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(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.

Connor Murphy x Reader

Connor Murphy x Reader ; What A Night

Requested by: @glitchedrabbit
“ “ I need some fluff with my boy can I ask for Connor x Reader with 14. “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?” And 15. “Can I kiss you?”
Warnings: fluff, swearing, FLUFF
Word count: 950-ish   Y/N = your name!! 


English was slow, as always, so you slumped in your chair and doodled something in your notebook as the teacher went over the importance of… whatever. You were close to falling asleep. That is, until Connor, your best friend and neighbor, walked in late and sat in his normal spot next to you. He looked… nervous?

“Mr. Murphy, late again?” the teacher asked unamused.

“yeah, yeah..” he muttered back, slumping in his chair.

“Hey, you good?” You asked once he set his bag down.

“Oh- I uh, I was just wondering you and me and um,” He just wanted to make one coherent sentence. Was that too much to ask? “Fuck” He cursed under his breath.

“Con, use your words?” You said after giggling at his nervous stammering. He almost never stuttered, he was usually a pretty direct person so this was quite the change for you to hear. He fiddled with his hands nervously before stuttering out a reply.

“You. Do you want to, like, go out tonight? As a um, like maybe we could go on a, like, a date?” He asked while trying to hide the vigorous blush creeping across his face.

“As a date?” You felt your cheeks heat up.

He opened his mouth but decided against it and nodded shyly. He didn’t want to mess up his chance with you with his dumb words, they mess everything up.

“Pick me up at 7:00.” You said simply before turning your attention back to the teacher with a slight smirk.

Connor was wide-eyed and his cheeks were hotter then the sun.

“Holy shit,” he murmured. “I didn’t think that would work.” He ran his hand through his hair and smiled a bit to himself. He glanced back at you, doodling and slowly bobbing your head to the song playing through your single earbud. He had it bad.

The bell rang and he looked at you hoping he hadn’t imagined the conversation. You gave him a cheeky smile, your cheeks almost hurt from smiling so much.

“I’ll see you at 7:00?” You asked excitedly.

“See you then.” Connor smiled back in awe. He watched as you walked out of the room. He had it SO BAD.

Oh my god what do I even say?
Oh my god where do I even take her?
Oh my god what if this is a huge joke?
She wouldn’t do that though… right?
“Zoe, i know we aren’t nice to each other but I really need your help.”

“Oh uh, okay?” She said slowly closing her book.

“I asked Y/N on a date. What the actually FUCK do I do?”

“Oh my,” she said through chuckles. “Yeah, okay what do you need?”

“You’re ready to go! Remember, just relax. She’s known you for forever so she can tell when you’re being fake. Bye now!” Zoe said as she pushed Connor out the door.

Do I knock or..?

“Hey, you ready?” He said through a slightly nervous and very wide smile.

“Are you?”


You had ended up going to a nice little park surrounded by trees. You had wandered around and just made nice conversation for an hour or so, just enjoying each others company.

He slowly reached for your hand after debating in his mind for 10 minutes wether he should, not wanting to freak you out. You held his hand right back (much to his relief). At least you didn’t pull away and scream freak in his face!

You walked home just talking about whatever until-

“CONNOR LOOK ITS A CARNIVAL!!” You almost squealed with joy.

“Oh, I don’t know, I uh, I don’t really… fit in there.” He said sadly, running his free hand through his hair.

“But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?” You glanced up at him before squeezing his hand and quietly saying “I won’t leave your side. I promise.”

He looked into your intense stare and nodded slightly while tightening his grasp on your hand.

Oh god, this place is packed.
Her hand is so soft oh my god.
Wow look at her smile all lit up by red and yellow lights.
“Awe that’s such a cute little stuffed dog! Don’t ya think?”
“I cannot believe you spent 10 dollars to get me a stuffed dog, from a rigged game, Connor.”

“Thank you for doing all this,” you motioned around the carnival rides and game stations. “It’s been amazing!”
Somehow the lights made your eyes twinkle perfectly, and the shadows that lay on your face made you look even more perfect.

“Y/N,” he said softly.

