her make up off before she stept into the shower, her dress on the wooden floor. The warm water flew through her hair and ran over her body. She felt her mascara fall onto her cheekbones and her foundation was flowing through the pipes together with her used shampoo. When the woman was dry again and her hair was hidden in a towel and her body was covered in a night dress, she left the bathroom. She was softly humming a song and just wanted to lay on the sofa, watching her favorite show. However, when she turned the corner of her own hallway, she was greeted with a weird feeling. Investigating if something was wrong, she moved to to the living area. The lights were off. She was sure she had left them on. Backing away, back to the bathroom, she hoped no one was there. Slowly, she locked the door of the bathroom and took the small card from her dress pocket together with her phone. With trembling fingers, she pressed the number in. “Hello, with doctor Spencer Reid.” he said. “Doctor Reid?” Y/n tried to stop her voice from trembling. “Y/N? Is everything okay?” Y/n took a deep breath. “I think someone is in my house right now.” She whispered. She heard a chair. “Stay calm, I’ll call the team.” “Please don’t hang up.” She pleaded. “I wasn’t planning on doing that.” She held in her breath when the soft footsteps could be heard, right outside her door. “Hiding won’t help you.” The voice said. “Not with the lights on.” She heard Spencer whispering things to people. “He is right outside my door, please help.” A tear fell from her eye. “He has a sword or an axe.” She whispered into the phone as she looked under the crack from the door. “We are on our way, okay?” Spencer said. “Do you have any weapons?” Another voice asked. With trembling fingers you pulled open several drawers. “I have a pair of scissors and a curl iron.” She said grabbing the two things. “That’s something. Heat up the curl iron and wait for us to come out of your bathroom, okay?” Spencer said. “Yes. Yes.” Her voice shook and she barely was ably to grab ahold of the scissors. “You know, I am just waisting time. I know you locked the door, so why don’t I just start with breaking the door open?” The voice asked. Y/n could hear him raising an axe or sword. It was an axe. the door flung open and a man in a black jacket grinned at her. She got up and hid the scissors. “So, are you willingly coming or do I need to cut of your legs first?” He said with a scary grin. “Well, come on.” He said. Y/n walked to him, trying to hide her fear. “Good girl. This is much more easy.” She felt the blade of the axe in her back, softly pressing against her back. Then everything happened fast. The door flung open and Spencer and his team had their guns already pulled. The man with the axe grabbed her hair, her towel lay forgotten in the bathroom. “Let the girl go, Chase.” A black haired man said. “What if I don’t?” Chase said. Y/n felt the scissor in her hand. Ignoring the axe against her throat, she grabbed the scissors tightly and without thinking, she slammed them up. She heard Chase scream and ran to the agents. When she glanced back, she saw a scissor sticking out of Chase’s neck. That is what she had done. She had hurt a man. Yet, she didn’t feel bad. 


“I must say, you were pretty badass in there.” Spencer Reid told the woman. “Well I didn’t have much af a choice, did I?” He smiled. “Thank you. For not hanging up on me.” Y/n told Spencer. “Well, it’s my job.” Y/n kissed his cheek. “Really, thank you. If I could repay you on any way, you have my number.” She winked at him as he blushed. He would have to ask her out soon. 

Chamber of Secrets - Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: Some tags are kind of freaking out on me, so if you if it doesn’t work I’m really sorry, I don’t know what to do. 


Previous Part


“Hello, everyone, welcome to Wakanda, my name is Y/N Y/L/N and I will be in charge of this project.” You greeted the four people standing before you, all dressed in formal attire and had their white lab coats on. Everything was finally coming together and you couldn’t be more excited about it.

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Amnesiac!Jumin x MC- Muscle Memory

Words: 1567. Rating: PG13. This is kind of a weird one?

Warning: The bonus at the end does involve kind of graphic descriptions of car accidents. If that is a trigger for you please don’t read the bonus.

MC watched as the love of her life, Jumin slowly opened his eyes. She sat straight up and dashed to his bedside from the hard hospital chair that sat less than a foot away. “Jumin?” she asked standing above him.

“Who are you?” the man asked his heart rate going up significantly on his monitor.

She walked over to the remote and pressed the nurse button, “Yes? What’s the matter?”

“He’s awake,” MC replied then moments later a doctor walked through the curtain.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” Jumin asked eyeing the doctor suspiciously.

