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i didnt even see it but anyway ota//yuri…

I love otayuri personally, I think it’s really cute. But I’m not the kind of person to be doing that. But I don’t think shipping Yurio and Otabek is wrong just because of their age, people can be together and not have sex, I’ve known people of that age going out. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s fine if you’re just not into it but there’s no need to group us together and call us disgusting

you do know that it’s illegal right? you do know that i watched an ex-teacher get arrested for child porn because of people like you that encourage porn of minors, right? you do know that people can be friends and not in a relationship, right? yes of course shipping ota//yuri and pli//roy and anything with a minor with an adult is wrong, why do y’all want to ship ur “hot yaoiz XD” every time two boys even breathe near each other?

yurio is in a completely different stage of life than otabek. yurio is still in puberty. in fact, it’s even implied that he’s prepubescent in some parts of the show. honestly it’s an insult to otabek that you’d think that he, as an adult, would date a minor, a 15 year old, someone who has far less experience.

in fact, yurio’s brain is much less developed than otabek’s. he can’t make the same rational decisions, he can’t think as well as otabek can, he is a minor. i’m not saying this as anything, i’m saying that minors’ brains are still developing and that’s why we have the age restriction.

even if ota//yuri is pure and doesnt do anything wrong, it still encourages other minor/adult ships. it encourages people who ship 10+ age gaps with one character as 15 and one as like 30. it fuels the fire.

if you ship ota//yuri you are producing pedophilic content unapologetically.

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How the anti-otayuri crowd views Otabek and Yuri: Otabek: Grown ass middle aged man, works a full time job, has been divorced at least twice, raising a ten year old kid, planning for retirement already Yuri: Cute little baby! Barely out of diapers, probably can't spell his own last name, just lost his first tooth, still learning to ride a bike (with training wheels of course) (This sounded funnier in my head)


like honestly otabek & yuri are both teenagers in an unconventional setting. they are competitive figure skaters, and if this were the case of a high schooler dating a college student, a pupil dating a teacher, something where there was a significant power imbalance I’d be more understanding of the hate (even though I stand by the belief that people can ship whatever they fucking want). but there is no indication, in both they’re characterizations, that this would be the case. if anything the scale is tilted towards yuri, whose fame and notoriety as an ice skating prodigy leave him with a lot less at stake in any sort of relationship (friendship or otherwise) than otabek, whose career most likely hangs by a much thinner thread.

but this is me treating these two as real people. canonically I don’t even really expect them to actually get together, it just doesn’t seem likely at this point, though I’d be happy to be proven wrong. at the end of the day, they are fictional characters who people happen to like together, and no amount of discourse™ will change that.

(This is excluding the fact that about 90% of the shippers specifically age up these characters, a decision that is totally up to their discretion. I don’t like using this as a defense because, again, people are free to ship FICTIONAL characters in any way they please.)

how do people in this fandom not get that the POINT of josh/rebecca is that is cringe-y? that she makes love triangles because she likes the chase because it keeps letting her put off working on herself and lets her use people as crutches? that the point of nathaniel is that he is not only male rebecca a la new york rebecca (high strung, father issues) but that she’s excited over him not because of real feelings but her life hasn’t magically been fixed by josh and she’s going to start thinking nathaniel will fix those problems? that, yes, rebecca can do better than josh but josh can do better than rebecca but they both need to learn to be alone first?

like damn i should’ve known when i first saw an actually serious josh/rebecca gifset that this fandom doesn’t understand that the situation really IS a lot more nuanced than that

and i can’t believe people already hardcore ship rebecca/nathaniel and have already forgotten the words “we have chemistry of course/but that’s a formula for divorce”


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People who ship male characters who have never interacted and shit on male/female ships (and the female characters in them) with actual chemistry are so frustrating

Because, yes, I get that hetronomativity is a bad thing. But at a certain point it stops being pro gay and starts being anti women. Of course female characters don’t need dudes, but wanting one  to have a happy and fulfilling relationship isn’t  a bad thing. And so much of fandom is focused on romance that it just becomes another way to exclude women.    


