yes sometimes i just dont give a shit

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Every episodes been leaking lately and i hate it so much

nothin happened just now did it? my chats r p dead rn (dont give th actual infobjust a yes/no lmao, just main sure)

regardless yea it sucks n tbh im just gonna watch em if they release In Full, and not the day of the episode bc them leaking at 2 pm is common (though didnt happen this time! interesting)

its not worth stressing over if u have the FULL experience available to you

fragment clips and screencaps kinda suck a whole lot but sometimes (like any lapis n peridot stuff) i almost Have to see bc tht shit will get into my radar by shitters setting the faces as their icons and getting plastered over my biggest fans section. there was n ame lapis there for DAYS and only barely just after i saw the caps for myself

so yeah id heavily rather experience everything in one go as intended and leaks ruin the impact and fun of eps overall on airday, by then i dont even have anything to add bc its already been said in a spoil chat and i dont have the drive to even remember what i was excited about

one of the worst things abt the rwby fandom is how you cant enjoy anything. ever. you MUST follow what everyone else wants and its so!!! gross!!! and toxic!!! its manipulative and controlling and just overall one of the worst things to be associated with!!! you cant like a character or ship without being called problematic or sometimes even homophobic!!! like what the fuck!!!

like i can’t say i genuinely like jaune without seeing millions of posts as to why i shouldnt like the “straight, blonde white boy” because of so many fucking reasons i kinda dont give a shit about because whatever its your opinion

can’t say i kinda like some heterosexual ship because if i do im “homophobic”, like yes i would love everyone to be gay but when characters have good chemistry together i wanna ship them!! like p lease dont bash on someone for liking a heterosexual ship as well

and by writing this post for sure someone will attack me!!! which im not prepared for honestly!! but im so sick and tired of seeing all this bullshit on my dash why i shouldnt like so and so because of whatever. leave me alone to enjoy this awesome FREE show without bashing on what i personally like

to anyone who does attack others for liking something they dont, shame on you tbh