yes my eyes are black


Ladybug and Chat Noir get stuck in the school’s supply cupboard in an akuma fight and ofc Chat puns about it

For @miraculousturtle bc I heard you were having a bad day and hoped this dumb joke might make you chuckle a bit.

Check the captions for Marinette’s train of thought

anonymous asked:

sorry if it's a bother but can I ask what your process on making art is?

Go : “Forget the blob, it gets on my way and on my nerveS ERASE IT!!!” (usually before i get this far into a drawing lmao I am wreck)

Optional: Forget to change layers, draw on the wrong layer and go fuck it anyway.

Sometimes I just literally draw the whole thing in black and draw on white on top of it the character, I did that in the Makoto + Protag smoking comic in the panels where protag lights makoto cigarette for her.

When it comes to colouring- that… I’m just a mess. Depending on the colouring type, I just dont bother drawing any lines until after all colours are done like in :

Anyway, honestly? I’m a mess and a terrible example on how anyone should art- anon u do u because my chaotic approach doesnt really work with everyone.

Regulus Black Online

Orion: *Ranting about family and pure blood status* 

Orion: Regulus! You had better be listening to me, boy. You know what happens when you don’t. 

((OOC: Seventeen year old Regulus ‘done with everyones shit’ Black is online)) 


disclaimer: this is my own version of scourge and does not follow canon
I just really want scourge to have a bumblebee collar ok??

more under the break for anyone who is interested

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i made a thing of remus and sirius being all cute

hhhh Kōhe my sweet boy


It’s been forever so here are some shitty selfies 🤷