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Time and POV in Stuck in the Middle With You 12x12...

“So… tell me a story…” says Mr. Ketch, sitting across from Mary, just after the burning MOL symbol of the season announces…

The narrative is thus framed as told in flashback by Mary to Mr. Ketch.

The first POV we get is therefore Mary’s…

Time card… accompanied by the ticking of a stop watch (which we hear at intervals throughout the episode).

Mary witnesses Dean performing “super-hetero Dean” for Wally, or attempting to, in a diner - doesn’t go so well, with the, “My shy but devastatingly handsome friend,” huh Dean? Although, of course we can all agree Cas IS devastatingly handsome…

Mary is not impressed… (not with her sons bickering either - oh Mary - you ain’t seen nothing yet…)

under the cut as this got super long…

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It was the first week of college, the first English class. Dean was sitting pretty much in the middle of the big classroom. Professor Mills was keeping a name call in front of the class.

“Charlie Bradbury?”


“Benny Lafitte?”


“Castiel Winchester?”

Silence. Professor Mills looked up from the name list she was going through.

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Gotta catch ‘em all

I realized I never drew Sakurah and her gay servant Lewis.
So here they are, the Princess and her Gayfriend.

Photo Booth (AO3)

Summary: Cas drags Dean into a photo booth.

“Cas, what’re you doing? Sam’s waiting for us.” Dean asks, as the angel yanks him in another direction.

“It says it can take photos of us, Dean.” Cas says, as if that explains everything.

“We have to go check out the crime scene. We’re on a job here, ya know.” Dean grumbles but continues to follow Cas and that’s when he sees what the angel was talking about.

Dean groans. “Cas, we’re not -”

“It’ll only take a second.” Cas says, and then he’s pulling Dean into the photo booth with him and sitting down on the small bench inside. 

Dean’s increasingly aware of the way their thighs and arms are pressed together. His palms start to sweat. Dean huffs and turns his head to see Cas frowning. The angel then adorably tilts his head to the side. Did he just think that? Adorable? Dean shakes his head.

“Why isn’t it taking pictures of us?” 

“Because you have to pay for it, obviously. And I ain’t paying for it.” he mumbles, rubbing his sweaty palms on his black slacks. Then he makes the mistake of looking into Cas’ stupid, big, blue puppy eyes. 

That word flares up in his mind again. Adorable. No, Cas isn’t adorable. He is not at all adorable. The angel scrunches his eyebrows together and pouts. Fuck, he’s adorable. And you’re so screwed, Dean thinks, his own mind mocking him.

“Fine.” Dean says, pulling the red, velvet curtain closed before digging into his wallet and pushing a few coins into the slot. Cas visibly brightens at that and the screen starts to display large numbers counting down.

“Okay, Cas, we got four shots and then we’re out of here.” Dean mutters, watching as the screen counts down. Three, two, one.

Dean only just remembers to smile in time for the first shot. The next shot snaps just as Dean feels Cas rest his head in his shoulder. Dean smiles even more at that but then just in time for the third shot, Dean feels lips pressed to his cheek.

He stiffens and immediately feels Cas recoil away. He’s not even paying attention when the fourth shot is taken. He sits stunned, in silence and Cas eventually clears his throat, breaking it and mumbles something along the lines of ‘it says to now collect the photos outside’. 

Broken out of his trance, Dean grunts before pushing out of the booth, past the red, velvet curtain to see that their are two separate strips of the four pictures that we’re taken. 

Dean grabs one and takes a closer look, his eyes immediately drawn to the one where Cas is kissing Dean on the cheek. Did that really just happen? Did Cas just kiss him on the cheek? Then his eyes lower and sees the next one of Dean, stiff as a board and Cas looking…well…upset. 

Dean swallows. He needs to know. He knew he would never have the guts to take the first step in fear of rejection but what if…“Um, Cas, buddy, why did you - uh - you know, um, kiss me…on the cheek?” Dean swears, his voice is as high as a thirteen year old girl and he would be embarrassed but all of his attention is focused solely on the angel.

Cas looks down, his own photo strip crumpled in his hand, and his cheeks tinged a shade of pink. “I was just doing what it said to do.” he mumbles, pointing to the side of the booth.

