yes she will find someone

The Theme is Beth

Why oh why…

Does everything keep coming back to Beth this season?

The parallels. The objects. The music. The phrases people say.

So many similarities.

They’ve never gone to great lengths like this for a character that’s died.

They usually bury them, and move forward.

We didn’t receive a burial. And they aren’t giving the character closure.


Because Beth isn’t dead. She’s very much alive.

It’s so secretive now that people are losing hope; when in fact I’m sitting here thinking about how apparent and ironic it all is. It’s so obvious that it’s borderline ridiculous at this point.

I’m beginning to think the whole theme of this season is not only HOPE. But the season is tied to Beth.

They started it with asking the main question: Is Beth alive?

Yes. She’s “gone.”

Our characters went on a huge rescue to find someone that could possibly be dead. But they didn’t give up hope. Even Bob a man full of hope, was taken away. Why do they keep testing our own hope?

Parallel to this we see Beth. Disoriented. What the hell happened after the funeral home incident? We received some vague answer.

No one answers anything.

What happened to her hand? Why is the cast always being shown?

Beth meets Dawn. The doc. Noah. These people start to shape her more and more. She’s not the innocent girl she used to be back at the farm. She became tough all on her own. She was inspired by Daryl.

Hope was taken away from her. But she prevailed as she always does and fought back. She literally gave her life twice for Noah this season: One to sacrifice herself so he could escape Grady and two to sacrifice her life to escape Grady.


This was someone she barely even knew. But she didn’t want the rescue to be for nothing.

We see Daryl…DARYL DIXON never lose hope that Beth was gone forever.

She gave him that. She gave him hope. It was such a theme in Still/Alone, but it made its way in this season so much. It follows Daryl everywhere, especially in Consumed. We see the result of Beth’s influence a lot in that episode.

They finally make it to Grady, and it’s over before it even began.

Like many I ask, what was the point of Grady and saving Noah then?

We all know after watching tonight, Noah doesn’t make it. That seems to be a slap in not only Beth’s face, but the message she was trying to bring.

Grady. Oh shady Grady. That place is a mysterious in-and-of itself. I know we haven’t seen the last of that place. I just know it and have posted many times why.

But after Beth died we were broken-hearted. She was gone.

But was she? Is she?

Not even an hour after Beth was shot, Team Delusional was formed by amazing people (you know who you are). The people that still couldn’t lose faith and hope in Beth even after a “fatal shot to the head.” Did I mention the petition? Everywhere around the world TD fans were starting to pop up.

Why would we even think there was a possibility she was alive when it was so “obvious” she was gone. Because things didn’t add up. Her “death” was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The filming = odd. The whole scene as she falls to the ground = peculiar. There was never any closure.

We still don’t have closure. WHERE IS BETH’S BODY? Why didn’t we see a burial? Why did so much time pass after Grady/Coda? Why haven’t they shown us the 800 walkers? What really happened…and WHAT IS GOING ON?

What are they hiding?

Emily’s interviews even seemed weird. She was so shocked, as was everyone, and broken. Why was she told the day of when everyone else was offered something so much more. Not okay. Her reaction was real, but then it all became HUSH-HUSH really fast.


Because they wanted to surprise us. They all but told us Beth was going to die. Why would they want to give that away weeks before..? So strange, just like everything. They’re acting sloppy. But are they?

Is this all a ploy? They’re messing with us.

After Beth died it was supposed to help the characters move on…but they aren’t. Everything is a constant reminder of Beth. But why? What is the point if it doesn’t mean anything? Because It does mean something. It always has.

Tyreese died and saw Beth. We all saw it. Beth was healing when others were getting worse. They wanted to shut us up. They wanted us to think she was gone. She isn’t.

Something is going on behind our back. Emily has left panels / canceled. No one saying anything for months… Really?

Daryl is still fixated on Beth. And his loss. She was more than a light of hope, I think Beth meant more to him than we’ll ever know. It goes so deep. And to have found her and then lose her…all over again…can you imagine how that would feel? Then 5x13 rolls around. Could that episode have screamed Beth Greene and Alone a little louder?! Wow. Even before then, so many similarities to Beth and hope.

Alexandria…DC, Beth wanted to find good people. Team Family is now in the midst of good people. This is everything she ever wanted. And we’re seeing it.

What Beth represented and every single clue, is being shoved down our throats so much that sometimes it still surprises me that people haven’t picked up on it. That they don’t think she’s alive. Are we watching the same show?

I don’t feel delusional at all. Everything but. I believe we cracked the code (coda). TD fans have really started to find the eggs and are breaking each detail apart. You all amaze me! Seriously.

No wonder we’ve made so many theories. Take THE BETHMOBILE theory - cars. They used that weird image in so many promos. Look at how Maggie looked at the car. Freaked out. What would be the point of even showing a scene with Maggie and a walker in a car if it didn’t mean anything. They had a lot of scenes of her crying. Why was the walker in the trunk so important to her?
Why do I still believe she was left in a car?

Then the biggest clue of all: Morgan.

Why bring him back? Yea he has a big story even in comics, but why now? I feel like he has a bigger calling than just finding RICK and Team Family. We haven’t seen him in a while. Why only show him in random episodes? We haven’t seen him once since Beth was shot. Only “Morgan Street.” I believe he’s out there with her now. That we haven’t seen him because he’s trying to save her, help with recovery. We probably won’t see them till season finale..or some clues maybe. But the two of them are tied together.

Beth is more than a character that became strong. She represents something this dark world needs: HOPE. Beth is a symbol. And this season has been her theme - even Coda.

Everything has a double meaning.

Cue journal:

“This is just the beginning.”