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Cheese Cake

Street racers!AU

warnings: theft, strong language, lots of genre and thigh grabbing, once lovers then strangers then back to lovers, possessive ong goes berserk, rough hands, liquor, cheesy as cheese

The loud vibration of the bass echoed inside your ear causing you to bob your head to the beat. You adjusted the mic closer to your lips, returning to the map displayed on your screen. You watched the red spot move in your screen then a voice said from the other line, “I’m in a blind spot.”

“Nine o’clock, there’s a narrow alleyway leading you back to the Oregan Street. Then take another turn after the third traffic light.” You ordered, but she objected, “Is there a shorter way to the Phany Toi Street in just a few turns?”

“Eleven o’clock, turn right to a green building, there’s a highway passage leading you to Kingstown Street. Take the bridge, it’ll bring you to a parking lot between Kingstown and Phany Toi. I’ll meet you there in ten.” You said whilst grabbing the notebook and shutting the systems down before locking your door. You rushed towards the black car twisting the key in its hole to start up the engine. You placed your netbook on top of your lap before pushing on the gas pedal, taking a rough left before kicking on the clutch and shifting the gear to a five.

You ended up in Leighton Road driving straight into tunnel, taking another right turn to the parking lot. Your partner met up with you at an instant, getting out of the car and into yours before shoving the bag at the backseat.

You heard the hum of wheels coming from the entrance so you quickly hit on the pedal and exited the parking lot; however, two cars blocked your way out the Leighton Road. You were about to turn back, but they’ve surrounded you in just a split second. You grabbed the bag as the both of you kicked the door open and ran towards the apartment. The men were shooting at your direction, but most of them missed, giving you more time as some of them reloaded their weapons.

You threw the bag to your partner who was a block away from you, then you jumped from the building before your toes planted itself on the ground rolling to stand back up on your legs. Only a few were able to catch up with you. You sprinted towards an open window of a hotel, but before you could leap you turned your head to see the man from behind.

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I am one hundred percent behind Thor: Ragnarok finally being Thor’s big show. I am there for Hemsworth and Taika and Ruffalo having a great time at Comic-Con and all the promo that comes with it over the next few months. I have total faith in Taika, and I believe this is going to be a great flick.

But I am also a small and simple creature and if we could, I ask politely, just get a little new Loki by the end of the day, I would like that, yes please, thank you very much.

alaskapoison  asked:

Ok mama, I just finished reading your To Promise #4 and yeah, I'm taking you to court for making me ride such a roller coaster of emotions. I was nOT PREPARED FOR IT! I was not ready mama!!!!! Ok seriously now, it's pne of the sweetest things I've ever read (and it wasn't easy since I was on the verge of crying all the time lol): baby juju, teen juju, adult Jumin?! Yes please, gimme all~ you're such an amazing writer and human being, thanks for all your amazing work 💕

Hey baby girl!!! 

But I warned you all- with 17K it wasn’t going to be all sunshine and daisies- there was always going to be pain and a buttload of smut hahaha. I’m so happy to hear that my story got you to feel things, made you tear up with sweetness and angst combined- and i have to agree all the juju all the time! You are so lovely to me honey, I don’t deserve it. But thank you. 

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Anyone who has finished reading tlos6, I need to know two things. I usually don’t want spoilers, but I have to have them cause it’s about Froggy.

Two things:
1. Is Froggy freed of the magic mirror?

2. Do his memories return?

Message me, yes or no. Please and thank you 😄 🐸


Él es un bailarín tonto!



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I want to inspire people to believe that there is no limit. There is no stopping, especially for an artist. There is no limit to artistry. No matter what you do, you do it your way, and you continue to do it however you want to do it. I want to be in these films that inspire people, where people can relate to my characters and fall in love with my characters, but at the same time I want to put out music and show people that you can tell stories through this art form. I want to pose for pictures. There’s no limits to anyone, that’s the biggest message I want to get out to people. I grew up believing that there were limits, but there really aren’t. The more these lessons are coming to me, the more I believe that there is no stopping point. And I don’t plan on stopping.


OMG YES PLEASE. Thank you Lili for this fabulous news & RIVERDALE for giving us something to look forward to during these hiatus! We hope at least one of it is the scene where Jughead tells Betty a joke while they’re sleuthing under the rain for the car!! Or the one where he cups her face before they went into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy institution! Or just anything with Betty and Jughead would do. xD