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being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep

why can you guys remember that trans women were fundamental in starting the lgbt+ movement yet conveniently forget that a number of them were bisexual themselves just so that you can lump bi and cishet aces/cishet aros/cis acearos together as allegedly both being groups that haven’t always been here. bi people have always been here. the ace community in and of itself didn’t exist until the 2000s.

Simon Imagine - Protect

REQUESTED:  “Can you write a Simon image where he’s super protective over the reader when they’re out at a party?”

“Holy shit you look good.” 

I smiled as a pair of arms snaked around my waist. 

“Thank you. Shall we go?”

“You know,” he kept a hand on each hip, pulling me closer towards him. “I think I’d rather stay in.”

I rolled my eyes as I pecked his lips before turning to grab my bag. 

“Not tonight, Simon. It’s Cal’s 25th - this is a big deal!”

Simon pouted at me, his hands moving back to my waist, stroking up and down the velvet of my dress. I pressed a hand to his cheek. 

“Don’t pout at me. We won’t be long, okay.”

“Ugh, okay.” He groaned as I dragged him outside and into the taxi.

The minute we arrived at the tower his arm was around my waist. Even as Callum opened the door, enveloping me into a warm embrace, Simon’s hand lingered uncomfortably. I gave him a questioning look, to which he simply shrugged.

“I’m gonna go and get a drink,” I informed Simon and he nodded reluctantly. As I made my way to the drinks table I clashed into someone.

“Oh! Hi!”

“Hey, Y/n, sorry about that! Wow you look good.”

I blushed at the compliment as Freezy rested a hand on my arm.

“Thank you, Callum.”

“It’s no problem love. So how are things? It’s been a while!”

We made warm small talk as I grabbed a plastic cup, filling it to the brim. I informed Callum of my new job, how I would be moving to London for university. He responded, telling me how his girlfriend was doing a degree in London and how expensive it had been. I smiled in appreciation of his presence.

“So speaking of relationships, you still with Simon? How’s that going?”

“Yeah I-”

“It’s great thanks.”

The liqueur in my cup spilt onto the floor as I jumped at Simon’s interruption. His voice was monotone as he again wrapped his arm around me, his fingers stroking along my shoulder blade. Callum gave Simon a bemused look before holding up his hands and backing away, responding clearly to a comment Simon had silently given behind me. I turned around.

“Simon! That was rude!”

“I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.”

“Looking at me? Simon we were literally talking about his own girlfriend!”

“Y/n that doesn’t mean fuck all. I know him better than you do.”

“You’re being crazy.”

“You make me crazy.”

I bit back a proud smile and forced a sarcastic look as I refilled my cup. Simon stood close behind me, watching me do so. 

“Are you just gonna follow me all night?” 


We made our way to the dance floor and joined the rest of the boys and their girlfriends. As I got drunker, I became braver, engaging in a lot of silly and borderline provocative dancing with Freya and Sarah. I felt Simon’s eyes on me the entire time, which only fueled my enjoyment. I watched his face become progressively more frustrated and I simply ignored it, wanting to tease. Before I knew it he was grabbing my hand and pulling me out onto the balcony.

“Simon! I was having fun!”

“Y/n, you’re taking the piss.”

“By having fun?”

“By teasing me!”

He put a hand by either side of me, pushing me up against the railing and breathing into my neck. I felt his groin against mine and I silently squirmed. 

“Sorry, Simon.”

“Oh you will be.”

PLS READ ok so idk if this was kinda shitty/borderline abusive? its v hard to write a protective scenario without it becoming controlling. so idk tell me what u think also sorry it was short!!

walker-of-yggdrasil  asked:

Angs prompt idea :) : Kylo turn back to the light and become Ben Solo again and Hux expect to stay with him in sake of their love (maybe he want to redeem himself too ?) Except that Ben is now disgusted by him/ forgot totally about him and only see him as a fanatic terrorist (I'm sorry :D)


Hux can’t help but stand from the bench in his cell and leap towards the door when he sees Kylo suddenly standing on the other side, finally come to his lover’s rescue. Hux has been imprisoned by these barbaric bounty hunters for weeks now, spending every second of his time in captivity wishing to see his brave and beautiful knight on the other side of the door.

But as Hux stares at Kylo through the reinforced glass, he doesn’t feel the sense of elation he thought he would.