So the story is Yurio just got his license

and he gonna take Otabek for a ride and yes,  of course Otabek get ready with his helmet and jacket and all because he thought Yurio gonna ride a motorbike but then when Yurio arrive, he laugh for solid 5 minutes. He dont see that coming at all

Part 1 | Part 3

This is probably awful of me but my favorite thing about that TFA Rey and Obi ficlet was the fact that probably Vader was carrying around his old master like some snow white or sleeping beauty bullshit lmao

read this if you hate yoonbum x sangwoo ship

why you can romanticize sangwoo x yoonbum relationships 

maybe it`s unpleasent for someone to realize that there could be some romantic hints,but they are in the comic and i mean not sexual parts.there`s no true love obviously and when i say you can romanticize their relationships i mean don`t ship it extremely hard,just romanticize,like thinking about the possibility of the existence some kind of nice atmosphere when they are together and sangwoo is in good mood(lol). we can`t say for sure if sangwoo likes bum or what bum feels to sangwoo after he treated him really badly(yes, i mean the moments when sangwoo broke bum`s legs,cut and played some sick games with him>>later about that).of course we can`t forget that part, but 

why did sangwoo:

begin to change his moods rarely and that`s because of bum being with him(why bum affects sangwoo this way?)
talk to bum about his past,childhood,parents(why would sangwoo share with bum something personal like that?sangwoo even said it`s embarrassing to talk about that)
ask bum about his wrists and if it was because of his dad(why would sangwoo even care about bum`s life?)
hug him in ch.13(it was for sure not playing like kisses that we have seen before,he was glad that bum is faithful to him)
let bum to eat with him at the same table(let me mention that the table was only for sangwoo, so that means he began to treat bum as an equal ) 
become more kind to bum in different ways like come on he trust him so much that he even took him outside(ch 14)

why did yoonbum:
hide when he heard that police came if that actually could save him?
act normally when they got outside in ch14 and didn`t cried smth like save me?
try to find sangwoo when he disappeared in the store?

let`s talk about the moments when :
sangwoo beat and broke bum`s legs.bum was like a regular victim to sangwoo at the first moment.and he did the same things that he would do to any other victim like breaking legs and he gives him analgesic and even bought him crutches  in ch 14

sangwoo thought that bum escaped and said that he will find and kill him.well that`s not really nice(jkkkk) but to my mind for sangwoo it meant that bum left him after all these kisses and other stuff.(i mean maybe sangwoo began feel something to bum and then he just left)i think he wouldn`t kill bum and  said this cuz he is impulsive and often says creepy shit

all in all. I DON`T  sAY thAt theEy cAn LivE toGetheR haPpiLy And LoVE eAch OthER DrinKing coCkTaiLS oN tHe beACh.sangwoo did some shit to bum.both have mental problems.and it wouldn`t be possible to have healthy relationships anyway.but i think it`s a good start for both psychos

that first hunch...

I remember that the first time I watched TEH, I was immediately annoyed when they showed us the kiss between Sherlock and Molly and they teased but ultimately cut the one between Sherlock and Moriarty. 

I’ve never thought that was a coincidence or a harmless editing choice: they just didn’t want to broadcast a kiss between two men, least of all one which included the hero. Yes I’ve told myself many times that perhaps they would “make an exception” (pfft, really, in the 21st century… ) and show the johnlock kiss but, of course, of course they wouldn’t. 

I’ve never celebrated the absence of the Sher//iarty kiss because, deep down, I’ve always feared that, the way it was presented, it wasn’t simply a stance against the ship.

  • Kylo: General?
  • Hux: What is it, Ren?
  • Kylo: There's... something I wanted to ask you for a long time. Only I wasn't sure how you'd react.
  • Hux: What a coincidence! I wanted to ask you something too.
  • Kylo: For real?
  • Hux: Yes, of course. After all, we've know each other for years, it seems about time. Kylo, would you-
  • Kylo: - marry me?
  • Hux: Take Millicent to the vet for me - what
  • Kylo: what
  • Funtime Foxy: Okay I would REALLY appreciate if EVERYONE would SHUT UP. *Gets back on the phone* Oh heyyyy! Yes. We do accept private parties! Kid friendly? Oh of course! We als-
  • Baby: *BURP* we sell birthday cake!!!!!
  • Funtime Foxy: jdjxjdjjKDHDJSK EXCUSE YOU
  • Ennard: We eat the kids for BREAKFAST!
  • Funtime Freddy: we GO cruZIN ON A PIRATE SHIP
  • Eggs: Put your pants back on!!!!!
  • Funtime Foxy: uM eXCUSE YOU-
  • Ballora: LEGS
  • Bidybabs: You don't want your children here! It smells here! Like SPRINGTRAP
  • *Distant offended scream*
  • Minireenas: *Scratches on a blackboard*
  • Funtime Foxy: EXCUSE YOU!!!!!!!!
  • Parents: welll it seems if your busy we will get back lat-
  • Funtime Foxy: Nononon excuse the-
  • *End call*
  • Funtime Foxy: [DEATH GLARE]
Grace may be straight, but she definitely wasn’t in Don’t Look Back

So yeah, I’m on the train and am gonna write the thing.