What it said to do? Dean follows Cas’ hand and - oh. And there it is. The disappointment. Because obviously Cas would just do the exact same thing as the couple are doing on the example pictures. Smiling in the first one, head rested on the shoulder in the second one, a kiss in the cheek in the third one, and a kiss on the lips in the last one.

Dean squints. He glares at the fourth photo. The couple is kissing. On the lips.

“We should probably go. We still need to look at the crime scene.” 

“Wait.” Dean says, and Cas suddenly looks nervous.

“Dean, I’m -”

“Why didn’t you kiss me on the lips in the last one?“ Dean asks, and Cas looks away again, his blush now spreading to his neck. 

“You looked uncomfortable.” Cas mumbles, his hands playing with the edges of his photo strip.

Dean takes a deep breath. “Did you want to?” A beat. 

“Yes.” Cas whispers, shuffling from one foot to another. 

“Oh, fuck.” Dean mutters, just as he pushes Cas back into the photo booth and pulls the curtain across. Cas eyes are wide, his mouth parted as he watches Dean shove more coins into the slot. 

“Alright, four shots.” Dean says, and then he grabs Cas’ face and crushes their lips together. He feels Cas’ breath hitch and fear spikes in Dean’s gut but then Cas relaxes and pushes back, their lips moulding together perfectly. Dean’s never felt so alive. Cas’ lips are so soft in contrast to the rough stubble on his jaw but Dean wouldn’t have it any other way.

They don’t even hear the pictures snapping. They’re seemingly in a world of their own.

Eventually though, Dean has to pull away for air, but he doesn’t stray far, his head resting against Cas’. He smiles and the angel smiles too. It’s followed by the snap of the camera and this time they hear it.

Cas chuckles and it’s in that way where his nose scrunches up as much as possible and his eyes crinkle at the sides and Dean is so screwed.

“So, are you not uncomfortable with me kissing you anymore?” Cas asks, his deep, gravelly voice like music to Dean’s ears.

“No, I guess not.” Dean breathes out, grinning at the angel in front of him.

And if they spend the next ten minutes passionately making out in the photo booth, then nobody would notice…well, until a week later, when Sam finds the photo strips of them kissing and adorably resting the foreheads together - Dean loves that word now - then only Sam had to know why they were nearly half an hour late to the crime scene.

anonymous asked:

I honestly dont think anybody has anything against Kelly and Castiel's platonic bond but are fearing they'll take it to a romantic route. Being together raising a child and a guardian angel? well Destiel fans know how romantic that is/can be. I can see the potential romance story there, if they'll do it is another matter, hope not

I know what you mean, but I sure hope not and I don’t see it going that way. I don’t think they have the balls at this point to flat out no-homo Destiel as they know they will lose viewers, same that they don’t have the balls to flat out homo Destiel before it is much more at an endgame point as they expect they might lose viewers? 

I mean, I am kind of sick of the concept that man + woman (and baby) = love story. The reason we ship Destiel is cos of the romantic tropes between them, and there are like, NONE between Cas and Kelly? Other than the fact that he is protecting her - but this is because of CAS’S MORALS, not particularly due to who SHE IS

Dude, she’s been raped and tortured and having lucifers kid, this is not the time to make a move, if anything that is predatory on Cas’s part if so? That is totally against his whole character. Cas has been in love with Dean for HOW LONG? and hasn’t made a move? Like, the guy isn’t exactly begging for it left right and centre. I think he’s more classy than that even if there was something there, which there isn’t. Im sorry to bring it up again but it’s exactly like the way Dean and Eileen had NO chemistry. This for me is the same, Cas and Kelly’s interactions are all about his MORAL stance, his love for HUMANITY and doing the RIGHT thing, NOT about her or her personality per se.

Sorry I wrote about this in another post just now so completely forgot to write about it here thanks @winjennster for reminding me, this is also all about Cas’s role as a PROTECTOR. Which is key to his arc.

Also, the interactions we have seen so far were in the same episode as ALL THE FREAKING DESTIEL TROPES. It’s like they went full HOMO on this thing and totally NO-HETERO’d the Kelly/Cas relationship by YES HOMO-ing the Destiel one. 

