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hey can everyone on this website remember that (most of) us trans boys or transmasc people or male aligned nb people feel really uncomfortable when you refer to us as ‘soft pastel boys such cuties uwu omg!!1!1!!!!’ okay thanks


Nova Ryder & Liam Kosta


널 망쳐 놓을 거야

*That moment when you think you got the new pokemon hype out of your system but you don’t, and you’re still in FE14 hell*



NaLu Week Day 2: Reunion

Natsu Dragneel was an orphan.

He was found by a social worker in an alley, covered in dirt inside a cardboard box. He was sent to an orphanage where he stayed until he was adopted by a couple when he was seven years old.

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Apologies: J-Hope (M)

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: Extremly graphic sexual scenes. Read at your own discretion.

A/N: This is all oral, and it was supposed to be 1.5k?!!!? What happened.

The room was deathly silent. You laid in the bed, not quite sure what time it was. The only thing that you were sure of was that you weren’t the only one who had been awake for hours.

Hoseok laid as far on the edge of the bed away from you as he could be. While you tossed and turned trying to get comfortable, it seemed like Hoseok had turned to stone the moment he had gotten into bed. It had been this way for about two weeks.

A small fight had blown completely out of hand in a mere few minutes. Hoseok was notorious for shutting down completely if the two of you got into an argument. He wasn’t good at expressing his feelings unless they were happy. If anything upset him, he closed himself off until everything blew over. Unfortunately, this had been the biggest fight between you and him, and because neither of you had apologized, the situation had not yet improved.

You sadly couldn’t even remember what the fight had been about, but now a huge rift sat between and your boyfriend. Your sunshine had dimmed noticeably, and you wondered if you’d ever seen a smile grace his lips again.

You turned again in the bed again, settling on your side facing Hoseok. He’d chosen to wear a shirt which was something he had started doing after the fight. You felt cold in the sheets, even with Hoseok’s presence. You couldn’t decide if you or he had been at fault, and at the moment, in the middle of the night, you decided to swallow your pride. You missed him too much to let something so silly come between you.

The feeling suddenly welled in your chest and with a whine, you surged forward, resting your cheek against Hoseok’s shoulder blade. He immediately stiffened under your touch. You reveled in the feeling of his warm body under the shirt, and you itched to remove it from him.

“What- what are you doing?” He asked. He hadn’t made an attempt to move yet, and his body was beginning to feel uncomfortably rock solid beneath you.

“I just want to cuddle with my boyfriend. Is that so wrong?” Your hand hesitantly came to rest on his waist, pushing away the t-shirt to rest on his bare skin.

He brushed your hand off of him but had no where to move away from you. Your hand returned back to his waist, holding him tighter and burying your face in his back.

“Hobi,” you whimpered. He was angry at how quickly he was crumbling underneath your touch. He missed you just as much as you had missed him. He was done with being angry, missing his happy mood. You felt him finally begin to relax in your touch.

Your hand smoothed back under his shirt, lightly dragging your nails over his skin. You tugged the shirt up, signaling him to remove it. He hadn’t slept with this much clothing on in years, and you were angry at the fabric for separating his warm skin from yours. He took a moment to pull the shirt over his head before returning to your hold.

You hummed at the feeling of his heated skin. You took the opportunity to pepper kisses along his shoulder and at the base of his neck.

“I’m still mad,” he off-handedly commented. You merely ignored his statement. His voice was hardly convincing, and you were eager to break down the final barrier between the two of you. Your mind quickly turned to what other activities could ensue if you played your cards right. The ache in your stomach was slowly bubbling up and spreading through your limbs.

“But I’ve missed you,” he let out a yelp at a particularly hard suckle that you gave between words. It was obvious that you meant much more than just words could convey. The cold that had seeped into your bones a few minutes before was now completely dissipated.

Your fingernails dragged down his stomach, delighted to find that because of his break from work, he had yet to rid himself of his happy trail. Your smile only grew wider as your fingers ghosted over his shorts. He was half hard, and you hadn’t even done anything. It seemed that Hoseok had missed you too. He was known for his insufferable libido, and now was no exception. Even if he was “mad,” a little make up sex wouldn’t hurt anyone.

A low groan escaped his lips at your feather light touches. His inner scale was tilting ever so slowly. The chord within him was ready to snap, and he saw his ego slowly drain away.

“It you’re gonna do something, would you quit teasing already?” He snapped.

“Gladly,” and with that, your hand slipped under the waistband of his shorts.