Kylo looks…different. Instead of his infamous black robes, he’s wearing a pair of navy slacks, a white shirt and a black vest. Even his hair; the luscious locks of dark hair that Hux hated to love is tied back into a messy bun at the nape of his neck, hidden as though forbidding Hux from running his fingers through it like he’s missed doing.

Kylo’s dark eyes are filled with light, a sparkle that looks like hope and no sign of any sort of darkness that Kylo’s soul is supposed to be filled with. Hux swallows hard but regardless, as soon as Kylo has opened the door to his cell, Hux’s arms are around his neck in the strongest hug he’s ever given. Having his lover come to his rescue is almost enough to send Hux into tears but he holds them back, burying his face in Kylo’s shoulder.

Only when Hux’s mind has quietened does he realise that Kylo has remained abnormally still.

“Ren?” Hux whispers, frowning. “Why won’t you hold me?”

As Hux’s wishes, Kylo’s hands find themselves on his waist and, for a moment, the galaxy is right.

But even the burn of a sun’s supernova wouldn’t be as painful as feeling Kylo’s hands push him away. Hux stumbles back with a startled gasp, eyes wide with fear.

“Ren?” Hux doesn’t understand. The man in front of him looks like his Kylo but everything about his movements and expressions is screaming at Hux to back away from him.

The imposter flexes his fingers, and Hux can’t help but glance to the lightsaber hanging from his belt and then to the blaster in the holster on his opposite hip.

Kylo despises blasters.

“That’s not my name,” Kylo says, and Hux feels his stomach drop. “My name is Ben. Solo.”

“No,” Hux gasps, shaking his head. “Your name is Kylo Ren. Master of the Knights of Ren and heir to the Dark Side. Ben Solo is dead. You told me so yourself!”

Hux recalls the countless times that Kylo has recited stories from his childhood to him, telling him tales of a young boy called Ben who felt unloved and lost, a boy who was sacrificed in order for Kylo Ren to be born.

Hux shivers, feeling as though he’s staring down a ghost.

“The Resistance has bartered with your captors for your release, General,” Ben says, pulling a pair of thick binders off his belt. “And I’m here to arrest you.”

Hux opens his mouth to speak but a broken heave for air comes out instead, and he wonders whether the sound is his soul shattering into a thousand shards, piercing his heart, threatening to render him to his knees and beg for someone to wake him from this nightmare.

“It’d be best if you remained calm, Starkiller,” Ben sneers, spitting out the nickname that he’d whispered to Hux whilst kissing over his freckles, comparing them to stardust. “The Resistance are going to make you answer for your crimes against the galaxy. And snakes like you don’t deserve mercy.”

Ren, for stars sake! Snap out of it!” Hux cries, backhanding Ben across the face, whipping some hairs out of his bun. He hangs his head, hair obscuring his eyes. “They’ve done something to you! Manipulated you! It’s me, it’s your ‘Tidge, don’t do this. Please.”

Ben brings his communicator up to his lips, face still hidden to Hux’s eyes.

“This is Captain Solo. The prisoner is refusing to cooperate. I’m in need of back-up. Bring extra binders,” he says, and Hux flinches.

Yes, Captain. We’re on our way,” comes the static-y reply before Ben drops the comlink to the ground and stands up.

Hux’s breath is suddenly ripped away from him, an invisible hand curling around his throat as he’s pushed back to the wall, back hitting it with force to the point where he feels winded. Gasping, eyes wide, Hux clutches at his throat, terror swelling in every nerve when he looks up and sees the man he would give his final breath for attempting to steal it from him. Ben’s hand is outstretched, lip curled in a scowl, and Hux believes that his once-beautiful knight is going to kill him.

“K-Kylo…” Hux whispers, voice breaking, eyes slowly closing. “M-my moon and my s-stars.”

Ben falters for a moment, gasping as though in pain as he drops Hux from his Force-hold, and Hux can’t find the strength in his legs to hold himself up so collapses to the ground in a weakened heap, breathing ragged and broken. Tears stream down his cheeks, from the lack of air or from being completely heartbroken, Hux isn’t sure.

Either way, he doesn’t expect to look up and see Ben on his knees in front of him, eyes wide, dark and lost.

