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A/N: Quick drabble about how the Season 4 kiss we’re all speculating probably won’t go down. But it’d still be cute, and hey–we can dream. I want to believe that they’ve maintained a relationship throughout the first three seasons, but if not… C’mon, there’s bound to be tooth-rotting awkwardness taking place. Like bumping noses, maybe? ;)


It was as if gravity, the very force that Hiccup would constantly defy alongside Toothless, was now working in his favor. It pulled them together, pushed them closer toward each other’s directions, drew them into one another’s arms–

And it’s only during the moments that they finally, finally reach each other that Hiccup realizes that it always has been.

In spite of the fact that he so often travels massive distances on the back of his dragon, he’s been tethered to Astrid in the same way he is to Berk. Though their individual aspirations may have caused their hearts to stray in the past, it was their hearts themselves that never truly faltered in the face of distance and time (or lack thereof) and… and ambition.

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Everything Prompt Number One (Smut) [Requested]

[Based on this prompt:

Reader: Murphy… Stop doing this to m-… *moans* Murphy: you like that baby? Want me to go harder? Reader: yes plea-.. FUUUUUCK~ Murphy: *chuckles softly* Bellamy: *pokes him head in the room* the fukc?!]

Murphy’s thrusts are slow. It’s been like this for what seems like ages. He decided he was going to tease you all day and when you finally get to the dropship, where he had insisted the two of you go, he does this. You were mad, but his cock was in you and he kept leaning down to mark your neck so it was safe to say you enjoyed it as much as you hated it. You had tried moving your hips to make his thrusts faster. You had asked, you hand even tried pulling you to him but he just held your hands in one of his and pressed those against the bed. “Murphy. Stop doing this to m-” he hits your g-spot and you let out a moan.

“You like that baby? You want me to go harder?”

“Yes, plea- fuck!” Murphy’s pace went from extremely slow to lightning fast and it left you winded. Your eyes close and you tug at your wrists, trying to put them from his grasp. Murphy chuckles, slowing down a bit and then going back to the faster thrusts.

“So….what the fuck do you two think you’re doing?” You gasp as you hear Bellamy’s voice, your eyes snapping open and your head turning. He walked towards the bed. Murphy’s hips slow but don’t stop.

“Well, king, I was fucking Y/N here. Want to join?” Bellamy puts a hand on Murphy’s back, trailing it down to the top of his ass and stops.

“Fucking without me? I should punish you two for that.” You whine at both Bellamy’s words and the fact that Murphy hit your g-spot and then pulled out. You slowly sit up, wondering where this was going.

“Go ahead.” Murphy smirks, standing up, his face inches from Bellamy’s. Bellamy glares and then he’s kissing Murphy and pushing him back onto the bed, grabbing the boys cock and pumping him slowly.

“Murphy, go down on Y/N.” Bellamy says with a smile, letting go of the boy and watching as he nods, turning to you and kissing your navel, moving down just a bit in between kisses.“Murphy. Don’t tease her anymore than you have already.” Murphy looks back at him. “I saw you Murphy. You weren’t sneaky. Do what I told you to do. Now.” Murphy nods before turning back around. He presses a few kisses on your folds before his tongue starts lapping at your clit. You let out a moan, your hips jerking up. Your hands go to his hair. You watch as Bellamy wraps his hand around Murphy’s length again, stroking him slowly, just barely moving. Murphy moans against you and your hips buck up again. His hands pull your hips up to his mouth and he takes your clit into his mouth and sucks. You let out a short scream as he moans around it, licking and sucking at the same time.

Bellamy’s hand around Murphy speeds up and Murphy’s moans become more frequent. “I’m g-gonna cum!” You say with a moan.

“M-me too.”

“Murphy stop.” Murphy gives you one last lick and then pulls away with a smirk. It falls off his face as Bellamy lets go of his cock.

“B-Bellamy…” He whines,“Please?”

“That’ll teach you not to have sex without me. Get dressed, I’ll walk you both back to camp.” You stand up, sighing and picking up your clothes, throwing Murphy’s clothes at the boy’s face. Bellamy walks outside.

“You know, we could get off right now, while he’s out there.” Murphy offers with a smirk.