I was rewatching the Gracevas parts of Don’t Look Back last night, and knowing now that Grace is straight, I was struck by how not straight she acted in the movie. Yes, I am a shipper, so of course I’m going to want to see things that point to my ship. But if you know anything about Grace as a character, so many of her actions are firmly NOT platonic in DLB.

So first, we know Grace is weird about physical affection. In Next Class season 2, she is shown to hesitant to hug Maya, her best friend, and ultimately only hugs her because Maya wants to. Even their hug at the end of season 1 was mostly one-sided on Maya’s end, with Grace looking awkward. But with Zoe, someone she barely knows? They roll around in the grass together and hold hands for the entire car ride.

Hell, in the scene where they have lunch together, Grace casually touches Zoe’s shoulder as she gets up to refill their drink. Who does that with their friend? I don’t, and I’m a pretty affectionate person. Grace would never.

And their whole conversation about love, staring into each other’s eyes and talking about how falling in love is as scary and exciting as a roller coaster. Has Grace EVER had a conversation so mushy with anyone else? Also Grace was talking from experience, so if she wasn’t falling for Zoe then who was she talking about? Oh, and “Careful, you might be the one in love with me”, HOW IS THAT NOT FLIRTING?

And then there was Grace’s jealousy over Zoe hanging out with Miles. Sure, it can be written off as Grace just not liking him, but did Grace ever care when Maya was dating him? Nope. Plus, her reactions were purely jealousy. She got annoyed at their PDA, and was really angry to have Zoe hang out with him instead of her. Sure, I would be a little annoyed if one of my best friends ditched me to hang out with her boyfriend, but I wouldn’t be THAT upset just to have them around me. And when Zoe accuses Grace of being a “lovesick lesbian”, GRACE LOOKS HURT.

And just… they became friends so fast. Grace took forever to open up to Maya, but just a couple weeks into the summer Grace was telling Zoe the summer would suck without her, and they were hanging out all the time one on one…. like I would expect that from Zoe but Grace? Never.

Like look, you don’t have to ship Gracevas, but Grace was so clearly coded as queer and having a crush on Zoe in DLB. None of her actions are consistent with her character otherwise. This isn’t even getting into everything that happened in Next Class season 1! We were being deliberately played by the writers, which is why it hurt so much when Grace was revealed to be straight. They coded her as queer, they had her play up a crush on Zoe, they had her have sex with Zoe…. and then nope! Straight. This goes so far beyond a character being ambiguous in their sexuality. The writers wanted Grace being straight to be a “plot twist”, and in doing so they severely burned their queer female fandom.

Queerbaiting hurts us, it really does. This isn’t just about fans being upset their shp didn’t happen. And I’m still so bitter. The writers have proven they are fully capable of writing brilliant stories, but they really screwed up here. They probably don’t even get it, and we’ll probably never even get an apology.

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Can you please recommend me some Glanis fanfics owo; I just got to this ship

YES OF COURSE. These are my personal favorites!

  • Road trip - Interludes by Sekiei. This is a series. I honestly recommend ALL of Sekiei’s works because they’re greatly written and the characters are incredibly spot on. I’m absolutely in love with them. My all time favorite is Road trip - Shattered, which takes place after the Cartanica dungeon and basically brings me to my knees in tears. 11/10
  • Ruin and Balance by 1000Needles. Post-game, achy and bittersweet, it truly HURTS. But in a good way. This is probably my favorite work that deals with… the aftermath™.
  • he ain’t no friend of mine by trellomonkey. Coffee Shop!AU in which Ignis and Gladio own coffee shops on opposite sides of the street and hate each other. Slow burn + Enemies to Lovers and I’m SOLD. This story overwhelmed me with good feelings. I love the writing, I love the characterization and I love the way everyone interacts. Basically this is the best thing to read after you finish the damn game.
  • Simmer by gulpereel. Takes place after Altissia, POV Gladio mostly. It’s really emotionally impactful.
  • Never by 13thSyndicate. modern!AU in which Ignis loses his eyesight because of a car accident. Hurt/comfort + friends to lovers. I’m so weak for this. 
  • In Your Hands by Megane. In which Ignis needs some stress relief and Gladio is happy to help. DESPITE MY INTRO THE FIC IS NOT DIRTY AT ALL!!! Expect cuteness and inappropriate humor.
  • Seasoned by gulpereel (added 18/01/17). A beautiful,  and greatly written story which explores Ignis’s life. Send some tissues ASAP.
is komaeda and hinata really canon in SDR2.5

hey everyone… so ive watched some of the clips and apparently on tumblr, everyone is going crazy about how hinakoma is canon because they held hands twice. 