Ben cocks his head to the side as though a confused animal, eyebrows drawn together in a saddened frown, and Hux loses the remainder of his strength.

He lurches forwards, taking Ben’s plush lips up in a fervent and longing kiss, fill with desperation, a silent and absolute plea for Hux’s Ren to come back home.

“It’s me,” Hux whispers. “Ren. Wake up. This isn’t you.

Ben blinks hard, shaking his head, mouth falling open as though to finally say something

“Captain Solo!”

Hux flinches back when Ben stands up so abruptly, turning to face the gaggle of Resistance fighters who stand in the doorway, blasters trained on Hux.

“Cuff him,” one of the men says. “Get him back on the ship and lock him in the brig. Scum.”

Hux stares up at Ben, wanting to whisper his name but finds that it won’t come; he doesn’t believe Ben is the name of the man in front of him. They’d kissed—and Ben had kissed him back.

He doesn’t take note of the binders being snapped around his wrists, he doesn’t growl when he’s hauled to his feet, but he whimpers when he’s dragged past Ben and out of his cell, looking back over his shoulder at the lost boy standing alone.

Ben Solo is dead,’ Hux thinks, closing his eyes in some sort of relief. ‘Kylo Ren is alive. He’s alive.’

As he watches the Starkiller be dragged away, Ben reaches up and touches his lips, feeling as though a spark is nestled upon them, sending shivers down his spine, recalling how the General’s kiss had made him feel.

It felt familiar, it felt warm.

And it felt like home, like rushing in to your lover’s arms after a long time away, like falling into bed and sleeping next to each other, like existing with someone inside a bubble and not caring what the rest of the galaxy is doing because this is home.

But Ben pushes his hand against his throbbing temple. This couldn’t be: this is the first time he’s even met General Armitage Hux. That’s what his mother and uncle have told him.

And his family wouldn’t lie….would they?

Plus, she’s amazing !

Part 2 

Requested by anon 

plus!sized reader x Luke Alvez

Title : Plus, she’s amazing !

Pairing : Luke Alvez x reader

POV : Reader’s

Word count : 2718 (I have been deprived of feelings okay don’t judge me)

 A/n - I literally went wild with this and tried to write a more positive story because most plus!sized reader fics are kind of depressing. I still touch upon insecurities, but it’s far more light hearted. This will also be a multi chapter fic if you guys want :)

Thank’s to @madamredwrites for the title, you are amazing <3 and @lostdreamsanddeadroses for beta reading this piece of fan trash :)

Also thanks to @happilygubler, @sassygeek77 and @zugzwangxo who encouraged me to write Luke Alvez fics. WE NEED MORE!!!

Originally posted by emilyprentiss

This had to go well. Andi left the unit under you, you had to do this right. You were familiar with the BAU. Garcia and you were good friends but you hadn’t met the team at all and it was frustrating. “You’ve got this Y/N, the force is one with you.” you mumbled, playing with your necklace. The elevator doors dinged open and you stepped out, heading straight for the doors where a group of people stood crowded around a few desks in the bullpen. You recognized the lanky tall one to be Spencer from Penelope’s polaroid wall. He looked quite different with the 4th doctor get up. You also recognized Prentiss, the new unit chief, who seemed to be in the middle of a briefing.

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We all look like we feel

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 5; Lanterns

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Shigeo’s immediate group of friends might not actually be very good for Teruki’s general well-being.

“So,” Tome says in an overly-casual, faux-disinterested tone that puts Teruki on his guard immediately, “you and Kageyama, huh?”

He shuffles his feet, trying not to feel as though he’s under surveillance. It would be easier, probably, if he wasn’t actually under surveillance. There’s a girl across the schoolyard leaning out from behind a tree with a small digital camera, and it looks like she’s taking verbal notes with a pocket tape recorder? Why?

“Is that strange?” he finds himself asking. “We’re going to the movies after school, and since the theater is nearby, I thought I could just meet him – ”

“The movies, huh?” Tome smacks her gum, leans a little heavier against the gate, and looks him over. Teruki isn’t shifting his weight nervously from foot to foot but that’s only because he’s steeling himself to maintain composure. He’s stared down delinquents and adult espers, he won’t squirm now. He won’t. “What are you gonna go see?”

“A new action movie. Shigeo picked it.”

Her eyebrows fly up. “'Shigeo’ picked it?”

