yes sammy


“Hey, (Y/N), how are you over there?”

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Obedience training - retrieving the dumbbell 🐶.

He is doing really good, only the speed is a thing we must work on.
I am really so proud that he does not chew when he holds the dumbbell or let it fall.
Sammy, your human is so proud.
The next step will be a hurdle (jumping over it, take it, jump back and into heel start position).


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Your dad was a hunter like Sam and Dean’s dad and sometimes both your fathers went on hunts together so you ended up in a hotel somewhere with the boys often. It wasn’t too bad, you liked Sam and Dean. You were a only child and always wanted siblings and these two were kind of like your brothers.

“Time to go to bed [Y/N]” Dean ordered making you look away from the television. Dean was usually left in charge which meant he got to order you around.

“Oh come on one more episode please” you begged giving Dean your best puppy dog face. The older boy sighed, he couldn’t resist your cuteness and you knew it.

“Fine but after this you’re going to bed”.

“That means I get to stay up too right?”.

“Yes Sammy”.

You both grinned happily and Dean came over and sat next to you. However weren’t up very long because you soon fell asleep before the show even ended, making it so Dean had to carry you to bed.
“Nighty night kiddo” he smiled ruffling your hair a bit as he covered you with a warm blanket. Sam kissed your forehead making you smile in your sleep.

Dont Talk in Spanish//S.W.

“Sammy!“ you yell. “Yes?” Sammy yells. “Pick up your stuff.” you say. You can see all of his shoes and clothes on the ground. “Why can’t you pick it up babe? he says. ​"Si no recoger su basura que no me está atornillado’.” you yell. Sammy looks at you with wide eyes. He knows you only speak Spanish when you’re mad. “My mistake, I’ll pick it up baby.” Sammy says and gets up to pick it up while you glare at him. “Mhmmm.” you say as he walks toward you. He gets close to your face. As he bends down you can smell his cologne now and it’s your favorite one. You almost melt every time he gets this close to you. Of course him knowing he has this power over you, starts to try to sweet talk you out of being mad. “Y/N, baby I’m really sorry but I can make it up to you.” he says in a whisper. “I-I- Sammy, please don’t.” you say, getting weak in the knees. You are now staring into each other’s eyes. His hands slip down to your butt and you have to force yourself to move his hands. “Y/NNNN, baby just let me make it up to you. I have been being a jerk lately.” Sammy says. “Sammy if I forgive you, will you stop messing with me?” you say. “Yes baby, I will.” he says. “Fine, I forgive you.” you say. “Thanks baby.” he says then kisses you. “I hate when you talk in Spanish. Please don’t talk in Spanish.” Sammy says.

English Translation: If you don’t pick up your crap you’re not screwing me..Or something along those lines

Clingy Sammy Imagine

for @swazzswhore for your Sammy feels. X

“Yes Sammy, I have to work. Again. I know how terrible! I sure wish I could hangout with Kylie Jenner all freaking day too but one of us has to have a real job.” I snapped angrily at my boyfriend. Immediately I regretted the harsh words. Tired didn’t begin to cover how I was feeling, exhausted now that was more like it. I had worked 60 hours the past week just so I didn’t have to ask Sammy for money. I didn’t want to seem like I was with him for the money. LA was crazy expensive and with him going on tour in a couple weeks I needed money.

“All I’m saying is I want to spend more time with you babe. I’m going to be gone for a while and I’ll miss the fuck out of you. I know I sound like a little bitch but it’s the truth.” Sammy scratched his neck awkwardly. He wasn’t the best at expressing his feelings. “Can’t you take the day off? We can cuddle or something I don’t care what we do. Anything.”

“Sammy…are you being clingy?” I laughed, maybe I was imagining this. His eyes went wide and he shook his head. “Yes you are! Awe babeeeee, you’re like a stage 5 clinger! This is so cute.”

“I am not clingy Y/N. We’ve already had a heartfelt moment okay, don’t make this more than it is. I am not clingy.” Sammy couldn’t lie to me, I knew him.

I shook my head back at him, “Oh yes you are and I’m telling the guys!” Sticking my tongue out at him I whipped my phone out of my pocket.

Sammy lunged from his spot on the couch knocking me over. “Give me the phone Y/N. You are NOT telling the guys about this!” I giggled furiously. He managed to wrestle me to the ground and was sitting on me, holding my phone triumphantly in his hand.

“I won’t tell them if you admit it. C’mon babe, just say the words. I, Samuel Wilkinson, am a stage 5 clinger.” This was a Sammy I liked. 9 times out of 10 he was being a hard ass. He mouthed the word ‘no’ at me. “At least admit you’re being clingy today.”

Sammy’s eyebrows knitted together in disapproval. “Is it a crime that I’m going to miss you while I’m gone for 2 months? I’m not going to be able see you or hold you. Or this.” He leaned his head down so his lips almost touched mine. Our breath mingled together and all thoughts of work flew out of the window. All I could think about was this. This was what mattered, him and I. Sammy leaned the rest of the way down and our lips connected. This kiss was different, it was needy but not in a sexual way. I definitely liked this Sammy. He made me want to call into work and then crawl into bed just to do nothing but this.

Sucking Sammy’s bottom lip into my mouth I bit it gently. This elicited a delicious moan from him. “Baby stop, don’t do that. I just want to do sweet things with you today. Call into work and spend the day in my arms?” How could I say no?

“Okay babe, I can do that. For the record, I’m going to miss you so much when you’re gone. I know I haven’t been paying as much  attention to you as I should.” I pecked him softly on the lips. “Buuuut I need my phone back for that.” Standing up, Sammy stuck his hand out to help me up.

Taking my phone from his outstretched hand I sent a quick text to the group chat and dialed my boss.

“Y/N… what the fuck did you say to the guys.” My inner goddess was doing her happy dance.

Trying to suppress my giggle I pointed a finger at myself and said “Who, me? I didn’t say anything. Really babe I’m on the phone.” Sammy narrowed his eyes at me while I faked sick to get out of work.

“Oh yeah? Hm then I wonder who told them that I’m a stage 5 clinger?”

“SO YOU ADMIT IT? YOU THINK YOU’RE A STAGE 5 CLINGER TOO?” I burst out laughing. “Oh babe I knew it.”

“I will let it slide this one time, Y/N Y/M/N.” Ooooh shit pulling out the middle names? “But only because you are going to spend your day doing whatever I want.” His smile turned devilish.

“Don’t get any nasty ideas Samuel.” Taking his hand I lead him to our bedroom. “I’m staying home because I love you, I hope you know that.”

“And I love you, my perfect princess.” He crawled into our bed and took me with him, snuggling into me. “I love you so much Y/N, I’m going to marry you one day.”