It’s like the opposite of what we usually have seen in the past. I’m living.

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

At this point though with the writing last episode tho who freaking knows man, it all comes down to whether this positive endgame is real or not.  If this is all wrong then yeah Dean will get a Lisa type family who he doesn’t actually want to be with but feels he should be with cos he hasn’t dropped his facade and is still living a lie, Cas will screw someone and probably die sacrificing and Sam will end up alone. Like, no thanks.

I choose to think no until proven otherwise because there is no way that that is the narrative we have been shown so far between these two.

Unpopular opinion:

Yes, Jessa did a fabulous job as Fem!Cas, not only her looks matched Castiel’s but also she executed his mannerisms and expressions very well. It was refreshing and exciting to see, it gave people material to write, and the writers with that move reminded us that Castiel is a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent, that he is indifferent to sexual orientation/biology/identity.

But for me, Misha’s Castiel is Cas. Cas with the bed head and abyssal blue eyes and the irritated expression of an adorable puppy who is a bamf. A bee lover and still socially awkward despite his best efforts, yet his kindness, loyalty, and love for humanity are unbound. The deep-voiced, commanding yet willing to sacrifice his life for those he loves, the angel who is more human than a divine beings should be, the being who has fallen in so many ways and is still willing to give his life or take lives to protect The Winchesters. To me that is the real Cas.

The Cas from last week, the Cas in the female body, the one that didn’t bat an eye when knowing a child they believed was a nephilim was going to be smite, that Cas was the old Cas from s4. The cold soldier who obeyed without asking questions, the Cas who didn’t know love or hadn’t experienced the pain humans feel, the Cas who didn’t know family and despite being in heaven surrounded by his sibling, felt lonely.

So yes, Misha’s Cas is irreplaceable. No one can transmit all the deep emotions and raw feelings like Misha does. I would love to see Misha show more of Cas’s layers, how he feels now, what are his thoughts. It’ll be enlightening if the writers let us see more of how this more human Cas, this free Cas makes more complicated decisions. I want to see what he is going to do when he finds Lucifer’s child.

*FYI: It is fine if your opinions differ from mine, but if you send hate my way, I will block your ass*

Need You

Requested by @deanfuckedmehard: A Destiel one shot where Cas drunkenly tells Dean he needs him, which leads to a big change in their relationship.

Word Count: 1900

Warning: Destiel, smut

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I love writing Destiel!

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@mittensmorgul has talked about Dean and Cas being in similar situations of “aloneness” during the episode - Dean in literal isolation in prison and trapped in his head with nothing else to do, Cas in a metaphorical prison made of his loneliness and guilt and feelings of inadequacy.

I want to point out how agent Camp’s prediction did come true - not for Dean or Sam, but for Cas, who ended up talking. The isolation did drive him to spill out the truth of his feelings. And it’s interesting to see how agent Camp’s speech stresses the idea of isolation bringing up what one needs to hear - because the Winchesters do need to hear those words from Cas, that they mean a lot to someone, that they have worth for what they are, that they are not pieces that than be sacrificed interchangeably or at all.

While we’re at this, notice how Cas’ speech starts with the world needs you and then shifts to you mean a lot to me. Just like Dean said we need you first and then said I need you. This couple of dumbasses (because let’s be real Dean was right in his definition…) needs to be driven to desperation before spilling out the truth about their feelings, but still it’s not enough. As @awed-frog has well argued, Dean stays convinced that Cas doesn’t share the particular kind of feelings Dean feels for him (yes, he gave up an army for one guy, but that doesn’t mean Cas loves him in that very human way Dean loves him, does it? yes he said that they mean so much to him, but it’s about all of them, the Winchesters plural, right?) and Cas stays convinced that Dean sees him as a brother, which opens problems because Cas sees that Dean obviously doesn’t consider and treat him the same as his brother, which means that it’s a lie, right? (I don’t remember who has pointed out that Cas senses lies, so his distraught expression in 11x23 when Dean told him that he’s a brother might have been due to the fact that he sensed that it wasn’t really true… ouch.)

