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True Intentions (Yoongi/Reader)

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Prompt: suga smut where he’s in love with the OC but acts like he hates her for god knows what reason. And one day he snap during a party, but still pretends he doesn’t like her?

Genre: Smut, slight Fluff

Words: 6k+

Author: Admin Nan

Tags: mature language, brief alcohol and drug abuse (it’s not at all serious I promise), and brief domestic violence

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i got asked by a lovely anon to do a masterlist of character labels – and so that’s just what i’m going to do today !! they will be sorted out by: personality, hobbies, lifestyle and misc. ( there’s a small description of each label ) PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF THIS IS HELPFUL

UPDATED: 02/06/17

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Four little snippets, just little things that happened after the last video.
This was requested by @anxietyandlogic

hope you enjoy :)

1. Jokes.

“Seriously what did you do to him?”

Anxiety smirked, desperately attempting to hide his laughter.

“Calm down Princey, don’t get your royal knickers in a knot-”

“Hey!” Shouted the noble indignantly.

“We had a debate and some things were cleared up-”

“Wai-wait, you had a debate? With Logic?”

“He said it went well-”

“Huh, that’s interesting…”, Princey paused, placing his hand on his chin pensively. Then he turned without a word and walked away.

Anxiety frowned, he wasn’t sure what exactly was Prince’s deal but now he didn’t feel too good about the debate. Sure he didn’t try but did Logic mean what he said?

He turned, from this angle in the kitchen he could see Logic on the living room couch. He had to ask.

But of course, being Anxiety, he couldn’t. So he settled for a different question.

“So what was that? With the jokes?”

The Teacher looked up from the book he was reading.

“Well, I am a proud philomath, when I learn new things I’m happy to take any opportunity to use what I’ve learnt, even if that does mean taking on a childish sense of humor”

Anxiety scoffed in amusement.

“Sure that’s what you learnt from me-”

“Among other things yes, it really was a good debate”

There it is, he said it, no deciet, no hidden meaning.

The darker trait gave the other a small smile- it was more of a not smirk but you get the picture.

2. Bonding.

After the little conversation, Logic had gone back to reading and Anxiety took the opportunity to scroll on tumblr.

The younger persona was stretched out on the couch, happily tapping on his phone, though he was on the same couch, Anxiety’s legs still had far to go before he could reach to Logic.

Either he was pretty short or Logic just didn’t take up much space. The latter seemed more plausible to Anxiety.

They were quite content in their silence.

For a while atleast.

He wouldn’t admit it but hearing Logic’s alarm go off, caused him to jump and he barely bit back a yelp.

“Sorry about that, there’s a documentary coming on that I don’t want to miss”

“What, some phsycology thing?”

“No actually, it’s about the deep ocean, did you know that we’ve explored more of space and only approximately 0.5%-”

“Of the ocean and 95% still remains a mystery?” Anxiety joined in.

Logic grinned at their simultaneousness. Truly intrigued that he’d have another person to discuss the topic on, Thomas wasn’t really fond of it much.

“Would you like to watch it with me?”

“Sure”, the darker trait shrugged, “got nothing better to do”


“It’s so tiny, holy sh-”

“Anxiety, mind your language-”

“Wha? Bu-but you gotta come see this!-”

Morality who had just happened to go into the kitchen at that precise moment, rolled his eyes at the younger’s language before walking over to see what Anxiety was so excited about.

“See wha-? Aaaaah! That. Is. Adorable! What is that little creature?!”

“I heard adorable, what is the adorable creature and can I pet it?”, bellowed Princey from somewhere in the hallway.

“Not unless you go to the bottom of the ocean Roman-”, called Logic with a slight chuckle.

“Wha?”, the Royal was utterly confused, what adorable thing could possibly live at the bottom of the ocean?

Prince came in, joining the others in the living room.

“Oh my fairy godmother, that IS adorable! What is it Logan?”

“It’s adorable”

The other three paused and looked at him.

“What? That’s what it is, it’s the adorabilis octopus or the opisthoteuthis adorabilis, it literally is adorable”

“Ohh”, mumbled the other three together.


“There’s no way that thing isn’t blind”

Prince and Morality had lost interest after the documentary stopped focusing on the tiny octopus.

So it was once again just Logic and Anxiety.

“It’s quite possible, it lives in a depth with no light, it probably doesn’t need it’s eyes-”

“Nah, with it being that blank, it’s gotta be able to sense something electrosatically, or what’s the point of it even having eyes”

Logic was going to give his input when the documentary beat him to it-

‘The Ghost shark or Chimaera is indeed blind however it does sense it’s prey with electroreceptors, it is able to sense them electrosatically’

“Hey, I was right!”

“Huh, it seems that you were”

 Logic smiled, this was one of the very few times he’s ever seen the younger so interested in something.


3. Quiet.

When the documentary ended, Logic went back to reading his book and Anxiety went right back to lounging on the couch, content with scrolling on his phone.

The Teacher could hear the music blasting out of Anxiety’s headphones, he couldn’t hear the lyrics, but the beat was…strangely neutral?

It was no doubt a metal or alternative rock song, not really his taste but the beat was constant so he didn’t mind.


He had lost track of time in the constant buzz of music and the otherwise silence.
He was so absorbed in his book that he actually jumped when he heard a light ‘Thud’ coming from his right.

Anxiety’s phone had slipped from his fingers and landed lightly on his chest.

Logic had turned right on time to see the younger’s eyes slip close, his breathing even out and his head to loll to the side.

The Teacher chuckled silently, before he continued to read, leaving Anxiety to sleep.

He had to admit, the other looked quite ADORABLE when he slept…ugh he really needed to stop with the Dad jokes, Morality was rubbing off on him too much.


4. Comfortable.

Anxiety jolted awake.

Blinking rapidly as he was quite confused as to when exactly he fell asleep.

“Oh, you’re up, you dosed off for about an hour”

'Well, that answered his question’

The Teacher could see a slight blush of embarrassment on the younger’s face, but he also saw fatigue.

“Are you going to bed?”

The darker persona thought about it for a second.

“Nah, I’ll stay for a bit, I’m comfortable”

With that Anxiety turned on his side and promptly continued his nap.

Logic rolled his eyes, but internally he was quite happy that the younger was comfortable around him.

He continued reading, this time with a small smile on his face.


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But anyway I hoped you enjoyed it.

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#133 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “could you do one with a plus size model?” and “Fic based off of heathrow? The lil "snog her in the kitchen/ dance with her to lemonworld” bit?“

Note: To the plus sized model requester: you may also like #69 - click here. To the Heathrow requester: I hope you’re okay with how I used the song in this fic? Gives it a little more originality than a basic story based word for word on the lyrics, you know? =^.^=

You’d only done print media before; just photographs. When the opportunity came up to audition for a music video, you jumped at it. The casting call write up was vague. They needed a girl aged between twenty and thirty that was comfortable smoking on camera and looked good in a leather jacket. That was it. There were no specific requirements about hair colour, height, body type, or anything like that.

