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Pretty boy Vol’jin aka Ahaztuta Vol’jin and some tid-bits about the Ahaztuta tribe under the cut (the Ahaztuta tribe are from my WoW rip-off story and yes they’re all pretty af).

And I needed my Volita fix leavemealoNE—

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it won’t be like what you imagined. maybe you get the road trip to the beach with coffee in your hand and the radio playing, maybe you don’t. but happy shows up. it’s in a 2 AM game of jenga with your new college friends. it’s curling up for another marathon of netflix. it’s meeting the person who will be your best man at the wedding. it’s 4:45pm in the library when the girl in the study coral across from you quietly whispers “i’m going to set everything on fire” and then turns to you and asks if you wanna take a break for dinner (say yes, she’s very nice and you both need a moment away from the stress). it’s the mornings they have omelettes and in good books and in a puddle that looks cool. it’s sometimes picturesque, but more often it’s full-belly laughter at stupid things on the floor of your friend’s house while in the background someone is debating the best way to win settlers of catan. 

i know it gets dark early now and the tired is setting in and everything sort of feels blank and hazy and you want to spend ages staring at walls thinking of nothing

but happiness will find a way in. it will be small moments. look for them.

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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

Senior year.

Chowder should have known better than to think of it as some magical, easy ride. He saw Shitty go through the craziness of applying to and choosing a law school. He saw Jack’s entire semester get eaten up by talking and negotiating with NHL teams. He saw Ransom’s breakdowns over medical school and Holster’s constant fretting over getting a job. He saw Bitty’s week-long freak out over what the fuck he planned on doing.

He saw it all firsthand, but he didn’t anticipate every single one of them hitting him at once.

He didn’t expect the scouts asking for him, coming out just to see him. He didn’t expect to like his human rights class so much that his professor suggested a career in civil rights law. He didn’t expect to spend a semester volunteering at the hospital and loving it so much he wanted to stay. He didn’t expect his summer internship working in media relations would turn into a full-time job offer after graduation. He didn’t expect to have to choose from so many options.

He’s wasted so many pieces of papers on pros/cons lists, but none of them have been conclusive. Obviously, there are advantages and drawbacks to every option. He tries to look at it from every angle - financial, geographical, practical.

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Hi, thank you for posting so many victuuri recs! Are there any rec lists where Victor proposes to Yuuri??

Thank you for these requests! I freakin’ love proposal fics! I read these all the time, so get ready for a lot of fics!

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Proposal Fics

Round and Gold by oh_imintrouble, Gen, 1.4k
Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Final and gives Victor something round a gold. Victor gives him something else round and gold in return. One shot proposal fic. I’m totally not crying, there’s just something in my eye…

we’ll call this place our home by perennials, Gen, 1.3k
The Big Day approaches, and Viktor seeks advice from various members of the Katsuki family. SO CUTE!!!!

properly by Aimerz, Teen, 3.1k
In which Victor is shit at proposing, and Yuuri wants to do it all over again. Thumbs up!

A Beautiful Morning by Jawbones, Mature, 1k
Viktor pulls him even closer, moving to lie on top of him, burying his face into his chest. Yuuri looks down, is greeted by bright blue eyes and a smile. I’M SCREAMING THIS IS SO PERFECT

Settle Down by EttaMills, Teen, 2.7k
Yuuri remembers when Victor once said, during an interview, that if the marriage doesn’t work out, it is no big deal. Unfortunately, he remembers this during Victor’s proposal. It goes about as well as can be expected. Bonus clueless Victor!

5 Times Yuuri Tried to Kiss Victor + 1 Time he Did by kireiflora, Gen, 7.2k
Yuuri has always wanted to kiss Victor, and he has, many times since he burst into his life, but there are five attempts that stick out most. And the most important one that actually happened. SO FRICKIN’ CUTE OMG

Anything You Want by Flightless_Bird, Teen, 2.6k
Victor’s heart stung. He knew that he shouldn’t get annoyed when he was clearly in the wrong; but it still hurt to think that Yuuri believed a few flashing cameras were more important to Victor than him. This is a rollercoaster of emotions but there’s a happy ending, don’t worry!