He let out a wanton sigh as you wrapped your fingers around his length. You gave him a few long strokes, pleasantly rewarded as you felt him grow harder. Your hand ghosted down to fondle his balls softly, an action that had his hips bucking forward as he let out a grunt of surprise. With a smirk, you drifted back up until your fingers met his dripping head. You were satisfied with your work, happy that you had him worked up to quickly.

Your finger dug slightly into the slit and his head, then sliding back down to spread the precum down his skin. It made it much easier for you to quicken your pace on him.

“(Y/N)-ah,” he rasped. He found it hard to control his stuttering hips. The feeling of your slim fingers was nice, but he craved more.

“What is it, baby?” You hummed. The pace you set never faltered, and he struggled to get his words out. He didn’t want to orgasm just yet, realizing that if he held out, it would be that much more delicious.

“I want you,” he said at a near whisper. You almost chuckled at how quickly he was coming undone.

“But, Hobi, you have me,” you replied with a squeeze. He let out a gasp. His thoughts were hard to get together as pleasure clouded his mind.

“I-I want your mouth,” his face felt hot at the confession, but he was desperate. The handjob was good, but he wanted you to suck him off. It was no secret that Hoseok enjoyed blowjobs from you- if was something the boys frequently teased you and him about. For the time being, you decided to forgo your own pleasure in favor of his.

“Okay,” you replied simply. You removed your hand from his shorts, and he held back a whimper.

“Okay?” He questioned. He wasn’t ready to believe you would jump at the opportunity to blow him; it wasn’t something you really enjoyed doing. Secretly, you were more pleased that he was at your disposal. You wondered how quickly you could get him to beg.

“Yes, okay. I’m done with this silly fight, aren’t you Hobi?” You asked. He nodded furiously, and again you had to hide the urge to laugh. “But, I think that you owe me after this….” You drawled.

“What?” He squeaked out. He was getting impatient that you hadn’t done anything yet, and his erection was beginning to be painfully hard. He was hitting a desperation mode, ready to agree to any terms and conditions you handed out.

“I think I’m being such a good girlfriend for doing this. You have been such a meanie lately. You owe me is all I’m saying,” you finished. You believed you had him right where you wanted him. It felt like it had been forever since the last time Hobi had given you pleasure.

“Baby, I eat you out for hours if you want. I’ll fuck you into tomorrow. Just get your goddamn mouth on me now,” he whimpered.


You finally relented in your teasing, pushing down on his shoulder so that he laid flat on his back. You slid his shorts down fully, helping him shimmy them off of his legs. He sighed as his erection was finally released. You couldn’t help but lick your lips at the sight of him. Your eyes traveled up the length of his naked body until you met his eye. You gulped deeply at how dark his eyes were, the pupils blown wide.

You ran your finger nails over the hard muscles in his thighs, scraping lightly. Hoseok looked ready to burst, and you decided to finally end your teasing. You steadied yourself on his thighs and leaned forward to place kitten licks on the weeping head. He was so needy at that point that his head flew back into the pillow. He fought to keep his hands down, giving you full reign over him.

“Baby, you can touch if you want to,” you said, pulling back from him to gaze with doe eyes. Your body was begging to be dominated, a role that you didn’t often take with Hoseok. You much preferred to be in control, but at that moment you couldn’t find it in yourself to give a damn. In an instant, his hands flew up from the sheets to wind into your hair.

He pulled you back down to his cock, and you licked him up the sensitive vein from the base back to the tip. You took the head in your mouth, suckling deliciously slow. A low growl emitted from Hoseok’s throat, and his grip tightened in your hair. He nudged your head down with a firm grip on the back of your neck.

You slackened your jaw to sink down on him until he hit the back of your throat. You happened to be blessed with hardly any gag reflex, something that Hoseok had called a “gift,” and chastised you for not using more often. You only ever responded with a roll of your eyes. He held you down on his cock, gazing expectantly. You hollowed out your cheeks and sucked hard.

“Oh, shit,” he hissed. A thin sheen of sweat covered his skin by then, and you knew he wouldn’t last long with your warm mouth around him. Only when your lungs were burning and tears prick your eyes does he release his hold to allow you to come up for air. He always knew your limit, and even if he was dominating he was kind to you, never pushing you past your limit.

He groaned when you pull away, a string of saliva still connecting your swollen lips to his equally swollen dick. The cold air hit his hot skin and he reveled in the feeling for a moment. It isn’t long before his hands returned to your hair, tighter and more urgent this time around. The pleasure was beginning to swell inside of him, and you know he was close with how eager he tugged you back down on him.

“You’re such a good girl,” he moaned. Your thighs tightened at his praise. You were happy to give him all the pleasure he wanted and you obediently sunk back down on him. You took him as far as he guided you, your nose resting in the curls at his pelvis.

