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Hey, so i’m basically new to the fandom but i want i need some friends to be total trash with, pls and thanku, and if your blog is all or mostly snowbaz/carry on/rainbow rowell etc pls reblog or talk to me and i’ll follow you and we can be friends and i need friends to be trash with just in case i wasnt clear enough when i first said it

Oyy i was tagged by @obama-niichan to do the selfie bias tag! Thankk a lot for tagging me!
(since i can’t decide within The Boys i did it like that)
I tag @seidou-chan, @minzico and anyone who wants to do it (but you two don’t have to do it)

Every Rebirth comic I’ve read this far has been A++ like DC is in such a giving mood lately just look at all the good things. The black canary/green arrow duo of kicking ass is back at it again with great art and a writer that Gets It. Wonder Woman is all about truth once again, and all that n52 crap she was dragged through is getting a nice lil reboot from the legendary Greg Rucka. Pre n52 Wally is back in continuity with the Titans BUT his existence does not erase the existence of N52 Wally who is going to prominently feature in TWO books. Detective Comics has brought Steph, Cass, and Tim back into the realm of friendship again (which I thank DC for every day like bless this) and both Bruce and hIS COUSIN KATE FUCKING KANE are mentoring them. Pre-n52 Superman iS BACK!!! WITH LOIS!!! AND!!!! N52 Lois is SUPERWOMAN!!! !! AND!!! CHINESE SUPERMAN AND JUSTICE LEAGUE LIKE YES PLS & THANKU!!!! NOT TO MENTION, the two green lanterns of earth are Jessica cruz and Simon baz which is the only reason I started reading green lantern in the first place! To add to all of that awesomeness is the fact that Duke Thomas has now been pretty much officially been taken under Batman’s wing, yep this kid is IN! Oh and that damn abomination Superman/wonder woman is dead and buried at last I can finally live in peace. This isn’t even touching upon all the Good Shit™ DC is putting out with rebirth and I haven’t even touched the DCEU but that’s all pure and wonderful too. So. I guess I can finally say that DC is getting it right. They are finally starting to turn down the right path. I’m thriving tbh.