“Shut up, Murphy.” You and Bellamy say at the same time.

towaa-ciity  asked:

YES PLEAS… warrior plushies so I can hug my babies

I want them all plz…..sob

I actually have a friend who’s really skilled in sowing and making plushies (cuz their mom is a fashion designer)

they actually helped make me a zacharie plush before, maybe we can make some warriors lol.

Not saying I totally scratched the old design, but I totes did. :^)
They can’t see dipshit in broad daylight so they cover their eyes until it gets darker.
He/They pronouns. Around 5′’5.
Their weapon consits of two discs charged with energy which they throw at you. The discs work sort of like boomerangs. If they need to, they can smash the discs together and make a bigger one that acts like a hoover board or a bigger shield.

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YES BUDDY but only on condition that you help spread fandom happiness by clicking the kudos button on every single fic you end up liking and leaving a comment on at least one of them. THIS IS AN HONOR SYSTEM I AM TRUSTING YOU!!!

amazonziti, Baby You Were Meant to Keep (4K, teen) It’s honestly not Zayn’s fault Liam gets himself stuck in the Underworld.

blackwayfarers, the truth or something beautiful (11.8K, teen) “Oh,” Liam says like he’s been hit in the sternum, turning to Zayn with his eyes wide and running his hands back through his hair. “Oh my God, that’s it. Your family, they must have thought – like, because you invited me back home for Christmas and, oh, God – they think we’re boyfriends.”

countthestars, the boys of summer (22K, mature) Liam looks around the fire at his three best friends in the entire world, the rest of summer stretching out in front of them as vast and endless as the ocean. There’s nowhere on earth he’d rather be. “To friendship,” he says. Four cans clink together in a toast and just for a moment, Liam feels like he’s invincible. Liam is 17 the summer he falls in love.

halfhardtorock, Never Have I Ever (1.5K, explicit)

jannika, If Losing This Game Still Won Me the Bronze (24K, teen) An AU spanning a decade, in which the world is huge and they’re all just trying to find ways to handle it. Harry and Louis fight, Niall plays guitar, Liam runs, Zayn draws, and there are stars stuck on ceilings and chocolate and books Liam doesn’t read.

lazy_daze, Connected (11K, teen) Liam works at Poundland and Zayn does the windows displays - it’s no Selfridges, but it’s a start. When they open a musical box that Zayn borrowed from Styles Antiques, something interesting happens…

littlemousling, Unnecessary Secrets (4K, explicit) Zayn wants Liam. Liam wants Zayn. There’s just this one problem.

luxover, The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing (20K, mature) “They say I’m in a band,” Liam tells his mom. He squeezes his eyes shut, his phone pressed tight against his ear. “I don’t even remember any of it.” In which Liam gets temporary amnesia and forgets things even more important than the fact that he’s in a band.

magneticwave, to this breathing end (explicit, 9K) Liam should know better, when he opens his email and the most recent message is from Louis with the subject line: YOU NEEDTO WWATCHI THIS IMEDIATELY. // Or, Zayn does a Hysterical Literature session and blows Liam’s fucking mind.

makesomelove, Let My Love Adorn You (9K, mature) Zayn is sprawled out on the sand of the beach, with his back against a big rock, wearing a white t-shirt, squinting, or someone else would probably say ‘smoldering’ but Liam knows better, into the camera. He doesn’t look happy about this situation. There’s a candid photo of Liam on the opposite page where he’s holding a fishing pole at an unfortunate angle right at his crotch, so it looks a bit like, well. Like what he’s about to do, he thinks.

mistresscurvy, Coming Home (3K, teen) From the moment they met, Zayn made Liam feel safe, and like everything was going to be okay.

pukeandcry, Once For Everybody Who Got Left Behind (18.5, explicit) Liam doesn’t know how to wrap his head around this, because the question shouldn’t be — the question should be how is there a ghost in his room, not whether or not he’s done something to offend it. “Well, like. I might’ve told him that ghosts don’t exist?” “Oh, no, he doesn’t like that,” Louis says. (or, the AU where Zayn is a ghost, and Liam moves into his attic).

