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it really warms my heart that as much as there’s an example of bad and hurtful parenting (jake’s biological father) on b99 (the effects of which are actually acknowledged and addressed), there are several more examples of amazing fathers like terry and charles whose children will grow up never doubting for a second that their dads care about and love them, or father figures like holt, someone who clearly grew to respect and care about jake. 

and we know without any doubt that jake will be just as much of an awesome father, and i just love the normalization of healthy parenting and openly proud, caring fathers on the show.

What other people in the ANE fandom title their fics: Really cool titles reminiscent of the story, often which have a strange sense of irony and/or foreshadowing, often even go so far as to research outside their native language to search for the perfect name.

What I title my fics:

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Hey, I really respect how you say "ship whatever you want and I won't witch hunt you", but if I remember you did leave a very rude comment on a Saimeno fic recently on anon, and mocked the person who's writing the Kaito/Tenko fic on twitter instead of bringing your criticisms directly to his/her face. Furthermore, I don't remember where it was confirmed that Tenko is a lesbian; I am not arguing that she's not attracted to woman, but it seems like you're dismissing the fact that she could be bi.

i… didn’t leave that?

that’s… really strange? i don’t know who would leave that or why…?

(i really swear, I never even read the saimeno fic! i really would rather not get into people’s business. and my headcanons can be totally different from yours!)

and if i was going to diss a ship, i would probably be smart and not go by meghan anyway…?


FANCAST: Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan

Arden Cho/Olivia Sui  - Mulan

Ross Butler - Li Shang

EDIT: Arden Cho is Korean and Ross is Indonesian, as pointed out by a lovely anon so if we were looking at Chinese actors/actresses I would say Olivia Sui from Smosh as Mulan, and I can’t think of an actor for Li (or whatever the guy they’re replacing Li Shang with is called -.-, let me know if you have any ideas!)

EDIT OF THE EDIT: nvm Ross is Chinese Indonesian eheuheuehuehue


The Dude™ is in


So yeah.. about that whole studying for finals thing… I’ve currently fallen into a bottomless pit and can’t seem to stop drawing things from @doodledrawsthings ‘s lovely human Bill au and @videogamelover99 ‘s amazing fics.