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The Adventures of Todd and Granny

(Alternatively: “I Saw Granny Ethel with the Devil”)

Part I | Part II | Part III

Grocery Store

Todd the demon is a he, now, if only because Granny Ethel insists upon using copious ‘Dear boy, keep trying and ‘Atta boy!’ critiques to varying degrees depending on how well his needlework, crochet, and knitting attempts progress.

Gender isn’t a concept the demon concerned himself with before. If Todd had been, say, a girl named Tonya, he supposes he’d be a she instead. If Todd had been gender-neutral and properly communicated with his grandmother, he supposes she would call him they or child, appropriately. Granny Ethel isn’t one to discriminate. Even when she properly wears her glasses and sees his obviously un-Todd-like appearance, only shaking her head and smiling with a good-natured “kids these days” on her lips. But he wouldn’t mind if Granny Ethel called him boy, girl, thing, or abomination, so long as she stayed happy.

Granny Ethel is a patient woman. Todd simply can’t understand why or how she’d become the black sheep of her family, especially after a full week of living with her hospitality. Through the constant baked goods and the modest but satisfying three-meals-a-day; the careful (oh-so-careful) dusting of trinkets and bookshelves with tiny cloths and feather dusters not fit for large claws, which he insists upon doing while she looks on in worry before brewing more coffee; the midday television re-run breaks spent sealing cash donations into envelopes and discussing human rights issues instead of watching old shows, he simply can’t think of her as anything but a paragon of her kind.

It’s a problem with them, he concludes. Not her.

It isn’t a decision he makes lightly.

Spending such a brief time with her, he’s already learned so much more about humans than he ever would have cared to know, beyond perceiving them as vessels or a means to an end. There is much suffering in the world—sometimes even more than that in Hell—but there is also kindness.

He’s known that, but he witnesses it first hand during their first trip outside of Granny Ethel’s home.

“Come, now, Todd, we have much shopping to do. I’m afraid my pantry isn’t stocked appropriately for the upcoming food donation drive and I can’t just skip it this month.”

Todd remembers addressing an envelope to the local food bank—most people would stop there, figuring their good deed was done.

“I also have to stock up on this week’s groceries. Feel free to buy whatever you want, dear. I can cook anything, you know! At least, I try. I suppose you’d like some snacks, too. But I am so glad you’re here; think of all the bags we can carry between the two of us!”

There is no car in Granny Ethel’s driveway, or a garage to store it. He wonders how they’re going to make it to the grocery store as he waits for her to lock the door behind them, as she hobbles down the two small concrete steps with her cane in hand.

It isn’t until she’s halfway down the sidewalk that he realizes they’re walking. In public.

An old crone in black and a demon at her side, wearing a handmade shawl so lovingly stitched with various, terrifying occult symbols.

He isn’t the only one who sees a problem with this—the neighbor’s dog, a small, bug-eyed thing, yaps indignantly at them from the front lawn as it bounces around the dewy grass at its owner’s feet, soon erupting in warning yowls and howls, before falling silent mid-yip when Todd locks eyes with it. The neighbor—Maurice, if he remembers Granny Ethel’s gossip correctly—stands frozen, watering can dangling limp from his hand as he overwaters the begonias at his feet, mouth hanging open in undignified disbelief.

“Good morning, Maurice!” Granny Ethel calls with unmitigated cheer, and a hint of pride. “Nice morning, isn’t it? Oh! Have you met my wonderful grandson Todd? He finally came to visit! We’re going shopping now. Will you watch my house?”

Maurice simply stares, dumb with shock.

Halfway down the block, another neighbor’s car brakes with a squeal before they make it out of the driveway and they stick their head out of the window to gape.

Shutters crack open. Curtains are shoved aside.

Before Todd knows it, they are the cul-de-sac’s center of attention.

Granny Ethel doesn’t pay it any mind and continues obliviously on, waving to each face in turn as those faces pale, yet hers remains rosy.

“My, such a busy day today. I haven’t seen everyone out like this since the Fourth of July block party. Oh, if you’re still here during summer, Todd, we should definitely take part. Maybe we should start knitting an American flag for the occasion. What do you think?”

He can only nod.

They make it to the grocery store without incident—aside from the broken fire hydrant caused by a distracted driver and the one, single person who ran away screaming, and the handful that crossed themselves, and the one person bold enough to snap a picture with their phone before Todd grabbed it from their hands and threw it while Granny Ethel wasn’t looking, too distracted with how well the city’s roadside flowers were blooming—and Todd, ever the gentledemon, takes a small shopping cart from its line and trails behind Granny Ethel as she consults the list taken from her purse.

