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The Gamera Song from Mystery Science Theater 3000, “Gamera vs. Guiron”

Gamera! Gamera!
Gamera is really neat!
Gamera is filled with meat!
We’ve been eating Gamera!
Dr. Forrester is kind of a jerk,
And Frank is really dumb, too.
We have to take part in these lame experiments.
But do we complain?
So we hi-keeba all over the place
And talk of a thousand wonderful days.
Everybody now!
Gamera is really sweet!
He is filled with turtle meat!
Now we have Commercial Sign!

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It's interesting that the fight with Ben was resolved via DM, different from all the Louis/Zayn/NB publicized fights. Do you think this one was staged also but handled differently? It also seems like this guys know about Zayn and Liam being together.

Twitter fam, don’t you have to be in a mutual to DM? I dunno for sure. But if that’s correct, how you gonna claim you don’t know Zayn if he’s a mutual? Did they follow each other mid fight? That seems weird to me. But “resolved via DM” seemed like a very convenient way to wrap this mini stunt up.

Yep, this was staged, imo. I think Ben is an acquaintance. I think he knows Zayn. He obviously knows Liam. I also think he knows about Ziam. He was someone willing to play bad guy for them, so they’re probably all friends. Yes he’s dickish if his social media is anything to go by. But hey, nobody said they were bff’s and 1D has problematic pals. That’s life.

And another thing, why would he jeopardize future business by dissing Liam’s friend and (ex) bandmate? I’m not gonna assume he’s that stupid.

So yeah, I still think this was staged in lieu of an apology from Lilo to placate fans who feel 1D is racially insensitive. Same deal with sending Harry to a majority POC neighborhood for photo ops. The pix are still making their way into the fandom. Totally calculated damage control.

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Hi! I just saw your answered ask about Friends and how you hate Ross (same, by the way) and I just wondered if you'd share your thoughts on him, especially the Rachel in the last two episodes. Also: what do you think about them being on a break (or not)?

Oh my GOD

Okay, shit’s about to get real right now. Everyone sit back and relax because this might get long.

So, okay, let’s start with Rachel in the last two episodes. The entire few episodes, they’re both essentially trying to achieve their dreams. Ross is up for tenure and Rachel might get a better job with better pay. Ross gets tenure, because as a straight white male why wouldn’t he? And Rachel ends up getting fired and doesn’t get the new job she was hoping for. So, yes, it’s all very shitty for Rachel, and Ross acts super sympathetic even though he got what he wanted.

Well, when she gets her dream job in Paris, Ross completely loses his fucking mind. He goes behind her back to try to make her stay. He bribes her old boss to give her her job back and give her a raise, which seems like a nice thing to do, but is purely done for selfish reasons.

But then, he realizes she really wanted that job in Paris and for a second you think Ross has grown a heart because he tells her she should totally take the job.

But, of course, Ross is an awful human being and at the last second changes his mind. This fucker follows her to the airport and tells her not to go because he still loves her, putting her in this awful position where she has to choose him or the job. And I get the whole “But he loved her so much!!”, but if he loved her so much, he would have let her go.

So when she says she can’t do this right now and she has to go, you’re thinking hopefully she won’t give up Paris for literal walking garbage. But no. She gets off the plane. She chooses the sack of shit over her dream job in Paris. The job she was so excited to do was just thrown out the window. Now she’s dependent on Ross and stuck with basically a giant man-child.

And, honestly, yeah Ross got tenure, but is it completely impossible for him to have a job in Paris? Like, could he not go to Paris with her and be a paleontologist there?

This is why I think Joey would have been a better match for Rachel. Aside from the fact that he didn’t act like an asshole when she ended things, he also could have probably made it as an actor there. I mean, he was always doing small jobs here and there anyway, why not do the same thing in Paris?

But even if she and Joey didn’t work, I would have rather Rachel went to Paris and lived on her own as a single mother and totally rocked the shit out of it.

Because the whole series started with her basically becoming independent. She dumps her fiance and her dad cuts her off and she had to try to make ends meet as a waitress. Like, can you imagine starting your life off as a waitress and ending up at your dream job in Paris? That’s a much better story than ending up with fucking Ross of all people.

I just keep thinking when their kid is a teenager and they tell her the story, she just deadpans and says, “You mean, we could have been living in Paris this whole time?? Mom, what the fuck?”

