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I love your blog so much, I've always wanted to send an ask but I've never thought of a worthy one before now. I love the idea of Saru smoking, and it'd be cool if he and Mikoto were secretly smoking buddies up until his death. Then maybe Reisi replaces Mikoto?

Imagine smoking being just like this random nervous habit Fushimi picks up early, like Niki leaves some cigarettes lying around and even though Fushimi doesn’t want to be anything like that asshole he’s also a bit curious so he tries one out. He coughs and chokes a little but he ends up getting used to it, like whenever he just needs to keep his mind or his hands occupied he can go have a smoke and it helps clear his head a little, he can forget about all his millions of issues for a minute and just watch the smoke curling from the tip of his cigarette. Yata thinks the habit is really cool when they first meet and he probably tries to smoke too but maybe Yata’s actually no good at it, he just hacks and chokes and decides that he doesn’t like smoking anyway, he needs his lungs clear for skateboarding. Fushimi still smokes from time to time though, usually not in the apartment or where anyone else can see him. Nobody in Homra is actually even aware that Fushimi’s a smoker until one day Fushimi’s just hanging out by himself behind the bar, like he was being smothered by the family atmosphere and couldn’t take it any longer so he slipped out unnoticed and pulled out a cigarette, figuring that maybe a smoke might help him forget the way Yata’s face looked as he stared at Mikoto. He’s just standing there leaning against the wall when Mikoto suddenly appears in the mouth of the alley. Fushimi freezes, almost choking on his cigarette as he stutters out Mikoto’s name but Mikoto doesn’t even say a word, just pulling out his own cigarette and settling himself next to Fushimi, smoking. The two of them don’t talk at all but for once Fushimi finds himself feeling like this isn’t so bad, like that oppressive fear he usually feels when he’s near Mikoto seems almost dulled and there’s none of that nervous feeling like he should say something (like in Side Red on the park bench where Fushimi’s just scrambling for something to say), paradoxically it’s only when there’s smoke in his lungs that he feels like he can breathe around Mikoto.

From that point on the two of them are basically smoking buddies, whenever Fushimi goes back to the alley for a smoke he knows that more often than not Mikoto will join him eventually. Sometimes Mikoto’s already there and offers Fushimi a light and maybe Fushimi even goes from using like some cheap brand of cigarettes to using Mikoto’s brand because he gets curious as to whether there’s any difference between those and his usual brand. After he leaves Homra Fushimi figures he’ll have to curb the smoking habit but he can’t entirely so he just tries to find places to hide out and smoke in secret. He’s wandering the streets of Shizume one day gathering information on a Strain when he spots Mikoto just standing there near a store or something having a smoke and Fushimi finds himself going over there wondering what Mikoto’s doing there, like maybe the spot Mikoto is in is also where Fushimi’s informant was supposed to be and initially Fushimi assumes that Homra’s disrupting their investigation. Mikoto shrugs though and says he’s having a smoke, offering Fushimi a light. Despite himself Fushimi takes it and they end up going right back into the old habit, smoking side by side in companionable silence. Somehow this becomes a semi-regular thing, that every now and again they meet outside of their respective clan territories and just have a smoke. No information is exchanged and no hostilities, few words, just a cigarette and silent companionship and the whole time Fushimi can’t quite bring himself to admit that he almost likes it, that maybe he (almost) likes Mikoto.

So then Mikoto dies and in the aftermath Fushimi’s just standing there on the bridge watching everyone below while the rest of Scepter 4 starts rounding up the rest of their members to go back to headquarters. Fushimi starts to walk away though, making his way to the far end of the bridge and lighting up a cigarette as he stares at the fading red lights in the sky. He’s just standing there in the cold and the silence when he hears footsteps coming up behind him and bitterly asks if Munakata came to collect his wayward child and don’t worry, I haven’t gone back to Homra. Munakata smirks a bit and says he thought nothing of the sort, he simply came to tell Fushimi that they would be leaving soon. Fushimi nods and Munakata notes that he didn’t know Fushimi smoked. Fushimi doesn’t answer but then when Munakata moves to stand beside him Fushimi admits that they smoked together sometimes, him and Mikoto. Munakata doesn’t say anything for a long moment before finally saying “Myself as well, as it happens,” and he pulls out his own cigarettes, asking Fushimi for a light. Fushimi raises an eyebrow, surprised that the Captain smokes, and Munakata just laughs and notes that he does indeed have his vices. The two of them stand there in companionable silence after that, just sharing a cigarette and a memory and Fushimi feels it again, that weird sense of comfort and companionship that he can’t quite name. After that he and Munakata end up smoking together every now and again, Munakata notes that it’s a good bonding exercise and Fushimi just rolls his eyes but he never turns down the cigarette either.


*points to Haikyuu* this series will be my next victim for my dumb doodles.

Another comic from piyocchi’s idea, who still have more ideas up her sleeves and keep feeding me with prompts. Sort of Valentine-ish thing I guess?