“Mr. Han, I am Dr. Kin, can you give me the date?” Doctor Ken asked holding his clipboard.

“April 10, 2015,” he spoke carefully.

“What is your age?”

“Twenty-six turning twenty-seven this year,” Jumin replied. MC watched her husband and a tear slid down her face.

“Do you know who this woman is?” the doctor asked.

“Based on the way she is dressed she is probably one of my father’s girlfriends,” Jumin replied seeming bored. MC looked away from Jumin trying not to show the pain that she was feeling in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” MC spoke quietly rushing out of the room tears threatening to overflow onto her pale cheeks any second. MC slid down against the nurse’s station right in front of Jumin’s room. She allowed the tears that had been holding her back to fall getting her cheeks wet and the underside of her chin as they dropped in her lap. A nurse walked around the station and handed her a box of tissues with a sorrowful look in her eyes. MC weakly grabbed the tissue box muttering a, “Thank you.” to the nurse.

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anonymous asked:

What are nurses doing with patients for all that time? Do they get to do things like examine the patient, take cultures, or imaging, or do doctors do all that?

So again, I’m not actually a nurse, so a lot of what they do with the patient during the day is like wizard magic to me. I just know things get done haha. But yes they do examine the patient, they start IVs/change the IV bags as needed, they swab wounds for cultures, draw labs (some places this is done by lab technicians), answer I’m sure 1 million alarms per shift, give medications, change wound dressings, assist patients with functional needs, and seriously like 5 billion other things I can’t think of right now. Most importantly they are the doctor’s eyes and many a patient has been saved by nurse’s intuition. 

People who do imaging are going to be the radiology technicians, the images are then read by radiologists. 

Doctors also examine the patients, talk to them to get their history/see how they are doing, and get report from the nurses (if they know what’s good for them) on how the patient has been doing, and then update the plan for the day and place orders. They also are called to do some more advanced procedures such as place central lines, para/thoracentesis, drain wounds/abscesses, lumbar punctures, stitch up wounds, intubate, and lots of other things as well. The things they do are going to change depending on what specialty they are in/where they are.

Again nurse wizard people out there, help me out.

I can’t remember if I ever shared this one here. (If so, sorry, you get to see it again!) I was looking through some old cosplay photos while revamping my presentations for M2X and ACEN, and I ran across this picture from Evillecon 2015.

It just happened to be Gareth David-Lloyd’s birthday, and I just happened to be dressed as Jack that day, so…

(And yes, that is the T-shirt I wear under Jack’s blue Oxford every time I’m in costume. It’s my own private joke, since most people never see it.)

River Song's Wardrobe (Updated for “The Husbands of River Song”!)

So after my post on Martha Jones’ wardrobe got unexpectedly loved, and before I wrote about Rose’s Series 1 clothes, I thought I’d continue to put my two favorite things together (costume analysis and Doctor Who) and see what I could come up with. Because this is my specialty, yo, and it makes me happy.

So: let’s do River Song!

Now, there’s a small difficulty here. Either I can analyze River’s outfits in the order we see them, thus revealing the writer/viewer’s arc of her character’s trajectory, or we can look at them in the order River wore them from her perspective, going all in-universe and watching River’s wardrobe progression in the order it happened for her. I’ve decided to go with the second object, because then we can admire how the costume team managed to keep certain threads (oops, pun) consistent in a story that’s all out of order and out of time. And then you can go back and piece it together in order if you want! What nerds we are!

So, anyway, what’s River wearing when we first meet her? Well.

I’m sure it’s the height of baby-fashion, whatever it is. One nice anon pointed out that it looks like something called a Halo sleep sack, though, so there’s a thing for you. Baby fashion, guys. It’s complex.

River/Melody appears a few more times as a child, but her clothes are so little seen that I can’t really build anything solid off of them. River’s wardrobe only really starts to come into its own when she’s under the name of Mels, larking about with her parents:

What a lovely gif. You can’t see the outfit terribly well (because I chose this gif over closer shots, sue me), but it’s a gray tank and a black leather jacket. Not much to go on, but tank tops tend to be for active people and leather jackets always signal “tough person,” unless David Tennant is wearing one and looking like a wet adorable rat.

He is so smoll.

But the color palette for Mels’ clothes is already important: despite being a very colorful person, River sticks to a neutral palette most of the time, relying most heavily on beigey colors or muted earth tones, often with a shot of black to spice it up.