“Hmmm?” You hummed looking at the commotion around you.

“Can I kiss you?” 

You turned toward him with wide eyes, but nodded. You’re eyes flicked to his lips, and back up to him. He grabbed your face and- damn he’s good at kissing. It was perfect, to say the least. His lips were warm and tasted like the cotton candy you had gotten a while ago after he won you that damn stuffed dog.His hands smushed your cheeks a bit, they were warm and a little calloused, but perfect nonetheless.

“Woah.” He whispered softly, after trying to catch his breath. He leaned in, connecting your foreheads together.

“Yeah.” You whispered back, dazed by the memory of what had just happened.

“Can I do it again?”

“Yes please.” You could barely finish before he kissed you again. And again. And again. Throughout the rest of the night was just subtle little kisses.

“Making up for lost time, huh?” You said after the thousandth sneaky kiss.

“You could say that.” He grinned slyly.
“You could also say that you’re so goddamn cute and I can’t help myself.“ his grin grew wider. And so did yours.

                “My daughter is going through her Harry Styles phase, right? First, she insisted for tickets which I got it for her anyway. Second, his album has been on repeat every passing second since release. Third, is there anything else I should worry about? Any warnings about this Styles guy?” Cassandra questioned, arms firmly crossing over her chest before raising a brow at the other.

That’s It (Kylo Ren x Reader Smut)

Warnings: This is shit, please don’t read. I liked Good Boy better. Semi-violent, dubious consent(??), glove kink. Fucking on top of dead peoples ashes? While grandpa vader watches? Orgasm delay/denial. Other stuff..

Word Count: A lot. 2.7K

A/N: Ok um shit i….  This is a thing i did, idk if anyone’s done this yet.. Why does this shit turn me on??? Why couldn’t I be normal? I’d like to apologize to jesus and my dad. Also, the fucking tub of ashes is in his Vader room bc that makes more sense than a random cell. 

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Aftermath of Amazing Sex | one

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky wants to drop the ‘L’ bomb on you, but he’s not so sure whether you’d like it or not. 

Word Count: 2027 | Rating: R [NSFW]

Contents: Dom!Bucky, spanking, Sergeant Kink, oral sex (f receiving), cursing, orgasm denial(?) dirty talk (i suck at it tho), nsfw gifs

Warnings: SMUT, y’all. Unprotected sex (the characters forget it, but you shouldn’t, control the population y’all) 

A/N: I am so proud of this one, because I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. There will be a part two. As you guys must have noticed, in my fics I have a few parts before I complete a story. I kinda started this one as a one shot, but I wasn’t in the mood to write the ending. So I stopped.

Sorry for any typos 😛

And I’m shit at writing dirty talk, gotta improved that 🙈. But please give me feedback, you guys!

Masterlist here 

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I got tagged by @dklem​ to show my phone background, the last song I listened to and a selfie! Thanks for that!

Yeah you can see a pattern in the phone backgrounds about the stuff I like….and yes I did the purple picture with shiro myself and I liked it

And Outro:Wings has been the song I listened to almost 24/7 lately bc its just so damn inspiring to work hard (like almost every song by BTS)

The selfie is from last summer and with mY LITTLE BROTHER LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS HE WANTED US TO DO THE PEACE SIGN AND TRIED SO HARD TO COPY ME AND CHECK IF HE IS DOING IT RIGHT I just have a lot of emotions about this picture

Took this picture last night after my hubby had his way with my Ass!! A new amazing sensation I can’t find the right words to describe other than “Yes, Please….do it to me again!”

Title: The first time is the best

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jughead Jones X Betty Cooper; bughead

Rating: Smut (tish?), R, Humor

Summary: Betty and Jughead’s first time

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the story

Notes: This is only slightly smutty, not meant to offend or trigger anyone. Oh, and also, I thought I’d challenge myself a bit so I wrote this without any descriptions whatsoever, just dialogue. Comments are welcome! And please be kind.