So they have both told the other something the other needed to hear, but not everything that the other needs to hear - and it’ll take more metaphorical isolation, more “staring at walls”, I suspect, to make the entire truth about their feelings surface.

Breaking Point

This is my entry for @roxy-davenport’s July Challenge. This is SOOOO late and I am soooo sorry!

PROMPTS: “Am I going to have to tell you what to do the entire time?” AND “Shut up and kiss me.”
CHARACTERS: Female reader, John Winchester, Original characters
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Language, hunting, witches/demons, slight injury, explicit sexual content

TAGS: @mrswhozeewhatsis, @mrs-squirrel-chester, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @manawhaat, @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash, @kittenofdoomage, @winchesterswoonathon, @crzcorgi, @mamapeterson

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“This is fucking ridiculous.”

You shook your head as you looked at yourself in the mirror, a deep sigh escaping your lips. You winced as you shifted around, tugging at the material that refused to budge. A knock sounded at the bathroom door and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be out in a minute!”
“You said that twenty minutes ago.”
“Well, you don’t have to wear this … shit.”

You heard John’s throaty chuckle, and you narrowed your eyes at your reflection. You raised your eyebrows, then glanced up at the ceiling, whispering softly.

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anonymous asked:

The "abandonment" anon here. Sorry, must have mixed up episodes there, thought you meant 9.03, or "How can I hate an episode more, Buckleming why you so suck?". The episode you talk about isn't on THAT level, but I still felt Dean was an asshole. Ugh, s9 and 10 are not good for my Dean loving. I was actively AGAINST Destiel during those seasons, that's how bad it was. It has been two seasons of slowly soothing my ruffled feathers, though :)

Yeah, between the things Dean did, the lengths he went to in order to save Sam, taking on the Mark of Cain… that was his descent arc. Becoming a demon and then being restored to his humanity, yet still with the burden of the Mark making him into something he wasn’t…

He wasn’t really “Dean” during that entire arc. Which was sort of the point. It was a MASSIVE identity crisis for him. He wasn’t supposed to be “likable” during that time, because he wasn’t really Dean. His lies to both Sam and Cas at the beginning of s9, perhaps done in the name of protecting them both, ended up hurting him to the point where he felt he was worth nothing more than unquestioningly taking on the Mark of Cain, because maybe then he could get at least one win… (sounds like Cas when he said yes to Lucifer right? Or Sam closing the gates of Hell? Yeah, they’ve all made some horrible choices that have brought them on VERY SIMILAR narrative arcs of growth since then).

Just like the things that Sam ended up doing toward the end of s10 made me… really not like his choices.

Just like Cas’s choice to say yes to Lucifer.

But this has all been part of each of their journeys. Which is honestly why I do not think that Cas is really, truly operating under his own free will right now. He hasn’t reached that stage of his journey yet.

Each of Sam, Dean, and Cas’s story arcs seems to fit quite neatly into the Heroine’s Journey as outlined in this fantastic post here:

But also there’s one thing left for Cas to experience before he can truly make a free choice and answer the “are you an angel or a man” question once and for all. And if he’s lost his free will to the nephilim– if the nephilim has activated his angel programming and given him “faith” again– his humanity might still be in there, the same way a human vessel’s soul is still in there when an angel possesses them, but it’s not in control.

Cas had his grace stolen and became human, then he was forced to steal another angel’s grace to save his own life (and to report to Dean that the angel he believed was Ezekiel WAS NOT IN FACT EZEKIEL), but he was not truly restored to his original angelic self. Even getting his own (partial) grace back in 10.18 didn’t restore him to himself, not completely. Because even before his grace was stolen he’d begun changing. Going all the way back to s4, Cas had begun learning to make his own choices.

The one thing he’s not been able to experience again is Faith, unquestioning obedience, and the absence of free will. He needs to remember what it is to LOSE his free will, after losing his grace, otherwise I don’t think he’ll truly be able to CHOOSE humanity. He’d always feel conflicted otherwise.