As you waited for your turn to audition, you sat in a row of other girls. You stood out. You were the only one who wasn’t wearing makeup, and you were the only one who could be considered plus size. Knowing very little about the project, it was hard to determine if those were going to be strengths or limitations. When it was your turn, the butterflies in your stomach settled. The anticipation was what killed you. The actual audition part was easy.

In the room, there was a rectangular table. Behind it sat someone introduced as Andy, the director, and another as the label rep. Sitting on the table itself was a guy who presumably was in the band, or was already cast to be in the video. He was in black ripped jeans and a black and white striped shirt. His name was Van and (you had correctly guessed) he was the singer. You shook all their hands and watched for any immediate reaction. Van smiled warmly and as he blinked you noticed the length of his eyelashes. You knew models that would kill for them.

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One on one meeting ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

Holy smokes here it is, bimmy boi and darkipoop with some sweet sfw tickles. Except this time Dark knows EXACTLY what he’s doing because he’s been doing a lil bit of research…here we go!!!

A week precisely. Seven days of wondering, of waiting. Until Bim walked into his room to find a folded note in the centre of his bed, his name flowing in shining silver calligraphy; he knew it could only be from one person. He was tentative, unfolding it with fumbling fingers where he found a note in black ink: It read thus;


I cordially invite you to a private meeting in my personal quarters this afternoon at 3pm. I think it is about time we delved deeper into what you enjoy, if you are willing of course. I hope that you are…I think this is something we can both derive pleasure from.

Please reply soon, yours,


Bim was shaking, dear god this was actually happening. This was a thing and the thing was real and the thing was ACTUALLY HAPPENING! There was a phone number transcribed at the bottom, Bim hurriedly sent a text to it. The advantage of texting was that Bim could hide his nerves and excitement which would be impossible if he was having to speak the following words.

“I accept your invitation and look forward to seeing you, yours,


Bim slouched as he sat on his bed, glancing at the clock on his bedside table. 11:14am. He twiddled his thumbs with a heavy sigh, eyes wide with racing thoughts as he began his waiting. The 3 hours and 46 minutes were not spent in a relaxing or calm state of mind, Bim was the epitome of zazzed…for want of a better word. He watched the clock impatiently, trying not to dwell on the endless possibilities that existed in terms of what Dark might do to him; he shivered with the constant reminder of how effective Dark had been the last time. Those thoughts kept him going, and eventually…the time came.

‘Okay…okay you can do this you can do this…’

Bim mumbled, he readjusted his glasses before straightening his posture as he hovered outside Dark’s room. He swallowed heavily and exhaled before knocking twice on the cold grey door, he only had to wait a few seconds before it swung open without a creak or a crack.

‘Ah Bim, I’m so glad you could make it. Do come in.’

Dark’s calm and serene voice caused butterflies to swoop in Bim’s tummy as he crossed the threshhold, shutting the door delicately behind him. He gasped lightly at the interior of Dark’s room, the colouring wasn’t what he’d anticipated. Instead of brooding colours the walls were painted in a faded red, giving the room a pleasant warmth as light and medium greys made up the curtains and bed covers. The bed in question was a four poster, but it wasn’t exceedingly extravgent thus making it pleasant to the eye. At the foot of said bed, Dark was leant with a light smile, which subsequently calmed Bim’s nerves a little.

‘You uhm, you have a really nice room…’

Bim complimented quietly, Dark smiled wider with a light shrug.

‘I know.’

Bim laughed lightly through his nose as the figurative ice was broken, Dark also chuckled gently as he paced over to Bim, standing in front of him with a loose stance. He had been looking forward to this, but he’d wanted to look into the topic first; Dark preferred it when he had an abundance of knowledge of a topic, just for his own satisfaction. Dark had been intensely curious, and that curiosity had only grown as he perused blogs, forums and even a number of video platforms; he was utterly fascinated. As a result he had been thinking about barely anything else. Dark grinned gently, projecting innocence which Bim immediatly bought; Dark had this entire scenario planned, to the last detail.

‘I’ve been doing a bit of research, and I’d very much like to tell you about my findings. May I?’

Dark extended his hand to Bim, much like ballroom dancer would to their partner before a performance. Bim was hesitant and already flustered, but he took Dark’s hand nevertheless. Dark’s lips curled into a wide smirk as Bim fell into the trap. He grasped his hand tightly and yanked him closer before lifting him over his shoulder, despite Bim’s surprise it was achieved quite gracefully. Dark didn’t bother hiding his laughter when Bim yelped and let out a few surprised giggles; the first of many.

‘AHAH! Whahat are you dohoing?!’

Bim queried before squealing as Dark spun him gently, Bim squeezed his eyes shut as he giggled rapidly. Dark replied nochalantly.

‘Well one thing I found out, was that taking your victim by surprise can often heighten their anticipation…’

Bim gasped with a light “oof” as Dark dropped him onto the bed, Bim looked up nervously as Dark crawled over him on his hands and knees with glittering eyes. He paused and cocked his head.

‘Would that be correct?’

Bim gulped at the teasy tone and nodded gently, cheeks already beginning to flush as he leant back on his forearms. Dark was immensely satisfied already, he placed his hands either side of Bim’s head and let his body rest gently on top of Bim’s.

‘Good…very good. Now, where to begin…?’

Bim could only lie patiently with bated breath as Dark’s mind whirred with ideas, until he smirked at Bim and lunged to roughly nuzzle into his neck. Bim squealed loudly at the bristles of Dark’s stubble, he was sure it hadn’t been THIS bad last time…had it?

‘Nahahahahahaha frihihick!’

Dark snickered as he burrowed and rubbed torturously against Bim’s slender neck, scratching at the sensitive skin.

‘Ahh yes your neck…such a vulnerable area. Such a ticklish area.’

Bim shivered and cringed as the words slipped through Dark’s lips, trying to scrunch his neck instinctively.

‘Nahahahahat thehehehehere!’

Bim wailed, he was kicking his feet out lightly as he grasped the bedsheets at his sides. Sparks of electricity were shooting down his spine and round his ears unbearably, and this was only the beginning. Dark grinned, the euphoria he was getting from all this was intoxicating. He hummed before complying and withdrawing gently.

‘As you wish.’

Bim breathed slowly, his face burning as Dark’s amused expression filled his vision. He jumped when Dark reached a hand towards him, only to rest the back of it against his cheek curiously; he laughed lightly.

‘So flustered already…and this is only the start.’

Bim looked away bashfully as Dark moved his hand away, the latter cleared his throat before speaking low and calm.

'Now, I shall need your co-operation for this next part. If you would kindly remove your shirt…’

Dark snickered at Bim’s surprised whimper and hesitation, Bim did nothing for a few seconds. Dark narrowed his eyes and decided that a change of tone was in order.