Kinda like the above outfit, actually. While we’re looking at it, note the pattern on her dress: how weird it is, kind of skeletal. It’s bold, but not an easily identifiable print like polka dots or stripes or florals. It looks like rows of spines, or barbed fencing. Something fierce and weird and not to be trusted.

Ah, good, now Alex Kingston is wearing it! Look at how the fit changes: that’s the River Song shape, right there, from the knee-length hem to the v-neck neckline to the drapey bodice. There’s usually a lot of draping in her dresses; I think it’s to add to the drama of it all, that appearance she has of living life on a very great stage.

In the above picture, River’s showing off her great lace-up boots, too. Here is someone who came dressed for murder. She totally looked in the mirror today and said “And that’s how an assassin looks!” to herself, while dancing to punk rock. Or to the screams of horrified civilians, as happens with her next outfit.

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anonymous asked:

Blizzard: Make an absolutely hilarious and cute DVa skin of her dressing as a Korean cop and put ridiculous police lights on her MEKA making it obvious this is not canon nor was it ever meant to be anything more than "Hahah this is funny" Tumblr: Um, actually, this is horrible, because as an American

see I’m not into Overwatch so I’m not gonna get too deep into it and I understand that yes, cops are horrid and people are absolutely allowed to dislike them, but really

this is a South Korean girl, born and raised in South Korea, who was already employed by the South Korean government to kill things, dressing in the uniform of a South Korean national police department, and people want to claim that it’s somehow out of character for her…? even in the weird alternate universe where skins are canon and Junkrat decided to dress as a personal rendering of Doctor Frankenstein one time for a holiday most Australians don’t even recognise?

Important note from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

One thing that I love more than anything else about this new Korean drama is the showing of different body shapes. Girls can be tall, short, thin, chubby, muscular, and there will always be someone telling them they should stop eating or eat more or wear dresses or grow their hair. Bok Joo is tall and broad so the doctor (Joon Hyung’s bro) was one of the few men who ever called her a ‘lady’. On the other hand the ribbon gymnasts are malnourished, underweight and have period irregularities but they are 'beautiful’ and popular with guys. Yes obesity is unhealthy, but no that doesn’t mean anything between 5-40kg above the normal weight should all be fat-shamed. We shouldn’t blindly glorify thinness. Health is what’s important! Guys and girls please be confident, be thankful, and know your own body instead of looking at magazines/TV! 

Things John Finnemore Has Ruined* Forever

the ending of Casablanca


hiring a man and van 




bears (all varieties)


the number 19

pineapple juice

Peach Schnapps

going through the airport metal detector

The Archers

takeaway pizza

getting some keys made

the Olympics








the World Cup (“The World what?” “The World Cup.” “The what Cup?”)

the Grand National





sea lions


hotel towels

Top Gun


ice cream vans 

ice cream chimes

train announcements


Leon Trotsky

Thomas The Tank Engine

Doctor Who


Winston Churchill’s most famous speech

ordering coffee in coffee shops


The Famous Five books

the area of South London known as Elephant & Castle

the songs “Greensleeves”, “Deck The Halls”, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, “Fly Me To The Moon”, and “Come Fly With Me” (and many more)

aviator sunglasses


dragon fwoo





King Arthur

the words awesome and awful

Timbuktu (Timbuktu)

Jelly Babies

Russselll Crooooowe

Any words beginning with Q

putting on a seatbelt

dressing gowns

Duxford Air Museum

the phrase not a happy bunny

any dish containing rice as the main ingredient

fire extinguishers



anything with tentacles




Christmas stockings

the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (“Mick! Mi! Muh!”)

using a stepladder (“or, as we call it, the Widow Maker”)

Pony Club girls

getting out of sync



French accents

Australian accents

Irish accents


the word bravery

Jekyll & Hyde

baked potatoes


Christmas gift supplements

choosing a restaurant




putting on a seatbelt

wiiiiinnnndddddd-drrrrriiiiieeeeeedddd ssssaaaauuuuussssaaaggeeeee

booking a holiday

the Grand Canal in Venice





the word basking

buying a watch

yellow cars


the Seven Deadly Sins

the Seven Dwarves

the Six Nations



reading the Sunday papers





the word brilliant


… and…

snow leopards

Winnie the Pooh


jacket pockets

* changed, and infinitely improved

One of my bosses has gone and got completely hooked on Outlander because it’s “so Scottish”. Hm. As I recall, Jamie Fraser is the living embodiment of Objectified Scotsman. (Also oddly hairless for a man with no access to full body waxes. I have the same issue with Thor and Captain America. Do the muscles just burn the body hair away?)

