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Harmonia? She gave up immortality with that Prince Cadmus, I think

YES, that’s who I was thinking of. Thank you so much! Though, looking through it now it looks the mortality business only occurred because she was turned into a serpent beside him but that’s who I was thinking of. I can study in peace now. Thank you!

It’s Only a Crush [Chanyeol x Reader] [Request]

Written by: Admin Purely

Word Count: 1, 548

Summary: You knew it was wrong to crush on someone so hard, but what if…

A/N: Firstly, I would just like to apologize for not getting this request out as soon as we could as we have been busy with things. ;; I really hope that you enjoy it and that it’s what you hoped for. ;; Thank you for being so patient!

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Oh hey.
I…didn’t see you were studying.
I agree.
It’s a bore.
But…hey, wanna see a cool magic trick I can do with your book?
It won’t take too much time away for your studies.
And also…i think you deserve a bit of a break.
Don’t you agree?
Ok, let’s go.
Magic trick.
Now, let’s see how many pages have your book…
Such a big book.
Such a boring book.
Makes you feel sleepy jut by looking at it.
Just by looking at it.
So sleepy.
Are you still there?
Sorry, I saw you dozing off…
Ok then, let’s continue.
I will ask you for your undivided attention though.
Magic…Magic has its rules.
Now, we saw that your book has 300 pages.
We saw that is a big, heavy book.
Heavy like your eyelids everytime you look at it.
It has kinda of a strange power over you this book.
So big.
So sleepy.
So, so sleepy.
Now, let’s look at the last page of the book.
And go backwards.
I will make you see that,
if you look close enough,
you can see your dreams into your book.
Doesn’t that sound cool?
Of course it does.
It’s magic.
So, let’s count together.
The numbers are so big.
They are…hard to look at.
They make you feel tired.
Have I already said that?
Oh you don’t remember.
Maybe because, frankly,
you are yawning a lot.
If you wish I could stop talking.
Of course.
You want to see my trick.
You want to continue counting.
Very good then.
Let’s continue.
200, 199,198,197
Still, big numbers.
But, as you count down.
You can feel the stress,
you can feel the pressure you accumulated by studying
slowly fading away.
And that’s weird, because you are studying right now.
Of course you are.
You are studying magic.
Under me.
Very good.
Continue counting.
As you feel more and more relaxed.
More and more free.
Very good.
Each number, is a new wave of pleasure that goes trough your boby.
It starts from your toes,
it slowly work trough your knees,
it goes up to your stomach,
it massages your back,
and then….
then it goes directly in your head.
Every breath you take is an hurricane of pleasure.
Every movement you make is an earthquake of bliss.
And we are only 100 pages left to actually see your deepest dreams.
Isn’t that exciting?
I’m sorry?
Are you listening to what i’m saying?
Or are you still counting?
Small numbers.
Easier on the mind….
not so much onto the body.
You are starting to pant.
But you want to count.
You have to.
There is no trace of a thought in your head, that isn’t a number.
You want to reach the end.
You want to go deeper.
And deeper.
And even if the numbers are getting smaller.
And smaller.
Like your will to resist
Your eyes are still heavy.
Still sleepy.
You want to close them,
to just take a break.
But it’s too much important.
You have to know what’s next.
Well, I can say that to you know.
That, was not your book.
It was mine.
And it was a book about hypnosis.
All hypnosis, is self hypnosis.
And since you have started counting,
you started going into a deep, relaxing state of trance.
Sure, you can try to resist.
Try being the key word.
Beacuse, every word I said,
every suggestion I made to you,
are now burrowed into your head.
You are programmed to finish the countdown.
And then, with a snap of my fingers,
you will fall into a peaceful, and deep state of trance.
You will just sleep.
And obey.
It’s getting closer.
Aren’t you excited?
Yes, of course it was a trick.
A magic trick.
only numbers in your head now.
But not dates, birthdays, codes…
just number.
A rhythm,
a countdown.
Numbers to shut off your mind.
Numbers that are like a song.
You studied so hard.
You deserve a nap.
Now, sleep.
And deeper.
So easy.
So studied so hard to get to this state of trance.
Peaceful. Quiet. Floaty.
You have been such a good student.
I think I should give you the highest grade possible for this effort.
The grade, is an H,
That stands for
That’s a good student.
You did your homework well.
Now, continue sleeping for a bit.
The next lesson will start soon.
But for now,
just blissful surrender.
For now, no more studying.
Just dreams.

alice-doe as promised

Make My Wish Come True | Teddy/Victoire

title | ffnet | AO3

Very carefully, Victoire hid the mirror inside her (brand new) Weasley jumper and crept down the stairs. She went as quietly as she could, not wanting to drawn any attention to herself. There was, after all, only one thing worse than being pathetic, and that was being caught being pathetic by your younger sister. Again.

“Victoire?” She winced.

Or being caught being pathetic by your father.

“Calling Ted again?”

“No…” she said, blushing. He gave her a look. “Maybe. Yes. It’s Christmas!” she added in her defence.

Her dad laughed. “It is,” he agreed. “And it’s no fun being separated from your one true love at Christmastime, is it?”


“It isn’t!” he said. “The first Christmas your Mum and I were together, she came back here for Christmas, and I stayed in England with Grandma and Grandad. It was rubbish!”

“Did you vow never again to be separated on this most festive of days?” she teased.