As expected, those within the store stop and stare. Even the calming elevator music jolts to a pause.

A young man in an employee vest, who looks high, shoots Todd the demon-horn hand sign and smiles before swaggering away to the frozen food aisle, and the manager meekly approaches them, skirting around a fresh fruit display.

“Ma’am, is there—is there something I can—do you need help?” he asks, sweating from his receding hairline to his neck as he tugs at his collar and straightens his frumpy tie.

“Oh! I’m so glad you asked. I didn’t see any sales circulars by the door—what kind of specials are on right now? Particularly on things like pizzas and cereals and whatever else young men like to eat.” Granny Ethel leans in close to the man, close enough to loudly whisper, “See, my grandson here is a quiet, shy boy despite his appearance, and I don’t think he’d ask me himself, but I bet he’d love to get some junk food to snack on between meals.”

The manager’s eyes widen, blood-shot, as he looks to Todd, who only smiles—which comes off as terrifying, he’s certain, with all the sharp teeth and red eyes involved.

“S-SURE! Junk food. Right. Um—uh, w-well, I think there’s a BOGO—buy one get one free—deal on the frozen pizzas. Uh…most cereals are marked down right now…th-there’s a sale on potato chips…hot dogs…” His voice trails off, too burdened with trembles and fear as he continues to hold Todd’s gaze. “And—you know, I’m sure some other employee can help you, ma’am. I’m not one anymore as of this moment. I QUIT.” That said, he yanks the flimsy plastic nametag from his shirt and runs for the door, followed by half of the shoppers who abandon their carts and drop their baskets, scattering groceries everywhere.

Granny Ethel watches him go, then sighs. “He must have been overworked and stressed. I almost walked out on a job a long time ago for the same reasons, but I needed it. You be careful of corporate America, Todd.”

He takes her words to heart, and he fully agrees.

Shoppers that remain in the grocery mart avoid them at all costs as they meander through the frozen food section, the bread aisle, the junk food corner—and Granny Ethel pays them no mind, filling the cart to the brim with refills of groceries she needs back at home and treats she thinks Todd needs more of in his life. He supposes he does, if she says he does. Far be it from him to contradict her adolescent-savvy wisdom.

Even so, the single shopping cart is far too small for all of the spoils—halfway through the shopping list, he finds them in need of another. It isn’t an issue. Many are left scattered, abandoned, around almost every corner. By the end of the list, both carts are full to the brim, and Granny Ethel is simply beaming.

The checkout lines are deserted—they have their pick. Although only one station is manned by a clerk, and it greatly narrows their choice.

As Todd wheels the two shopping carts to the register, he recognizes the young employee from before, who once again shoots him the demon-horn hand symbol.

“Love your poncho, dude,” Sam (as his nametag reads) comments with a bit of a tired drawl, and there are dark shadows under his eyes as expected from an overworked youth on minimum wage, but he is otherwise energetic, quickly scanning each of the items set on the conveyor belt, and smiling at demon and old woman in turn. “Did the little lady here knit that for you?”

“Crocheted!” Granny Ethel corrects with a grin, preening like a proud parakeet. “It does suit him, doesn’t it? Of course, I would never make something that didn’t suit my dear grandson. He must always be well-dressed.”

“You seem like a really supportive gramma. That’s cool. When I was in my super hardcore death metal phase, mine just dragged me to church every Sunday.” A digital beep accompanies nearly every word as he skillfully rings up each grocery down the line.

“Oh, I would never do that. Mainly because I no longer belong to a church. And also because Todd seems so averse to discussing Bible passages, so I never force him.”

At this, Todd gives a wry smile. He places the final handful of groceries onto the conveyor belt and sidles around Granny to the other side of the checkout, bagging the groceries that have already been scanned. It seems the official bag boy has fled in fright.

“I can imagine. Never one for religion, myself. Oh, and you’re eligible for the senior citizen’s discount, so let me just…” Sam pauses a moment to key in a code on the register and it dings. “Aaand, there. Your total comes out to $204.56. Stocking up for the winter already? It’s only March.”

“Oh, dear, no. Half of this is for the food drive!” Granny Ethel chuckles good-naturedly as she leans her cane against the counter and digs through her small pocketbook and produces a checkbook, then dives back in to search for her favorite pen.

Sam turns to Todd while awaiting payment. “By the way, dude, that costume is killer. I’ve never seen anything so realistic, with the added bonus that you scared the boss away! Totally made my day. My week, even.”

Todd gives a nod, happy to be of service, even if it isn’t a costume. He can’t exactly say it aloud. Perhaps one day he’ll learn how to speak English coherently, but for now nonverbal cues work just fine.