I may also have gone on something of a rant about Claire’s wedding dress, because oh holy crap, no Scots Presbysterian church would let any woman in with her shoulders bare and her tits out like that. Looks expensive and pretty, yes, but good lord. One might even venture to say they would consider it a bit harloty in the day - or with some of the more old-school reformed Churches, even to this day (Hi, Grandad!)

It also still amuses/annoys me that Gabaldon bitches so hard about fanfiction when she admits that her leading man was inspired by Jamie McCrimmon of Doctor Who fame, who was played by a man called Fraser.

Haikyuu boys and shows they'd enjoy

Hinata: Once upon a time

Kageyama: How it’s made

Tsukishima: Gotham

Yamaguchi: Dogs 101

Sugawara: Criminal minds

Sawamura: Chopped

Asahi: Say yes to the dress

Nishinoya: Doctor Who

Tanaka: Friends

Ennoshita: Fixer Upper

Oikawa: Ancient Aliens (duh)/Parks and recreation

Kuroo: How to get away with murder

Kenma: Steven Universe

Bokuto: Bobs Burgers

Akaashi: Sherlock

Iwaizumi: Law and Order SVU

Secret Identity (lame title kms)

Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angsty trans!Phil

Warnings: Abuse!! Depression!! 

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this like wow, but I like the beginning more than the end oops :/ Sorry if it sucks, I really tried <3

Phil had a secret. In Dan’s eyes, he was a normal 22 year old guy living at home with his parents. He was close to his family and got on well with his brother Martyn. They went on holidays together, took trips to the cinema, and even had frequent pizza nights that Dan was often invited to. Things were great for Phil from Dan’s perspective.

What he didn’t know was Phil wasn’t happy. His dad hated him, and made that very clear through the medium of verbal and physical abuse. Hell fire consumed Phil’s days where he was constantly reminded of how abnormal he was, and that he should go straight back to hell.

It was funny, because he was practically the son of the devil.

Phil’s secret was really only know by a select few. His family (sadly, he had no choice in that one), his friend Anya, and his doctor. Really anyone who had known him before age 17 knew. It wasn’t something he could really hide either, it was more of a physical ordeal.

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Aleister Chamber to Ciel finding out he’s a boy...

(Ciel stabs Druitt for the queen’s orders)

Viscount Druitt: But i don’t understand!

Ciel: It’s over Druitt!

Viscount Druitt: I can’t believe it!!! You’re-

Ciel: I know, how sorrowful that you had to die like this….ahh yes who knew that you would get silenced by the Phantomhives

Viscount Druitt: You’re not a lady?!

Ciel: ….


Ciel: calm down, i only dressed as a lady as a mission to find out-

Viscount Druitt: Phantomhive please! Did you not understand that the party was for young women only? Don’t speak to me! Somebody get this cyclop boy away from me!

Sebastian: someone get this doctor a doctor because he’s going to die of shock before we kill him

important reminder that “witchcraft” is not just a fashion statement.

Yes there are fashion styles & statements around witches be it grunge etc but being a witch is NOT just a fashion statement. (do note in advance that this posts has no harm intentions! these are my personal opinions and are in no way bias or shaming or purpose!!)

I see too many people out there who calls themselves a witch (or some even blantly saying they’re a wiccan, pagan etc) just because they “dress up” like one or love skulls or occults, satan etc. However it is NOT wrong for you to have an interest in witchcraft and actually delving into it. The difference is in the mind set. You don’t just dress up like a doctor and tell others you’re an actually doctor, am I right? Of course I am grateful for these “fashion statements” because it does help us closet witches to hide / blend in. Yes we have it tough for us witches who have to hide this path we go, being a closet witch, hence why I believe most of us are appreciative of being able to blend in!

But don’t just dress up like one, call yourself a witch (when you dont even plan on following down that path), but then shame on us saying “magic doesn’t exist” or “this is reality” or that the community is bullshit.

Just pointing this out because it is important to me per say. : (