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It would’ve been so awesome if Cas were also there and since Dean kept losing his memory he would continually hit on Cas as if he just met him I want death

please feel free to send me all your LOTR AU spn headcanons I’ll love you forever

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Dorm au with your otp: whose the one that burns a bag of popcorn in the lounge microwave and whose the one that leads the witch hunt looking for the idiot that stunk up the entire floor

We’re two trapped girls with nothing but each other on a ship of people who’d be better off with us dead, and somehow on top of that we’ve managed to do the one thing we shouldn’t be able to do.

The Abyss Surrounds Us • Emily Skrutskie • February 2016

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Could you please write an imagine where Jared is dating a much younger woman (like 20-22) and they both get a ton of hate because of it. And then at a convention someone asks her a really rude question about their relationship during her panel and Tom and Shep hear or they see her getting hate online and they get super upset because they love her. And then Jared gets SUPER pissed off because someone made his kids and gf upset. I know your requests are closed but could you put it on a to do list?

Hey Nonnie, well, the reason my requests are closed is I have too much on my plate. Ask the authors whose challenges I am a part of. I’ve been apologizing profusely for asking extensions all the time. I am keeping my head barely above the water as far as writing is concerned.

Even if that hadn’t been the case, I don’t really write RPF? Like none of my fics are anything but Sam and Dean, with one Cas drabble. Yes I’ve written Jensen twice or thrice in blurbs because well, the GIF was a convention GIF. I couldn’t really turn that one into Dean. I have nothing against RPF, I read it all the time, but I feel like I can never do them justice because I don’t really know them as people you know? I’m not there yet. I’d totally suck at it!

I am pretty sure there are other awesome authors who are taking RPF requests. Any of you amazing people want to help the Nonnie out?

Double Trouble

@explodingdick you mentioned you were interested in this: AU where Dean and Cas are college students and Dean tries setting them up on a double date…

Dean Winchester had been friends with Castiel Novak since middle school. And not just the kind of friends that met up Friday nights to go to a party, no, this was the “glued at the hip, buy one get the other free, wearing matching friendship bracelets” kind of friendship. (Yes, the bracelets really happened. Cas had made him one during camp one year. It looked nice. Shut up.) It was an odd partnership. Dean was athletic and charming, easily one of the most popular people in school, while Castiel was bookish and…well, awkward. But they made it work. They always had.

Which is why it came as no surprise that the two decided to room together their freshman year of college. Some people had said that college changed things, but as far as Dean was concerned, that just wasn’t true when it came to Cas. Where Dean went, Cas followed. At least, he followed until Dean started making out with girls. With each girl Dean brought home, Castiel inexplicably grew grumpier and grumpier.

It wasn’t hard to figure out why: Castiel needed to get laid. And Dean, as his best friend, was more than willing to figure out how to make that happen.

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“Dean can I ask you something..?” Cas asked with his usual confused face. “Yeah sure Cas, what?” Dean answered not really paying attention. “What’s a crush?..because I think I have one..” That caught Dean’s attention. “What..!?” Cas tilts his head. “A crush..what is it?” “Uh..a when you think someone is uh…attractive..” Dean answers with a embarrassed tone. Sam is cracking up. “Oh okay. Yes I definitely have one.” Cas replies. “So wait..who do you have a crush on Cas?” Sam asks. “Y/N.” Sam and Dean & Sam stare at Cas with their eyes widened. “Y/N?!” They ask in sync. Then you walk in. “What?” You ask. Cas looks at you and smiles. Dean & Sam try to keep from laughing. “Nothing..” Sam replies. “Okay then..”

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a / age - 25
b /biggest fear - being alone
c /current time - 8:37 pm PST
d /drink you had last - Dr. Pepper
e /everyday starts with - Waking up, changing baby diapers, letting dogs out, feeding babies, pray, read a passage from the bible, check sites via mobile
f /favorite song- din’t have one….
g / ghosts are real? - Yes, 100%
h / hometown - Merced, CA
i /in love with - Hellsing, Dracula, NIN, my children, my closest, my kin, wolves
j / jealous of - Trust don’t open this bag of worms, the puta deserves the evil eyes….stupid cunt….
k /killed someone - Nope and though…..the bendejo deserves it.
l /last time you cried - ….i don’t cry
m / middle name - Gean
n /number of siblings - 4
o /one wish - To be loved, truly loved
p / person you last called/texted - Asshole husband asking where he was
q /questions you’re always asked - “Huh?” “Really?” “Do I need to smack a bitch?” “Can I curse them?” “Whiskey?”
r / reasons to smile - My children, my few friends
s /song last sang - “You ain’t worth the whiskey” and “I told you so”…
t / time you woke up - ummm…… never went to bed….
u / underwear color - what underwear?
v /vacation destination - Romania to Germany to Scandinavia to the British Isles…. 
w / worst habit - I cut
x /xrays you have had - I was a broke mofo in the Navy so I had a shit ton
y/your favorite food - ….food?
z / zodiac sign - Gemini

