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may I request just a normal scenario of the gom + nijimura + momoi having a summer camp at a place with hot springs? thank you~

as in all together in teikou ah yes sad teikou arc yes i know that

whoops i did this at an onsen is that the same thing (sorry idk the english translation)(does it have one)

“Satsuki, what do you mean I can’t peek?”

“Exactly what I said, Dai-chan! It’s a terrible thing to do and you’ll be praying to all the gods you know if I find out that you did…”

Of course, Aomine doesn’t pay attention as boobs are boobs. There’s this really small hole in the wood that he thinks is a good idea to look through, no matter how many times Akashi tells him not to.

That’s another strike on that front.

Then Nijimura whacks him with one of Midorima’s various lucky items, which the shooter protests to, saying something like Aomine’s head is not a safe place.

That incurs Aomine’s wrath, so they have a small fight before he goes back to (attempting to) peek. 

Murasakibara whines in the background, something about there not being any more crisps. Kise is now trying to push Murasakibara out of the water, convinced he’ll get cramps and impede them all. He’s not having much luck and is begging for help that’ll never come.

Kuroko is the one to stop him, popping out of nowhere and shocking Aomine so much that he falls into the water.