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Wouldn’t it be wild if Doumeki just straight up couldn’t see it at all. 

Like just “Ah yes… the store… in that lot… the store in the vacant lot that no-one can see… THAT store… of course.”

At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised. We know he can’t go there because he doesn’t NEED to go there, but if it straight up didn’t exist for anyone who wasn’t a potential customer?


I kind of want it to happen now.

you will not rob me of my birthright

[a tribute to dornish women; sainted, besmirched, or misunderstood]

i. Elia Martell

Doran went still in a temper; cold, steady as the mountain passes in the moments before lightning struck. Oberyn raged, louder than any storm.

Elia smiled, thin and small, and struck.

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“Terrible thing will happen today,” Yuuko happily announces after I delete half my blog. HOW DID YOU KNOW?

Butut that aside, guys, I love Yuuko Ichihara so so much. Her absolute cheer as she announces that it’s going to be an awful day is just. Too good. 

There’s even a heart.

You can bet your ass I’m saving that panel for future use. 

Also @Watanuki what alternate dimension do you live in where Himawari has ever been a sign of good things to come WHICH ONE




ALL. 👏🏼OF. 👏🏼CHINA. 👏🏼LINE. 👏🏼GOT. 👏🏼ME. FUCKED. 👏🏼UP!👏🏼

YiFan exists. LuHan is evolving AGAIN! Tao in Hawaii englishing all over IG. Yixing is just Yixing. We won’t even discuss Jackson, Mark and Amber.

They just don’t understand, I will fight them and give zero fucks about it.

anonymous asked:

why is no one talking about how protective lance was towards pidge during the very first episode in season 1 when pidge told iverson off about the so called "crew malfunction" and lance quickly covered her mouth so she wouldn't say anything to get herself in trouble. instead lance covered for her! please! let's talk about!! this plance scene!!

truly an underrated plance scene and an underrated lance scene tbh. Honestly Lance’s altruistic tendencies is something I really admire about him as a character ( Also note him pushing Coran out of the way of a bomb ). He’s really an incredibly loyal person and will risk his neck both literally and figuratively for the people he cares about