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Human (Vampire!Namjoon)

Plot: Vampire!Namjoon asking to turn you into a vampire

Word Count: 665

A/N: so a while ago, someone requested this and I thought it sounded fun, if you want more of a backstory for vampire!namjoon, like how he was changed, what he’s like and all of that you can click here but this version is gonna be a bit different bc in the original post, you were already a vampire when you two met but for this post, you’re human :D

It had been a while since you’d found out your boyfriend was a vampire and at times, you almost forgot. He was just as human as you were, despite being several centuries old and needed to feast on blood in order to stay alive. He slept, even more than you did, because as he said, “I once stayed awake for an entire decade, I deserve to sleep in an extra hour.”

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imjustanawkwardgoth  asked:

EMMA I was just thinking about Derek and Stiles' reaction to gay marriage being legalized across the US. I know it was already legal in California but do you think if theyd been together for a while theyd both rush and basically scream "MARRY ME?"

I had the biggest smile on my face reading this! Okay, so…I changed it a little. And it might have gotten a little corny, forgive me.

“What is that?” Derek asks, looking down at the- the…oh my god. Is that a- is Stiles-

What does it look like, dumbass?” Stiles says, waving the, yes that is definitely a ring, in front of his face. “I’m asking you to marry me!” 

Derek feels his mouth drop open, blinking his eyes awake, sitting up. “But, we’re- we’re-”

“In love? Dating? Officially legal?

“I was going to say asleep, but yeah, that- wait, what?” 

Legal, Derek. We can get married in fifty states and say fuck you to the world.” 

Derek frowns, a bemused smile tugging at his lips. “Stiles, it was already legal for us to get married. It’s been legal for two years. I thought you didn’t-” He feels his heart speed up horribly in his chest, the old ache from when Stiles first voiced his opinions on marriage resurfacing, turning him sad, confused. “You always said you didn’t want to get married.”

“I lied.”

“You said it was stupid.”

“I was wrong.”

Derek frowns again, unsure why he’s feeling so vulnerable all of a sudden. “Stiles, it’s okay. I know how you feel about marriage. I know you think it’s a stupid tradition. I know-”

“But you don’t think that,” Stiles interrupts him, climbing into his lap, taking Derek’s face in his hands. “I- fuck, Derek. I’ve been up all night, watching as people can finally, finally get married. There was this one couple, they had been waiting fifty years. Fifty! And that’s when I realised. I realised I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to go through life not being your husband. I may not care about churches and all that shit, but I do know I want to stand up with you and tell everyone we know how much I love you. That, I know.”

“I don’t understand,” Derek shakes his head, pushing him away. Stiles lets him, but Derek can tell he’s hurt. 

“You don’t want to?” he asks.

“It’s not about making a statement, Stiles,” Derek sighs, tensing, wanting to fucking cry


“I don’t want to say fuck you to homophobia. I just want-” he shrugs, crossing his arms in front of himself. “I just want to get married. I want to eat cake and dance and look at you and know you want to marry me because you love me, not because it’s finally legal in fifty states. I don’t want some banner saying ‘fuck you’ on it during the ceremony.” 

Stiles’ eyes widen. “You think I want to marry you to make a statement?” Jumping up from the bed, he almost trips over himself, but catches himself just in time, throwing his arms around Derek’s neck, pulling him in and pressing his forehead briefly to his. “Derek, I- shit. Look, I’ve had this ring for years, okay? I bought it on our second anniversary.” 

Derek blinks. What? “But you never- you know I would have said-” but he can’t finish it, can’t say yes, because he’s imagined it so many times, watched too many times as Stiles has scoffed and rolled his eyes at every movie wedding procession they’ve ever watched and every real life engagement party they’ve ever been invited to. 

“Marriage terrifies me, okay? But not- not for the reasons you might think,” Stiles whispers. “It’s just…easier hating it.” He sighs, pulling Derek back towards the bed with him until Derek is straddling him. 

Derek isn’t too sure why Stiles likes this position when he’s trying to tell Derek something serious, but Stiles is always so restless, so energetic and twitchy, that Derek can understand the need to be weighted down. To be anchored. It makes him feel special, that he can do that to Stiles, for him, and he goes willingly, pressing his face into the crook of Stiles’ neck, waiting. 

He’ll always wait for Stiles, he realises. As dumb as that sounds.

“My mom-” Stiles swallows, clutching loosely at Derek’s back. “They were so happy. I always thought marriage was this awesome thing. I thought it was some kind of fairytale and then my mom died and I realised it wasn’t. I realised marriage was just about hurting people. I watched as my dad crumbled, how he would twist his ring on his finger, a bottle in the same hand. I watched as Scott’s dad left. I- if I loved you less, I would have proposed the day I bought the ring.”

“That…doesn’t make any sense.”