Rave, Some Girls (8.8K, explicit) “I did some research,” Liam says, busily pulling up Safari. His voice sounds masterfully, miraculously steady in his own ears. “I think probably the best thing to do is like, get to know yourself. Um. And your, like. New equipment.” Zayn wakes up a girl. Liam tries to be helpful.

scottmcniceass, Ridiculous (24K, teen) They are every cliched high school story. The jock and the rebel. The popular boy and the outsider. They shouldn’t fit, and they definitely shouldn’t work, but they sort of do anyways.

shinywhimsy, which is natural which is infinite which is yes (1.8K, explicit) it’s like gravity. inevitable. irresistible.

shoreparty, i used to pray to recover you (1.1K, g) Liam takes up prayer when he can’t take up Zayn.

sophieisgod, So let’s say, I’ll come another day (36.4K, explicit) Zayn meets Liam in 1999, swinging on the gate in his back yard. Liam meets Zayn in 2010, killing time in McDonald’s on the most important day of his life. They have adventures, conquer the world, and fall in love. A story about fate, timing, free will, wonky genetics, parallel universes, significant tattoos, emotional haircuts, sudden nudity, sex crying, and a Batman t-shirt from HMV. Or, in which Zayn is the time traveller’s wife. No spoilers.

StormDancer, Here I Stand (40K, explicit) Zayn lifts his chin, turns so that he’s facing Harry. He doesn’t look at Liam, because he can’t bear to look, and because he’s really not trying to be mean or pointed. Liam can do what he wants. But Zayn drew a line in the sand a long time ago, and it matters. “I’m not hiding, Haz. This is who I am. They can deal with it.”

sunfair, And If the Hook Sets In (35.6K, explicit) Illegal underground boxing AU.

vastlyunknown, Unravel Me (41K, unrated) Zayn’s only looking forward to one thing: leaving Bradford and his bullies behind but when his childhood best friend Liam comes back to town, Zayn has to redefine his priorities and his views on clichés.

wafflehood, let’s pretend it’s love (68K, mature) Pretend!boyfriends fic in which Liam and Zayn get papped while hamming it up for Louis and Eleanor, and management decides the easiest way to deal with the resulting hysteria is to let it run its course.

wasp, Some Love Wait Till Its Time (63K, explicit) It hadn’t occurred to Zayn that they would start loving other people, people that weren’t each other. That it would be devastating but they’d survive, they’d keep on going with their lives. It hurts a lot more than Zayn expected. University!AU where heart-in-the-right place but always-trying-to-save-people Liam Payne meets slightly pretentious hipster Zayn and tries to mend his broken heart.

words_unravel, wanting, wishing, waiting (5.6K, explicit) This is Liam, fourteen to eighteen. This is Zayn, doing his best not to notice.

Welcome back daddy |

Part one. 

I was cursing myself for saying yes to Johanna’s plea to take over her shift for tonight, it was crazy busy and it seemed like everybody needed some kind of special treatment. On top of that in about 15 minutes a big group would arrive, I had heard rumours that it was going to be some kind of rich family so I was preparing for the snobby attitude I normally received while working at this 5 star restaurant.

The only reason I kept this job was for my three-year-old son, who was staying with my mum tonight, since I need to raise him without a dad by my side. It was a one time thing, but with a consequence, and before I even found out I was pregnant he was back in his hometown Barcelona, leaving me with no way to contact him. We were both young and stupid, and I couldn’t get it over my heart to do an abortion so nine months later Levi was born and although very-very-naughty he is the light of my life.

‘Y/N, I’m leaving you in charge of the group that is coming in. Make sure they’re enjoying themselves, they are important to this restaurant.’ My boss told me, with a nervous twitch in his voice. That surprised me, this guy was known for how good he was at keeping his head cool.

‘Don’t worry, I’ve got this.’ I said trying to reassure him. With still 10 minutes to kill I decide to head out to the roof terrace, which has the most beautiful view over Paris, the Eiffel tower light up in the middle.

As I sit down I pull of my stiletto’s rubbing my painful feet, all the girls here walk around in classy black dresses and heels and the boys wear suits. Over the years I had worked myself up, now I was aloud to call myself assistant manager, which meant more money but also way more responsibility.

