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blogrates!! ✨

hi lovelies, i’m halfway towards my next hundred and i thought to do some quick blogrates!!


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overall: /10
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- aesthetic-ish blogrates -

hey I just recently hit 500 !! (I’m nearly at 600 now whoops) but thank you all vv much!

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content: /10
following: no, sorry friend / i am now! / yes absolutely!  / forever and always until the actual day i die lmao

please don’t let this flop,,,… thank you sm! and you can blacklist the tag “prince  alis br” if you don’t wanna see all of it!

blogrates 💫

so i reached 800 today (thank you guys so much! love you all) and since i have some free time on my hands i decided to do some detailed blogrates. i’ve never done these before so please bear with me ~


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