yes please do it again


gilmore girls re-watch;
└ rory’s dance [1.09]

how dare you!?!

Request/plot: Could you please do one where the reader sees Jason again after his death wayy later then she should have and instead of being relieved she’s just PISSED? I love your fics by the way:) - @fandoms-arelove-fandoms-arelife
Word count:587
Warning(s):cursing, fighting, that’s all i think

A/n: im so sorry its short! im not having a good night I hope you like it!

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BTS texts; Jimin
(Namjoon’s) (Jungkook’s)

(i) when you’ve worried him
(ii) when he’s scared
(iii) when he’s horny
(iv) (a, b) when you don’t know what to wear
(v) (a, b) when he’s playful af

/jungkoohks(since you won’t request) the-storyweaverbecause Jimin’s not ruining you enough

Ugh…You know what we need? We need a musical episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not for any particular reason. We just need one. WE NEED ONE!

  • Dorian: That little trick, Cole, when you dip into someone's mind and take a drink?
  • Dorian: Do you choose what you're looking for, or is it random?
  • Cole: It has to be hurt, or a way to help the hurt. That's what calls me.
  • Cole: Rilienus, skin tan like fine whiskey, cheekbones shaded, lips curl when he smiles.
  • Cole: He would have said yes.
  • Dorian: I'll...thank you not to do that again, please.