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Day Four: Free Prompt

Decided to do a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood AU! They’re not brothers here (cuz like no). They’re childhood best friends. Kiri lost his parents like Winry so Bakugo is the only form of family he has left. He decides to help Bakugo bring his dad back. Meaning Mitsuki would be the one that left Bakugo and that is immortal and that helped create Mother.

I’m not sure if they mentioned in the show whether an alchemist can know more than one form of alchemy?? So let’s just say they can. Bakugo knows both fire alchemy and reg alchemy. But he prefers fire!! I kinda want to draw more for this AU. I have so many ideas. Especially with Todoroki and Izuku !!

Anyway, yeah! They get married after everything is resolved !! <3


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SPN characters as things my friends have said
  • Dean: Im gonna leave this world the same way I came in, screaming and covered in someone else's blood
  • Sam: I'm tired as ass
  • Cas: This is not comfortable there are things in my ass
  • Gabriel: I wanna fuck the moose
  • Crowley: I see you whore go back to suffering
  • Charlie: If my art is disproportionate enough will it come to life and murder me?
  • Lucifer: I'm sorry I cause all the suffering in your life
Undeniable Proof that Aziraphale is That Bitch™

Over the last couple of nights, I’ve been skimming my copy of Good Omens again, because so many people in the comments of my other post were somehow surprised by the suggestion that Aziraphale might be a garbage angel. But like… He is. He really is.

So here, an itemized list of Aziraphale being absolutely Extra (capital E) with evidence:

1) That time he chose his CD player over Heaven.

“That’s it, then,” said Crowley, with a gleam of triumph. He knew Aziraphale’s weak spot all right. “No more compact discs.”

2) That time he lit a traffic cop’s ticket book on fire because he didn’t want to pay a fine.

As they drove past an astonished traffic warden his notebook spontaneously combusted, to Crowley’s amazement. 

“I’m pretty certain I didn’t mean to do that,” he said.

Aziraphale blushed. “That was me.”

3) That time he collected Bibles, but all of them were evil.

And he had a complete set of the Infamous Bibles… These Bibles included the Unrighteous Bible… the Wicked Bible… the Discharge Bible… the Buggre Alle This Bible…

4) That time even the apocalypse couldn’t dent his manicure or his obsession with occult prophecies.

No one knows what happened to the legions of unsold copies of Agnes Nutter’s book. Certainly none remain in any museums or private collections. Even Aziraphale does not possess a copy, but would go weak in the knees a the thought of actually getting his exquisitely manicured hands on one.

5) That time he may or may not have done… something ominous to the mafia.

Or sometimes, while they were talking, other men in dark glasses would wander around the shop shaking their heads and saying how inflammable paper was, and what a firetrap he had here.

Aziraphale would nod and smile and say that he’d think about it. And they’d go away. And they’d never come back.

Just because you’re an angel doesn’t mean you have to be a fool.

6) That time he was just an absolute mannerless heathen.

“You said it was him!” moaned Aziraphale, abstractedly picking the final lump of cream cake from his lapel. He licked his fingers clean.

7) That time that he actually considered moving to Hell with Crowley.

“I suppose–get off the road you clown–” Crowley said, “your people wouldn’t consider–and the scooter you rode in on!–giving me asylum?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

8) The raw confidence it took to deliver THIS:

“Some Southern pansy,” Shadwell said, “I heard him. He was in here, suggestin’ things to yer. I heard him.”

Madame Tracy’s mouth opened, and a voice said, “Not just A Southern Pansy, Sergeant Shadwell. THE Southern Pansy.”

9) That time the line “You go too fast for me Crowley” was amusing to any book reader who remembers book!Aziraphale beating Crowley’s top speed by over 90mph while driving a scooter:

Look at Crowley, doing 110mph on the M40… …This was exactly like that, except that instead of a gleaming twelve-mile-long spaceship, it was an off-white twenty-year-old motor scooter. And it probably wasn’t going at more than two hundred miles per hour.

10) That time his sass game was so strong even Crowley had no answer.

“We seem to have survived,” Aziraphale said. “Just imagine how terrible it might have been if we’d been at all competent.”

“Um,” said Crowley.

And this isn’t even mentioning the time he left a loaded gun in the hands of a sugar-high 11-year-old, was the only main character responsible for actually killing an animal, dropped the book’s one (1) F-bomb, manipulated a human into agreeing to murder a child, performed what looked exactly like a demon summoning ritual, lied to God, and broke the first commandment…

TL;DR: Aziraphale is a L E G E N D and Crowley legitimately wishes he could be this cool.

Headcanon = Damian Wayne constantly confused about idioms

Damian: You’ve salted my injury Todd!!
Jason:….. What?
Damian: You have added salt to my injury!!
Jason: I’ve..added insult to injury?
Damian: *Huffs*
Damian: *Tim walks into the room* Ah yes, speaking of Satan
Bruce: I think you mean speak of the devil, and please stop calling Tim the devil.
Damian: Cease being a furniture vegetable and do something useful!
Jason: The phrase you’re looking for demon, is couch potato
Damian: I would prefer we not beat the shrubbery
Steph: ….???
Dick: He means beat around the bush


Vader is Vader and Anakin is Anakin so you are kind of right to refer to them as two other people but they are the same person, it’s very tricky. But Vader is kind of unrepentant and wants to destroy her, there is nothing else he wants more. Anakin is deep buried inside.”   


“We didn’t ship all of our books out here. While we’re gone, we’re actually having them rebound”
Of course Shane picks out the most demonically-titled book to have memorised…. 👀