Finally, Granny Ethel finds her pink, plastic jewel-encrusted ballpoint pen and makes out a check to DeVille-Mart, even going so far as to take one of the heavier paper bags for herself, never one to make Todd carry all of the groceries himself. “You have a wonderful day, young man. Thank you.”

“Y’all have a great day, too, Ma’am.” Sam offers a toothy smile, and it seems sincere enough as he sees them off with a lazy wave “Hope to be seeing you shop here again.”

Todd isn’t so sure they’ll ever return once upper management hears about this visit, but it’s nice to know they are accepted by at least one individual.

“Now, Todd, let’s get to the food bank. We have such a long day ahead of us. But there’s a reward at the end of it—I bought ingredients specifically for chocolate turtle brownies!”

If the visit to the food bank is in any way similar to this excursion—and it will be, he decides, as yet another gawking driver’s car slow-collides with the corner vending machine when they pass through the automatic doors—they have a long day ahead of them, indeed.

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I like to think that may has pictures of Peter on on her desk wherever she works and in her wallet and whenever a stranger is like "is that your son? :^)" she'll say yes

oh yeah, totally. when peter was a kid she would correct people and tell them she was his aunt, but after awhile she didn’t bother and would just say that yes peter was her son. bc he basically was.

one day may puts up several photos of spider-man next to the photos of peter, and says that spidey is her son now too. it was cute at first but now may is straight up cutting spider-man’s photos out of newspapers and framing them. her co-workers are concerned, and are planning an intervention.

i saw @bluephoenixprincess‘s tags on my altean prince lance (langst) comic and i just want to say yes to the reincarnation au!! i wasn’t even thinking about that honestly but now i want it. thank you

so lance had given all of his quintessence to save allura (she had already lost hers so even if she desperately wanted to save lance, she couldn’t without both of them dying and altea values her more anyway). a year or so later, zarkon attacks and that’s when allura and coran go into their 10,000 year sleep.

lance is reborn on earth and space has always called him for a reason he doesn’t know and basically his time at the garrison follows canon. but when he meets up with the rest of team voltron to search for the blue lion, the reason she chooses him is because she recognizes him from his past life and wants to bring him to allura to reunite them (and defend the universe that’s v important too). 

this could also be the reason allura falls right into lance’s arms. because that’s the exact position they were in when she died. and now we could either follow the canon that he hits on her (because he doesn’t remember his past life) or completely ignore that bc hitting on his sister would be a no-go here.

anyway, her first comment to him is that his ears are hideous and maybe she says that because she always remembered him having ears like hers. and being in a coma for so long, she doesn’t recognize him right away without white hair and pointy ears. he really reminds her of her brother but it couldn’t be him because he’s been dead for over 10,000 years. but he’s so much like the lance she knew and it gets harder and harder to be around him.

idk how to end this but just know that lance has no memory of his past life and allura is starting to suspect reincarnation but doesn’t know for sure. it’s just painful to be around someone she loved so dearly


Okay, so as soon as I saw this, instant Jaylos/Malvie head canon/prompt:

Auradon does shit like this every month, raising money/awareness/help for whatever and let’s say Audrey runs this particular campaign because I feel like she would have this idea: make a little video/promotion/poster using the hottest kids in school.

Of course, that’s her, Chad, maybe Ben and definitely Jay. On top of being hot as hell, he’s also got this bad boy vibe that all the girls eat up. And Evie too because her make up is flawless and she has the same bad girl vibe that is dangerous and wild.

And the VKs are good now! So of course Jay says yes as soon as he’s asked because helping people is a good thing and Evie agrees because she genuinely wants to give back to Auradon.

Carlos and Mal tag along because they have nothing better to do on a Saturday.

Audrey has limits of what she can do - no one can be naked, appropriate attire, blah blah blah - but she is determined to run the best, most successful campaign in Auradon Prep’s history, so she…bends some rules.

Jay starts in his original Isle attire (”because bad boy sells like crazy”), but then his pants get tighter or he wets his hair or whoops, did Audrey accidentally throw away his shirt? Oh well!

And Carlos is watching it all from the sidelines, getting a little more flushed and breathless as Jay looses more clothing and flexes his muscles and gets pushed into all these model poses.

Evie starts out with huge smiles and honest speeches about all the good things the donated money will go toward, but then her hair gets teased and wild, she’s in just a tank top and shorts, placing her fingers on her lips and closing her eyes

And Mal is next to Carlos, watching it all. Queen of control, she doesn’t reveal anything, stands straight and pretends to be uninterested. But on the inside, she’s crumbling. Evie was always prim and proper and modest because her mother taught her to be so, but now she’s wild and looking like she wants to ravish the camera.

