yes party

team voltron as drinks ive had at parties

shiro: straight whiskey in a styrofoam cup

keith: 5 shots of fireball in quick succession

lance: mixing whatever is in the kitchen (at least 2 different liquors) with some juice and praying for the best

pidge: cheap vodka and mountain dew

hunk: the only sensible drink, like a vodka cranberry or something

allura: white wine but like…a step above cheap wine. like Stella or smth.

coran: absinthe


Twitter sketch commish by two of my friends

t h e s e  t w o  w i l l  b e  t h e  d e a t h  o f  m e  (⊙‿⊙✿)

You thought it was the barrel, but it was me, Woolsworth!