'Do I need to repeat myself? I told you to take your shirt off…now.’

Bim quivered at Dark’s command, he bit his bottom lip as he unbuttoned the soft flannel he wore. He sat up as he removed it, smiling a little as the fresh air hit his torso; Dark took it from him and tossed it aside, making Bim giggle gently. Bim looked at Dark as his arms folded across his torso subconsciously.

'So…what now?’

Dark was excited at Bim’s clear yet nervous eagerness, and it spurred him to continue on. He gently placed a hand on his chest…before pushing him down harshly and making him gasp sharply. Bim was lying down fully now as Dark took his wrists in his hands.

'Now…you are going to keep these-’

Dark wrenched Bim’s arms above his head, relishing in Bim’s reactions; he was ever so vocal and emotive. Yelps, giggles squeaks and whimpers…they were music to Dark’s ears. He locked eyes with Bim, harsh rocks and gentle pools connecting in the air.

’-up here. Is that understood?’

Bim could feel bubbles fizzing in his chest at Dark’s demeanour, a demeanour which he knew would usually terrify him to the core. But here and now it only made him feel intense joy, despite how embarrassed he was. His eyes were wide and he swallowed gently.

'I-I understand.’

'Good boy…’

Dark ignored Bim’s hitched aghast breath as he sneered and looked over Bim’s form, fully exposed and all his…to do with as he pleased. So he began. Dark let his fingers scribble at Bim’s ribcage causing a plethora of bubbly laughs and squeaks to come from him, but he followed the order; his arms kept still.


Dark let out a faked gasp before digging in harder, Bim’s laughter increased ten-fold as a result.

'Such bad language Bim, I think a punishment is in order!’

Dark’s hands moved down to squeeze Bim’s fleshy sides causing him to buck and cackle rapidly, head thrown back as Dark’s deft movements proved to be his undoing.


Dark cackled, it was an immesurably evil sound that only really belonged in a fairytale. He narrowed his eyes as he squeezed harshly and rapidly, his fingers working overtime to deliver Bim’s torture. He sneered lightly before cooing in a childish voice, it was said to be an excellent form of verbal teasing.

'Awww, can little Bim not handle all the tickles? Poor baby…’

Bim stammered through his wild laughter, his blush was a furious wine colour from Dark’s teasing. Babytalk such as this had a tendency to make Bim’s insides melt and his speech unintelligible, he hated it but he also couldn’t get enough of it. Dark made a mental note of this particular point as his blunt finger nails spidered relentlessly.


Dark furrowed his eyebrows and seeded his voice with sarcasm as he replied.

'No? That’s not a very clear answer, no what exactly?’

Dark lightened his touch to mere strokes and flutters as Bim spluttered amidst his giggle fit.

'Ihihihi dohohohohon’t knohohohow!’

Dark laughed again as he stroked over Bim’s sides, gradually moving his fingertips over Bim’s belly making him grin and yelp. Dark sighed and allowed his fingers to rest for a moment and for Bim to catch his breath. Dark smirked mischievously as he held his hands up, pretending to inspect them.

'I think these have done a pretty good job so far, don’t you?’

Dark wiggled his fingers in the air tauntingly, Bim grinned and half-hid his face as he nodded gently. Dark hummed satisfactorily.

'But now I think we should move onto something new…’

Bim felt twinges of both excitement and anxiety as his gaze unwittingly lingered on Dark’s hands, Dark frowned minimally at the dejected look. He couldn’t have that. He leant forward with a cheeky grin.

'Oh don’t you worry, they’ll be back to get you soon.’

Bim shuddered and giggled when a few stray fingers tickled under his chin, and with Bim’s smile back in place Dark reached behind him. He searched in his back pocket for something, he held it between his thumb and forefinger and brought it slowly into Bim’s line of sight. Bim’s breath shattered down his throat at the sight of a black, stiff feather. Oh no. Dark sneered as he twirled it about carefully, loving how Bim’s eyes followed it like a hawk.

'It fascinates me how something so small and delicate can be perceived with so much fear…’

Dark brought the tip of the feather down and flicked it over the skin of Bim’s waistline, he found himself enamoured at Bim’s sharp gasp and whimper that he elicited.

'Oh noho…’

Bim hid his face as he squeaked rapidly, the anticipation was wearing away at his resolve…or what was left of it. Dark removed his tool with a glint in his eye as he went back to twirling it, making his voice clear and crisp.

'Don’t try to hide it… we both know how much you want this.’

Bim was speechless, all his senses were focused on the tiny thing that Dark taunted him with. He was enraptured by Dark’s voice and he shivered under Dark’s penetrating gaze as the feather descended to flick at his waistline again, but that was it. Just a flick. Bim wanted more, he nibbled his lip as Dark grinned toothily.

'Why let yourself suffer? Just ask for what you so clearly want…’

The feather flicked again, but this time under Bim’s navel. He squealed and giggled at the brief feeling, he looked up to Dark with a pitiful expression; not that it swayed Dark in any way. Bim gulped and faced the truth of what he would have to do to get what he wanted, he took a deep breath.


Dark chuckled as he teased the poor man with another tantalising flick under his navel, Bim collected himself haphazardly.

'P-please tick-AHAFRIHICK!!!’

Dark snickered as he cut Bim off again, his reactions were ceaselessly entertaining; Dark chuckled with an innocent grin when Bim narrowed his eyes at him with a heavy flush, Bim cringed wholeheartedly as he whispered to the room.

'Please…t-tickle me…’

Dark allowed a small silence to ensue, so that Bim’s words had time to sink into both of them; at that point Dark realised that he was proud of Bim. He knew it would have been a difficult thing for him, so he was impressed that Bim managed to overcome his own shame. Shame that he didn’t deserve. Dark leant over him, smiling with bright eyes alight with his pride and his mischief in a shudder inducing concoction. Bim gulped as his voice filled the air.

'Since you asked so nicely…here’s your reward.’

Bim’s reaction bordered on a scream as Dark manipulated the feather beautifully, dragging and scribbling it over Bim’s ticklish tummy with a deft ruthlessness.


Bim shrieked as the feather made its tickly journey, it was so soft and precise that he almost in immediate hysterics. His blazing cheeks were moist with fresh tears of mirth as he squirmed and shook with the force of his laughter. Dark was afire with mischief by this point as he teased.

'Tickle tickle Bim…’

Dark took note of how Bim bucked the closer he got to his waistline, his laughter going up an octave in correlation with the feather’s journey. However, the strongest reactions came forth the closer he got to Bim’s navel; he would jump sharply and became increasingly desperate in his voice, all of which was ceaselessly intruiging to Dark. Especially since his arms had miraculously stayed put, he hadn’t expected that.


Dark snickered as he sighed again, he’d underestimated how much he was actually enjoying himself. He found himself feeling a heavy need to tease the man beneath him, the rush it gave Dark was indescribable.

