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Mama Tina, Beyoncé and Blue at the FYF Fest — July 23

i can’t reblog like 50 of those “i highly recommend you follow the person i reblogged this from” posts so i wanted to give a few shoutouts to some of my favorite blogs & i definitely think you should check them out xoxo !!

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Monologue assignment from 1st year of TAW with a grumpy Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) I just now tied down and colored. AND the monologue is Martin from my favourite BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure <3 

We had lovely Sarah Airriess - aka @tealin - as our teacher this time, and being a fangirl herself she had selected this as one of the clips we could choose… So of course I had to take it. 

(Also, I have rarely fangirled more than when she did an animation demo of Arthur from the show… *sigh*. It was amazing.)

Koe no Katachi AU

I just watched Koe no Katachi in the cinema earlier and voila this happened.

If you don’t know how the story goes: basically Mika is deaf and Yuu was his bully.

Edit: Yep, Yuu and Shouya (protagonist) has the same voice actor (Miyu Irino)! Kensho Ono (Mika’s seiyuu) is also in the cast, being the protagonist’s best bromigo, and Saori Hayami (Shinoa’s seiyuu) voices the female protagonist ^^