yes simon


in their phone: magnus bane


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I am not afraid of you, not afraid at all. I survived worse than you. You are nothing but SS with small feet.
—  Simone Veil, Holocaust survivor, French then-minister of health and author of the 1975 law legalising abortion in France, also former female president of the European Parliament, in response to the far-right commandos who tried to interrupt her meeting in 1979.
  • simon: why are you so evil? who even are you?
  • baz: *scary blank face* do you want me to show you?
  • baz: *waves wand dramatically* *the letters B A Z P I T C H appear in the air*
  • baz: *waves wand dramatically again* *letters rearrange themselves*
  • simon: *gasp* you mean- !
  • baz: oh yes !
  • floating letters: Z A P B I T C H