'Stop? First you want it and now you don’t? I can assure you that indecisiveness isn’t the most attractive quality…’

Bim cackled despite himself at Dark’s words, as well as the fact that the feather’s journey had switched courses. It wasn’t trailing and fluttering…it was more like…circling. Bim felt a pang in his chest as he realised Dark’s course of action, he couldn’t stop his words tumbling forth as a result.


Dark chuckled, he knew that despite his ravished state it wouldn’t have taken Bim long to realise what he’d have to endure next. He feigned innocent curiosity.

'Don’t do what?’

Dark grinned before dipping the feather in experimentally, he was both shocked and ecstatic at the rough strangled noise that Bim made.


Bim shook his head rapidly as he peeked from under his arm, repressing a shudder at the predatory gleam that rested in Dark’s eyes.

'Ohhh…do you mean this?’

Bim screamed as Dark wiggled the feather ferociously, the soft fibres reaching every hidden nerve inside his navel. Bim lost it.


It was unbearably amazing, but there was only so much he could take. He felt his vision blurring and the rest of his body felt numb because of how his number one nerve bundle was being tormented. Bim’s arms came slamming down onto Dark’s, pushing in earnest as his desperation consumed him.


Dark smiled as he saw Bim’s needy state and stopped carefully, allowing Bim to grasp his hands tightly. Dark snickered heavily, his cheeky and mischievous frame of mind still fully in place.

'So desperate…and from a simple bit of tickling no less…’

Bim glared at Dark and mumbled absently.

'Shut up asshole….’

Bim immediatly felt that something wasn’t right, a light ringing developed in his ears as the temperature dropped in the air around him, he felt goosebumps appear on his arms. He flicked his eyes to Dark who was staring at him, he seemed fixated as he spoke.

'Excuse me?’

Bim gulped and shivered at Dark’s dulcet tone, rusted orbs flicked over him haphazardly as he inched closer. Bim’s mind was a hurricane of emotion as Dark got ever closer, the pure anticipation of what was to happen next fixed him to the spot. Bim tried shuffling away, but Dark quickly crawled on top of his thighs and bent down towards his torso.

'So you think it’s okay to not only disobey me…but to insult me too?’

Bim’s arms and fists clenched in pure terror as Dark rested his chin on his stomach, eyes wide expectantly as Bim stammered rapidly.

'N-n-no I d-didn’t m-mean-’

'Oh Bim…’

Dark made his tone into a dejected one, whilst internally he was relishing toying with Bim like this. The fear in his innocent eyes was simply delicious. He brushed his lips against Bim’s navel as he muttered.

'I didn’t want to have to do this…but you’ve forced my hand…’

Bim was trembling like a leaf, his breath leaving him in uneven gasps at the feeling of Dark’s stubble and the vibrations of his voice. Dark looked up at him with a feral grin, winking and growling.

'Now face the consequences!’

Without furthur ado, Dark proceeded to blow raspberry after rippling raspberry over Bim’s tummy, sides, waist, navel…anywhere he could reach basically. Bim was caught in the crossfire of how to react, there were snorts and cackles and squeaks and squeals. Fits of giggling preceeding yelps of joy and mirth, and there were even moments of silence where his head was thrown back as tears streamed over cheeks ablaze with…everything. Dark “went to town” as they say. Integrating big raspberries and little raspberries with nibbles and nuzzles over the strips of skin and flesh presented to him.


Bim tried curling into a ball, which only succeeded in making Dark more determined; said man smirked against his belly as he nipped around Bim’s navel.

'Hmmm…I don’t think you’re very sincere…’

Dark chuckled at Bim’s loud wail as he begged.


Dark hummed with prideful satisfaction, administering a final raspberry to Bim’s belly button before rearing up away from him. Bim was in a tickle fuelled daze with a grin firmly affixed to his lips, he barely registered what was happening around him until a glass of water was put in his line of sight. He was helped to sit up slowly, he took the glass and gulped it down generously. The cold liquid woke him up from his trance and reaffirmed him into reality, he became aware of something resting on his back. A hand. He turned to see Dark, smiling. No malice or ulterior motive…he was just smiling.

'Feeling better?’

Bim nodded as his eyes began to droop, he felt the glass of water leave his hand as he was laid down upon the bed. The sheets were so soft, so warm…and he was so tired. But before Bim let himself fall away to rest, he mumbled a few words.

'Thank you. So…so much…’

With that said he drifted, just as a pair of soft lips touched his forehead and spoke with truth. Not just with truth…but with genuine meaning too.

'Any time.’

im tired as heck, this is so long i think i have a problem 😄 tell meh if u like it an stuuf, kay luv yous xx

absolutely-flabbergasted  asked:

Are you still taking flash fic requests? Can I have one of Dev interacting with the Justice League? That was one of my favourite scenes in the trilogy! (btw, Dev is in my top favourite fancharacters, he's the BEST)

HI. It took me a long time to finally answer you, but I didn’t forget! I’m still doing all flash/prompt requests in order and this one was finally up. And I even managed to keep it from getting Tragic! Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH. :-D

Beam Me Up (AO3 Link)
Rating: T
5500~ Words

The video conference feed is lighting up the screen of the batcomputer when Batman leans forward to slightly adjust the volume. A routine protocol meeting means he doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of teleportation or the headache of listening to other members of the team become distracted by tangents. They tend to stay more focused when they know he’s a mute button or disconnect command away from leaving instead of physically stuck in the room.

As far as angles go, it’s not the best, but three active cameras provide decent coverage. Wonder Woman is talking quietly and fiercely about recovery efforts in an area they fought in recently, and J’onn looks attentive. Flash and Green Lantern are both writing furiously and it’s not clear whether they are taking notes or doing something else. Superman is adding thoughts as they go but Batman is quiet. Unless they require input or redirection, his preference is to stay out of it.

So, when the topic transitions to the details of upcoming Watchtower shift schedules– something he has an actual interest in arranging– he opens his mouth to interject.

Unfortunately, it is the same moment that shockingly loud notes of Indian pop music surge from speakers across the Cave. The shocked expressions of the JLA make it abundantly clear that Batman, for all his speed, did not manage to hit the mute button in time.

“Dev!” Batman turns and shouts. He’d known Kiran Devabhaktuni was back in the medical bay working on something, but assumed Dev was aware there was a meeting going on.

But it is not Dev at the medbay that greets him when he twists in the chair. It is Dick Grayson and Dev on the workout mats, dancing.

“What?” Dick yells over the music, without stopping. They’re coordinating movements in what Bruce guesses is a Bollywood dance but he’s not certain.

“Turn it off,” Bruce orders in a yell. “I’m in a meeting!” He’s angled his body to make sure the JLA can’t see anything but the back of the cowl. Unfortunately, this also means his chair is turned to give them almost a perfect line of sight to the dancing. He sneaks a sidelong glance at the feed. The meeting is completely silent and every eye is directed at the screen. He stifles a sigh.

