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Naruto-Enchanted Forest AU

So I recently saw the post about everyone being in love with the Enchanted Forest Chronicle (as they should be), and was just so happy because those are the books that learned to read off of (because everything else was boring so I got my mom to read it to me until I had that first book memorized). And then the other day I had the crackyiest of thoughts and just needed to share it with you.

Tobirama is Morwen in all his witchy, nerdy cat loving glory- I mean, the sign “none of this nonsense please” fits him perfectly, and Morwen moved to the Forest to get away from irritating people so she could research in peace. Switch out villagers for his brother and that fits perfectly. Also nine cats- cat summons. Enough said.

Mito as Kazul, because she is Queen of the Universe and King of the Dragons.

Kagami as Cimorene because I really, really shipped her and Morwen as a kid. Like that was probably my first ship ever and of course it was between a tomboy princess and a witch.

Also The Stone Prince and Alianora as KakaTobi? Because that’s adorableKaguya and Zetsu as Zemenar and Antorell  -

Alternatively it could go Mito as Kazul, Tobirama as Cimorene, Toka as Morwen, Izuna as Telemaine and Madara as Mendenbar.


Kushina and Mikoto as Cimorene and Morwen, Fugaku and Minato as Medenbar and Telemaine- because all the hilarious overly technical magical theory discussions and Kushina threatening disembowelment if they don’t knock it off, because she doesn’t understand what they’re talking about and its very frustrating


Kurama Kazul, other biju as other dragons, Naruto as Cimorene, Sakura as Morwen, Shikamaru as Mendenbar (honestly he might fit the personality the best XD)

–Seriously the possibilities are endless and I felt the need to share this AU possibility. It has now been added to my list of things that need to be drawn. XD

guys, im gonna be honest-

for the entire of that rwby ep. 

i just sat



and silently chanting to myself

ironwood, ironwood, robo daddy, robo daddy

and when the bae appeared

my god

my lord

my heart

was it good