firstly, as a japanese speaker, iet’s put the scene in context. 

hinata was helping komaeda to pull himself up, to the pod and to the ship. yes, there are parallels to the positioning i.e with ref to sdr2, and that’s beautiful however the conversation’s a little… unpleasant and ruins the mood for me. when hinata held onto komaeda’s hand, komaeda said

“so are you izuru kamikura, or the hajime hinata from the reserve course?”

which I assure you, from the way he was saying, the grammatical aspect of the japanese language makes it as though komaeda goes OUT OF HIS WAY to highlight hinata’s reserve course status. which in the game, komaeda only called him that in order to fuck hinata up deliberately, something which he later admitted he regretted. 

to which, hajime hinata, unflustered, replied “you can call me either.”


excuse, the fuck me?

in sdr2, it is explicitly stated that hinata disavowed his kamikura status, and wanted to live AS hajime hinata. so what the fuck just happened? this is to me, a huge canonical break from sdr2. 

subsequently, komaeda said “i guess i’m supposed to thank you for waking me up?”

he used the term “beki”, which suggests that he didn’t really wanna thank hinata for waking him up; i.e that he wouldnt mind continuing living in the imaginary world. 

i mean yes, the hand holding is great, but the conversation is riled with a lot of tension, and to me, adheres to the idea that komaeda, even if he loves hinata as the clues from sdr2 suggests, he will never allow hinata to get close to him, as he still reverts back to his defensive mechanisms in pushing hinata away from him…

and yes hinata’s tone is friendly and cordial. yes there are some material for you to work with if you’re a hinakoma shipper - it doesn’t sink the ship BUT a) i hate that they deviate from the idea that hinata is supposed to be living AS hinata as stated at the end of SDR2 and b) these interactions are not… solidifying enough to qualify it as canon (i’m using nezumi X shion from no.6 as an objective gauge to classify what is and isn’t canon) and there is still room for plausible deniability for people who insist that it’s a platonic relationship. i say this as someone who ships hinakoma, but can recognise the limits of the story in pushing for a particular ship canonically. 

Another Random SU Idea:

Steven: Wow, I can’t believe you guys were willing to pretend to get married just to get on Andy’s good side!
Pearl: Pretend? Steven, we ACTUALLY got married.
Garnet: All of us.
Steven: Wait, what?
Pearl: We’re registered down at the courthouse. Our certificates are in the back of the van.
Peridot: Oh, that reminds me, can Lapis and I have ours? : 3
Lapis: She wants to hang it up in the barn.
Pearl: Of course! *hands it to them*
Peridot: Yes! Nyehehe! Legalization is ours! Oh, almost forgot. *hands Amethyst a large stack of certificates* These are yours.
Amethyst: Suh-weet!
Peridot: C'mon, Lapis, lets go put ours on display so the rest of the world can bask in its glory!
Lapis: *shrugs* Alright.
Steven: I can’t believe it…
Pearl: Steven…?
Steven: You guys got married WITHOUT ME??? D:

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Namjin and "Daddy i think i need tampons"

“Daddy, I think I need tampons.”

Namjoon is clearly taken off-guard by the question, his keys clattering to the floor as his mouth hangs slack. He is stock still in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store. “Um. What?”

“Tampons,” his daughter repeats, face beet red. “Can you buy me some?”

“Oh,” his eyes are wide in understanding. “Shit. Yes. Of course, sweetie. No big deal. Just, uh, just leave it up to me. Go find your dad. I think he’s in the produce section. I’ll take care of it.”

Jin has already checked out and loaded up the car and is waiting out in the parking lot with their daughter. They check their phones in sync. 

“Where is he?” Jin tsks, craning his head. 

His question is answered a few seconds later when a flustered looking Namjoon comes bursting through the store exit, cart full, face determined. 

He reaches them after a minute, and he’s a little out of breath. He gestures to the many bags in his cart. “I… wasn’t sure what you needed so I got like… everything. Slim fit, sport, scented, unscented, regular, super, pearl, compact, and light. I, uh, saw some other things with wings? But I think those are different things? I got some just in case. Are you…. are you covered?”

“Oh my god, dad,” his daughter’s face flames in embarrassment as she storms of towards the car. 

“Babe,” Jin says affectionately, grabbing his hand. “How much did you just spend on tampons?”

He still looks flustered as he checks the receipt. “$75.”