“Did you,” Dick pauses in his yell as he spins, “put it on,” another pause is punctuated by motion, “the whiteboard schedule?”

Dev is very pointedly avoiding anything approximating eye contact but he’s grinning madly.

“It’s my cave!” Bruce protests, feeling like a petulant child. “I shouldn’t have to!”

He is aware there is a whiteboard on the far wall, but aside from using it for specific mission work he largely ignores it. The minor details of sparring plans or vehicle upgrades tend to rarely get in his way or conflict with his schedule. He glances at it now and can just barely make out the large scrawl in blue marker on the date box: DANCE PARTY, KD & DG @ 7PM.

Bruce’s eyes narrow under the cowl.

He could stand up and find the power button for the stereo but there’s little certainty that this would prevent Dick from immediately restarting the music. Dev alone would possibly be easy to reason with, even if he is in the mood to be a bit of an ass, but combined with Dick is a dangerous pairing. The last thing Bruce wants is for this to turn into an actual argument with Dick in front of the JLA.

The only alternatives are abruptly leaving the meeting or unmuting the feed long enough to try to provide brief details over the music.

“Should we come join?” Clark asks as soon as he turns back to the computer and activates the audio again. “It looks like fun.”

If it was anyone else, they might smirk. But Clark is sincerity itself, even if Bruce knows or suspects that deep down the man is thoroughly amused.

“Yes!” Dick shouts from behind.

“No,” Bruce says at the same time, in a level tone. “I’m coming up there.”

“Bring Dev!” Barry demands before Bruce turns the entire monitor off. Bruce freezes.


“We were talking,” Barry says, perhaps more loudly than he needs to. Bruce doesn’t know how noisy the music seems on their end. Barry pauses like he’s waiting for Bruce to fish for information but Bruce remains silent. “J’onn and I, I mean,” Barry continues. “What happens if there’s some kind of emergency and Dev doesn’t know his way around up here? Or he’s not used to teleportation?”

“Nobody gets used to teleportation,” Bruce says stiffly, but he is forced to acknowledge that they are decent points. He considers, without looking back at Dev and Dick dancing, and then decides.

“I’ll be there in five minutes,” he says, and then he ends the feed and shuts the monitor down.

The music is still blaring when he stands.

“Dev,” he calls over the noise. “We’re going to the Tower.”

And it is a small consolation that he has the satisfaction of watching the other man suddenly stumble out of a dance step.

“What? Right now?”

Dick shoots Bruce a glare and sprints across the mats to turn the music off, plunging the cave into silence.

“You just have to have the last word, don’t you?” Dick accuses. He’s not even breathing hard.

Dev, on the other hand, is trying to catch his breath and he gives Dick a torn, conflicted look.

“I can stay, mate,” he says. “We’d scheduled it weeks ago.”

“No,” Dick says, shaking his head. Bruce is relieved that he sounds more wryly amused than bitter. “It’s fine. Go. We can do it again later.”

“Uh,” Dev says, looking to Bruce now. Bruce has still not taken off his cowl. “What do I need?”

“Nothing,” Bruce says, going to the vault for a teleportation remote. He spins the dial and tugs the heavy door open and hunts on the shelves of the outer room.

“Should I take Damian out tonight?” Dick asks from the mats. “How long are you going to be up there?”

“Take him out,” Bruce says, pushing the door closed again. “I’ll find you out there if I come back in time. Dev, stand right here.”

“The bloody fuck I will,” Dev says warily, hanging back a few steps and eyeing the small device. “You’ll thoroughly explain that first and give the success rate, in percentages.”

Bruce is a focused man and there’s a meeting waiting, but he can also appreciate caution and a need to understand. While he often uses tech without thinking much about it, he is not so desensitized to be occasionally aware of how profoundly strange it is.

“It’s alien,” Bruce says. “I’ve taken one apart before but I still can’t figure out quite how it works. The success rate is 99.2%.”

Dev raises an alarmed eyebrow.

“99.2 isn’t promising when it’s a human body, mate.”

“I’m giving you a hard time,” Bruce says, feeling like he’s somehow evened whatever score has resulted from the dancing interruption. “In our history of usage, in normal conditions we’ve never had one fail or demonstrate error. Are you coming?”

There’s a long pause while Dev stares at the device.

“Bloody hell,” he mutters. “Yes.”

“You might feel sick,” Bruce warns. “It sometimes has that effect.”

“Don’t try to talk me out of it now,” Dev pleads. “Just get it over with.”

Two seconds later, they’re on the Tower.


Kiran Devabhaktuni thought he was braced for whatever was about to happen, but it is clear almost immediately that he was not. One second, he was standing next to Batman in the Cave.

The exact same second, he is giving in to his body’s visceral need to bend forward and brace himself, palms against knees, in a room with curved gray walls.

“Bloody hell,” he mutters, swallowing bile. It didn’t feel like moving or traveling. There was a hazy flash of dissonant color and then he is simply somewhere else, with his insides all wrong. He wonders distantly if the process disrupts cellular motion, even if by parts of micromillimeters.

“Give it a minute,” Batman orders from beside him. Dev is grateful the other man does not sound amused or dismissive.

When Dev manages to stand, Batman leads him out of the room they’ve landed in, saying, “I have a meeting to finish.”

There’s a note of reproach in Batman’s tone but Dev is too queasy and too overwhelmed to feel bad about it.

“I’ll take you to the medbay. It should be empty right now, and you can explore from there.”

“What?” Dev exclaims, lengthening his stride for two steps to catch up. “Alone, mate?”

“If you posed a threat,” Batman said, his jaw tight, “you wouldn’t be here. If a door is locked, leave it alone. If it isn’t locked, then you can go in.”

“Alright,” Dev says, slowing abruptly as they enter a hallway lined with windows. Outside the windows is space, and earth below them.

“Dev,” Batman says and Dev doesn’t budge. His gaze is pulled to the spacescape like a magnet and he can’t tear himself away.

“We’re in space,” Dev says hollowly. “Sodding space.”

“Yes,” Batman confirms.

Dev looks down– a bit stupidly, he realizes– at his Converse trainers on the sleek hallway floor.

“We’re not standing on earth, mate,” he says.

“No,” Batman agrees.

Dev shakes his head to clear it and glances again at the glittering black expanse, the orb of green and blue and white below. On top of his queasiness, he feels the familiar lurch of a rebellion against heights even though that’s not technically a proper reaction, physically speaking.

“Right, then,” he says to Batman. “Lead on.”

They walk further along a curved corridor and then Batman presses a button in a wall panel and doors slide open to reveal a medical unit that looks rather like an emergency department combined with an operating room.

“I’ll be back as soon as I finish the meeting,” Batman says, standing on the threshold as Dev steps in. “The elevator is two more doors down. All the rooms have intercoms.”

