yes thanku

To all artists/bloggers on tumblr;

Do not be sad because of losting some followers or don’t taking much likes, remember, the blog is for yourself and for those that really appreciate it.
The number isn’t important.

I love all my followers for being with me from the start and still are with me❤

joe not going to the gleam party upset me in more ways than one, all i wanted was fucking content of the boys that wasn’t at a club ffs


drunk sugg


hq jaspar and joeck content im talking jealousy and awkward third wheeling kids (mainly by josh bless him)


one extra set of vlog and snapchats and insta stories

potential pranks and midnight lols in the same tent??????

and we missed it ALL

@ joseph why u gotta procrastinate and not sign the books on time !!!! says i while typing this when i have a test to study for

fydeku  asked:

ahhhh i really really love your fma art!!!! n your style is so lovely!! i wanted to ask, do u hc izumi as black?? although she appears pale in canon, her hair appears to b dreaded so it would make sense. also! have you ever drawn edward or al with darker skin? ive seen a few people do it, saying that it would make sense bc xerxes was in the desert .. i was just wondering... hope u have a wonderful day 💓💓

I have now! 

anonymous asked:

In response to other nnonies comment about dirty talking Richie, what about a dirty talking Bill? Like it's one of the times he doesn't stutter? I'll combine this with the Stan thigh ridding HC (surprise, it was I who requested them) and can you just picture Stan ridding Bill's thigh and Bill just holding him through it and whispering in his ear "I bet you'd look just as good on my cock."


thanku for requesting the thigh riding i would literally die for it hdhdj

Hey, so i’m basically new to the fandom but i want i need some friends to be total trash with, pls and thanku, and if your blog is all or mostly snowbaz/carry on/rainbow rowell etc pls reblog or talk to me and i’ll follow you and we can be friends and i need friends to be trash with just in case i wasnt clear enough when i first said it

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I just thought of liam and zayn being domestic with each other I'm gonna cry

THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOORST ‘can u open this for me zaynie babe my hand/arm is sore thanku’ 'yes ofc i can liam i love u’

'zayn u have some fluff in ur hair let me get it out 4 u’

and lemme fix ur collar aswell, cant have bae lookin silly <//3


'aw zayn u hurt ur hand?? dw i’ll kiss it better 4 u <3’

'careful LIAM u might fall a few centimeters to the ground lemme help u!’

'and can u help me with my mic pack too liam bc apparently ur the only one in the group i’d have touching my bare back in times of need aha :)’

GOD i AM SO SICK OF THIS truly and utterly exhausted <//3

Every Rebirth comic I’ve read this far has been A++ like DC is in such a giving mood lately just look at all the good things. The black canary/green arrow duo of kicking ass is back at it again with great art and a writer that Gets It. Wonder Woman is all about truth once again, and all that n52 crap she was dragged through is getting a nice lil reboot from the legendary Greg Rucka. Pre n52 Wally is back in continuity with the Titans BUT his existence does not erase the existence of N52 Wally who is going to prominently feature in TWO books. Detective Comics has brought Steph, Cass, and Tim back into the realm of friendship again (which I thank DC for every day like bless this) and both Bruce and hIS COUSIN KATE FUCKING KANE are mentoring them. Pre-n52 Superman iS BACK!!! WITH LOIS!!! AND!!!! N52 Lois is SUPERWOMAN!!! !! AND!!! CHINESE SUPERMAN AND JUSTICE LEAGUE LIKE YES PLS & THANKU!!!! NOT TO MENTION, the two green lanterns of earth are Jessica cruz and Simon baz which is the only reason I started reading green lantern in the first place! To add to all of that awesomeness is the fact that Duke Thomas has now been pretty much officially been taken under Batman’s wing, yep this kid is IN! Oh and that damn abomination Superman/wonder woman is dead and buried at last I can finally live in peace. This isn’t even touching upon all the Good Shit™ DC is putting out with rebirth and I haven’t even touched the DCEU but that’s all pure and wonderful too. So. I guess I can finally say that DC is getting it right. They are finally starting to turn down the right path. I’m thriving tbh.

mizusei headcannon

aoba shares all of these embarrassing stories about mizuki to sei (that probably involves weeb stories and peeled apples and constipation) because he’s a little shit (as all best friends are) and sei finds it funny but tries to be polite in front of his total husband boyfriend and doesn’t say a word about it to mizuki

but eventually a little joke and chuckle peeps out of sei and mizuki tries to play it cool and denies it but it’s obvious from the blush and shifty eyes that he’s just trying to keep his pride and sei calms mizuki down and says that he’ll always love him even though he says/does stupid shit and everything’s all dandy and they laugh it off and mizuki’s grateful to have a neato chill bf xoxoxo

and then the next day mizuki pisses on aoba’s things