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anonymous asked:

Wow i am loving these drabbles you've been doing, could i send idea? Bianca and Adore where Bianca does really fishy drag for a change and everyone is surprised :) thank you x

Thank you darling!
Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Bianca wanted a change. She was fed up of being predictable. She wanted to be like the other queens for just one night. She didn’t want to be the funny one. Being the funny one didn’t grasp the attention she wanted. She needed to do something totally unexpected. And then maybe she would notice her. Maybe stirring things up a bit would finally catch her eye.

She toned down her make-up dramatically. She wore smaller top lashes and didn’t wear any bottom ones. She was lighter on her contour and didn’t overdraw her lips quite so much. She found a long curly dark wig she hadn’t worn in years and spent ages picking out just the right outfit. When she was finished, she didn’t recognise the person staring back at her. She looked fishy as hell, she was basically unclockable. God the other queens were in for a shock, but there was only one she cared about.

When she exited her dressing room Courtney was the first to notice her. Her eyes widened as she took in Bianca’s appearance. The toned down make-up and wig was just the tip of the iceberg. Instead of her usual long gowns she wore a short vintage dress that billowed out in a 1960’s style. It was low cut and she contoured on her cleavage. Courtney looked her up and down a few times, not sure what to make of this.
‘Are you coming for my gig girl?’ She came closer to Bianca, still wide eyed. ‘You look…I didn’t think you had it in you.’ The blonde chuckled a little, still trying to take this all in. Bianca suddenly felt a little silly.
'Do I look ok? I mean really?’
'You look amazing!’ Courtney smiled. 'What’s brought this on?’
'I just felt like a change.’ Bianca shrugged. Just then the door opened and Adore strolled in.
'Court have you seen my-’ she stopped when she noticed Bianca. 'Holy shit.’ Her jaw practically dropped open as she stared at the older queen. Bianca felt really silly now. What would Adore think of her? She probably thought she looked stupid, I’m too old to be dressing like this.
'I know it’s dumb, I was just going to change.’ Bianca sighed. She’d gotten her attention, but for all the wrong reasons. She turned to head back to her dressing room. She didn’t realise Adore had gotten closer until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Bianca spun back around to look at the younger queen. Adore smiled at her and then turned to look at Courtney over her shoulder.
'Can you give us a minute Court?’
The blonde nodded and took her leave. Adore turned back to Bianca.
'What’s all this about?’ She smiled a little. 'I was just experimenting. It’s dumb. I look dumb.’
'No you don’t!’ Adore laughed lightly. 'You look incredible.’
'Really?’ Bianca frowned, not believing her.
'Really!’ Adore insisted. 'I mean you always look incredible but…’ the younger queen trailed off, looking away from Bianca.
'What?’ Surely she couldn’t have heard her right? Adore looked back at her and even with her layers of make-up on Bianca could see her blushing.
'Just forget I said that. I didn’t mean for that to come out.’ Adore turned her back on Bianca. Bianca was stunned. This whole time she’d been desperate for Adore to notice her, to look at her in that way and she had all along?
'I did this for you.’ Bianca called after her. Adore turned back to her. 'I did this because I wanted you to think I was beautiful.’
Adore frowned a little and stepped closer to Bianca.
'Are you kidding me? I’ve always thought you were beautiful. I thought it was obvious.’ She was still blushing.
'You…you really think that?’
Adore bit her lip and nodded.
'Always. Whether you’re caked in make-up or whether your just Roy. I think you’re beautiful. You don’t have to change for me.’
Bianca’s heart soared. She didn’t have any words to say to that so instead she grabbed Adore by the waist and kissed her. The younger queen kissed her back, their lipsticks meshing together. When the kiss ended Adore bit her lip again shyly.
'Wow.’ The younger queen breathed.
'Wow indeed.’ Bianca laughed.
'I hope there’s more where that came from.’
'As many as you like.’ Bianca kissed her again. 'Does this mean I can go back to my normal look? I don’t feel like Bianca in this.’ The older queen laughed again. Adore laughed too and nodded.
'Yes please do, this is kinda freaking me out.’
'But it did what it was suppose to. You noticed me.’ Bianca smiled at her. Adore smiled too and gave Bianca one last kiss.
'I could never not notice you.’ She spoke into her lips. 'Go sort yourself out we have a show to do. And maybe after I’ll let you take me out.’ Adore winked at her before sauntering away. Bianca sighed in content. Fishy drag definitely wasn’t for her. But it had served its purpose. Bianca had finally got her girl.

kanato20016  asked:

What if the main character was suicidal, always down,you know; how would the brothers(Sakamaki, mukami, and tsukinami) react?