So yeah. Jay and Evie being volunteered for some fund-raiser/benefit at Auradon Prep because of the whole ‘dangerous Isle kid’ thing and Carlos and Mal suffering through it all as they watch their secret crush/significant other become some wild sex figure for the camera.

(At the end, Jay and Evie are like “wow, we’re gonna raise so much money and it feels so good to help and give back, this is great!” and Mal and Carlos can only nod because neither can speak.)

What I’ve realized from all the Mor drama is that the sjm fandom is ultimately worse than her writing. Like yes, obviously she has major issues, but there are plenty of fandoms out there that make the characters more diverse and multiship and criticize their creator when they’re screwing up! But the sjm fandom just screams at everyone who doesn’t ship what they ship and literally makes the characters less diverse. There are edits of white Sorscha, white Nehemia, and white Nesryn. Don’t believe me? They’re some of the top posts on their tags. And now Sarah’s trying to get better! She made Mor a lesbian main character! And what does the fandom do? They hide behind “I do want LGBT+ rep!” and then say they wish it hadn’t happened. If you really support rep, word your posts differently. Look at what you’re saying because “Mor just doesn’t seem gay,” and “I wish she could be bi so she could be with Azriel” looks extremely homophobic. If you say “I wish sjm had gone about making her a lesbian differently, maybe give her a relationship so it doesn’t seem like tokenism” then I get that! And I agree! It is tokenism, and it is crappy, but if the only time you criticize sjm’s work is when she creates a lesbian, then sorry, you might have some homophobia in you. The only support I see for Mor is on anti blogs. If the antis are kinder to a good character than the fandom, there’s obviously a fucking issue with the fandom! And there are a few cool people in here, so I encourage you all, wipe out anything that disrespects Mor. Create women to date her. Write fics about her and Feyre or Nesta or Amren or anyone. Don’t let Mor be forgotten by the people who only care about their hetero ship becoming canon.

And to the people who are suddenly critical of sjm because they ship moriel: If you’re going to be mad at this, be mad at it for the right reasons. If you say its forced, you better recognize all the other things in sjm’s work that are far more forced than Mor’s sexuality. And if you can’t do either of those things, Fuck. Off.

A Small Party - Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by hetcurls

Words: 1,160

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: Yes - @nf1direction

Warnings: None

It was a small get together it said, but when the two of them showed up, it was a more than just small. The party that the two of them were invited to was from a mutual friend, a friend of (Y/N)’s friend. Harry and her agreed since what else would they do on a Friday night? Cuddle and watch reruns of ‘Game of Thrones’, it was more of (Y/N)’s idea to get out of the flat, to drink a little bit and socialise. Work has been a haul upon her lately, so taking some time for herself was more than a pleasure.

Harry of course said yes to his fiancé, more than happy to tag along, but was only there to bring her to her happy side, to continue out the conversation and not let his introverted girlfriend of four years, now fiancé feel out of place.

Ever since the invitation went out, which was only a few weeks ago, personally, she was quite excited, it was an invite for her, not from Harry’s friends, but of course she brought him, he always knows how to have a good time. But getting there was a hassle, work ran late, Harry fell asleep, her clothes were all dirty, but eventually they did turn up, only around forty-five minutes late, which was not bad.

The party, like said, was supposed to be small, but walking into the liten area, (Y/N) never expected for it to be a typical ‘frat’ party. Being with Harry has its cost, she is so used to the formal parties for high class celebrities, that she forgot what a normal party of her age was. She recently just got out of university, starting her job as a intern at a a newspaper office, but she never expected the late hours, and constant stress. She was always at the top of her game, always the first one to hand in the assignment, to raise their hand, for her to understand everything. She was the typical ‘teacher’s pet’, which drove everyone crazy.

When she met Harry, she never really wanted to come out of the relationship, she did not want the medias to know, so she kept it simple, only family friends know, and a couple of (Y/N)’s friends knew. She never liked the attention, so she started to stay away from the hardcore parties of university, the drinking, as well as the constant flirting and playing hard to get. She used to enjoy it, but the Chesire boy really did take her heart, and now look where they are, about to get married.

The party took Harry by surprise, he never really experienced it. So watching her talk so easy to everyone, and her drinking the way he never really saw her take the alcohol in, surprised him, but he knew she needed a break, he knew that she needed to escape the stress and forget it just for a bit, so he let her. He sat down, watched her for a while, to make sure she was ok, but she was, she really was.

