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Hey there! Love your works! You have a true talent! I know your busy with requests, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head. How about a Hiro x Reader where she's kidnapped by Callaghan when the team are on Akuma island and find out about silent Sparrow. So he kinda uses her as bait to draw Hiro in and eventually he saves her. Hope you had a wonderful diving birthday!

Thanks!  I had a great birthday, and diving was a lot of fun.  Hope you enjoy the short!

“Baymax destroy.”

Your stomach drops when you hear those words come out ofHiro’s mouth.

Baymax looks down at Hiro curiously, “My programming prevents me from injuring another human being.”

“Not anymore,” Hiro states, slamming his fist against Baymax’s access port and pulling out his healthcare chip.

“Hiro, this is not what-”

Hiro closes the port, cutting Baymax off.  Baymax straightens back up and his eyes suddenly glow red.

“Do it, Baymax! Destroy him!” Hiro cries out, pointing at Callaghan.

Baymax raises his arm up and shoots out his rocket fist, Callaghan just barely managing to dodge in time.  You and your friends quickly leap into action.  GoGo is the first one to reach him, she uses her entire body to push against Baymax’s arm just as he shoots another rocket fist.  He easily knocks her to the side, causing her to slam into the wall.

Your other friends go after Baymax while you go for Hiro.

“Hiro!  You have to call him off!”  you say to him, grabbing his arm.

“No!  Why would I?!” he yells at you.

“This isn’t a game, Hiro! You can’t just tell your robot to kill someone!”

“He let Tadashi die! You think I’m just going to let him get away with that?!”

You stare at him, horrified by the words coming out of his mouth.  You let go of his arm, realizing you aren’t going to be able to get anywhere with him, so you move to help your friends stop Baymax.

Using the neurotransmitter in your helmet, you eject the four, flying robots from their holder on your back.  They circle around you, before you send them off to surround Baymax.  You place three on the ground in a triangle around him, and one up above.  Once they’re in place, you turn them on to generate their force field.  The white hazy light encases Baymax in a pyramid.

He slams his fist against the force field.  You can feel the resistance of your robots through the neurotransmitter as they fight against his extra strength to maintain their hold.

“(Name)!  Stop it!  Let him go!”  Hiro yells at you.

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things i hate about traditional artwork

-Having to make sure you clean your erasers before you got to erase
-There is no such thing as completely erasing something, it lingers, the ghost of what once was watches you as you try to just ignore it and complete the piece.
-the obvious sign of where you used whiteout
-oops your pencil broke and you cannot find a sharpener/ran out of lead for you mechanical pencil
-Trying to blend colored pencils, markers, etc is just a pain in the ass and 90% doesn’t work quite as well as you’d wish it would
-that perfect hand, body, etc that you just drew needs to be over about an inch or so to be in proportion, don’t weep on your paper or else you’ll tear it as you erase and start over.
-Damn, it’s not like i liked that picture the markers decided to bleed onto
-Accidentally bending the paper
-having to make eight hundred trips a week to recycle because you can’t just throw that much paper in the normal trash bin without feeling extremely bad/guilty
-yes mother i know i have a lot of sketchbooks, please, i know, i need this i’ll pay you back.
-which sketchbook was that in again?
-in person the colors on this piece are beautiful, i’m sorry the camera/scanner doesn’t pick them up very well.
-i’m sure i can drink this open container of beverage, i’m caref-OH MY GOD NO WHY ME WHYYY
-why the hell did you doodle on this piece of work, no i cannot just erase it what the hell is wrong with you
-now that i finished this detail work let me just remove my hand and god fucking dammit i smeared the ink, RIP
-”Wouldn’t it be a shame if your nose were to start bleeding… RIGHT AS YOU LEAN OVER YOUR WORK HAHAHAHHA BITCH”
-no, please don’t try and grab my work while i’m in the process of drawing it, oh thanks you just ripped it…
-indents on the paper that refuse to let you color them in
-literally everything, traditional artwork is awful, everything about this sucks

Nope, this is definitely not Elsword stuff, this is in fact, the main thing I like to draw, which are my Digimon characters, that made a while I didn’t draw them, I have 3, although, I did only 2 here, I’m not creative for names for them, my sona and my other character are nicknamed as Imp and Blacky respectively, and I do have a Falcomon named Arashi. Yes, those two are siblings.

I do not expect no one to understand the things I wrote in the drawing, it’s mostly my thoughts getting all over the place, please ignore them.

Also, I finally got my scanner to work again ^^

~Princess Serenity~ 

I missed so much to draw in traditional way, I missed to use my pencils ;u;
Yes, this is a photo, with my phone I don’t have a camera </3 Sorry, my scanner doesn’t works again D:  and my phone is not ‘fantastic’ (the picture is not very good and you can’t see some details very well ) but it’s better than nothing.

Seems like everything I work on now develops into a series…

(unfortunately that includes being ill sometimes. Oh well…)

Eponine on the same style of my Enjolras drawing

I’ve drawn all the main characters, just need to finish their backgrounds and I’ll have the entire series… (the only one I haven’t started yet is Fantine but I’ll surely draw her too!) 

Pencil and some touches of red ballpen (although it’s not so visible here. My scanner hasn’t helped me again.)

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