Stiles laughs once, pulls back, tilts Derek’s chin until he can see his eyes. “I don’t want to lose you, okay? If I loved you less maybe I would have risked it, but I don’t ever want to argue with you without making up. I don’t want to ever stop having sex with you. I don’t want to stop laughing and taking you on dates and loving you so damn much it hurts. I want to be your boyfriend forever. I don’t want to be married, I just want to be…yours.”

Derek smiles, shaking his head, watching as Stiles relaxes as he sees him understand. “You know it’s not true, right? That marriage ends relationships. It doesn’t strengthen them either, marriages aren’t relationships. They’re just a way of…” He snorts. “Well, I suppose it is a way of saying fuck you to the world. But not- more like…’fuck you, I got him first’.” He feels himself blush then, hating it when he gets “corny”, as Stiles puts it, but Stiles’ eyes light up, his nose nuzzling softly at Derek’s jaw. 

“You’ve always been the exception,” Stiles whispers. “I’m still terrified, but you’ve always been…I’d never made love before you. I had sex. So much fucking sex, but I never…” He ducks his head. “I’d never laughed…during before. I’d never thought about holding someone after. I’d never thought about…forever.”

“Oh,” Derek breathes, unable to help grinning, because oh. Not that he didn’t kind of know that already. Stiles always looks at him like he can’t understand his own feelings, but he’s never told Derek before. For someone who talks a lot, Stiles keeps a lot of things private, bottled up. It’s something Derek is pretty sure only he knows about him. “That’s pretty romantic, as far as proposals go.” 

Stiles’ head snaps up, almost butting Derek’s, but not quite. “You mean, is that a-”

Derek laughs. “Yes.”


“Si. Oui. Ja. Tak. How many languages do you want it in?” 

Stiles’ mouth drops open. “You learned Polish for me?”

“I’ve been teaching myself the odd word,” Derek says, heart flipping when Stiles’ eyes go soft.

“I’m so fucking in love with you,” he whispers, kissing Derek, pulling him down so he’s completely lying on top of him, laughing and grinning, fumbling for Derek’s hand and slipping the ring on his finger. 

“I know you can’t promise, not really,” he says a little later as they slip back under the blankets to sleep, turning serious again. “But…you’ll never leave me, right? You’ll grow old with me? You won’t…die?” His eyes are wide, worried, like a little kid’s and Derek kisses him.

“I promise,” he says. And somehow he knows. He knows he’ll be able to keep it.

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This is my fav joke ever: An American, a French, a Spanish and a German are in the city. They see a street performer who's very short. Interested they go up there to see his performance, but they stand in the very back of the crowd. //tbc

Once they are there the performer sees that there’s a lot of people in the back so he asks:“Can you all in the back see me?” The group in the back answers: “Yes.” “Oui.” “Si.” “Ja.”


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every time I rewatch merlin I cry a little more because watching arthur come to love him is so fucking emotional to me. and I can pinpoint the exact moment he started really appreciating merlin - when merlin came with him to fight kilgarrah. and you really see it in s04 when morgana captures merlin to try to make him her assassin and arthur won't stop searching. at one point arthur tells merlin he wouldn't look if merlin went missing, but really he would be like uther when morgana disappeared.

@ the last sentence; yes, oui, si, da. The prospect of it means so incredibly much to me, you have no idea. In the show when Merlin goes “missing” or is away for a days Arthur loses his mind but it’s more the physical aspects of his life & the every day thing. I don’t think he really gets worried because it happens so often & Merlin comes back (usually) in one piece, though one we get past a day he does become unsettled & start worrying (5x08). Anyway, as I was saying the first thing Arthur thinks about is the fact there’s nobody to dress him & every day mundane chores that he has to figure out for himself that Merlin usually takes care of.

What’s missing is the emotional factor, I think this would come more gradually with the length of time Merlin is missing. It would start of with the tavern jokes, then we would move on to searches & I think Arthur would go to a place of almost acceptance or denial about Merlin being missing then something would shake his world emotionally & THEN we would get the final impact where Arthur realises how much Merlin impacts his life emotionally. How it’s Merlin & only Merlin he confides in (because he has trust issues but he trusts Merlin unconditionally), how Merlin is his emotional strength & rock - building up his self esteem, encouragement & just pushing him to do his best. He’ll probably also notice how a lot of his court decisions were also made by Merlin, he might notice this a lot earlier on actually, how Merlin’s guidance shaped his Kingdom - whether you personally agree to this being a positive or not, it happened & I think Arthur would see it as a positive. Of course that’s when the interesting bit comes in because how does Arthur react to this? When this is the exact sort of situation that Merlin would help him get through. 