Ehhhh, I know this started out about Dean, but really, Dean, Sam, Cas (and even Mary to a lesser extent) have been around this block. Since we’re not yet at the “endgame” phase of the series yet (and I don’t believe we WILL be until at least the beginning of s14), I just don’t think there’s any way that Cas is actually going to get his “win” here. It just doesn’t fit the current narrative, just like Dean had to go through one last descent into the Mark of Cain in 10.22, AND THEN ALSO had to begin separating out what was really HIS feelings about Amara, and what was HER influence over him. I think THAT’s going to be part of Cas’s s13 journey: sorting out HIS OWN FEELINGS about all of this, with the full scope of experience behind him.

okay I’ll shut up now :P

We’re two trapped girls with nothing but each other on a ship of people who’d be better off with us dead, and somehow on top of that we’ve managed to do the one thing we shouldn’t be able to do.

The Abyss Surrounds Us • Emily Skrutskie • February 2016

A Perfect Storm 14

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Cas

Summary:  Reader is an actress on the show Supernatural.  What happens when she’s ripped from her world and thrust into the real world of Sam and Dean?

Word Count:  830 

Warnings:  Language

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you.

A Perfect Storm Part 14

Slowly waking in the lumpy motel bed, you roll over to see Cas sitting in a chair right beside you. Just fucking watching you.

“Have you been watching me all night?” you ask as you sit up.

“I don’t require sleep. And you look peaceful when you sleep,” the angel says earnestly.

“Not gonna lie Cas. That’s kinda creepy.”

“My apologies. Are you ready for your training?”

“Coffee, Cas. I need coffee. I may be half angel, but the half human part of me requires caffeine before rigorous training,” you say.

“I’ll be back shortly.” With that, Cas disappears.

Dean exits the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. “You ready for this, (Y/N)?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” you say with a sigh, pushing your hair out of your eyes.  

Cas returns, a tray of coffees and bagels in hand.  “Cas, you’re an angel,” you say, standing up and kissing him on the cheek. You can’t be certain, but it looks like Cas blushes slightly. Dean giggles at the expression on the angel’s face.

Dressing quickly, you chug your coffee and scarf down a bagel.  “Let’s do this,” you say, strapping your boots on your feet.  

Dean crosses the room to where you stand with Cas. “I’m coming too.” Neither of you protest. Cas, likely, because he knows Dean won’t back down. You, because you want the support.

“Okay,” Cas nods. “First lesson, teleportation. I know you’ve gone a short distance, but now you need to transport all three of us farther. This planet should be geographically the same as yours. Envision some place open, secluded, where we can train. When you’re ready, grab hold of myself and Dean and take us there.”

Closing your eyes, you think for a moment. Ah, there it is. Reaching out, you grab each man by the arms and zap the three of you out of the motel room.


“What is this place?” Dean says when you drop his arm.  

“It’s an abandoned naval weapons base. Not far from where I grew up. It was shut down long before I was born. Just acres upon acres of abandoned fields,” you explain, gesturing to the open field surrounding you.

“This is perfect,” Cas agrees. “Let’s try telepathy. I know you’ve been able to talk to me and to Jesse. Let’s see if you can communicate with Dean.”

“I…uh, is that okay?” you ask the hunter. “It feels invasive, somehow.”

He gives you a cocky grin. “I’m an open book, sweetheart!”

You giggle as Cas explains. “You’ll be able to read Dean’s thoughts, but you can’t communicate with him, because he’s not a telepath. Concentrate and see if you can hear what he’s saying.”

Closing your eyes, you again imagine an invisible thread between the two of you. Where the thread between you and Jesse was red, the thread to Dean is green, similar to the color of his eyes. Interesting. Many different emotions roll off the hunter, complex and deep. Concentrating harder, you sift through the emotions and focus on his thoughts. “You’re good. We got this. By the way, your ass looks great in those jeans.”

The last sentence catches you off guard, and you burst out laughing, severing the connection. “Shut up, Dean!” you exclaim.

Shrugging, he smirks at you. “Didn’t actually say anything, doll.”

You roll your eyes before turning to receive more instructions from the angel. The rest of the morning is spent working on improving your skills. You learn to move objects with your mind. You discover that your strength is growing. You are even able to summon your grace to destroy objects, practicing on rocks and eventually a small boulder.

