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True Love’s Kiss (Ryan Haywood/Reader)

Commission by anonymous:  Soulmate/Reincarnation AU - There are memories of a past life, but they can only be unlocked through a kiss with your soulmate. The Reader has amnesia, but Ryan remembers, and since soulmates are rare and the Reader is jaded, she doesn’t believe him when he says that they’re soulmates. Ryan has to kiss her to help her realize that they are soulmates for 5k, please.

Word Count: 9,829

Warning(s): Angst, Cursing

Summary: Soulmates were total, total bullshit. But Ryan wasn’t.

Author’s Note: Huge, huuuge shoutout to my commissioner. You are the absolute best, and I don’t deserve the niceness you give me. Thank you for being amazing, and I hope you enjoy. I’m sorry for going so overboard (and for taking so dang long while doing it), but here it finally is! Also, thank you to Shauna, who has been so lovely and giving me the kindness and inspiration I needed to finish this!

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One More Heart

Ok, so Jerza week is over, but I felt the need to do at least one fic! Hope you enjoy it!

~Smaug the Nightfury


Erza curled up in Jellal’s arms.

“What do you wanna do?” He asked her. She sighed.

“I don’t mind,” she told him.

He sighed in exasperation. She wasn’t meant to say that…

Erza glanced over to the large shelf beside Jellal’s Tv.

“What are those?” She asked him. He blushed.

“Just some video games,” he said. Erza raised an eyebrow.

“Can I try?” She asked. Jellal gave her a puzzled look.

“Girls… don’t usually… play video games…” he said, trailing off slightly. Erza pouted.

“So?” She told him, “I bet I could beat you in most of those games.”

“You wanna bet?”

“Heck yeah.

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Forgot my pizza, cute dance, bye! A Michael Clifford fluff imagine

“I get to what?! Oh my god i cant believe you’re taking on tour with you!! Thank you Mikey!” You tackled your best friend Michael in a hug kissing his cheek, before running to your room to pack. Your best friend Michael was in the world famous band 5 seconds of summer and they had a tour in America coming up in two days, and Michael just told you he was bringing you along. You were so excited, mainly cause you never spend time with him anymore he was always busy. Now you could at least spend time on the bus with him.

Once you were packed and ready to go a car picked you up and took you to the airport. When you got out you were deafened by screaming girls yelling for the boys. A guard put his arm around you and Michael and started leading you through the crowd, getting you into the safety of the airport as fast as possible. You were rushed through security and on to the plane, it took off moments after you boarded. You put your headphones in taking a nap so you were rested when you landed at LAX.

Hours later you were in a car on the way to a hotel, Michael and you were sharing a room, Ashton and Luke in another while Calum had one all to him self. When you arrived at the hotel there wasn’t to many fans so you were able to calmly walk into the hotel and check in. You and Michael raced to the elevator, getting there at the same time and pushing the close door button so the boys couldn’t get on. Laughing all the way up knowing they would pay you back soon, when the door opened on your floor you rushed out and tried getting into your room fast as the others came running up the stairs.

You slammed the door shut turning to look at the room. It wasn’t to fancy but it sure wasn’t no motel 6 either. There was to queen sized bed dressed in royal blue beddings with plush pillows. A big window with a balcony overlooking the Hollywood hills were draped in heavy blue curtains; there was a living room area with a big screen TV and a couch big enough for three sumos to comfortably sit on. “Wow, this is nice.” You gazed in amazement as Michael flopped down on the bed near the window looking at you sideways. “Yeah its cool, I’m gonna order food. Want anything?” You nodded saying a simple, “Surprise me.” He nodded and called room service. “I’m gonna shower, that long flight has me feeling.. ick.” You shuddered showing you dislike for your current tired state. He waved a dismissive hand still ordering food.

You walked to the bathroom loving the blue walls with black tiles, tub, sink and shower. It was relaxing, just the way a shower should be. You stripped off your clothing and ran the shower letting it heat up. Once it was hot enough you stepped in closing the door and letting the water wash over you. As you were shampooing your hair there was a knock at the door followed by Michael yelling that he was gonna hang out with Calum and to call him when the food arives. You yelled out ok and went back to showering.

