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A Christmas Miracle

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I think it’s so incongruous with the general holiday spirit, so I wanted to try it out. Seemed like a challenge. And, fucking…I have no idea why I picked ice skates. In any case, go check out the other entries, guys!

And, hey, this reader is sick, and I wrote this whilst sick? What are the odds that those two events are related? :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Challenge: @winchester-writes Christmas Challenge x
Prompt: Fairytale of New York (x) & Ice Skates
Words: 1,653ish
Summary: The holidays aren’t going exactly as Y/N planned

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Andy on Pseuicide

This will be an extremely long post.

In response to an anon ask pointing out that at least one (eventually revealed to be more) of the SPN fandom “suicides” was a fake, Andy immediately leaps to the trolls’ defense, insisting that no one has any way to know whether those people really tried to kill themselves. Never mind the medical misinformation and patently ludicrous hospital room scenarios that were being spun out by the trolls’ “friends”, or the obviously false claims of hacking. You weren’t PHYSICALLY THERE, so you can’t KNOW what happened.

Then, regardless of the trauma and upset that has been caused by the whole mess, Andy tells the anon that the only thing that matters is that, “The hate was real. The intent to try to fucking murder someone with words was real.” Even at the point that Andy posted this response, people were pointing out that the anon messages the “victims” had received pre-pseuicide were implausible at best. That internet bullying has led to real suicides in the past has nothing to do with the fact that in this case, the hate messages and the suicides were fake and followed a pattern that is clear and obvious to most people who have been through similar fandom upheavals before. But Andy has a vested interest in backing up others’ claims of receiving hateful anonymous messages on tumblr, as this is a tactic that he frequently uses to make himself look like a martyr or to bring up topics that he wants to discuss.

Andy goes on to say that the people who committed pseuicide were:

in such a dark and painful place that it is not simply understandable or excusable, we should be on our knees fucking grateful that they didn’t do something so permanent that we wouldn’t have the chance to pull them back from that edge.

That’s right. He is saying that their behavior was completely, 100% acceptable. He is saying that no one is allowed to be upset or angry with them for manipulating their friends and followers in this way. He is saying that the only appropriate response is to be GRATEFUL to them for faking their suicides on the internet because now we can help them–and that it is fandom’s responsibility to help them. He is making the pseuicide bloggers’ victims responsible for their abusers’ emotional well-being. That is disgusting.

Moreover, he says:

The only, THE ONLY people who did an evil thing in that hypothetical instance are the Anons.  If someone is being bullied and commits an act of desperation because of it, no matter how foolish, THEY ARE THE VICTIM.  This is NOT the victim’s fault.  It is NEVER the victim’s fault.

Carlanime and Valancyredfern have responded to this very well.

Then Andy talked about his own pseuicide.

(Cut for potentially triggering/distressing content.)

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