As the morning turns to afternoon, your energy begins to wane. Emotionally and physically you are drained. “Cas, it’s break time,” Dean tells the angel when he notices you starting to slow down.

“Yes, of course. Just one more thing.” Cas produces a short sword. It’s similar to an angel blade, but it’s longer. It’s not overly ornate, but it beautiful in its simplistic detailing. The handle is curved and there is Enochian lettering etched into the blade. “This is your father’s sword, the sword of Michael.”

Dean’s mouth drops open. “Wait, I thought I was the sword of Michael.”

“Figuratively, yes, Dean, that is correct. This is Michael’s literal sword. It now belongs to you, (Y/N).”

Reaching out tentatively, you take the sword into your hand. It molds to your palm and it feels almost alive, as if you can feel the archangel’s power thrumming through it. A faint blue light emanates from it.

“It will serve you well, (Y/N),” Cas says, looking impressed with the way the sword reacts to you.  

“Thank you, Cas,” you whisper, in awe of the power you hold in your hands. Feeling infinitely more confident in your abilities to face Jesse in the coming battle, you whisk Dean and Cas out of the field and back to the motel.

Part 15  Sam and Riley

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People: Why are you so extra about Castiel?

Me, wearing a tan trenchcoat, wearing a Castiel T-Shirt, holding my Castiel action figure and watching The Man Who Would Be King on my phone with an ‘I love Cas’ case as I mouth the lines along with the episode: I didn’t know there was this much disrespect in the whole universe.


Dorm au with your otp: whose the one that burns a bag of popcorn in the lounge microwave and whose the one that leads the witch hunt looking for the idiot that stunk up the entire floor

(Because who doesn’t love a little fake dating?)

“Uh-oh,” Dean whispered, pulling Cas into a random aisle. He hadn’t expected to come across Lisa in the grocery story.

He and Cas had been picking out food for their weekly movie night and sleepover. They have started this tradition because school, relationships, family got in the way of their friendship. They didn’t see much of each other for a few weeks until they both decided that it was enough.

They needed something to make sure they saw each other at least once a week outside of school.

And thus the tradition was born.

Dean was secretly ecstatic that he got to spend so much more time with Cas. Especially since sleeping together in one bed wasn’t that uncommon anymore.

Yes, yes, he has a crush on Cas. There was nothing new there. Apparently, everybody knew except the person who matters the most.

Castiel Novak.

The same person he just pulled into an aisle, hiding behind the shelves of cereal.

“What are you doing, Dean?” Castiel asked, but low enough only for Dean to hear. These are the kinds of things Dean loves him for, just going along with Dean even though he has no clue what is happening just because Dean is fed up with it.

“Lisa is here,” Dean whispered back, sneakily peeking behind the shelves. “Crap! She saw me.”

“We can leave…”

“No!” Dean exclaimed, making Cas take a step back. “I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that the break up was messy-”

“I was well aware of that,” Cas interrupted him with a look that had ‘you’re an idiot’ written all over it.

“I know that you know, Cas,” Dean sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” Dean admitted, searching Cas’ deep blue eyes for an answer.

“You can pretend you’re dating me?” Castiel suggested though he said it unsure like he’s scared how Dean is going to react.

“You would do that for me?” And with that, Dean wants to smack himself in the face and fall through the filthy grocery shop floor.

He did not just say that.

Castiel chuckled and gently patted Dean’s cheek. “Of course.”

Dean then mustered all of his courage, his heart beating, his palms sweating and did a heatwave just roll in? Anyway, he grabbed Castiel’s hand in his, Castiel briefly squeezed his hand in return and relaxed.

Dean let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and stepped into the open with Castiel.

During their small conversation, Lisa had walked away and Dean sighed in relieve.

“Didn’t know you two are together,” a voice said from behind them, making them both jump 3 feet into the air.

“Damn, Lisa, you scared the crap out of me!” Dean nearly screamed, quickly closing his mouth when he noticed Lisa’s venomous expression.

“We are,” Castiel said confidently, easily grabbing Dean’s hand like they have done it a thousand times before. “We have been for a while.”

“You dumped me for this freak?!” Lisa exclaimed, pointing her finger accusingly at Cas. “Come on, Dean, you can do better. You still have me and I know you want to.”

