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Seb being totally into his daughter's tea parties. Like he gets so excited when she drags him to her little table, with plastic tea cups filled with apple juice, and cookies (made by you) and she even has some of her teddy bears around the table. And Seb just thinking his girl is so adorable, asking if he likes the tea (apple juice) and her just being a wonderful host. You're there too and Seb gives your hand a little squeeze, and you both have a look of pride.

awwwww a little tea party yes, they’d probably do it every time he comes back home 

Daddy Wednesday™

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more ficlets! good heavens thank you! Can I ask for #47 then? And thank you again..I live for these ok

Would it kill you to help people?

(This one is in the same universe as chapters 21 and 31 of Ficlet Cemetery.)


“An anniversary party.”


“Why do they keep inviting you to these things?”

“I really don’t know.”


“Oh, isn’t this where Sybil's—”


“—reception was?”

“How can you not remember that? It was two months ago.”

“I was pre-gaming in the limo on the way from the church.”

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Twitter sketch commish by two of my friends

t h e s e  t w o  w i l l  b e  t h e  d e a t h  o f  m e  (⊙‿⊙✿)

SKAM S04E09 Clip 5 - Maghrib

SANA: Please accept my fast, even though I’ve behaved badly. Please watch over Eva and Vilde and Noora, Chris. Please watch over Isak and Even and Elias and Yousef.

[VILDE: Hi, are you ready to meet up?

EVA: Sana! Chris and I will pick you up with the van in 20 minutes.

SANA: Ok cool

SANA: I regret cancelling the date with Yousef

NOORA: YEEES! Call him! Go!

EVA: Do it girl!! Life is NOW!!

SANA: According to Islam, life is after death. Which is one of the reasons why I should stay away from him

CHRIS: According to me, the abdomen is dead after death. Which is one of the reasons why you should meet him!!

VILDE: Yousef! Yousef! Yousef!

SANA: Hahaha I get why mom is worried that I don’t have any Muslim friends

NOORA: Hello! OK!! I can argue from an Islamic perspective

SANA: Now I’m intrigued

NOORA: Ok, doesn’t Islam believe in destiny?

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SANA: I cancelled with Yousef btw



VILDE: 😭😭😭

NOORA: now I’m crying a bit

CHRIS: smh

SANA: Yo it’s fine. I’ll find more soulmates

NOORA: We can find him this summer

EVA: We’re gonna do everything this summer ❤

SANA: I’m ready for rolling*

CHRIS: Then we roll like it’s 2018 tomorrow. Kachiing


[*Rolling: Partying in a russ bus/van]