After resting for a moment to get control over your breathing, you swallowed hard around him. He let out a strangled gasp and bucked his hips up off the bed. You weren’t prepared for his sudden movement and gagged around him. Hoseok couldn’t control his hips as they jerked upwards again. The sounds that were escaping him were down right beautiful, the chorus of whines and moans echoing around the room.

“Oh my god,” he wheezed. His chest heaved as your continued your ministrations around him, alternating between light licks and long, deep sucks. You knew he was close to the edge when his sounds became incoherent and his hips stuttered between your lips.

You pulled off of him and replaced your mouth with your hand. That allowed you to watch his body writhe around on the sheets. The sight had your core aching, and you egged him on, stroking him roughly. He was a truly beautiful sight to behold.

“Come on, Hobi,” you cooed and rested your head on his thigh. He whined in response when your other hand traveled to lightly cup his balls.
“Let go, baby,” you encouraged.

He came after a few more harsh strokes, white ribbons of cum lacing his thighs and stomach. You licked whatever landed on your hand, humming at the familiar taste of him. It took him a few minutes to recover which gave you time to fetch a tissue and clean him off. His breath finally seemed to even out, and he gazed down at you with hooded eyes. His fingers ran through your hair lovingly as he stayed quiet.

“Am I forgiven?” You asked. He let out a breathy laugh, his hand trailed down to your cheek.

“Of course. In fact, I think it’s time I apologized,” he mused. Your eyebrows furrowed, not understanding what he meant.

“What do you mean-” your question was cut off as you let out a squeal. Hoseok had planted his hands on your hips tightly and hauled you all the way up to sit on his chest. He held you with an iron grip as he tried to lift you even farther. At that point, you had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted. You struggled against his grip, refusing to move higher.

“(Y/N)-ah, would you get up here already and sit on my face?”

The question had your cheeks aflame as you let out another strangled noise.


“Come on, I want to do this,” his fingers loosened slightly. He didn’t want to force you in to anything you didn’t want to do, no matter how good you smelled so close to his face. You took a moment to mull over his offer, suddenly becoming very shy at your current position. Taking your bottom lip between your teeth, you nodded.

“That’s my girl,” he smiled. You allowed him to guide your dripping core over his face. You’d neglected your urges when focusing on Hoseok, but suddenly your core burned in desire. His warm breath fanned over your folds, and you let out a wanton sigh. He was so close but had yet to do anything, and you fought the urge to push down on him.

“Shit, baby,” he groaned. The vibration of his voice made you buck your hips. Hoseok’s hands flew to your thighs, and he held you in place as he finally delved into you.

He started with long licks through your slick core. His moves were deliberately slow. He knew if he kept it up long enough, you’d lose control. Soon enough, you were letting out breathy moans and grinding down on him to gain more friction. The pleasure was hot and low, blossoming from your thighs upwards. They burned from focusing on holding yourself up.

Hoseok knew you were desperately trying to control yourself, and with a growl, he yanked you down fully, slackening his jaw to let you grind on his tongue.

“Oh god, Hobi!” You nearly yelled out. Your whole body felt on fire as he let you grind on his open mouth. He tightened and flattened his tongue in different rhythms. The edges of your orgasm were just out of your reach, and you knew you would need more.

When he knew you wouldn’t go anywhere, his hands left your hips, in avid of letting you set the rhythm. They settled lightly of your waist, gently encouraging your rocking.

“H-Hobi,” you whined. “I need more,” you cried. He knew what you wanted and his lips traveled up to your clit. You let out a yelp, nearly falling forward at the sudden surge of pleasure. He had wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking hard. The pleasure that had been so far away moments before slammed into you with full force.

He helped you through your orgasm with long locks until you were shuddering with sensitivity. He eagerly cleaned you off with his mouth. He helped you down a few minutes later when you had calmed down. Your limbs felt jittery and jelly-like.

You laid there, the both of you still covered in a thin layer of sweat. Your breath had finally evened out, and you were sure that you could finally get some sleep. Your body felt light from your orgasm but heavy from the lethargy.

Your eyes nearly popped out of your head a few minutes later at the feeling of something against your thigh.

“Already?” You groaned. You looked up at Hoseok to see a semi-embarrassed look on his face. It hadn’t even been twenty minutes, yet Hoseok was already fully hard again. You really didn’t understand where this boys energy came from.

“Please?” He begged. “You won’t have to do anything. I’ll do all the work,” he offered.

Unmatched libido indeed.

gabe haters can throw a lot of shit at gabe but get this – at least he acknowledges when he’s being a shit or in a bad mood unlike most teens.