Thank you for the ask. I would just like to say that if any of you are contemplating suicide PLEASE GET HELP!!! I CARE ABOUT YOU AND WANT YOU TO BE SAFE!!! YOUR LIFE MATTERS!! I am here to talk if you like, but if not please find at least one person to help you with what you are going through, please.

Trigger Warning: This post contains suicidal thoughts/ actions. Please do not read if you are sensitive to this content.

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Braid (RebelCaptain Appreciation Week Day 7)

Day 7 Prompt: Future.

Ahh, I really meant to respond to more of these prompts during the week but between Easter weekend and finals coming up, real life has really gotten in the way of my writing schedule. If I can, I may post responses to the other prompts, but no guarantees! Still, I hope you enjoy this one and one last thanks to @therebelcaptainnetwork​ and @rebelcaptainprompts​ for organizing this amazing week. So much amazing work has come out of it and I’m so thankful for you guys putting it into action!

Summary: Cassian piped up that he wanted – no, needed, he said – to learn how to braid hair, like Jyn or Leia or the other women around the rebellion did. He wanted to be able to braid his daughter’s hair just as well as Jyn could. “It’s just practical,” he’d assured Jyn, and she’d volunteered her hair for his practice. The skill turns out to be useful for many years to come. 

(Also, this takes place in the same universe as Our Little Song inside my head, if anyone is curious about that one!)

Words: 1641

AO3 /  Below the Cut!

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A Super Help (Fem!Reader)

@jackie-sugarskull This prompt moved me so much. I don’t think my heart can take this any longer. The Captain interacting with children is my absolute favorite thing ever.

Hope you enjoy!


There! That should be the last of them!”

The Captain clapped his hands together, brushing off the dirt. Your ten year old daughter and her little brother watched in awe as the superhero helped load the last cage onto the animal control van

“Who knew gophers could grow that BIG!!!” Your daughter threw her arms up in wild emphasis, while your five year old son began to play pretend, growling as if he too were a rabid gopher.

“Thank you so much, Captain! You really saved the day!” You eagerly threw your arms around the trouser-less wonder.

Haha! It was no trouble at all, Ms. Y/n!!!” The Captain beamed, tightly wrapping his arms around you in return. “Trapping them was easy once we found out they were magnetic mutant gophers! Just open the hatch to the metal cage and they zip right in!”

The gophers snarled and rattled in the van, stuck to the sides of their metal cages. The Captain released you, and your two children came running to cling to your legs.

The Animal Control workers slammed the van shut, and soon they were driving off, taking the reactive rodents far, far away from you and your children.

Captain Underpants let out a proud exhale, placing his fists on his hips.

“Well, it was a pleasure seeing you all again.” He said tenderly, playfully tousling your son’s hair.

“Huh? No, don’t go yet!” He reached up to grasp at the Captain’s cape.

“Yeah!” Your daughter piped. “Can’t you stay just a little longer, Captain Underpants?”

He could swear his heart was ready to shatter to pieces. He bent down to their height and placed a hand on each of their shoulders.

“I really wish I could but I’ve done my duty, young ones. I don’t want to overstay my welcome.” He brought your children in for a warm embrace.

You couldn’t bear to see your son and daughter in such disarray. It isn’t every day their favorite superhero comes for a visit. Actually this was only the third time they had ever seen him in person. Apparently he had saved their school on more than one occasion.

One of those occasions being in the middle of your class when the school was being overtook by an invasion of stink-spewing skunk cabbage creatures thanks to the work of a new garden-themed villain.Three of the creatures had you entangled in their vines, forcing you to inhale their toxic fumes.