A couple of hours later, near midnight, she plopped next to him, she was completely exhausted, drunk, and just out of it. She looked up to him, seeing him looking at her, gently taking his hand and playing with her hair. (Y/N) leaned in, and kissed him. It was a simple kiss that turned into a makeout session, her placing her palm on his cheek, him putting his hand on her waist, and just letting their lips guide one another’s action. They pulled apart moments later, about to get up, when Harry’s phone started to go off, which took them both in surprise.  

He tried to ignore it, but constant tweets arose from it, so he sat down, her following his actions and him reading each one. She took note that his simple smile started to fade to a frown, with his eyes darted, she tried to look at the phone, taking a few glimpse of words like, ‘girlfriend’, ‘kissing’, ‘party’, that was enough for her drunk mind to place the story together.

“Someone told?” Is all she could say, her looking, trying to find his eyes, and all he could muster was a short nod.

“Who?” She told him, bringing her feet to herself, placing them behind, while placing her head on his shoulder.

“It originated from a girl named, Sydney, who posted a picture of us, kissing, at this party” He told her, taking his look off of his phone for the first time, looking at her. (Y/N)’s smile faded, her look faded.

Sydney was (Y/N)’s friend from the beginning of university, it was good relationship, until she started to fail, while (Y/N) became the best of the class, and started to study and hang around other people more. She always liked her, she tried to help her, but Sydney was never willing to let her help, so in (Y/N)’s words, she got jealous, creating drama for the whole dorm. Sydney liked to do the typical young adult ‘activities’, while (Y/N) liked to keep to herself. Therefore it created a lot for drama, ending the friendship, and Sydney creating a lot of rumours.

“Oh,” she began, looking around the room, and found the brunette, “I’ll be back.” She said, starting to come up, walking towards the girl.

“Sydney!” She said, trying to come to her happy self. The girl turned around, smile coming to a smirk.

“(Y/N)! It’s so nice to see you.” She said, starting to come to the girl, (Y/N) took the girl aside, patting her back on the way.

“Just want to let you know, you did not ask me if you could post a picture of my fiancé or I, and second off, it’s not really nice to expose people’s relationships. How about I tell your mother or father about how you lost your virginity at fourteen, and how many men you sleep with on average. But it’s nice talking to you, have a good one!” (Y/N) stated in a clear nice voice, patting the girl on the back and walking away, leaving her in shock or utter confusion.

“What did you do?” Harry asked her, she placed her hand out for him to grab it, starting to walk to the door.

“You know, gave some quick advice to my friend, Sydney over there. But its ok, lets go to bed.” She started, walking towards the door. Harry felt very confused, until it linked together about Sydney and the stories she has told him about her.

“You know what, it’s good that we are out, maybe you should clear it, but you can’t always let people know you’re single, they might just steal you.” She added, walking towards the car, him laughing.

“I highly doubt that.”

“Whatever, Styles.”

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ML Fluff Month || Day 17

AN: Sup my dudes. Here’s an AU where Alya has the Ladybug Miraculous but Adrien’s still crushing on the cute girl sitting behind him. I got the inspiration for this from a fanart I saw by @doodle-roon so I just had to write about how our beloved blond cinnamon roll figures out the feelings are mutual.


Day 17- AU

“Hey Alya,” Adrien whispered, leaning back in his seat, hoping not to get caught by the teacher. “Where’s Marinette?”

Alya leaned forward and casually rested her cheek against her hand to cover her mouth. “Out sick, the lack of sleep finally caught up to her,” she whispered back.

Adrien simply nodded and went back to taking notes. But this didn’t last long for he felt a folded piece of paper slide down the back of his seat. He quickly grabbed it before the teacher noticed and read it over. ‘Patrol tonight?’ It read. Adrien gave a quick nod of his head without turning back to Alya.

“You’ve gotta tell her how you feel,” was the first thing that came out of Alya’s mouth when she swung in on her yoyo.

“You know I can’t do that, Bug,” Adrien said with a sigh. “She may have a crush on Chat but not on Adrien.”

“How are you two so oblivious Chat?” Alya said with a huff. Adrien gave her a quizzical look over his shoulder before standing up and turning to face his partner. “Oh no, I am not going to try to convince you that she likes both sides of you. Not tonight mister.”

“But Bug, I’m telling you, she doesn’t think of Adrien that way. Sure she’s gotten over that stutter she had when we’re together. And sure she sometimes gets me a croissant in the morning from her parents’ bakery cause she knows I like them. And she still uses that umbrella I gave her when we first met. And maybe she blushes whenever our hands accidentally brush. And she gets this doe eyed look on her face when I get excited and ramble on about things. And-and her smile, her beautiful smile sometimes perks when I come to class and our eyes meet… But that doesn’t mean anything.”

Alya waits for Adrien’s spiel to click, simply raising a brow when it still hasn’t after a few moments. “Does all that ring any bells?” she asks, voice borderline amused.