Dean’s blood has been boiling after ‘freak’ and Castiel’s hand is slowly being compressed by Dean’s much larger one.

“I dumped you because you are manipulative and you only dated me because I’m popular.”

“Hmm, I just saw a potential in the two of us. The power couple of Lawrence High.”

“We will never get back together, Lisa. I’m with Cas,” Dean said, unknowingly stepping in front of him to be a wall, separating Lisa from Cas.
“I don’t believe it,” Lisa smirked, her eyes dancing.

“Like I care,” Dean scoffed, the hand that isn’t holding Cas’ clenching until his knuckles turned white.

“Prove it.”

Dean started protesting, about how they don’t have to do it, that they had nothing to prove to her. However, Cas had different plans.

Castiel turned Dean around, inching closer.

Kiss me,” Castiel whispered, throwing his arms around Dean to pull him even closer, their chests touching.

“You don’t have to, Cas,” Dean said, his eyes darkened but his hands wavering. He wanted to touch Cas, but not like this. Not when the only reason Cas would let him, is because of his crazy ex-girlfriend.

“I want to,” Castiel said, pulling back enough for Dean to see the want in his eyes, to hear the truth in his words.

Dean couldn’t contain himself and lunged at Cas, claiming his lips with his own.

They stayed like this, warm and content, even when Lisa frowned and walked away, when the group elderly walking by aww-ed and their grandchildren squealed about cooties.

They broke apart when they felt like their lungs were going to explode with bright smiles and soft eyes.

“I want you,” Dean whispered. It wasn’t a love confession per se and in a different situation the context would’ve meant something different entirely, but Cas understood and nodded.

“You have always had me and you always will.”

Fondle Every Slider (In a non sexual way) Challenge!

Well hello friends (and now you know I watch too much of Safiya Nygaard’s videos whoops), I am back at it again with another unorthodox CAS challenge. 

Now, you may be thinking, “Liv, what is with that weird name?” Well dear friend, that’s the challenge!

The challenge is to touch every. single. cas. slider thingy. Yes, even the foot size one. 

If you’re wondering what the point of this is and how the heck I came up with it & more information (and people I tag!), go down under the cut!

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“Yes, I’ll be the one making the soup, Dean. Who else would…” Cas trailed off as he pulled a can from the cabinet, turning it in his hand before looking up. “Which part of the chicken does the broth come from?” he asked. 

Dean stared at him a few seconds, straight-faced, before speaking.

“Can you just hold that thought one second, buddy?”

“Of course. Where are you going?”

“I think Sam would would really enjoy watching this,” Dean said, grinning wide now. “And listen, don’t start cooking until we get back. Do you want me to get Y/N, too? Dinner and a show might be just what the doctor ordered.”

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Imagine Cas Trying To Cook Some Comfort Food For You When You’re Sick

More imagines!

And in second place we have… The story ‘A Special Something’ by @whelvenwings!

I’m a sucker for college AUs, a sucker for best friends to lovers, and bonus points when they’re both blind idiots and their friends have to push them in the right direction. I smiled throughout this entire thing, and was still grinning broadly at the end, well done!

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Dean hustled through the door to his dorm room, all clattering keys and rustling shopping bags, almost tripping over some papers stacked up tall in front of the door.

“Dammit, Cas,” he said, and stepped over the pile, shopping bags swinging. He looked around the room, but it was empty - no roommate to hear him. Dean rolled his eyes, and went to dump the bags down on his bed. Pulling out his phone, he saw a chat bubble - Charlie, that impish smile bright in her profile picture.

>> So. Blind date tonight. On a scale of one to Star Wars reboot, how excited are you?

Dean groaned. He’d forgotten that she was trying to set him up again.

<< Yeah… might have to take a rain check, he typed out. Said I’d study with Cas tonight.

He smiled to himself just thinking about it, plugging his phone in to charge. Him and Cas, lying on their beds on opposite sides of the room, each with a bottle of the beer he’d bought… reading their textbooks, probably getting distracted for hours at a time with talking about stuff - just random things: families, high school stories, plans for the future.

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