“Well, next Christmas she spent with us because we were engaged—don’t,” he added, his voice turning very serious very suddenly, “get engaged by next Christmas.”

“Honestly, Dad!” Victoire said shaking her head. “Do you think I’m an idiot? Ted and I are definitely going to wait until the Christmas after that, when I’m done with school!”

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Sirius sent Harry letters using tropical birds, and people say it’s because he was “using discretion, haha, dramatic ol’ Sirius.” The birds were what he had. It’s not his fault. Sure, he could have gone some place less tropical to “lie low”, but I think I know why he did what he did:

Two reasons. The first, is because Sirius needed to put as much space between himself and Britain as possible. Everyone and their brother was looking for Mass Murderer Sirius Black, it makes sense to get away.

The second, is because Sirius needed healing. I don’t think he and Remus were at a point where they were comfortable with one another again, not yet. And Remus is, for lack of better words, stuck in his grey lifestyle. And Sirius did not need grey. Sirius just spent 12 years rotting in Azkaban. He has been miserable and depressed for 12 years, unable to get out of that torture. Anyone who has truly suffered deep depression knows that this was agony. And studies show that depression literally make the world look, to your eyes as well as your mind, dull, grey, dark… I can personally verify this, and tell you that yes, this is absolutely true.

Now, I propose that Sirius could have gone somewhere else “far away.” Greece, somewhere to the East… But he went somewhere tropical. Somewhere we as a culture idealize as peaceful, a true getaway. Sirius went and took what we laugh at as a tropical vacation, to say it bluntly. But I think that it was more than that. Britain is described a lot as “grey”, with lots of rain, etc. Sirius had been through a thousand lifetimes of grey. Sirius needed color. He needed to REMEMBER color. So Sirius did what passionate, emotional Sirius Black does, and he chose on impulse to go to the tropical region, where there is so much vibrancy and color that it is inescapable. Sirius went there to hide, because no one there knows about a scary Grimm, or about a certain Mass Murderer, but he also went there to try and begin his healing process. It was not just for fun.

EXO wanting your attention but you’re busy


I apologize for the lack of activeness as I’m studying for my own exams the next week or so I’ll be less active than usual x(( !!!

XIUMIN: “Hey, hey, hey! Look at meeee ~ ! Aren't I just adorable??”

Y/N: “I’m not in the mood Min, I’m studying, can’t you see? Go play with that Coffee Toy I bought you for your birthday last year or something…”

XIUMIN: “Excuse me? That is a Jura Impressa XJ9 Professional Bean To Cup Coffee Machine for your information, NOT a ‘Coffee Toy Set’ !”

LUHAN: “Baobei, look at me…you know I’m too manly to resist, come to bed ~ !”

Y/N: 1.) I’m not sleeping with you until you get rid of that stupid Bambi blanket and 2.) Manly my ass”

LUHAN: “You’re so frustrating!” *Proceeds to leave the room, clutching his Bambi blanket*

KRIS: “Baobei-ah, baobei-ah, listen to this;  Why did the cow go in the spaceship? …because it wanted to see the mooooooon!”

Y/N: “Go away before I kick your ass over to the moon.”

SUHO: “Jagiya, look at this. I entered a maths competition and won a Mercedes Benz for free!”

Y/N: “If you’re so smart, can’t you help me with my own maths?? If you’re just going to be useless, then can you at least let me study in peace?!”

SUHO: *Mimics you* “If you’re going to be useless, can’t you let me study in peace?”

LAY: “Does this shirt look nice?”

Y/N: “Yes! Yes it does! Now just let me study in peace! Please!”

LAY: “Aha! You don’t like it, do you? It’s okay, I’ll go change and show you my next outfit!”



BAEKHYUN: “Don’t deny it babe, you know you want this!”

CHEN: “Look at these guns! Minseok-hyung taught me his secret ~ !”

Y/N: “I really don’t care…”

CHEN: “Fine. But don’t complain when you don’t see Chenchen Junior tonight.” *Turns his back to you and ignores you the whole day because he’s a troll”

CHANYEOL: *Watching videos and complications of Kris failing*

Y/N: “Won’t you shut up??”

CHANYEOL: “Who are you? Where’s my girlfriend that sent me these videos in the first place?”

DO: *Pretend that you’re Suho* “Will you make me some food? Anything, I’ve had enough of Baekhyun’s cheap pot noodles…”

Y/N: “The toaster isn’t that hard to work, Soo, just put some bread inside and make a sandwich or something!” 

DO: “Fine, I’ll just let Jongin feed me like he always does ~ !”

TAO: “So then I told the store manager that it was too expensive, and she even talked back to me! You know what she said? ‘What did you expect? It’s Gucci!’ THIS IS SOOOOO LAME!!!!”

Y/N: “Listen Tao can’t you go tell your stories to Kris or something? I’m busy and I don’t have the time to hear you rant…”

TAO: “But he threatened me and said if I didn’t leave he would burn my Gucci bags…”

KAI: It would be the opposite. Kai would be admiring his dogs so much he’d forget you existed 

Y/N: “Jongin-ah ~ ? Can’t you put down that dog and talk to me?”

KAI: “What’s that sound? Don’t worry Monggu, you’re the only one I have eyes on ~ “


KAI: “Oh. You’re here.”

SEHUN: “Look at my bare face!!!”

Y/N: “Piss off!”

SEHUN: “Rude much!”