Another moment of silence passes as the cogs in Adrien’s head turns. Finally, once it clicks his eyes go wide and his lips part as he gasps softly. “She likes me. Marinette likes me! Oh my god, she really likes me!”

“Alright, alright, calm down lover boy. Any louder and I think Mari will hear you from all the way over here.” Alya grins; happy that her partner finally saw what the entire class has been seeing since the first week the model joined them.

Chat laughs as he pulls Alya into a hug. “Marinette likes me,” he said a little more softly, a grin taking over his features.

“Yes, yes, she likes both sides of you. Now come one, we’ve got a city to patrol,” Alya replied while patting Adrien’s head.



(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, love making( light smut), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; I am cursed! I can’t update in time for my life xd. Oh, and Yes. Yes, yes, there’s a lot of SPN innuendos *wink wink*

Tags;  @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x  @hollycornish @jenn0755  @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes @cry-me-a-fkin-river @starstar1012 @okayish-url @imsunnysu  @rchlnwtn @kirsten-clifford1619  @crazybarnes  (tags are open!)

Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3  Chapter4  Chapter5  Chapter6  Chapter7  Chapter8 Chapter9

Chapter 10

You have to take a couple of deep breaths before gather the courage necessary to open the door of Nana’s book store. With Steve on your heels you step into the small store composing one hundred different scenarios for which you could need a spell, being who you are, you know Nana won’t believe any of them. Tsk.

- Nana? - You call her name not finding her between the shelves. You hear fast steps coming from behind the store and you gulp when the old woman pokes his head out of the curtain his gaze glued on Steve

- Follow me - she says not even looking at you

Steve looks at you slightly intimidated by her and you nod reassuringly, even when you are not entirely sure of what you are getting yourself into.

Nana walks fast trough amounted boxes and old books. You realize that you have never been in this part of the store, after Nana took one corner to the left the hallway gets narrow and Steve struggle to follow your lead colliding everytime with the walls thanks to his big shoulders. Nana doesn’t seem to notice, or care.

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Also harry's stunts were bad but harry always got something good from them. He is more famous, well known, has a lot of celebrity friends and that means like a good cv but louis' stunts caused caos. He even got arrested, nobody can compare the sitations. Not anymore

Louis does have famous friends in private, but the fact he can’t have them publicly, well, tells a lot (James Corden for example, knew Louis way before he met Harry, but everyone assumes Harry’s is James only friend. Ed too, is friends with both, but if you ask people will say he only knows Harry). And yes, Harry’s image is nasty, I’m not saying it isn’t, he has been tagged like that since he was 16 which is beyond disgusting, but he’s still posh, rich, fashion icon, only wears big brands guy. Louis is lad guy with no famous friends, only wears Adidas and eats fast food, the constract is screaming. And I agree, you just can’t compare both,  because Louis image is beyond fucked 

The Hunter’s Son Pt. 2

Characters: Sam x Reader (eventually), Dean, OMC (Jonah), Alexis

Summary: During a missing childrens’ case, Sam runs into a familiar face and one that looks much like his own. Now Sam has to tackle something just as difficult as hunting: fatherhood

Words: 2,801

Warnings: Mentions of cannibalism, slight angst 

A/N: I had way too much fun writing this chapter. Today’s gif is brought to you by Google. I do not own it. Feedback is always welcome! 

~Series Masterlist~

Sam sighed as his brother paced, practically repeating everything he told him.

“So let me get this straight… Back in college she was dared to go into an abandoned place off campus. So you tag along and there was a ghost?”

“Yes Dean. I just didn’t want her going alone okay?”

Dean hummed, “Then the ghost appeared and you handled it. She found out…”

Sam groaned, completely done with this conversation now. “Yes! She even helped me, and she was terrified might I add. She didn’t wanna be alone after that and we drank a couple of beers back at my dorm room. I told her everything okay? I know I shouldn’t have but I did.”

“Then you two hooked up,” Dean teased.

“What? No! Dean seriously?”

“Is that how you two became a thing?”

Sam groaned, “We only had one class. She hated me. But after that it changed okay? Yes we hooked up but not on that night! Y/N was just a small thing before Jess…. That’s it.”

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Sherlock Season 4 - The one that never was

“There won’t be a season 4 but there will be a season 5”
That is basically what the creators told us before season four was announced. We took it as a joke, but what if it was real.
What if
- There is no EMP
- There is no coma
- There is no TAB
What if Mycroft was right when saying “Mind Palace is a memory technique, I know what it can do and I know what it most certainly can’t.”
What if all of this never happened.