*Michael’s P.O.V*
When I invited Y/N on tour I wasn’t planning on sharing a room with her, this gives the lads more ammo against me. For some reason they think I like her, I don’t know where they got that from. I mean sure she’s beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, and an awesome gamer, but I don’t like her as anything more then a friend. And that’s exactly what I plan on telling the lads while she’s in the shower and can’t interrupt, not that it would matter. I mean why should it?

“Y/N, I’m gonna go hang out with Calum so he don’t get to lonely, call me when the food gets here.” I let her know through the door of the bathroom, waiting for her reply then heading out grabbing my room key. I walked two doors down and knocked waiting for Calum to answer. “Oi mate, up for some call of duty?” He answered the door holding up ps3 controllers. I grabbed one and sat on the couch with the other lads. “Before we start this game I need to tell you guys something. First I didn’t plan sharing a room with her, second no teasing infront of her, and final no I don’t have a crush on her. Got it?” I looked at them waiting for their reply, hoping they would drop it now.

“Come on mate, stop lying to your self. We can see it in just the way you look at her. It’s like she’s the only person there, or something.” Luke smirked at me as the other lads nodded their heads in agreement. “Yeah Mike, why don’t you ask her out? Its obvious you like her, more then just as a friend.” Calum nodded to him self like asking her out would be that easy. “It’s not that easy, I mean what if she says no. Wait! No i mean I don’t like her like that!” They all laughed as my face heated up in embarassment, I can’t believe I just said that. “Mike mate, just go ask her to dinner or something. If she says no just play it off by saying, ok I’ll go ask one of the lads. Then she’ll think it was just a friendly dinner date nothing romantic date like.” Ashton had a point, we went to dinner all the time she wouldn’t think much of it. “Fine I’ll go ask. If she says no then I’m blaming all of you!” I got up and started walking to the door when i thought of something. “Wait would if she says yes thinking its just another friendly dinner?” I bit my thumb nail nervously as Ashton got up, sighing dramatically and walking over to me placing his hand softly on my shoulders. “Make the dinner sound romantic, if she says yes tell her its a date, if she says no play it off.” I nodded and left before I chickened out.

When I got to our room the door was opened my Y/N who bumped into me. “Oh oops, hey I was just coming to get you. Food’s here.” She walked back into the room where I’m guessing the food was. I took deep breath and followed her closing the door behind me. “Hey uh Y/N can I ask you something?” She nodded and took a bite of her pizza, waving her hand for me to continue. “Uh will you be my girlfriend? Wait! No, I was supposed to ask you to dinner then that. Damn it, smooth Mike smooth. Uh it’s just I like you a lot but I didn’t want to mess up our friendship so i didn’t say anything. No I probably just messed it all up so I’m just gonna shut up, sit down, and eat my pizza. But before that, I really do like you, I can’t ever get you off my mind and I miss you heaps when I’m gone. Now I’m shutting up.” I sat down and poked at my pizza.

Nice going Mike, one job, one line, and you messed it up. Now she probably wants to go home and never speak to you again. Stupid you just messed it all up. “Yes.” Was that her speaking or was my subconscious agreeing with me? “Wait, what?” I looked up at her hopeful and wishing just a little (a lot) that she said yes. “Yes I’ll be your girlfriend, I mean I’ve liked you since we met, why else would I get so good at video games?” She smiled at me as I jumped up and did a cool (lame, awkward, weird) happy dance. “Um ok. Tonight me and you dinner, wear something nice and comfy. I have to go plan this with the lads. Be back later.” I kissed her cheek and ran to Calum’s room.

*Y/N’s P.O.V*
I watched as my boyfriend ran from the room, giving me a chance to do a little happy dance of my own. He finally asked me to be his girl, I’ve been waiting forever for this day. “Forgot my pizza, nice dance, bye.” Mike ran in grabbed his plate, kissed my cheek and left. Leaving me smiling and blushing, I have the best boyfriend ever.

[A/N: my feels are spiraling out of control!]

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