Dev nods, surveying the line of cabinets. The most marked difference between this and the emergency departments he’s accustomed to is the absence of cheery or plain-language posters about patient rights and pain medication refills.

The doors hiss again as they close and Dev is alone in the room. Wayne hadn’t specified but Dev feels it was rather implied that the visit isn’t entirely recreational. At the very least, he ought to explore the unit and he’s rather grateful he’s alone to do so.

It means nobody is around to see his eyes widen and hear the half-strangled gasp, cutting off a startled swear, that escapes him when he spots the thing that must be the body scanner Wayne R&D has been trying to replicate, without much success.

Before Dev can even question whether or not he should touch it, he’s searching it over for a power button. When he finds something that might be it, there’s a moment of hesitation but he barrels right past it and presses.

The thing comes to life with a faint yellow glow and a pleasant, tiny hum. It’s ridiculously maneuverable and light and Dev nearly forgets that he’s in space it’s such a distracting piece of tech.

He scans his own wrist with a faintly surreal sense of awe, feeling more like he’s stepped into one of Timothy’s sci-fi films. It seems more mentally manageable in the context of fiction. For a moment, he squints at a thin line across the bone before he realizes the machine is sensitive enough to show scar from an old fracture.

After several more minutes, he reluctantly pulls himself away and looks around the room. If part of the reason he’s there is to be prepared for future emergencies, he shouldn’t waste his time.

With a grin, Dev starts exploring.


Bruce is beyond done. He had known this would happen if he came up to the Watchtower and sometimes he hates being right.

Their discussion about schedules, which should have taken twenty minutes at the very most, has stretched into over an hour with interjections and side notes and questions and thoughts.

He gets the vague sense that they’re doing it intentionally, Hal and Barry, to see how far they can push him. He wishes Arthur was here so instead of sitting motionless while he swallowed a sigh, he could at least let the king’s patience wear thin enough to cut things short with a rant about the effectiveness of edicts.

Clark is too nice. He’s always been too nice. He honestly looks like he’s even enjoying everyone talking, and J’onn could be there or he could be carefully tracking conversation with his eyes while his mind is light years away. It’s hard to tell. Bruce wonders idly if he’s talking to Dev.

Usually, Diana might be useful in curtailing a waste of time, but as one of the primary complaints was hers, she’s clearly unwilling to drop things until it’s addressed to her satisfaction.

There’s a soft crackle as the intercom in the room clicks on. The table falls silent in an instant.

“Mate,” Dev’s voice carries through the speaker. “Um. I might be, well, I might be about to die.”

In the background, there’s the blaring warning that precedes an airlock door opening. Bruce is already sitting ramrod straight but he flicks a monitor panel on the table to life.

Dev’s face appears onscreen in the feed for the hangar. He looks slightly worried, but mostly angry.

And Bruce knows from experience that means probably terrified.

“What happened?” Bruce asks, flicking through the manual override commands.

At the same time, Barry exclaims, “You brought him? Why didn’t you say something?”

“I was trying to leave the bloody room after the doors shut on their own,” Dev says.

Bruce cancels the airlock door process and the alarms die off. He can see the faint slump of relief in Dev’s shoulders.

“You pushed the red button,” Bruce says. “Why would you push a red button.”

“Bloody hell, it’s not my fault they’ve not been fucking labeled!” Dev retorts. “Red means exit!”

There’s a long pause and then the other man puts a hand over his eyes.

“I see where I might have gone wrong, then,” he says.

“You aren’t technically incorrect,” Bruce replies, feeling mildly guilty for leaving Dev on his own for so long. His irritation turns almost immediately outward toward the League, who apparently can’t manage a conversation about shifts without it being an Event.

“Don’t sodding patronize me,” Dev says with a sigh.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us!” Barry says again, already on his feet. “We’re done here, right?”

“Hiya, Dev!” Clark calls cheerfully. When Bruce glances up, there’s just the slightest telltale crease of concern in the alien’s brow.

Oh, great. This is going to turn into worried Checking Up On and Stern Talking, from Clark Kent.

In the video feed, Dev’s face goes ashy gray and his eyes widen.

“Did the entire League just hear all that, mate?” he asks flatly.

Bruce nods.

“Shite,” Dev says under his breath. He adds a half second later, in a much clearer tone, a rather resigned and forced, “Hullo, Superman.”

Bruce remotely opens the hangar doors to the hallway and says, “I’ll be there in a minute.”

Before Dev steps out of frame, there’s a flicker of red and Barry is standing next to him, talking rapidly.

Again, Bruce swallows the desire to sigh.


Before Wayne reaches them, Dev’s already been joined by the Flash and Superman and led to something like a common area backed by a cafeteria or kitchen of some sort.

“I can’t believe he didn’t tell us he’d brought you,” Flash says for the fifth time. “Hal’s never going to let him live this down.”

It’s not particularly reassuring to Dev, who had been having a fairly good time exploring on his own until the Incident.

“How’ve you been?” Superman asks, and because he’s not wearing a mask like the Flash or Wayne, it’s a lot harder to not just think of him as Clark.

“Eh,” Dev says, fighting the creeping blush when it occurs to him that not only did they overhear the entire airlock fiasco, but also saw him dancing with Dick Grayson not two hours ago. “I’ve been well. You?”

“Great,” Clark says, with an easy smile. “But you still owe me a round of BS.”

“The card game?” the Flash asks, his tone rising in surprise.

“He means Bullshit, but he won’t say it,” Dev replies, feeling slightly more at ease. He doesn’t even care that Clark probably did it on purpose.

“I will!” Clark insists. “But my Ma was there the last time we played.”

“You wouldn’t just now,” Dev says, fighting a smirk.

Clark shrugs in resignation.

“Still. You owe me a round,” he says, turning to peer into the dim kitchen. “I wonder if we have cards up here. Does Hal have cards?”

“Why would Hal have cards?” Flash asks, frowning.

“Of course I have cards,” Green Lantern says in a scoffing tone, coming into the room with Wayne and J’onn. “Why?”

“We’re playing BS, apparently,” Flash answers.

“You came all the way to space to play Bullshit,” Wayne asks. He sounds unamused but Dev can hear the undercurrent and see the slight twitch in one corner of the man’s mouth.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, mate, but space is really boring. It’s full of literally nothing,” Dev answers. Honestly, he wouldn’t mind exploring the Tower a bit more but he figures he should wait and distract himself until it’s easier to keep his fingers from trembling.

“This is your first time up here, isn’t it?” Green Lantern asks. “Buddy, space is full of stuff.”

“Statistically, it’s more full of nothing,” Dev says stubbornly. Somehow arguing is making him feel less stupid.

“It’s full of planets,” Flash says.

“But if it’s a planet, does it count as space?” Dev asks. There are times he could kick himself for being an arse but he’s mostly just glad it’s keeping people from talking about airlocks. “I mean, not many stand about on earth talking about being in space.”