So, let me explain myself first.
I’ve been trying to write this theory for super long. I thought of it for many months now and since we are so desparate at these times, I finally decided to write it.
It simply goes like this:
‘Season 4 (comolete including TAB) never happened and we’re still on the tarmac because it was all “Alternatively”.’

Let’s start with the obvious, Why TAB? Why would such a wonderful piece of 19th century gayness not be real? Elementary my dear theorists, it’s simply too good and too complicated to be true. As I said before, Mycroft points out that mind palaces can’t do that because it after all is just a memory technique. We all shoved this away but perhaps he was right. After all he is the smartest.
Next off, why would all of season 4 be fake and why would they go through so much to get it done if it were fake? Simple, they didn’t. In fact, they tried their best to make season 4 as shitty as possible. I have an entire list of things that were wrong but honestly season 4 just doesn’t work like a season at all. And let’s not even talk about​ TFP, that shit was hilariously awful. And the entire thing with Eurus was just torture and cringe.
Anyway, I think that Season 4 is simply giving us what will happen in season 5 but “Alternatively”.
Which brings us to the last point. “Alternatively” never ended. There was no “Correctly” that’s why ppl are still wondering WHERE EXACTLY IS THE REAL STARTING. Simple answer, nowhere, we’re still on the tarmac.

So yeah I know this didn’t really sum up everything nicely but I have trouble with writing and stuff and I just wanted to have this in case any of this comes true.

So to wrap this up

I believe that in season 5:
- We will have a recap of season 4 including the alternatively and then get a caption like “Correctly” or something.
- Mary will have no redemption arch, probably will be exposed as working for Jim, she will try to kill sherlock at the aquarium and she finally says that she didn’t try to save sherlock (to which Sherlock says ye I knew that) and they have this conversation and she almost shoots him but john shoots her first. And as she bleeds he will look at her with dead eyes
- Jim is alive HELL YEEEH
- Episode 2 is all for them finding Jim and John realizing sherlick is not a sociopath
- Episode 3 is all about Jim and IOU (which is obviously I love you cuz come on that psycho has a detective crush.)
- Johnlock (I hope)

So that’s it thanks for reading
Gonna tag some wonderful ppl now


betrayal at its finest

A/N: i had a prompt in my ask where Riley finds a stray dog & takes him in so here it is! Even though it took me a while, hope you enjoyed it! :) PS. don’t know why they got so suggestive towards the end?? blame rucas
Pairing: Rucas
Words: 930 words


Lucas walks in through the front door of his and Riley’s apartment and begins to slip his coat off. “Babe?” He calls out, setting his belongings to the side. It was an incredibly tiring day but he was glad that he could come home and relax with his beautiful fiance.

Rather than being welcomed by Riley, he found being gnawed by a Pomeranian Teacup Puppy, asking for attention. The pup and Lucas end up having a staring contest and he’s starting to wonder if he’s hallucinating because of how tired he is.

“Uh, Riley?” He questions, crouching down to gather the little white fluff ball in his arms. He had a feeling he knew what was going but decides to see what happens as he makes his way into the living room.

As soon as the blonde makes his way into the room, Riley’s eyes light up at the sight and a smile touches her lips. “I see you’ve met Lucky.”

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take a chance on me

fandom: tvd
pairing: klaroline
words: 1.7k
rating: G

thanks to @garglyswoof again, Kenny is amazing! I wouldn’t be writing without your help! 

read on ao3

“There’s blood on your collar,” he’d told her.

Words that she’d perhaps given too much importance to; still, she had fled. It had felt too casual, too normal for her to think of them as simple words. He’d become a kiss when she woke up, a cup of coffee waiting for her, the smell of paint and a door already open.

It was unacceptable.

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anonymous asked:

Shipping Moriel despite having it canon that a queer woman does not love him romantically is disgusting. Just as bad as any ableist or racist post this fandom sometimes creates.

Hello Nonnie. So this is really hard for me to talk about publicly now on Tumblr, so please bear with me.

I think in many ways - yes, you’re absolutely right. Mor has canonically stated she is not in love with Azriel, so to continue shipping her in canon with him erases who she is whether you read her as bi or not. And that’s not cool. Period.

Obviously, I shipped Moriel to the moon and back. And obviously, I just wrote two small drabbles for them. I understand if they offended you. And I apologize if that was the case. I try to tag appropriately so that doesn’t happen, but I want you to know those two pieces were sort of farewells from me to them in terms of fic and that I have zero plans to write fic (at all) in the future, if that’s what this ask is about.