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Summary: Waking up in a shed confused you in the first few minutes, especially when they dragged in Ivar to. Your first attempt on a escapes fails when you come in contact with the warrior Lord Bishop. Not knowing his plans Ivar takes it up himself to flirt his way out with a servant, something that got you over the top jealous.
Warnings: Blood - Violence
Words: 2504

Update Tag: @ivars-heathen-army @skeletoresinthebasement @samantha24015

When you waked there was that distinct smell of hay, horse shit and goats. The light shining down on you was so bright you needed to close your eyes as soon as you opened them a little. While your eyes got used to the light you tried to feel your own body. Except for the small headache you felt nothing else on your body. You opened your eyes and looked to the strains of hay covering the wooden floor. There was a goat looking at you, chewing his hay like it was the most normal thing you laid there. You wrists, the same for your feet, were tied up. You pushed up on your fists until you sat on your knees, groaning about how stiff you felt. That goat was still looking at you and you rolled your eyes, turning so you sat against the pole you were tied around. You started to look around, from that maniac looking goat to the ceiling of the shed and the window where the sun shined through. The first question that popped up in your head was what you were doing in a shed. If you focused your hearing to the surrounding you heard only the typical sounds of farmers life. So you were in a village, or a farm, not in some kingdom with a king that wanted to bargain you against your brothers for their safety. That brought a lot of question up and by the looks of it those would be answered really soon. The shed door went open and a girl stepped in, slim body, long dark hair, a little shy maybe. She carried a bowl of water and placed it on a safe distant, pushing it over. ‘How long have I been here?’ You asked, not knowing how long you were unconscious to begin with. She looked up to you, her eyes traveling to the door.
‘Little less than a day.’ She answered. A man stepped in, or rather a priest.
‘Keeping me tied up won’t save your lives you know.’ I said rather calm, not to her but to the priest standing in the doorway. He nodded with his head to the girl and she walked fast out, head down. You frowned your eyebrows before looking back to him.
‘God will show you the way soon enough.’ He made a gesture with his hands before he left again. As soon as that door felt shut you reached for the bowl, not planning on drinking the poisonous water you tried to pour it over the roped holding your wrist together. Maybe the water could make it a little more slippery to get your hands free. But you didn’t had that kind of luck so you started to pull the rope in frustration. The goat walked back, sipping from the water before walking off to the hay again. That animal annoyed you.

You startled awake from struggling sounds outside the shed. Shadows danced under the door only for you to guess what was going on. It didn’t took them long before the shed door flew open. The goat ran away to the corner while two firm man dragged a body in and not just any body. ‘Brother.’ You hustled up when they dropped him down on the floor. Ivar grunted, the anger consuming his always intensely blue eyes. They tied him up not far from you. Your eyes traveled over their clothes, the dagger the one the closed to you wore. Your eyes connected with your twin brother and it was like plans were laid out before you got even captured. He kicked his head against the one who was tying him up while you swept the legs from the other underneath his body with yours. You didn’t had much space but you managed to get him closer, grabbing for his knife with your both tied up hands before killing him with his own weapon. The other one managed to get loose from Ivar his grip and ran.
‘Hurry up sister.’ Ivar hissed while you cut through the ropes around your wrists and legs. You ran over to him, released him before he wrapped his arms around your neck. You lifted him on your back, walking over to the exit. ‘Good to see you are unharmed.’ Ivar noticed.
‘Why are you even here Ivar.’
‘Looking for you, what else.’
‘It got you captured.’
‘Maybe it was the plan all along.’ He whispered in your ear. You walked out, only to be surrounded by the same kind of firm man that captured you and Ivar.
‘You got a plan now?’ You asked between clenched teeth. There were a lot of priests among them.
‘This is holly ground you are standing up, unworthy people can’t leave this place.’ A man announced. You turned and looked to the man, clearly the head of this village.
‘Well, we aren’t exactly believers.’ You fired sarcastic back.
‘I’m the Lord Bishop.’ He introduced himself. A lord Bishop with a sword and an armor? ‘I fight Gods war.’ He followed the confusion in your eyes.
‘I think we need to overthink this sister.’
‘You’re kidding me.’ You hissed back.
‘Get them back in the shed.’ He commanded, looking at you like you were some kind of a pray.
‘What are we doing here?’ You asked, knowing Ivar wasn’t really the type to ask questions.
‘Doing God’s work.’ The bishop smiled before the pulled Ivar from your back and restraining you again. Great.

