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So what is the age of Joey and the other workers

[Just the right ages to at least make some of them be compatible for multi-shippers .]

[EDIT: Wrote Henry’s age wrong, it’s actually 70 not 60]

In case I hadn’t made it painfully obvious by this point, let it be known that I am a) super shipping trash and b) totally smitten with Gadreel.

Now debuting color on this blog, we have a squishy Gad cuddling a moose plush. Does that moose plush have Sam hair and a flannel shirt? That may be a distinct possibility. Yes. Yes it does. See point A above if you need a reason.

Bad to the bone

Loosely inspired by “Bad to the bone” by George Thorogood & the Destroyers.

Dean has been in love with the reader since forever, but he’s convinced he isn’t good enough for her.

As always: let me know what you think (and please ignore all the grammatical errors – Norwegian and English are pretty different languages).

Word count: 5293

“Careful, Dean.” You wave a rag in front of his eyes and point to the floor. “I just spilled a crap load of Dawn –“

Dean easily steps over the wet puddle and reaches for the coffee, watching as you bend to wipe up the soap. But before you can place the rag on the floor, Dean yanks it out of your hands. “Wait,” he says, a wicked smile forming on his lips. “Watch!”

“Dean… what are you -?”

But he shakes his head and yells as high pitched as he can. “Sammy!!”

You roll your eyes, muttering to yourself. “He’ll be so mad…”

“Shh, I can hear him,” Dean sniggers. “Three, two, one…”

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