Say Yes by CutesyMe, Gen, 1.5k
Victor asks for Yuri’s parents for approval! SO CUTE OMGG

Happy Valentine by katsudonfemmefatale, Explicit, 6.8k
Yuuri has forgotten a particular day he’s never had caused to celebrate… but his fiancé certainly hasn’t. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Etched in the Ice by SharkGirl, Teen, 1.5k
“Since when did you get so good at this sort of thing?” Yuuri reached for one of his hands, lacing their fingers and bringing them to his lips. “I learned from the best.” CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING OMGOGM

Advent Calendar by sushicorps (Inclinant), Teen, 2.3k
“I’ll skate for you. Not for a medal, not for myself, but for you.” Yuuri gives Victor an advent calendar!

Language of Love by OrionsProdigy95, Gen, 694 words
Victor is going to propose to Yuuri, but he’s just not sure how. So what’s the harm in trying it in Russian? Yuuri couldn’t understand it anyways, right? LOVE!

lay us down (we’re in love) by chromyrose, Teen, 4.8k
It was Viktor’s love that taught Yuuri how to love himself. SO MANY FEELS

Hey Baby! I Think I Wanna Marry You! by Sandyclaws68, Gen, 1.3k
Viktor had hedged his bets in Barcelona by never specifying which gold medal would result in their marriage. The fluffiest!

Proposal by Aggie731, Teen, 3.1k
Yuuri won gold at the Grand Prix Final. Viktor surprises him. Love this!

Life and Love: Agape by makkachincrossing, Explicit, 5.2k
“Viktor…” he murmured as he pulled away gently from the kiss to cast his eyes up slightly, meeting mine again. “If I win gold at the Grand Prix final… will you marry me?” Definitely recommend!!

a thing to be shared by radialarch, Gen, 794 words
Two things happen in Barcelona. VERY sweet!

The Prince and His Servant by BigGhost, Teen, 1.8k
Victor likes to be dramatic. Yuri doesn’t realize exactly how dramatic. This is great!

to me, only you by katsukis, Gen, 3.2k
Despite the rings however, Viktor doesn’t know if they really are engaged or not. Tonight, Viktor is going to propose to him, properly, and he’s got it all planned out. *queue gross sobbing*

On Absence, Fondness, and Never Leaving his Side by BeautyButterBae, Teen, 12k
“Would you do me the great honor and marry me, Katsuki Yuuri?” Wow! This is a must-read!

Interlude by TheRavenLady, 3.5k
After they get back from the restaurant, after Viktor has decided and proclaimed to their closest friends that he intends to marry Yuuri, they go back to the hotel and have a little heart-to-heart about it. Lots of fluff!

Marry Me? by sergeantwinter, Gen, 322 words
Viktor smiled, moving the hair out of Yuuri’s face and leaning in to kiss him again. SUPER quick fic that gets your heart all fluttery!

This is for @bookkbaby. <3 <3 <3

Being human hurts more than Cas is prepared for.

It’s full of strange physical sensations, ones that he had control over in the past, ones that now seem to control him. It’s full of weakness, of obstacles that he has to work around rather than effortlessly power through. It’s full of emotion, of strange moods and reactions that catch him by surprise and unsettle him.

He gets by. He’s watched humans forever, and he focuses on using the same coping mechanisms he’s seen them use, on learning how they get through all of this.

“Why don’t you work on finding the good stuff?” Sam suggests one day. “There has to be at least a couple things that are better as a human, right?”

It’s an interesting idea, and Cas spends the rest of the day thinking about it.

Yes. There is one thing that’s better. One thing, one person, that makes him feel good. Content. Safe and happy and fulfilled in a way he never did as an angel.

But it has only happened a few times and he’s a little nervous about pushing for more.

That night, he makes himself knock on Dean’s door anyway. Again.


Cas finds Dean stretched out on the bed, laptop in front of him playing some movie. “Hello, Dean.”

“What’s up, Cas?”

Cas looks at the ground for a moment. “I was…well, I was hoping that I. That we could.”

Words fail him, so he just looks up at Dean and hopes for the best.

“Sure, Cas,” Dean grins, relaxed and easy like this isn’t the big thing Cas thought it might be.

Happily, Cas rushes to the bed and flops down against Dean, snuggling into his chest and tangling their legs together. Dean wraps an arm around Cas to hug him closer, plants his chin in Cas’ hair, and goes back to watching the movie.