‘Did you tell our brothers where you were looking for me?’ You asked, looking to the goat who was studying your brother for a change. Stupid question to ask, he shook his head. ‘So you just took off?’
‘I was following your trail.’ He nodded, looking fierce back to the goat, like they held some kind of staring competition.
‘Did Aella suffer?’
‘Yes, Björn blood eagled him.’ When the both of you at each other a dark smile came across the both of your lips. It was good to know the king suffered a painful dead. It was a shame you weren’t there to witness it all. The shed door cracked open and you turned your head to look at that girl again, with the same bowl of water like before.
‘I need to attend your head wound.’ She said with a soft shy voice towards Ivar.
‘Touch him and you die.’ You fired right back. She hesitated on her spot, not wanting to come closer because of your warning.
‘Sister please, let her come closer.’ Ivar interrupted you, giving the girl the kind of gaze that would dismantle her. She shoved over to him, crouching down. Her eyes traveled over his legs and you felt something snap inside. ‘Y/n.’ Ivar warned you. You looked away from her to him, teeth clenched together because somebody else … in your eyes an enemy was touching your brother. Since what Margrethe did you couldn’t stand it if woman looked at his legs and wondered if he could perform like normal man did. The girl cleaned his small head wound and you looked how Ivar looked up at her with those piercing blue eyes. ‘Tell me, what is the meaning of this village?’ He asked her. His fingers touched hardly noticeable her ribs, the girl tensed and you tensed with her.
‘They practice the word of God here.’ She said on a soft voice.
‘And you’re a slave?’
‘A servant yes.’ She forced a smile on her lips you hardly could call a smile. Ivar his fingers touched those ribs again a soft lingering till the last one, you felt it almost yourself.
‘You don’t want to be here.’ He guessed. The girl pulled away, soaking her fabrics back in the bowl of water.
‘I was a prisoner once to. The Lord Bishop forced his apprentices to certain kind of things.’ Her eyes traveled over to you and you knew immediately what she was talking about, sexual things. Your eyes traveled back to Ivar.
‘I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.’ He said to you.
‘He has plans for the both of you.’
‘Why should I trust you.’ You hissed softly. The girl looked back to Ivar, her finger trailed over his wound, checking if it was all good. But before she could say something else a priest appeared again. The girl stood up, giving Ivar a secretly soft smile before she walked back out, head down. The priest followed her again and you looked back to your brother. ‘Are you flirting?’
‘Yes, I’m flirting our way out of here. You better give it an effort to.’ He reacted sarcastic.
‘For all we know she sides with the enemy.’ You pointed out, not that you could do much pointing with your hands tied together.
‘Look at her, she is soft. You are just jealous because I have an effect on her.’ The smile he gave you was one out of amusement. You didn’t answer, just looked away to the goat again. It was like that animal was spotting the both of you. You looked down to the ground, glad with the silence. Ivar moved his body, came as close to you as his restrains let him. ‘Y/n.’ You looked over to him, his eyes where comforting, calm and steadiness that tempered your inner rage a little.
‘I’m here for you. The thought of losing my sister who’s always so close by my side made it almost unbearable.’  He followed. You moved your body closer to his, your hands didn’t cooperate; the only thing that got close enough was your face.
‘Thanks for coming.’ You smiled softly.
‘You’re my life, offcourse I come.’ He contacted his forehead with yours and you smiled at the sight of his blue eyes so close by. ‘Now, can you trust me to get her around my finger enough so she would set us free?’ He asked. You pulled back and gave him a stern look, he chuckled while you got back to your pole.
‘Don’t fall in love.’
‘I already am sister.’ He reacted nonchalant. You jerked your head around and looked at him. ‘With you.’ He chuckled.
‘Funny.’ You said with a smile, looking back to the goat who laid down, chewing his hay while looking between the two of you. ‘You know what I’m gonna do first when I get free?’ You asked him.
 ‘Killing the goat? Yes, me to.’ He read your thoughts. You started chuckling, happy that you got locked up with him, nothing others mattered really.

