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Are we gonna bury the fish?

Yes, but in our own way. You see, we are made up of two parts. Our body and our soul. See, some people are very special. And when they die, a man named Cade comes to take their soul away.

Does he take the body, too?

No. But that doesn’t mean the bodies aren’t special, too. They need to be treated with dignity to find peace in death. And Cade respects that. He appreciates the effort. Let’s show him what we did.


And now here is the thing I’ve been secretly so excited over for the past two and a half weeks or so! This beautiful commission from artist acedrawin who is wonderful and does wonderful work!

So thanks to spaceoperetta coming up with a crossover AU for Ace Attorney and best TV show ever Slings & Arrows, this Narumitsu idea has refused to leave my head. In short, post-disbarment Phoenix goes back to his theatre roots and ends up as a director for a struggling theatre company while dodging rumors that he’s “mentally unstable.” Which isn’t very easy to do when the love of your life won’t stop talking to you and arguing with you about Shakespeare. Especially if the love of your life is a ghost that only you can see and hear.

And one very important thing I think I need to point out here: the dialogue they’re speaking in this art is actually from Hamlet. Okay, Miles’ line is a paraphrase, but Phoenix’s is word-for-word. I am not making this up.

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Peri meeting the other Peridots at the zoo, and hoping they'll be nice to him. They are not.

“You’re an Era 1, aren’t you.” Says the other Peridot, scanning him.

“Y-yes!” Peri exclaims. “How could you tell?”

Another Peridot rolls her eyes. “Your towering stature, obviously. Those limb enhancers make you look like you’re compensating for something.”

“Oh, like you aren’t guilty of that!” Peri shouts. “No powers! Only 8th level intelligence! Hardly the top of the line, compared to someone like… Peridot 5.”

“Peridot 5 is a traitor.” A third Peridot states. “You heard what he called Yellow Diamond, right? If he so much as sets a touch stump on this base, our Agate will shatter him.”

I just said ‘no’ to something my sister asked me to do and she had a mini tantrum

google search how to get my parents to understand that I like having art and design just be a hobby and that I don’t want to have it be my job

comparing the movie about wizards with laser swords to movies like the Martian and Interstellar because they’re set in space is like comparing Beauty and the Beast to Les Miserables because they’re set in France

Do people have any idea how offensive it is to see someone say that Swen should stop complaining and be glad that we might get a Ruby/Mulan (for example) pairing? That we asked for representation, so here we go, stop being ungrateful.

It’s like saying that people shouldn’t ask for CS or OQ (for example) because hey, you already got Snowing, that’s representation enough isn’t it?

I mean who cares it’s two characters that haven’t been featured much together on the show, who cares they haven’t had any buildup. Who cares if it’s not the two characters people have been rooting for for years now, an organically buildup pairing people have been invested in for a long time.

We should just be happy with a token pairing right? A few scraps thrown our way five years too late.

September 6th, 2015. (That’s a sunday.)


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Red marries Orange. 

In light of MMB’s comments last week about Carol wearing a mask, all of the celebrating that is currently being done by the haters is a little premature. Even without MMB’s feedback, it is clear that Carol is not herself.

Okay, yes, if we had our way, Carol would not be locking lips with someone else. Absolutely not going to deny that. But she does not appear to be emotionally invested in this relationship because, let’s face it – She is not emotionally stable right now. You can’t go from clutching a rosary to the point of making yourself bleed to finding happiness back at Alexandria once the immediate threat is gone. I don’t know what Tobin is to Carol at this point – A distraction, a pawn in her game of disguises, etc. I do know that she is not emotionally attached to him, certainly not the way she is attached to Daryl. MMB confirmed this when she talked about what Daryl meant to Carol, and how Carol can only BE HERSELF around Daryl.

There is no reason to stop shipping Caryl or to tell Carylers that our ship is dead. This is TV, where characters come and go and bounce around from one relationship to the next, when the most obvious choice is right there in front of them.

There is obviously something between Daryl and Carol that has yet to be defined. A few kisses between two characters, one of whom is emotionally walled-up and just going through the motions, do not point to epic romance.

Reasons I still believe Caryl is endgame: Daryl has yet to be romantically attached to anyone else. Carol and Daryl are both still alive. The hug at the end of 6x13.