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If it's not too much trouble, could I request N, P, Q, and R for the wing ask meme? I find your memories and experiences so interesting and awe-inspiring so I'd love this. ^-^

OMG EEEP O///////O … t-thank you! >////<~~~ *HUGGLES* Ima gonna be all embarrassed and blushing over here but OF COURSE I’d love to answer those questions for ya! >////<~~~~~

N - Best shift experience?

Hmmm~ Any time I have a real strong feeling of them, a strong connection, and someone - like a spirit - is preening them. :3

I’d have to go with my boyfriend for sure since he knows how to massage the physical muscles of the back AND preen the astral wings in such a way that it somehow erases all the aches in my back instantly and doesn’t mess up my astral feathers the way every other human masseuse inevitably does. So it feels really goddamn good and relaxing, along with getting rid of all the itching that tends to happen if my feathers are disheveled against my back

(Yo, y'all are astral not physical! Why I still feel that itching all the same?!)

P - How did you use your wings to your advantage?

O.O Do you mean as astral wings in THIS life, or just overall back at home?

Because if you mean back at home, I mean they conferred the kind of advantage that two arms free to grab things and having opposable thumbs and wrists made for throwing have given all of humanity an advantage here. Aka, a huge amount of advantage that is so easy to just take for granted every day, especially in a society made specifically for those who have this advantage. (Except arms can’t get you into the sky and keep you there for as long as you want, whenever you want. Extra points for wings in that regards. ;D)

So yeah, expressions, touching/feeling, preening, protection, display, indication direction, gestures, mapping out the air currents around me, awesome gorgeous natural decoration, giving and receiving comfort, allowing me to escape into the air whenever I want, or to not worry about falls and heights at all, and just be a natural extension of my body that’s perfectly in tune with everything else. Most of all, they’re a huge part of my personal identity and how I relate to myself and think of myself and of my life. In a way, they are an extension of who I am as a person, of my soul and spirit.

For here in this life? Well I can’t use them to steady me or correct my balance sadly. Nor to fly with, nor to be seen or felt by any human around me (except for maybe my boyfriend and twin). Ummm… what would be an actual advantage is being able to write flying scenes very convincingly in my book because I know so well how it feels and what it’s like from my memories. :3 I adore flying so much I had to make the plot of my first book of my childhood memories from my home world focus ON flying. ;3 *bounces and flaps wings*

Q - Rate your wings 1-10 (10 being the best, pssst, they’re all 10s!!!)

10. -w-

Of course they are, because I specifically designed them to be my most favorite wings of all time, gorgeous and living works of art that always bring a smile to my face when I see them, and to work exactly as I want them to in flight no matter what I’m doing.

Perfectly crafted to fit my unique flying style, love of swimming, artist eye, unique and expressive character, favorite colors, and just the general way I love to live my life day-to-day. Even when most other angels of my home world retract their wings (so they don’t get in the way), I say “fuck that!” and have mine out all the goddamn time, just in a space-saving form so I don’t accidentally sit on me flight feathers ya hear?

My ref pics always have my wings in a space-saving form where the flight feathers go to like my hips, just above my butt there, at the longest. :3 Easiest for sitting down or lounging. XD For actual flight, I’d make them go to their full size again and take off. <3

R - Do you remember anyone else’s wings significantly?

*grins* I think it ironic and fitting that this question is labeled “R” when I remember my husband’s wings the most and HIS name starts with an “R” too! <3

Btw he’s demonkin in this life and part-angel, part-demon (along with feline, dragon, and other things) back in our home world. :D And yes he has feathered wings, from the tengu and angel sides of him. <3

He’s my boyfriend in this lifetime, and my husband and mate back at home. So I remember his wings PERFECTLY. <3 It helps I can see the astral wings of his when he has them out, the same way I see all the other spirits and my astral tail, wings, and other features. xD (A vague sort of sensory image that is more like visualizing an orange in your mind, without actually seeing an orange, but still knowing it well all the same.)  

It’s just a gorgeous dark, almost black color – I say almost black because of all the purty iridescence there. X3 I love each and every color shade of the iridescence, how subtle it is. Especially how if I gently take the tip of his flight feather or wrist of his wing and turn it left and right near a light source, that most of the light seems to sink into the feather itself and disappear in a gorgeous deep and soothing void, while some escape and shimmer along the surface of each feather like tiny little rainbows that just can’t quite escape the force of gravity from the cool black holes of each feather.