That is, until Captain Underpants swooped in, tearing you from their creeping foliage and whisking you, along with the rest of the school to safety.

The other time was when a dastardly fiend attempted to swarm the school with hundreds of tiny android insects, which you had to admit was pretty cool at first. They were actually pretty cute, and the kids loved playing with them, especially your two.

But when you saw that vile man attempt to attack your son when he accidentally crushed one under his sneaker, that’s when you drew the line. Your daughter tried to step between, arms outstretched to defend her little brother, but to you horror she had taken a swift kick to the side, knocking her clean to the floor.

But before you could react, that brief-clad hero quickly intervened, scooping up your daughter and son in one arm, then delivering the evildoer a swift uppercut to the jaw.

You gazed in awe at the strange bald hero as he clobbered the villain to the ground, then gently lowered your children into your arms.

“Take care of them. I’ll have an ambulance on the way for your daughter, Miss Y/n.” He said to you before returning to finish off the creepy-crawly creep.

You held your children close. “Th-Thank you, Captain… Wait! How did you know my-….”

But it was too late. He and the villain were gone, and the mechanical bugs were all scurrying out of the building. And in an almost second, an ambulance siren wailed around the corner of the elementary school for your daughter and whomever else was in need of assistance.

So you did technically owe him three times for his valiant efforts.

You tapped at your chin.

“You know, I was planning on baking a pie tonight.” You grinned amusingly.

It was almost as if you had revealed the Holy Grail.

PIE?!” Your children exclaimed with stars in their eyes.

You nodded contently. “Mm-hm. It would be a shame if you couldn’t join us for a slice.” You flashed a playful wink at the Captain.

“Oh…? Well, I do believe it would be rather rude of me not to partake, now wouldn’t it?”

The Captain passed the wink to the kids who in turn, clung to the hero in delight.

You couldn’t help but laugh as the waistband wonder soared into the sky, twirling your two children in his arms.

“Alright, you three!!!” You shouted up to the sky. “Come on inside and I’ll start making the crust!”

“I wanna put the filling in!!!” Your daughter exclaimed.

“I just wanna lick the spoon after!” Your son giggled.

“Alrighty then! To… YOUR KITCHEN!!!

And with that being said, the Captain swooped down with your children, racing into the house while you happily sauntered behind.


“Mmf-… Thiff if a luffly place you haff here, Miff Y/n!” The Captain attempted to speak through a mouthful of your favorite pie.

“Thank you, Captain. It’s an old place, but I think we spruced it up rather nicely, the three of us.” You replied, sitting down on your sofa next to him with your own plate.

“Captain Underpants, look!!! I like superheros too!!!” You smiled as your son came running into the living room with an armful of crayon drawings, haphazardly spreading them on the floor in a personal gallery for the Captain to view.

The Captain’s eyes lit up. He swallowed and leaned forward to get a closer look.

“Wow, son! Those are amazing! Is this you?” He picked up a drawing of a boy in a bright green cape flying and saving a cat from a burning building.

Your son pumped his arms excitedly. “Yeah!!! When I grow up, I wanna be a superhero just like you, Captain!!!”

Meanwhile your daughter sat in the back corner in the recliner, scribbling away in her writing notebook.

“I’m sorry bro, but you’re gonna need superpowers for that to happen.” She scoffed.

“Superpowers?! HA!!!“ The Captain set down his plate on the coffee table. “They do help quite a bit, but you don’t need superpowers to be a hero! Why when I first became Captain Underpants, I didn’t even have powers!”

REALLY?!” Your son put his hands on the Captain’s knee, his mouth open in shock.

“Mm-hm! But I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to do something good for the world.” He reached under your son’s arms and plopped him down on his knee. “If you really want to be a superhero, you need to ask yourself one thing and one thing only: …. Do you want to do something good for the world?”

YEAH!!!” Proclaimed your son, pumping his fists in the air once more.

“Then, my boy, you CAN be a hero!!!!” The Captain lifted your little boy in his arms, holding him high above his head.

It was a beautiful sight, seeing your son so overjoyed. You knew he was going to remember this moment for a lifetime. Even your daughter was enthralled in the excitement. It almost felt like the moment could last forever.