The next day they pulled you and Ivar out of the shed into some kind of a market square. Only there weren’t any traders and it was surrounded with those men and priests again. They released you from your restrains and you immediately went to stand aside Ivar who sat up on the ground. The Lord Bishop came between the other priests with an axe and a sword; he laid it down before your feet. ‘Let’s see how much a Viking can endure.’ He smiled. You looked down to the weapons before your looked over to your brother.
‘Fun, let’s see how much blood I can spill from your man.’ He fired right back. Your eyes traveled to the girl again, standing between the other servants, generally concerned by the looks of it. Ivar grabbed the axe and you crouched down beside him, taking the sword. ‘They try to break us.’
‘They picked the wrong children of Ragnar if they think they will break us.’ You answered him. It was you and Ivar, twins above anything else. If it came to fighting there wasn’t anything stopping you. Two armored man came in front, skilled by the looks of it. You got up smiling to them, challenging him while Ivar turned his body to take down two others. You attacked as first, jumpy and swift like you always were they had a hard time following your movements. You stabbed one it the shoulder, grabbing for is sword before you pushed him in the back with your feet. The other one kicked his fist against your chin and you looked for a new perspective for a moment. You ducked underneath his arm, sliding your sword underneath it so he groaned in pain before you killed him my stabbing him from the back right in his heart. When you looked over your shoulder to your brother he was struggling with one while the other got back up, pulling out the axe out of his chest before he dropped dead. You ran over to the one you had left, the fact that he didn’t had any weapons made it a lot easier to kill him. Ivar got his assailer from his body, the man got of grabbing for Ivar his axe. You ran over, jumped on his back and harshly grabbing his hair. Ivar kicked him in the back of his knees so he got down on his knees. You grabbed the axe and looked over to the lord Bishop before you chopped his head clear off. You hold it up to him with that dark smile.
‘You mess with the wrong girl.’ You snapped to him. The Lord Bishop only smiled, nodding to one of his men.
‘Take the cripple, let her fight alone.’ He commanded.
‘Y/n.’ Ivar warned you. You turned around to him, before looking at the four soldiers replacing the others. Four against one, they beaten you until the blood slipped out of your mouth and you hardly found the courage to breath. You killed two of them, but the two remaining did quite the damage. They let your face for what it was, undamaged before they dropped your body down in the shed again, not even doing the trouble on tying you up. ‘Sister.’ You gasped for air, forcing your eyes open to look at him. Ivar always was concerned about you but you never saw him so terrified and concerned as he now was. You placed your hand before you, pulling your body with the last of your strength over to him. When you were in reach, he pulled you on your clothes over, you hissed through the pain of some broken ribs. He pushed you over on your back and you squeezed your eyes. He laid his hand on your forehead and you opened your eyes, looking up to him. ‘You’re safe.’ He whispered. You tried to nod, closing your eyes again. ‘I will kill them for this Y/n.’ He promised you.
‘I rather have them killing me than they would do it with you.’ You hardly found the courage to say that.
‘We always disagree on that.’ He murmured. You wanted to laugh but everything hurted. He chuckled, folding his hands around yours. And it was the only thing that truly brought you some comfort, having Ivar right beside you. Those man would squeal like little pigs when you got back in strength and got out of here. That revenged already tasted so sweet on your tongue.

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jyn/cassian, please!

To be extremely predictable and prosaic, “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie.

I know, but it really is perfect:

Turned away from it all like a blind man / Sat on a fence but it don’t work / Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn / Why, why, why?

Can’t we give ourselves one more chance? / Why can’t we give love that one more chance? Why can’t we give love, give love, give love…  

‘Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure

And now here is the thing I’ve been secretly so excited over for the past two and a half weeks or so! This beautiful commission from artist acedrawin who is wonderful and does wonderful work!

So thanks to spaceoperetta coming up with a crossover AU for Ace Attorney and best TV show ever Slings & Arrows, this Narumitsu idea has refused to leave my head. In short, post-disbarment Phoenix goes back to his theatre roots and ends up as a director for a struggling theatre company while dodging rumors that he’s “mentally unstable.” Which isn’t very easy to do when the love of your life won’t stop talking to you and arguing with you about Shakespeare. Especially if the love of your life is a ghost that only you can see and hear.

And one very important thing I think I need to point out here: the dialogue they’re speaking in this art is actually from Hamlet. Okay, Miles’ line is a paraphrase, but Phoenix’s is word-for-word. I am not making this up.