The overall wing shapes are that of a raven’s wings (since he loves the birds, ravens, as much as I love dark blue - i.e. to the point we fucking named ourselves after our individual obsessions!) and have notches at the tips (mine do too) for easier soaring. He doesn’t use his wings that much, but I always enjoy it when he does bring them out. His also aren’t waterproof so he keeps complaining about the wet a lot, poor dude. LOL!

Even now, I always sleep better if he brings out his astral wings to cover us like a blanket while in bed together. I can feel it subtly if his wings stroke mine and he feels it in return.

…Gawds I love the memory of the silky soft feel of each of his feathers, the sight of the gorgeous colors of his wings, the graceful and strong shape of the wings over all, and I swear sometimes I might almost remember the smell of them but then the memory goes away again and I’m sad. T.T

I do remember the soft ruffle that each of his wingbeats would cause when flying in the air, but I know he is a quiet flyer compared to most younger people. I’m an utterly silent flyer myself, apparently from my memories and what others say, so it would make sense that I could still pick up the sound of his wingbeats even then.

I’ve um *blushes purple* rhapsodized about his wings a lot haven’t I? I’ll stop the rambling here. ^////^

The rest of the answers I’ve already done are here:


For those who are wondering, there’s like H, I, J, L, M, O, V, W, X, Y, and Z that I haven’t done yet. ^///^~ Feel free to ask me one [or all :D] of those alright? :333 *wing flaps*



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You asked about some purple blogs, so here you are: @lavenderxolilac @pastel--purple @lilac-aesthetic @ppurple-pprincess @40541 (a few posts, but the girls have purple hair and sometimes are dressed in purple) @lavendervalar (beautiful purple sky photos)

Yes thank you !!!! I am already following few but I am following all of them now ! <3 Thanks so much !!! 

Supernatural Imagine: Meeting Castiel in a Grocery Store in his Early Days

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Angel’s Advocate

You’re in the bakery aisle when you meet him. He’s wearing a trench coat over a suit with a blue tie that makes his crystal cobalt eyes stick out even more.

And he’s knocked over a shelf of boxed apple pies.

His eyes seem bewildered and shocked, as if he could not comprehend how the pies ended up on the floor. You couldn’t help yourself. “Do you need some help?” You reach down and replace the pies. The man stood frozen. Once the pies were back in place, you regard the man. He still looks confused. Your gaze softens.

“I..I was supposed to bring my friends some food.” His voice is gruff and deep and hesitant yet strong. You nod towards his hand.

“Is that the shopping list?” The man appears startled, as if he had just remembered he had it. He silently hands it to you. You smile encouragingly. “Come on. I’ll help.”

Slowly you pair manage to fill the basket with an assortment of pies, burgers, salads, pain killers, and wipes. When time comes to pay, you don’t hesitate in paying for the man. “Let’s get you home.” He doesn’t argue. He sits in your car and tells you where to turn.

“Stop here.”

“Here?” You look out the window confused as you pull the car to a stop. There was just a lot of trees around here. The man must have understood the look of confusion on your face for he continues,

“The house is off road. I can walk from here.”

“Are you sure?” You look nervously at the darkening sky.

“Yes. Thank you for your help.” He steps out of the car and shuts the door. You turn the engine back on but lower your window as you pull from the curb.

“I never got your name!” The man turns back, looking startled.

“Cas. Castiel.“ 

You grin.


Story for Another Time: Part 2

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Paring: Poe x Reader

Warning: NSFW there will be smut

Prompt: Anon asked for part 2, another anon asked for hot smut and fluff and I figured you might be the same person so I combined both requests.

Summary: Poe finds a way to admit his feelings to you which leads to some very smutty times.

A/N: So though I have written smut before this is my first ‘for the public’ piece so sorry if it isn’t that great. :)

It had been just over a week since the celebrations and everything had gone back to usual. People working around base making sure everything was ready for when the First Order returned, because they would return and everyone knew it. It wasn’t a matter of if but when.

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audreyii_fic: i want to write some SOAP OPERATIC TROPES because REASONS

The Odinsons Are Banished drabble prompt AU continues with… er… one of my own prompts. Which I pretty much just wrote because I felt like it. And also because it’s time for all that royal upbringing to come back to bite our boys in the butt.


“Jane isn’t allowed to grocery shop anymore.” Darcy flips through her recipe app, shaking her head. “I can’t make dinner out of this.”

“What is that one?”

“Cauliflower. And we’re not eating it.”

Thor frowns. “Is it poisonous?”

“No, it’s disgusting.” She enters quinoa into the search engine, and the suggestions it kicks back aren’t even worth talking about. “Jane!” she shouts from the kitchen — or what counts for a kitchen in this lab. “Jane, I’m pretty sure this is abuse!”

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