“Well, I am sorry to say this, but I think I need to be heading home.” The Captain glanced out the window, noticing the sun was just about to set for the day.

“Aw, really?!?!” Your children moaned as he lowered your son back to the floor.

“It is getting rather late. You two need to be getting ready for bed!” You felt like a sword was being driven through your chest watching the happiness drain from your children’s faces, but you knew it had to happen eventually.

“Can you come back tomorrow, Captain?” Your son asked, tugging slightly at his cape. You reached down and scooped him up in your arms.

“Honey, Captain Underpants has to keep an eye out and protect the city. That’s his job! He’s got to make sure no weird robot gophers come back to take over Piqua!” You bounced him in your arms, making him giggle. You turned back to the Captain.

“But please, don’t be a stranger, will you?” You smiled graciously.

“Only if there’s more of that delicious pie!” He winked, then turned to your daughter who was back in her chair, still writing away.

“You’ve been rather quiet back there, Little Lady. What are you working on?” He asked.

Your daughter quickly folded her notebook shut and pointed to the cover.

“I’ve been writing about all the times you saved us! I never want to forget them!!!” She beamed proudly.

The Captain chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Be sure to keep those safe and sound. And who knows? Maybe someday you’ll become Piqua’s next ace reporter!”

A wide, toothy smile spread across your daughter’s face. And with a leap off her chair and a tight hug goodbye to the Captain, she bolted up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Thank you, Captain Underpants!!! I won’t let you down!!!” She yelled as she darted into her room.

You and the Captain shared a laugh as you lead him towards the door.

“Will you be safe heading home, Captain? Er-… I mean I know you’re a superhero, but it is getting dark and I-…. Ugh, I’m a mother, what do you expect?” You shook your head, wanting to kicking yourself.

“Not a problem, Miss Y/n! I appreciate the concern!” The Captain wrapped his arms around you and your son one last time. “Thank you for such a wonderful time!”

You nodded. “Yes, please do come again! I’m sure the kids would love seeing their favorite superhero again someday.” You gave a small kiss to the side of your son’s head.

The Captain saluted and clicked his heels. “You have my word!!! And now I must bid thee, farewell and goodnight!!!”

And with a bend of his knees, the Captain soared high in air. A triumphant “Tra-la-laa!!!” echoed through the evening sky as he zoomed off into the night.

Your son let out a long, heavy yawn, which contagiously made you yawn in return.

“Let’s get you up to bed, then, shall we?” You cooed, taking him back inside.

The sleepy boy rubbed his eyes. “Mommy, do you really think I can be a superhero like Captain Underpants?”

You smiled, bringing him close in your arms.

“Yes. Yes, I do, sweetheart.”

anonymous asked:

And they had already hinted to us the oral fixation of Yuri towards Otabek! Remember that Easter magazine cover?? The eggs?? (now i want a post with all the pieces of official art of them together!)

Oh my god??? The hints were all there! Pointing us all in this direction and we never even considered it! And yes! Please do, I wanna die all over again! This ship is SAILING!  😎


GONE FANCAST: #ActualFifteenAndUnderEdition

ulrik munther as sam temple // camren bicondova as astrid ellison // booboo stewart as quinn gaither // xolo mariduena as edilio escobar // mekhai allan andersen as little pete // devery jacobs as lana arwen lazar // dylan sprayberry as caine sorensen // sofia richie as diana ladris // lucky blue smith as drake merwin // yara shahidi as dahra baidoo // noah gray cabey as albert hillsborough // annalise basso as mary terrafino // avalon robbins as brianna “the breeze” // kim dani as taylor // reiya downs as dekka talent // ryan lee as computer jack // jacob latimore as howard bassem // riley griffiths/the thing as charles “orc” merriman // kodi smit-mcphee as “bug” //  brandon soo hoo as duck zhang // nash aguas as hunter // jimmy bennett as zil sperry // peyton meyer as lance //  devyn nekoda as penny // rowan blanchard as orsay pettijohn // kara hayward as sinder // max burkholder as toto