Rachel absolutely should not have chosen Ross and instead should have gone to Paris. Like, I have this whole redone ending where she’s been living in Paris for a while, like maybe a year or two, and one day Joey calls her up. Monica and Chandler are busy with their kids in their new house, Phoebe has her own husband and probably a lot of kids because she mentions she wants a ton of them, and Ross is gross who would want to hang out with his crusty ass anyway? So Joey talks to her about how he needs a vacation and is feeling kind of lonely and she tells him he should totally come up there and visit her and Emma. So he does because he’s a single guy with money to spare so why not? And when he gets there it’s all just normal hanging out as friends, but then they fall in love in Paris and Joey becomes Emma’s step dad and Rachel is the main supporter and everything is happy.

That’s what I think should’ve happened.

Now, as for the “we were on a break” bullshit.

This is why I can’t fucking forgive Ross for that. Ross believes he’s completely absolved of guilt. He thinks that because Rachel said they needed a break and because he jumped to the conclusion that she was moving on with Mark already that he was free and clear. Now, okay, I understand that they were broken up. I don’t think it was necessarily cheating, but I do think Rachel has every right to be angry about it because they had only been broken up for a few hours before he slept with her.

Ross, because he’s fucking annoying as shit and doesn’t ever let anyone say anything, jumped to the conclusion that she had already moved on. So, instead of listening to her or using any kind of logic, he sleeps with someone else. But the thing of it is, the girl was trying to put the moves on him, which at first he rejected because he didn’t think they were totally broken up, making his “we were on a break” claim null and void.

The argument can be made that he didn’t sleep with her until after he thought Rachel had moved on, but I still don’t think he’s in the clear here. He spends and entire next episode trying to keep Rachel from finding out, making it clear that he knows he’s done something wrong and is trying to hide it. Granted, it was Chandler and Joey’s idea to hide it, but don’t try to tell me Ross wouldn’t have come up with that idea himself if they weren’t around. 

So then he only apologizes after he’s been caught, but he never apologizes again. He obviously is only apologizing so she won’t leave him. After the break up, he doesn’t act sorry at all. In fact, he acts like a complete jerk. And then he’s constantly trying to look like a good person always claiming “we were on a break” when he should have said something like “I thought you’d moved on already and I was upset, I’m sorry.” And then fucking proved it. Because, even if people make accidents, they still apologize if that accident hurt someone. If you accidentally step on someone’s foot, you apologize even though you didn’t do it on purpose.

Ross is not an irredeemable character, it’s just that he never owns up to his shit and is always trying to come off as perfect, never admitting he has any flaws. And then, of course, he tries to lay the blame on everyone else. He tries to say that Rachel isn’t innocent in the whole thing and that it’s her fault too, but she never did anything. All she did was accept a friend’s help when she was feeling sad after a breakup. It’s not her fault that that friend had feelings for her and she didn’t do anything with him anyway, so, again, she didn’t do anything wrong.

Rachel totally deserved more than she got and Ross doesn’t deserve Rachel at all, even though he thinks he does because he’d had a crush on her since high school, as if that makes her belong to him.

The Ross/Rachel relationship is manipulative and abusive and I hate it.

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Connie has to go back to school and she tells Steven all about it and he gets interested, so she shares her homework and stuff with him and tells him about what she's learned. And one time Steven is working on a math problem at home and can't figure it out and then Amethyst is just like "dude it's so simple you just gotta do this" and bam Ame becomes his math tutor bc she really likes numbers






Like, yes, give me all of the girls having fun and teasing each other and laughing and being adorable!  I WILL EAT IT UP LIKE DELICIOUS CANDY.

But it’s more than that.  They’ve been through so much shit over the course of this arc, they’ve been separated from each other, they’ve been taken hostage, they’ve faced enemies they don’t know how to fight, and they’ve watched Usagi struggle and struggle to deal with all of this.

The thing is, the other girls know Usagi, they know how hard this is for her, they know how difficult it is for her to be strong on her own.  And they’ve just watched her go through so much shit, they’ve watched her overdo it, she literally collapsed from using too much power.  She was so out of it that they thought bringing her back to the 21st Century and bringing her back to her home, back to her normal life, was the only thing they could do for her.

And that’s what they’re doing here–they’re trying to be happy for Usagi’s sake, because they want to support her and help her, they know that Usagi desperately wants (or wanted) just a normal, regular life.  So they cheer themselves up and try to cheer her up and everyone makes the effort because they love each other and they want to comfort each other.