I glance back one last time before I head to the ‘oh so important group.’ Once inside I hear a lot of noise, men yelling and laughing. Not the way they like it here, but it’s nothing new. And I know straight away which group it is; I could have guessed it, I think to myself as I step into the room and sure enough there they all are, once again.

About four times a year the football players of Paris Saint Germain would come here make a hell of a lot of noise, eat and drink crazy amounts and leave a huge mess behind. And although it is absolutely not how we run things around here, they of course make good publication and to be honest I like this fresh wind of craziness every now and then.

All the men look smart (and handsome) in their suits, as they take their places around the long table we set out for them with the most expensive silverware and wine glasses however judging by their state they’d probably prefer jugging down beer.

‘Hi Thiago,’ I say as I pass him, he looks up at me from the table smiling his warm smile. I was their host the first time they came here and always have been whenever they came back, so I had the privilege of being recognized.

‘I want to apologize up front for the men tonight,’ he says looking down the long table, with a somewhat embarrassed expression. It’s sweet how he can feel so responsible about his team even when they’re not on the field.

‘Don’t you worry, you all bring this place to life.’ I answer giving him a reassuring wink.

It seemed like they were all enjoying themselves as the drinks were flowing and when the food got brought out a roar of approval filled the room. And let me tell you, I was enjoying the annoyed faces of all the other non-football guests.

Everything seemed to be going as planned until Ashley came walking into the kitchen with a weird expression on her face.

‘What is the matter?’ I say, looking around the corner into the room with all the footballers. I see a couple of more guests arrived and I don’t need to look twice to understand why Ashley was looking at me like that.  

There he was like nothing was going on, he just stood there smiling at his friends, and I guess for him nothing ‘was’ going on. He was just out for dinner, how should he have known that I would be here. Let alone that in my tiny flat our child was waiting for me. The same tiny flat where he once stayed the night.

‘Your face says it all.’ Ashley whispers, ‘So the rumours are true. You have slept with him?’ I couldn’t share the excitement she felt. As she opens her mouth to probably ask more questionsr I hand her a trey with drinks and point towards the room. Reluctantly she takes it and walks towards him, glancing back with suspicious eyes.

‘Y/N, their food is ready.’ I stare at the plates, with no one else around I have to bring it myself. What am I so worried about anyway, it was onetime thing he probably wont recognize me. I think as I grab the plate and try to walk as determined as possible towards David Luiz and the crew he brought in with him.

‘Good evening,’ I manage to say as I quickly place the plates in front of them, they all seem to have more attention for the food and just as I think I can make an easy escape I see his bright eyes interlock with mine and all he needed was that one second to recognise me.

I turn on my heels and before he can say anything I nervously walk towards the kitchen.

The rest of the evening I manage to stay in the kitchen, out of sight of jersey number 11. However as the evening progressed they al got more drunk and it seemed like he was getting more restless walking around looking for ‘someone’. And when I don’t pay attention for 5 minutes he suddenly stands behind me, in the kitchen, staring at me with that damn sexy grin of his.

‘I know you.’ He says, looking me up and down. No you don’t, I think, you don’t know me at all. You don’t know what I’ve been through the last three years because of that one night with you. My live has been turned up side down.

But all I manage to say is unimpressive ‘Yeah,’ He doesn’t seem to mind however, on the contrary he seemed pretty pleased with himself. I can see him relaxing leaning back against the table behind him. ‘So, what have you been up too? Have you finished your study?’

I choke on my own spit as I think about my study, which I quit for Levi, who makes it impossible for me to finish anything. ‘Eh, no. Things… changed.’ There was an awkward silence, as he tried to look me in the eye.

‘What are you doing after work?’ he suddenly asked, stepping forward his face close to mine.

‘Nothing,’ I snatched, and finally saw a way to escape this conversation. I quickly walked towards the cooks, grabbed some deserts for people who didn’t belong with the football group and took off. When I came back he was gone, to my relief. This was my chance to escape the situation. I should confront him, give Levi a chance for a father figure in his life, but whenever I thought about it I could feel my guts turn. So I chose the easy way out and told my boss I was sick and took off.