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Our Room

Rating: Teen
Pairing: Ten x Rose
Summary: The TARDIS has made some new bedroom arrangements.
Tags: Fluff, meddling TARDIS
Find it: AO3
Words: 100
Notes: Written for this week’s @timepetalsprompts: “Lost and Found”
Thanks to @caedmonfaith and @aimtoallonsy for giving it their words of approval. :) 

“I lost my room,” Rose murmured when the Doctor found her standing in a corridor, facing an unfamiliar door with roses twisted around intricate circular symbols.

He studied the door for a moment. “No, you found it, our room. It seems the TARDIS decided to combine your room and mine. Never subtle, my ship.”

“But you never asked!” Rose folded her arms across her chest.

“You already live with me!”

“Yes, but not with you. We never shared a room, not until recently.” Her cheeks flushed pink.

“Rose,” the Doctor smiled. “Can it be our bedroom? Yours and mine, together?”