“Space is a vast emptiness,” J’onn says calmly, and Dev debates reaching out to the alien but feels like his mind would be too much wordless shrieking at the moment.

“I’m going to go find some cards,” Clark announces. “And Diana. She’d like this game.”

“I said I have some,” Green Lantern says, going with him. “Somewhere in my room.”

“I’m finding snacks,” Flash says. “We really need to start having food at those meetings.”

“Are you alright?” Wayne asks quietly when Flash disappears into the kitchen.

“You mean have I recovered from being a bloody wanker?” Dev asks a little bitterly. “Nearly. I’m sodding desperate for a cuppa, but I’ll live. Do we need to go?”

“Do you want to?” Wayne asks, with a slight frown.

“Not especially,” Dev shrugs. “But patrol.”

“Nightwing will take Robin out,” Wayne says. “I have some things I should look over with J’onn if I’m here.”

“Cheers, then,” Dev says.

“Are you abandoning him again?” Flash demands, sticking his head through a service window.

“He isn’t a child,” Wayne answers.

“I’m bloody fine,” Dev says. “And I’m not in the mood to lose a card game by default.”

Flash ducks back and then almost immediately reappears again.

“Wait. You’ve played games with Batman. Like actual games.”

“Our favorite is Candyland,” Dev says before he even thinks twice about what he’s saying. It’s the sort of thing he might say to make Timothy angry when talking to Jason. He figures he might as well run with it. “But he gets grumpy if we don’t have the matching sweets.”

The exposed part of Flash’s face pales.

“My favorite is black licorice,” Wayne says evenly from just behind Dev.

Flash’s mouth sets in a flat line.

“Of course it is,” he answers, sounding disgusted.

“Is this an American game?” J’onn asks.

“I’ll tell you about it,” Wayne says, heading out of the room.

It was a joke, Dev thinks before the doors close.

I was nearly certain this was the case. J’onn replies. Have you been enjoying the Tower? I am told it is an unusual experience.

It’s been bloody brilliant. The Medbay alone is a marvel. Not to mention space. I’m nearly sick thinking about it, it’s so massive.

There’s a flash of Wayne’s tense expression in Dev’s mind, like a flicker of remembering something suddenly.

I am glad you have found it satisfactory. Do you know why our interactions make Batman uncomfortable? Is there some protocol of etiquette I am breeching?

No, mate, he’s just mental.

That seems harsh but oddly fitting. Is this something I should refrain from telling him?

Don’t bother. I will. I’ve not in a bit and it’s overdue.

If you do not mind my observing it, you and Batman’s family convey respect or admiration in…confusing ways.

“Dev, are you hungry?” Dev is pulled out of his thoughts by Flash leaning through the window again. “I don’t know what you like.”

Enjoy your game, Kiran Devabhaktuni.

Tell Wayne I said I’m not miffed, if you would.

Very well.

“Not particularly,” Dev answers Flash. He’s mostly finally over his initial teleportation queasiness and hasn’t really registered hunger in its wake.

“Hm,” Flash says skeptically. He emerges from the kitchen with his arms full of a various assortment of bags and containers. “If you change your mind, we can probably find you something.”

“Are those J’onn’s Oreos?” Dev asks when Flash dumps it all on a table.

Flash looks just slightly guilty.

“Not all of them,” he says.

“We found cards,” Clark says, coming back into the room trailed by his cape and Green Lantern. Wonder Woman is only a few steps behind them. “I started to explain the game to Diana, but she said she’s played before.”

“It’s called Cheat,” she adds archly, taking a seat at the table. “If I agree to play, we will call it by the correct name.”

“Thank you,” Dev says, pulling out another chair while internally slowly building to a panic again. He’s about to sit and play cards with the Justice League. In space. “I’ve told them that and it would have spared Superman the humiliation, but some of Batman’s sons like the excuse to shout ‘bullshit’ at each other.”

“They need an excuse?” Wonder Woman asks with a crooked grin.

“Not much,” Clark says wryly, sitting down.

“I’ve changed my mind,” Dev says. “Pass the crisps.”

Flash tilts the open bag toward him and Dev takes a handful.

“So, who’s actually good at this game?” Green Lantern asks, looking around the table. Green, almost transparent and overlarge hands shuffle the deck of cards and then, ghostlike, deal them out. “I mean, Supes isn’t, of course, but, who else?”

“Why does everyone say that?” Clark protests with a wounded frown. “I’m the only one here who keeps a secret identity without a damn mask.”

“Damn,” Flash echoes. “Hal, you made him angry.”

“He’s not that bad,” Dev says defensively, feeling like he owes Clark that much at least.

“Thanks, Dev,” Clark mutters.

“I am excellent at this game,” Wonder Woman says. She pauses. “J’onn is not playing, is he?”

“He’s off with Bats,” Flash answers.

“Good,” she says. “Then I am excellent at this game.”

“I’m better with the mask,” Flash says with a slight shrug. “But I’m keeping it as my handicap.”

“It’s not golf, Barry,” Hal says. “You don’t get a handicap.”

“Are you taking yours off?” Flash counters, with a mouthful of crisps.

Dev drinks in every word and motion, trying to chew his own handful of crisps as unobtrusively as possible.

Instead of answering Flash, Green Lantern looks at Dev.

“What about you?”

“I’m not assessing myself in a room of supers,” Dev says, slightly alarmed by the prospect. “If I’m bloody awful, I’ll not have the added humiliation of saying otherwise first.”

“Don’t listen to him. He’s almost as good as Batman,” Clark says, picking up his cards.

Dev glares at him, unable to tell if Clark is trying to be nice or trying to throw the others off or both.

By the third round, Clark’s nearly won and Wonder Woman is looking more and more annoyed.

“Bullshit,” Green Lantern says furiously to Clark when they go around again.

“I thought we were calling it Cheat,” Flash says, studying his cards.

“We are,” Green Lantern says. “I’m not saying it as part of the game. I’m just saying bullshit. I think he’s cheating somehow.”

“Why wouldn’t you say cheat, then?” Dev asks, taking an Oreo and making a mental note to apologize to J’onn later. His hands are no longer on the verge of trembling and he glances toward the curved window that looks out on space. His stomach doesn’t completely flip this time.

“I’m not stupid,” Green Lantern bites back. “You are cheating though, Kal, aren’t you?”

“It’s not my fault you underestimated me,” Clark answers with a pleased grin. “But I’ll sit out the next round if you feel like it’s fair.”

“Cheat,” Dev says, pulling his gaze away from space.

“Crap,” Clark mutters, turning over his card. He scoops up the handful. “How’d you know?”

“I asked J’onn,” Dev says, though he didn’t. Wonder Woman makes a noise of irritation and snaps her spread of cards shut. She studies Dev and then relaxes again.

“Hm,” is all she says.

“Do we have anything to drink?” Green Lantern asks.

“Maybe,” Flash says. “I’ll check.”