I met Mor and Az at a time in my life when I was quite literally trying to find reasons to stay, to keep going. Their love story in ACOMAF pulled me out of that place where I was really scared and alone. And the only reason I trusted them when they offered me their hands out of the dark was because I thought they were doing that for each other. Obviously, I was wrong. But letting go of - saying goodbye to that safe space has been extremely difficult for me. So while I completely understand your concerns, I hope maybe you and others will have patience with me as I sort this out. I’m trying to be more open and move on, but losing them feels like… my father dying, my boyfriend leaving, my friends moving, all of it all over again that led me to that place Mor and Az found me originally. And it hurts so much because I trusted them. And now I know it was just a joke all along and I fell for it hard.

So that’s why I’ve still been hanging on to that little sliver I found in this story. But I understand why my position on it isn’t justified anymore and so as I’ve said since ACOWAR’s release, I’ll certainly be keeping any thoughts on it to a minimum, if at all, on Tumblr so that Mor can live on in fandom as the magical beautiful woman she is. I hope you understand. <3

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end

  • Co worker: "so you like Christmas right? She needs to win this season"
  • Me: "yes she's one of my faves! Cody though on the other hand"
  • Co worker: "oh he needs to go he creeps me out"
  • Me in the diary room "I'm blessed to have a coworker who has the same fave as me and hates the same people as me from big brother. She hates Nicole with the same passion that I do. We are totally now beasties and we are connected and one. We have more harmony than the bb19 tumblr tag"

first of all im so sorry if any of you have to see my face twice today LMAO gasdhasdsa

anyway? i guess this is the Before After Tag thing where you post how you look like awhile ago vs how you look like now. i was tagged by these absolutely lovely and beautiful people like, wow i’m blessed by their presence: val @kingdans, sarah @minhwangs, abby @hwangminyeo, and cathy @woojiniel (actually idk what kinda tag cathy tagged me on because she did a mixed one but ye)

i used to have like a super long and thick hair during elementary school and then i cut em off during 8th grade, the picture on the left is taken by my friend when i was in 9th grade. it started growing to be the middle one which is also when i started using make up lol. the right picture doesnt show it but my hair has already grown pretty long now? i took that picture like.. three days ago i think.

i’m going to tag @sungwoona @rosybaejin @ongeuigeon @idaehwi @danik-chu @darkpastwoojin @wonulogy @ongeuigeon @extraongdinary @dxnghyuns and @l-guanlin but probs most you have done it already so you guys can mayb @ me on them or.. ignore this lol

20 things

@sexyhappychic tagged me weeks ago. It took me a while to decipher the questions she asked. Or what I think she really wanted to know.

Name: Nice try. This blog is anonymous for me to hide my true identity.

Nickname: I can’t tell you what I went by during my years in the Cosa Nostra, but in Junior high I was called a “soft bellied wombat” by the wrestling team. I might have been the chubbiest 98 pounder ever.

Height: Yes, I am sensitive enough about this to wear lifts in my shoes for special occasions.

Ethnicity: is this a veiled attempt to invalidate what I wrote on my application for Aussie citizenship? I mean, indigenous can mean a lot of things.

Favorite Fruit: No, I have not smuggled drugs or keistered anything else to get it across an international border. Across state lines is another story…

Favorite Season: My favorite time is when you have summer.

Favorite book series: No SHC, I cannot tell you the real meanings behind the Donald’s tweets for another 27 years. But I can.tell you who shot Kennedy next year.

Favorite flower: The most disappointing time I ever gifted a flower to someone was my Junior prom. When she said she wanted my flower I thought she meant a corsage. Apparently not putting out on a first date was a deal breaker. I have not heard from her since.

Favorite scent: I live in Oregon so you must mean favorite Vape. I am undecided on that.

Favorite color: Black

Favorite Animal: When I went to live with my mom at the age of 14, she went to work and left me at home with her wolf/Newfoundland cross breed named Jessie. I went out to check the mail and Jessie did not let me back in the house for the next 6 hours until my mom got home. Apparently she was rejecting me from the pack. It set the mood for my formative High School years.

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: I have been drug free my whole life. But I live on Rockstar energy drinks now to make up for all the cocaine I missed out in high school.

Average hours of sleep: I do occasionally experience astral projection in the early morning hours when all the stars align.

Favorite fictional character: Tyrion Lannister.

Number of blankets: Yes, I will cover or lie for a friend of I need to. Just let me know ahead of time. 😉

Dream trip: all Americans say Australia or New Zealand. But I have seen Quigley Down Under. You guys shoot at middle aged white Americans.
Give me a safe place like the Ukraine any day.

Blog created: I question that every day.

Number of followers: ok, I have been blocked 7 times by @morethananaveragebitch, but she has a drunken girls night out every now and then and forgives me.

Thank you for the tag.