Are we gonna bury the fish?

Yes, but in our own way. You see, we are made up of two parts. Our body and our soul. See, some people are very special. And when they die, a man named Cade comes to take their soul away.

Does he take the body, too?

No. But that doesn’t mean the bodies aren’t special, too. They need to be treated with dignity to find peace in death. And Cade respects that. He appreciates the effort. Let’s show him what we did.


I have no excuses. I just wanted to draw a negative space tattoo. Which ten also turned into a space tattoo. And then I just.

Green on the left is to show the fact that, yes, the circuit board design is in fact, negative space.

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack Merrick) (All Time Low)

Warnings: Possible triggers

Requested by Wattpad user: futureheart12345

Word Count: 1,518


People didn’t understand why you chose to dress and act differently to all the other girls your age. They called you rude names throughout elementary school and now into your high school years. They never took the time to ask why, and if they did then maybe they’d understand. Your mum died when you were four and your dad raised you and your two older brothers, he was a great dad but you were raised on sports and plaid shirts because your dad didn’t know what to do with a girl.

You only had four friends; Zack, Jack, Rian and Alex who said they’d stick by you through thick and thin. That all changed when the guy you had a secret crush on started dating one of the popular girls who’d made your life hell. You put on a smile and acted nice but soon you found Zack defending you less and less. You were next door neighbours and had been inseparable since your mums met in hospital.

Eventually he pulled away from you and took the rest of the guys with him, leaving you utterly defenceless to the tidal wave of bullying and abuse his girlfriend and their friends put you through daily. You soon became depressed and were put on anti-depressants and forced to see a school counselor by your dad and teachers. Your good grades started to drop and you didn’t seem to care. Everyone around you either left you; felt burdened by your presence or saw you as a mistake. Maybe that’s all you were, a mistake who couldn’t do anything right.

Your fears were answered after a session when Zack’s bitchy girlfriend strutted over to you and shoved you against your locker and laughed when you didn’t fight back.

“You’re pathetic y/n. Why are you even still here? No one in the school likes you, hell even your own dad wants to disown you. And let’s forget the fact that your mum killed herself to get away from you.”

Tears welled in your eyes but you’d never give her the satisfaction of crying in front of her. Your mum was killed by a drunk driver coming back from a late work meeting, she loved you. But what if Zack’s girlfriend was right? Everyone left you eventually and your mum got out early. You knew what you had to do to end your miserable life, no one would miss you when you were gone.


I couldn’t believe she’d say that about y/n’s mum, y/n’s mum loved everyone especially her daughter. I knew my girlfriend and her friends picked on y/n but I never expected her to stoop as low as telling y/n to kill herself. Sure I could have stepped in and defended y/n, but I was part of the popular crowd along with Jack, Alex and Rian. What got to me was the fact everyone in the hallway started to laugh and chant rude things at y/n. She took it like a trooper and stormed out of the school.

“Can you believe how pathetic she is babe? Aren’t you glad you joined our group instead of hanging out with that tomboy freak?”

My girlfriend wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in for a kiss but I pushed her away. Two years after abandoning y/n I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen to her, you never forget the little things which is what made us inseparable. Up until now I chose popularity over friendship and maybe even more with y/n. I’d always liked her but Jack was always flirting with her and she’d flirt back. I needed y/n to know that she wasn’t alone.

“Zack baby what’s wrong?”

I pushed my clingy girlfriend away once more and glanced in the direction y/n had just run.

“We’re over. I can’t be with someone who can tell another person to end their life.”

She scoffed but I didn’t wait around to hear her whine, right now I didn’t care about my reputation. I ran outside into the school parking lot and saw that y/n’s car was gone, I didn’t have a car of my own but luckily Rian had followed me outside.

“Zack what the hell was that?”

“Don’t you hate what we’ve become Rian? We left our best friend for popularity. I know through my parents talking to y/n’s dad that she’s on anti-depressants and has suicidal thoughts occasionally. Today might just push her over the edge so I need you to drive me to hers Rian.”

His face paled.

“She never did have a thick skin but surely she wouldn’t actually kill herself.”

“We were always there for her Rian. Now can you please drive me?”

He nodded and pulled out his car keys.