Part of Cas wants to sleep, because he knows that here with Dean, he’ll sleep well, no nightmares or worries to interrupt him. The other part, the part that wins, wants to stay awake and enjoy the solid warmth against him, wants to listen to the heartbeat steadily drumming in his ear.

“Hey, Cas?” Dean murmurs as the movie ends.


“You know you don’t have to ask. I get it. And you’re always welcome to…you know.”

Cas smiles at how they still won’t actually talk about it. But discussing this doesn’t seem like such an important thing at the moment.

“Thank you, Dean.”

Being human hurts.

But sometimes, it doesn’t.

This is so good though?? Like???


There’s literally zero harm and 100% JOY in creating original fan characters for your favourite stories and games. It’s been stigmatized and mocked for WAY too long when it hurts no one and only encourages creativity and unabashed happiness. The worst thing in the world has been people destroying young kids happiness and creativity over stuff like this. This is so important.




”It’s the first step, but do I think that they continue to take more steps together? I think that we’ll have to wait and see. But definitely that kiss was some sort of reconciliation in terms of them having not spoken for so long, and finally having a conversation where he was so honest with her, and that’s all she needed to hear. But yes, I think it’s a toe in the water.“ - Camilla Luddington

a CP ficlet, as promised

(idea courtesy of @echoing-artemis, who said CAPTIVE PRINCE BACHELOR AU which then turned into UNREAL AU in my head because let’s face it, in any situation like this, laurent will still be full of machinations.)


When Damen laces his hands together, the left thumb is on top. Laurent fixes this detail with a look that is, as it were, a warm-up for the look he’s about to direct at Damen’s face. Damen is perched on the edge of the plush, over-quilted, impeccably white satin bedspread, elbows resting on his spread knees. He is crushing some of the red rose petals. Laurent makes a mental note to send a production assistant in here with fresh ones before they film the individual segments after the cocktail party.

Someone knocks at the closed door and says, “Um, I think–”

No,” snarls Laurent, wasting the first and most icily searing few seconds of his expression on the door. Silence follows.

“All right, what is it?” Laurent demands of Damen. “Is it drugs? Do I need to send someone out for some cocaine? Do you have a fucking headache? Has a soft-hearted AD whom I will summarily fire snuck you your phone, and you’ve found out that your cat’s died?”

“No,” Damen says, apparently to all of the above. After a moment he adds, in a tone that Laurent can’t parse, “I don’t have a cat.”

“Then what the fuck is wrong with you? I’ve seen potato salad with more vivacity than you’re showing out there.”

“It’s all so–staged,” Damen says, with distaste.

Laurent manages not to roll his eyes, but the violence with which he wishes he were rolling his eyes causes dull pain to gather behind them like a stormcloud.

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translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) 

Host: “Fy søren” (Slightly milder curse than “fy faen”). Hi Yousef!

Cengiz: No, not Yousef!

Host: Not Yousef tonight?

Cengiz: No, not Yousef.

Host:  We’ll treat you like Cengiz. “Jeengizz” (Cengiz corrects her) I’m not so good with pronunciation. How will it be now that Skam is over?

Cengiz: It’s first and foremost very sad, but other people have had more experience in this than me, during those two years.

Host: Yeah, you came in now in the last season.

Cengiz: I came in this last season. But of course I’ve had a lot of memories that I’ll never forget. I’ve built a strong bond with everyone and made new friends in life. And that’s really nice.  And that’s what’s sad, that we won’t work together as often. Of course we’ll probably meet in other settings, but not the same setting, and that’s what’s kinda sad.

Host: I see that. It’s a little wistful. But, I watch Skam all the time. I’m obsessed. Always been. And I’ve always wondered what’s script and what’s improvisation. Because that scene, just recently, where Yousef and Sana are, like, down at the docks and playing and it’s that shower and the trust test. Is that scripted? Because it looks so real!

Cengiz: That is script. That’s why we’re called actors.

Host: How do you manage that? Like how do you prepare for a scene like that, to make that real?

Cengiz: Well, it’s just trying to… It’s not easy. It’s hard. It’s not easy at all. It’s actually one of the hardest scenes I’ve filmed, and I’m sure it was for Iman too. But we’re really good friends, like brother and sister. It’s mostly fun to shoot and when we crack up together, it becomes this real, little flirty vibe on camera, but in reality we’re just cracking up.

Host: Oh, I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad. It’s good that you have such a nice time on set, though.

Cengiz: That is called acting.

