yes people seriously do number 2

the “Bernie Sanders is a cinnamon roll” thing really needs to stop. you’re calling a politician who might one day run the country the same way you’re addressing fictional characters. the line between fictional characters and real living people (who in some cases like particular actors and the creators of cartoons have directly asked the fandoms to stop with particular portrayals (like nsfw stuff with mlp and so on) of them/their characters) needs to be clearly drawn. 

Addressing Bernie Sanders the same as you do cartoon characters is demeaning and, very possibly, could be used to belittle him in debates and during the actual presidential race. If the number of people who consider themselves his fans that call him a “cinnamon roll” becomes big enough, it can reach the attention of political parties and could be used against him. 

And the fact that you address Bernie like you do a 2 dimensional drawing itself shows that in a way, you yourself dont take him seriously as a politician. You may support him ‘in your own way’ but when dealing with politics you need to be mature about it. Yes, he helped that reporter. Yes he has great ideas about College and Doesnt ignore the fact that racism is still alive and well. But these dont make him a “Precious Cinnamon Roll that needs to be protected.” that makes him a Decent Human Being that we need to help how our nation runs. 

Instead, what you should do is Support his cause. sign up to vote. watch the debates. spread the word about how great of an influence he would be to america. actually study his plans and look into his campaigns. be a real supporter, not just a fan.