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A - age: 22
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C - current time: 6:43 p.m.
D - drink you last had: water
E - every day starts with: a hot shower (even if it’s hot out)
F - favourite song: Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine
G - ghosts, are they real: YES I HAVE SEEN ONE
H - hometown: Oxnard, CA
I - in love with: my cat Callie
J - jealous of: everyone already in nursing school
K - killed someone: i cut people from my life as if they were dead so??
L - last time you cried: end of December
M - middle name: Ednalino
N - number of siblings: two
O - one wish: to get into UCI’s MEPN
P - person you last called/texted: Crystal
Q - question you’re always asked: Your last name is Smith?!
R - reasons to smile: there’s a good chance that I will be attending MCIA’s preview night on Friday!
S - song last sang: that song Spongebob sang while delivering the Krusty Krab Pizza lol 
T - time you woke up: 8:30 a.m.
U - underwear color: black
V - vacation destination: Sequoias 
W - worst habit(s): I am so bad at texting back
X - x-rays you’ve had: i had a chest x-ray last year
Y - your favorite food: baked mac and cheese
Z- zodiac sign: cancer  

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“Right… So I’ll see you tomorrow then, Cas.”

Dean cracks a smile as he mutters his goodbye, even though he knows that the angel can’t see it; after all this is not one of those modern-ass video phone calls, just a regular one.  

“Yes, tomorrow.” Cas sounds tired, but refreshingly hopeful.

“Tomorrow.” Dean repeats quietly, loving the way it sounds.

Tomorrow is good, tomorrow is soon. Tomorrow is less than twenty-four hours away. Survivable.

“Tomorrow.” Cas parrots that single word one more time, but still doesn’t end the call.

“Yeah… So are you gonna hang up?” Dean abruptly voices that thought.

“I’m not sure, are you?” Cas’ reply comes without a hint of hesitation.

Dean chuckles. At the other end of the line, Cas huffs impatiently at him.

“What’s so funny, Dean?”

Seeing as this is his best friend, Dean spills his guts.

“Nothing… Just can’t believe we’re having one of those you-hang-up-first moments. Hate to break it to you, but we sound like a bunch of fourteen year olds with crushes.”

There’s a silence from Cas, but it doesn’t last long.

“I suppose we do… The only difference for me is that I’m not fourteen, Dean.”

Dean clears his throat as he presses the palm of his hand against his forehead, all of the sudden even more eager to get to Cas.

“Yeah…” He eventually breathes into the phone. “Same here.”

Dean doesn’t hang up first. Instead he falls asleep on top of the ugly sheets of his not-quite-comfortable motel bed, his phone crushed between his cheek and the pillow. He dreams about tomorrow.

okay but at some point right -

we’re gonna get Cas pretending to be Lucifer because of reasons


(like - he’s succeeded in overpowering Luci for the time being, but Sam and Dean have been kidnapped by demons on Lucifer’s orders, so in order to free them Cas confronts the demons pretending to be Lucifer, y/n? :p)

Despite whatever antics would ensue (and she could foresee many), the author felt obligated to show up. Her name had been called out, after all, and she was friendly with the hosts… Eto sighed, eyeing a particular outfit in her closet.

Well, she’d have fun, too.

Eto waved her invitation as she entered the Ushiromiya mansion, glancing around at the extravagant decorations. What a dramatic family. It made her smile, as she tucked her invitation away with her cellphone in her suit pocket. All this commotion, it really was characteristic of this city.

She took a drink from a waiter, remembering the advert the hosts of such a party had aired the other day. Eto let out a small chuckle; yes, she was definitely going to have fun tonight.

Even if your eyes
Cannot remember it now
It’s your heart that will
—  Haiku of the Day // May 20th, 2015
He Said Yes.

(Spoilers from 11x10)

His fingers clutch the steering wheel, unable to catch his breath after his brief but explosive run in with Lucifer, who Dean just found out is living inside of his best friend. He can’t escape the sound of his voice, Cas’ voice, as Lucifer sneered at him, telling him his plans, his reasoning as to why he’s needed against the Darkness, but the worse part, the one that stings is, Cas did indeed say yes. 

He said yes. Cas said yes. 

And it was Cas’ own voice telling him why. Why he would even do something so goddamned stupid as letting the devil wear him. “He felt useless. That no one would miss him. There wasn’t anyone telling him otherwise.” 

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