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Mac & Soles art trade with keycchan, featuring their m!ss, Adust. :) You can check out their art for me here! Thanks so much~ Always a pleasure to indulge in the Mac trash can with others ;D


Roy: It has been 10 years since then…

Riza: Yes. 10 years have passed so fast.

Roy: The years have passed for us too…

Riza: *stares*

Roy: Just now you were checking my head weren’t you?

Riza: No I wasn’t…

Roy: …. my hair i-

Riza: I wasn’t.

3Koma titled “Arekara” (Since then/that incident)  by Hiromu Arakawa, featuring Roy and Riza. It was included in the Blu-Ray Box set of Fullmetal Alchemist, on sale since 2015 for celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the anime (Conqueror of Shamballa in fact).

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oooo tel me about alexis's relationship with the lightwoods!

Ahhhh yes these presh kids!!

Okay so Lexie and Alec are basically besties, both full of sarcasm and both spending 90% of their time being done with Jace. Lexie basically grew up with the Lightwoods and Jace because her father was on the run and her mother was imprisoned by the Clave, and she and Alec got close pretty quickly. They both had a thing for Jace for a long time before Jace and Lex started dating, but Alec never holds it against Lexie because he knows how much she loves Jace. Also Alec and Lexie are both killer strategists and they grew up pretending to run the Institute together, coming up with attack plans on fake demons in preparation for when they were older!

As for Izzy and Lexie, well that’s a different story! They tend to fight like sisters since they grew up side by side, often compared to the other and feeling like they’re both fighting for attention. Izzy’s parents briefly considered the idea of training Izzy and Alexis to be parabatai but they argued too much and ultimately it was decided that pairing them was not a wise idea, and Alexis likes to think she fights better alone anyway. They do love each other deep down, but Izzy often wishes Lexie would just open up to her instead of pushing her away in an attempt to maintain her tough exterior. 

And Max! Presh little Max! Honestly Max is a little scared of Alexis because she puts up such a front and she’s always been a little bitter about how much he gets doted on by everyone. Lexie always thinks back to how she was raised as a child, with parents of the Circle and how she was essentially punished for their crimes so she gets annoyed when everyone loves this kid so much. But still, she has a soft spot for Max and she tells a killer ghost story which Max both loves and hates. 

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Did you watch Artemi's one-on-one interview with Bob McElligott? The interviewer said Wennberg likes to pass the puck and Artemi said something like "I don't know him yet but if he likes to pass the puck I love him already." And he also said "I blocked two shots last year, one more than Kane." He's presh.

YES I DID SEE THAT he is so cute and cheeky I love him so MUCH


   Oh, had someone dropped their toy? Maria was inclined to pick up the little thing before she realized she wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking at. It didn’t look like any toy she’d seen before. If it was supposed to be an animal, she’d never seen that either. She knelt down behind it and gave it an experimental pat behind the -what she thought at least- was the head.