And that’s why I really love this scene.  The girls being cute together is always welcome!  But the girls being cute together because they’re working hard to support each other because they love each other?  FEELINGS EVERYWHERE.


hello everyone! so my babes piszczy,vitataernum and cristianoisking tagged me to do the Asian Selfie Week and here are my selfies :) sorry if they’re bad and yes they were all taken today.

so basically my heritage is mainly Indonesian.My Father is from West Sumatra also known as Padang and my mother is Javanese and Sundanese.My Father is fully Indonesian (as far as I know) but my Mother has Dutch,German and French blood (a bit of Chinese as well).

so yeah that is it I don’t really know who to tag so if you’re Asian and you wanna do this go ahead! show the world your Asian Beauty :) have a great week ahead folks <3

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"steven has infinite moms" is what i choose to believe. The show is all about Steven finding more moms. The mom squad grows ever stronger. No one can stop it.

Yes yes yes

(pls redeem them all so Steven can have an army of moms)

My interview went really really well!!! They asked some pretty good questions, and I start in 6 weeks!!

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Isn't a coalition from (from what you said) exactly what democracy is suppose to be? When I was in grade six and first learning the basics of our government, we were taught that a democracy is (basically) suppose to be people electing representatives to represent them at different levels of government and those reps would work together for our country. But then I would come home and watch the news and that's really not what I saw or heard about. There's so much fighting. They're all children.

Yes. Because with a coalition the majority of voices that were elected would be the government.

It isn’t with a false majority government of 39% of voters, as Harper has.

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Do you ever just write and end up stopping because you're laughing at it or it's just too embarresing? Like, I know when I read some of your stuff I feel so much second-hand embarresment. I just end up screaming at my phone/laptop and shout why. Lets say in GTSMU when Kellin was getting interviewed. The whole this was just like "ARGH HE IS SO STUPID STOP THIS INSTANT" you know?


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Feminism, as a movement, It became something very bad. It is a pro-abortion movement, anti-Christian to the extreme, pro gender ideology. treats men as if they were all rapists, and when confronted with it, all feminists do is say that "they are not real feminists", but this is a fallacy. Renowned feminist writers have written horrible things about nuns and about why a woman become a nun. So yes, we should pray for all universities declined to modern feminism.

Honey, you honestly know nothing about feminism. I don’t know your gender, but I can sure as hell assure you that if it weren’t for feminism, women wouldn’t be allowed to vote, they would be confined to corsets and caged dresses, they would have no say in how many children to bear, women wouldn’t be allowed to work, women wouldn’t be able to serve in the military, female rape victims would have no justice (many still don’t).

Women are still beaten by their husbands, the exploitation of under-aged girls in the sex trade industry is booming under our noses, female genital mutilation is still practiced, millions of women still don’t have adequate access to health care, women are still taught that menstruation makes them ‘unclean’, and women of color earn less altogether than the average white man. If you don’t believe these are issues facing all women today, honey, you have another thing coming.

And don’t you dare call it anti-Christian. Jesus did so much to uplift the status of women in first century Palestine. He, as a single male, spoke with them, ate with them, and treated them as equals to his male disciples, which was highly inappropriate for him to be doing according to the social conventions of the time. If you’ve actually ever bothered to read the Bible, you would know that numerous times people would throw hissy fits at Jesus for inviting women to his meals and speaking openly to them. But y’know what? Jesus don’t give a gnat’s eyelash ‘bout it. If you’re so Christian, you’d know that God created men and women as equals. What part of the Catechism or Scripture are you getting this bullshit from?

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sooo I saw that you're currently watching the 100 and I was wondering how far you've come? and POSSIBLY what ship you're rooting for?? because I have just finished watching the two seasons in like a week AND I'M DYING BECAUSE THE SHOW IS SO GOOD AND SO SO RAW

sHIT i can’t remember what episode of the 100 i’m on just yet but im still on season 1 so i’ve got a bit of catcing up to do but YES I AGREE SO GOOD SO RAW ive had a lot of emotions for all the characters i wanna draw clark omg but ah i have no idea who i ship yet but ahhh

empathy-notsympathy replied to your post:[pm] Okay, look– someone said it might be the…

[pm] You actually think this is because of the /moon/? Wait– you have books? Can I see them, too? Oh, yes I’ve…already seen her. It’s so…/dark/. Are all banshees like that? How are your emotions? You should probably go somewhere less crowded.

[pm] Well, I’m not gonna rule anything out! And it is a blue moon! Maybe there’s something else but this is something I can do. 

All banshees. It’s trippy, right? Kind of the opposite you’d expect.

I would. I will, in the morning, but ggoing out at night, especially tonight? Bad bad bad idea.

H- How do you know which are yours?