yes tea is the cure for all ills

Please, for the love of god (Or gods depending on your deities), don’t try to use just witchcraft to “cure” your mental illness. Yes, it may help, but it is not a substitute for professional help and medications. You can’t cure depression with just herbs and a crystal. Mental illnesses are chemical imbalances in the brain, and most of the time medication is needed/used as necessary. As a mentally ill witch myself, I take medication every day. Yeah, tea and incense are relaxing, but aren’t the end-all-be-all of helping.

I dunno, I saw something on here, it got me heated and I felt the need to say something.

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I decided to follow *because* you have weird health shit going on–it’s nice to know that someone else is also struggling w/ similar stuff.Even if my situation is a little less…demonic

To be fair, it’s my house that’s demonic. I’m just the poor soul flicking holy water at it every now and then.

And thank you. That’s part of why I don’t stop posting about things, even though I worry it’s likely depressing for people to read.

I’ve had a lot of people come to me about health stuff, I probably get about a hundred messages a week thanking me for posting X Y and Z because it enabled them to finally go to their doctor and get a diagnoses that helps them. And even if they can’t get the help they need, it’s sometimes just validating to know you’re not losing your mind or on your own with something. I know for me at least, that is the most isolating thing about chronic illness. Feeling like no one gets it and there’s no way out.

You get well meaning people furrowing their brow and saying “well can’t you take a pill for that?” and they don’t realize yea, but the pills don’t always work or they cost too much, and if they do they come with their own fun little side effects. Like my antihistamines causing me chronic sinusitis, or my acid reflux pills causing severe lower abdominal cramping that can drop me to the floor without warning, or the fact that yes GMO foods, particularly corn based, can hurt people with compromised immune systems* so if you have CFS or fibromyalgia you may actually benefit from eating only organic foods. And that no, you are not in pain because you are lazy and deserve it. Exercise is not a cure all, nor is green tea or having the “willpower” to detox. (part of why I dislike popular veganism blogs is because they set my orthorexia warning bells ringing, and so many of them are hiding unhealthy eating habits behind the thin guise of “pure living”.)

So. yea. I know it’s not fun for a lot of folk to read. And I do get the occasional able bodied person accusing me of lying because “no one could live like that” to which my heartfelt response is Yes, We Are. You just don’t give a fuck.

Invisible Illness is not Invisible. It’s Ignored at best, Decried at worst and if it is acknowledged, Witch-hunted if we refuse to be positive rays of inspirational sunshine about it. And I refuse to be any of those things anymore, and I refuse to let others suffer in silence either. I’ll keep waving my arms and yelling for as long as it takes. Because I am safe to do so while others are not. And they’ll always have a safe space here.

(*for the majority of the world they are great and a good way toward ending world hunger and food shortages, but for those of us with auto-immune issues they can cause health problems. I am not a crazy mother earth anti-vaxer, I have had this confirmed by several doctors that specific proteins set my body into meltdown, and they are primarily found in GMO foods and foods that are treated with pesticides so please don’t start yelling at me about how I’m a crunchy hippy. I only eat horrendously expensive organic foods because I have to. Believe me no one is more upset than I am that I can’t have cheap healthy food.)