Anyway.. This probably isn’t what you expected but there we are, hahaa. By the way I talk about this AU a lot ‘cause it’s my favourite “headcanon” but I made an au based on this; The Savage King; x  I just want to see Arthur Pendragon suffer. 

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An Englishman,Frenchman,Spaniard and a German are standing watching a street performer do some excellent juggling. The juggler notices that the 4 |gentle men have a very poor view so he |stands on a wooden stool and calls out |"can You all see me now?" "Yes" "Oui" "Si" "Ja" Helps if you read in accents Do you get it?

i love this joke tbh

Matthew Espinosa Imagine

You and Matt were dating for a really long time and he really was the love of your life.
You were at his house and making pizza. It was really fun and romantic. The fact that you two were cooking together gave you the idea of a beautiful future. The kitchen was a mess and you two were complaining because you would have to clean that after.
You both were nineteen and he lived by himself, not now because you were sleeping there for a while.
When you guys finally could eat the pizza, you sited on the floor in front of the tv and start eating.
-Hey y/n, i wanna say something to you - you turn to each other
-Something wrong?
-Nope - he smiled in the cutest way and look down - i know we are to young and we are not thinking in marriage right now but - he took something from his pocket - promise me you will be by my side forever? - he gave you a ring. A simple and cute ring
-You know, there is a song that says “forever is a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side” and i want you to take this message
-Is that a yes y/n?
-Yes, Si, Sim, Oui - he smiled and kissed you
Your relationship was the best. You two looked like best friends. And that was what you were.

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The day after their first kiss, after the panic from the realization of the next demon they have to fight has died down a bit, Laura tries to talk to Carmilla about the kiss and what they actually are. GO.

“Did I get it all out?”

Carmilla looked up as Laura re-entered their room from the bathroom, dressed in her pyjamas and water dripping from her hair. She leans down for her to inspect her hair.

“You look goo free to me, cutie”

Laura smiles and sits down on the bed, biting her lip before turning towards Carmilla.


The vampire closes her book and smiles.

“So, here we are”

“I never knew evil could be such a royal pain in the butt, or so messy”

Carmilla chuckles lightly.

“You just described my mother in a nutshell”

“I’m glad that she’s gone” Laura pauses, her eyes studying Carmilla for a brief moment. “Maybe now that we’re not in immediate danger, and y’know, alone, maybe we could talk about yesterday?”

Carmilla tilts her head slightly, her eyes intent.

“What about yesterday?”

Laura’s face falls ever so slightly before she realizes she’s been given a hard time.

“Stupid vampire” She says with an eye roll, not meaning it at all.

“You weren’t saying that when your tongue was in my mouth, cutie”

Carmilla smirks as the mousey-haired girl beside her opens her mouth and closes it again, her eyes drifting to the vampire’s lips.

“Technically neither of us were saying anything, we were both too busy kissing”

“Uh huh”

“Will there.. will there be more of that, maybe?”

Laura doesn’t know why she’s so nervous, maybe it’s because she’s never had a vampire for a girlfriend before or maybe it’s just because she never thought that her terrible room-mate would be the one to make her feel completely unhinged.

“I was certainly hoping so, though saying I only want to kiss you would be completely and utterly blasphemous”

Laura chewed her lip, not quite knowing how to take that.

“Well we..we never did look at the stars, would you like to?”

“I’d like that very much” Carmilla spoke softly, her hand reaching out to lace her fingers through Laura’s. “Relax, Laura. What you feel I feel it too. We’re on the same page here, which is still incredible to me”

Laura smiles, giving the hand in hers a light squeeze.

“It’s incredible to me too, and we’ve come so far. I’ve never really had a girlfriend and I can’t tell you that you’re the easiest to live with with your general hatred toward cleaning-” Carmilla chuckles.

“But we all have our flaws and I can learn to live with yours if you can live with mine, because” Laura swallows. “I’d really like you to be my girlfriend”



“Ja. Oui. Si. Da”

Laura grins as she leans in, crushing their lips together once again. Carmilla’s hands are at her hips, pulling her into her lap. She breaks the kiss to giggle.

“I can’t believe this is happening”

Carmilla’s fingers glide through her hair, her sweet smile making her stomach do flips.

“I’ve waited my whole life for someone like you, Laura Hollis”

The sincerity makes her heart take flight from her chest, her eyes grow watery with happy tears.

“I love you, Carm” She whispers, hands sweetly cupping her cheeks.

They kiss again. It’s languid and sweet, full of adoration and love in its purest form.

“I love you too, liebling. So much”

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Bad joke time? Hope I didn't miss it. Ahem, so America, France, Spain and Germany went to Sealand's fort because the micronation had a presentation. However they couldn't see him from their seats, so he stands up on a box and asks "Can you see me now?" They replied. "Yes" "Oui" "Si" "Ja" get it?

I both hate and love this joke >:U