~Skip Car Ride~

Rian pulled into y/n’s empty driveway indicating she was home alone, her dad and brother took the drive while she parked on the road.

“Are you sure you want to go in alone Zack?”

Rian had changed his tune during the car ride and now was really concerned about y/n. He hated what we’d become and stated we needed to go back to our roots. The car windows were rolled down so we both jumped upon hearing a single gunshot come from inside y/n’s house.


My mind went into overdrive with a million bad thoughts. Had y/n shot herself? I ran out of the car and towards the house leaving Rian shouting my name behind me. The front door was unlocked so I easily navigated my way inside. Her bedroom window was opposite mine so I knew where her bedroom was. We use to climb between our bedroom windows when we were little to keep each other company.


I opened her bedroom door with caution and stopped in my tracks upon seeing a tear stained y/n shaking and holding her dads revolver to her head. Next to the door was a bullet hole, the gun had obviously gone off by mistake. I needed to get her to put it down.

“y/n put the gun down please. You don’t have to do this.”

“No one will miss me Zack. Everyone leaves me, first my mum and then you and the guys. Don’t forget how much of a disappointment I am to my dad, no one wants a depressed child.”

Pain was evident in her voice. I needed to find a way to tell her that she wasn’t a disappointment and that I was going to be back in her life for good if she let me.

“Your dad isn’t disappointed in you y/n. Remember how proud he was when your photography was showcased. You have a talent with a camera that needs to be shared with everyone. High school is nearly over and you will find other like minded people y/n. Trust me.”

She laughed.

“Trust you Zack. You broke the pinkie promise we made when were six, we promised to always have each other’s backs. You stood back and let your perfect girlfriend bully and abuse me.”

I chewed my lip and shook my head.

“Before today I didn’t know just how nasty and abusive she was to you y/n. She was great at playing the victim card, but I couldn’t stand back and let her drive you to this. I dumped her and forced Rian to drive me over here because I had a gut feeling you needed me to stop you from doing something stupid.”

She cracked a weak smile.

“I still get that feeling too Zack even though I should hate you. Why can’t I hate you?”

I took a cautious step towards her.

“Because no matter what life throws at us y/n we’ll always find our way back to each other. I was a douche bag but I’ve seen the errors of my ways, yes our bridge will take some time to mend but I’m willing to try if you are y/n.”

The time she took to process my words I was able to close the space between us and take the gun off her easily before putting safety on. She threw her arms around me and buried her face into my chest and started to sob silently, I guessed the day’s events had finally caught up to her. All I did was hold her and stroke her hair, which always calmed her down when we were kids.

“Are you going to leave me again Zack?”

My heart broke as she looked up at me with puffy red eyes; here was a broken girl who just needed on person in her life to tell her they weren’t leaving her. I smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I’m not going anywhere y/n. You’ll get so sick of me that you’ll want me gone.”

She laughed but I meant every word, we had a lot of catching up to do and I was pretty sure the rest of the guys would come around soon. I promised myself that I was going to rebuild y/n into the strong woman I knew she could be.

Keep You Safe (Pt.1) // Seungcheol

Summary: Life as a special agent is as exciting as it could get. Going to secret missions, fighting crime, saving people. But what will happen if you suddenly find yourself protecting a single person instead?
Word count: 2.7k
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 (Final) / Epilogue

“What do you know about Tiger?”

The man smirked, his eyes never leaving you, watching your every move. He stepped forward, launching a jab aimed at your head. You sighed internally. Why are they always so predictable? You ducked. Sidestepping to his left, you launched a punch to his stomach, surprising him with your agility. Your fist made contact with his stomach, possibly fracturing a few of his lower ribs. I should probably control my punches a bit more, you thought. Before the man can even react, you grabbed his arm and turned, pinning it on his back. Without warning, his legs gave out, making him fall flat to the ground with you perched on his back, still holding his arm tight.

“I’ll ask you one more time. What do you know about Tiger?”

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“If someone didn’t have any pride, wouldn’t they also be lacking in self-confidence therefore, void of any sense of self worth? If someone was completely free of greed, wouldn’t they have trouble supporting their family or lacking in any sense of driving motivation? And if people didn’t envy one another, wouldn’t they stop inventing new things and ultimately stop progression?”

— Chitanda Eru [Hyouka]