“No,” Clark says. “I will. I’m already behind again.”

The game pauses when he leaves the table and Dev takes the crisps Flash offers again. They’re vinegar flavored and fairly good.

“So, what have you seen?” Flash asks. “We’ll take a tour and fill the gaps after.”

“The medbay and the hangar,” Dev says. “That was as far as I got.”

“Well, we’re done then,” Green Lantern says, leaning over and looking at Flash’s cards. “We’ve got too much to go see. I can’t believe he just left you.”

“Are we not finishing the game?” Wonder Woman asks, frowning.

“I guess not,” Flash says, dropping his cards.

“We’ve got milk and canned tea,” Clark says from the kitchen.

“Milk? Who the hell drinks milk?” Green Lantern asks, twisting in his seat.

“I think it’s for the Oreos,” Flash says. “Does the tea have lemon in it?”

“I didn’t check,” Clark says from the dim room. “Did you say we were done with the game?”

“It’s probably got lemon,” Flash says, making a face. He stands and stretches. “We’re giving Dev an official tour.”

“I’ll come,” Clark says. “Hal, you’re on your own for drinks.”

“I’ve got coffee in my room,” Green Lantern says, gathering the cards. “I’ll make some later.”

“Sometime, we will finish a game,” Wonder Woman says, handing over her two cards. “But I, too, will come along for a tour. Someone should be there to provide accurate information.”

Dev grins at the self-satisfied look she has when Green Lantern and Flash immediately begin good-naturedly arguing with her and each other in reaction.

And even though he didn’t mind being on his own earlier, it’s brilliant to explore with bickering tour guides and less danger of pressing the wrong button. By the time they make a full circuit of the public rooms and a few of the private ones, Dev isn’t sure what’s more mind-blowing– the fact that he’s in space or that he’s chatting easily with the League.

They find Batman and J’onn in a room full of communication equipment, and neither of them seem surprised to see the group.

“We need to go soon,” Wayne says, glancing at them. “But I can show you anything they skipped.”

“We didn’t skip anything,” Clark says stubbornly. “We saw everything that matters.”

“The Kitchen?” Wayne asks.

By the way he says it, Dev surmises he does not mean the cafeteria room.

“Eh,” Flash hedges. “It’s not that exciting. More like work.”

“I’ll show you the Kitchen. Then we should go,” Wayne says, standing. “Contact me if we missed anything, J’onn.”

“Of course,” J’onn says.

“How did it go?” Wayne asks Dev when the others have said farewells and they’re in the corridor alone.

“Well, I think,” Dev answers. Now, at the end of it, he’s almost too wired to process much. “Thank you, by the way. For bringing me along.”

He does not say how much he had hoped he’d get to see the Tower someday; he doesn’t think he needs to.

“It’s a wise tactical decision,” Wayne says, and Dev understands there are also things Wayne isn’t saying but means nonetheless. There’s a faint smile beneath the cowl and his voice softens a little. “And you’re going to like the Kitchen. We use it for training, but it’s essentially a holodeck.”

They ride a lift down and walk more of a corridor and Dev is starting to feel genuinely hungry and actually desperate for a cup of tea. He’d not planned on doing so much walking about.

When they stop outside a door, Wayne hesitates.

“Don’t talk to J’onn while we’re inside,” he says.

“Sure, mate,” Dev agrees.

Wayne taps on a panel with gloved fingers and then the door slides open and they step into a massive grey room with a rounded ceiling.

There’s another computer set into the wall and Wayne presses another series of buttons and Dev nearly yelps when the entire room changes around them.

Instead of a grey room, he’s standing on a grassy knoll looking over a familiar river out across a familiar skyline.

It’s Gotham, but the entire city is quiet and there’s no movement. The buildings are in good repair and the southside docks have been rebuilt where they were sinking in; the pocket of sagging Section 8 apartment buildings just to the left of the Park Row divide are new and have rooftop community gardens Dev can make out even from where he stands. There’s sunlight over the distant bay.

And while taking it all in, he realizes that the city doesn’t feel dead and empty in the least. It looks and feels for all the world like it’s a tended home, just waiting for the return of life, like a summer cottage kept with cloth tarps on the furniture.

Dev glances sidelong at Wayne, who has pulled back his cowl for the first time Dev’s seen all night. The other man’s attention is fixed on the city.

“This room is for combat training,” he says.

“They don’t know about this one,” Dev guesses, bewildered still by how real it seems.

Wayne shakes his head.


“You could do bloody anything, then,” Dev says, watching Wayne’s face now. “Why this?”

“This is what she could be like,” Wayne answers. He sounds certain, more determined than hopeful. “She could be a beautiful city again. A good place to live.”

Dev surveys Gotham again.

“It’s already getting better,” he ventures, not really sure if this is what Wayne wants or needs to hear. “It’s not as bad off as it was when I first arrived.”

“Good,” Wayne says. “It should be better. There are other programs we can see, but I wanted to show you this one. In case you needed to see it.”

Dev turns slowly on the grass. Behind where they stand, he can make out the Manor roof and some of the property. Further inland and north, the scraggly pines and slopes that make up Vernon State Park loom tall.

“It’s mental that we’ve come to space and still end up looking at home,” Dev says, swiveling back and meeting Wayne’s gaze.

“Space hates us,” Wayne says, a little grumpily, Dev thinks. “I’m sorry about the airlock. Ready?”

Dev nods.


When they materialize instantly in the Cave nearly an hour later, Bruce gives Dev a moment to collect himself. He does not admit how much his own stomach churns.

After he’s certain Dev is steady on his feet and not going to topple over, Bruce strides over to the computer and connects the comm.

“O. How is everyone?”

“Quiet night, B.”

“Tell Nightwing to bring Robin home by one. I’m not going out tonight.”

“Will do,” Oracle says cheerfully.

Bruce turns back to Dev and takes his cowl off.

“I’m sodding exhausted,” Dev says. “And I was peckish until that jump.”

“I think we owe you a cup of tea,” Bruce answers. “Let me get out of this suit.”

“A cuppa is all I’ve ever wanted.” Dev runs a hand through his hair and sighs. “Bloody hell, but that was fun.”

Glass drippin’ honey (NCT). Episode 4.

Pairing: NCT x Reader (giant mess with multiple options romance).

Characters: Reader, Ten, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Taeyong and Johnny.

Warnings: Cursing words, violence, death mention and sexual innuendos.

Modern angel/ Demon AU.

Word counting: 1.689

Summary: The summer break after your high school graduation is coming to an end but an unexpected occurrence makes your life turn 180º. You get immersed into a new sphere where you can trust no one and the good and bad guys can’t almost be told apart.

Ep.1- Ep.2- Ep.3- Ep.4- Ep.5- Ep.6- Ep.7- Ep.8- Ep.9- Ep.10- Ep.11- Ep.12- Ep.13- Ep.14

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