Host: Yes. But one thing. Yousef has left for Istanbul. We’ll get a clip tomorrow too, but Yousef comes back from Istanbul in August. What happens? You decide.

Cengiz: What happens? Yousef comes back to Norway. He thinks that’s sad, because his left his Turkish family in Turkey. Most likely he’s talking to Sana. More.

Host: Yes, he hasn’t found a summer fling in turkey?

Cengiz: No Yousef is not like that. Yousef’s not like that. He messed up a short while in the series, but that was because he lost hope but now he has hope.

Host: So he’s holding on to Sana during the summer?

Cengiz: I think he does, yes. If Sana doesn’t marry the basketball player that is.

Host: Yes, that’s true. *Makes Cengiz pick for fuck marry kill* Cengiz gets Jonas, Eva and Sana

Cengiz: Yeah. Everybody. I would marry everyone. Done everyone. I don’t know?

Host: Someone has to go.

Cengiz: Someone what?

Host: Someone you just have to have random sex with.

Cengiz: But I don’t do that.  I’m not that kind of person.

Host: No, no. But now we’re in Skam.

Cengiz: Am I answering as Yousef?

Host: Yeah. Or you as a person. Who annoys you the most?

(Ulrikke comes up behind Cengiz’s shoulder) Ulrikke: Marry Vilde!

Cengiz: Yes. Where is Vilde? *goes through all the pictures on the table* I would marry this guy.

Host: Penetrator-Chris?

Cengiz: Yes. And this guy I would fuck (holds up picture of Even). And this guy (holds up picture of Yousef), what would I do with him? What was the last thing?

Host: I think you have to kill yourself.

Cengiz: Then I’ll kill myself.

Host: You sacrifice yourself for Penetrator-Chris?

Cengiz: Of course! My bro, penetrator Chris and my bro Henrik.. Or, Even..

Host: Yeah we keep this in the Skam universe. Host thanks Cengiz.

Ulrikke! Marlon! 

soulmate! Minghao

anon asked:  I love the soulmate series you guys are doing! They’re all so cute!!!! Can I ask for one with The8/Minghao? -Aries

a/n hiii anon aries, thank you so much! & of course!! i hope you enjoy!

Summary: in which you a am incomplete tattoo which completes itself once you meet your soulmate

  • you’ve always thought of yourself as a free spirit even when you were little
  • dreamed of going everywhere and having adventures 
  • you’d rather travel the world then live in one place 
  • and so with the incomplete mark of half a bird on your wrist 
  • it represented your desire to go where you wanted 
  • but it was incomplete 
  • even more than wanting to go on grand adventures 
  • you wanted someone to be there with you a
  • and have adventures with you 
  • your parents were supportive of you deciding to try to find your soulmate whoever they were 
  • but they knew the chances were slim 
  • so they let you take a break for a year from college 
  • o just travel the world exploring *
  • like you always wanted to
  • maybe on your travels, you’d meet someone 
  • and then your bird on your wrist might finally have a chance at soaring 
  • your first stop: England 
  • then France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan 
  • then home 
  • you knew you had to be very careful, the bird mark could complete itself once you met your soulmate but if you weren’t paying attention, they might be lost to the crowd 
  • you talked to many people in Europe, your multi-culture studies over the years paying off since you were such a polyglot 
  • so by the time you had set down in Seoul 
  • your hopes were down 
  • how ridiculous to think you could find your soulmate this easily 
  • might as well just enjoy the rest of your vacation without worrying about it 
  • and the number one priority no matter where you travel to
  • try all the food 
  • eat as much as possible 
  • so after buying some steaming fish cake on a stick 
  • you start strolling down the city street 
  • someone bumps into you and you drop your change 
  • “sorry" 
  • he says in Korean and bends down to pick up the change and hand it back to you with a small smile 
  • "it’s ok” you answer back a bit awkwardly in your basic Korean and return the smile 
  • he laughs gently and drops his board and starts pedaling away 
  • you look down at your watch to check the time when 
  • “wait." 
  • on your wrist is a completed mark of a soaring bird 
  • "WAIT!" 
  • you call louder trying to see if you can spot the guy on the skateboard amongst the crowd of people 
  • you start running 
  • maybe staying in shape should have been one of your goals, you think to yourself as you sprint 
  • this was not going to be literally "the one who got away" 
  • not because of you not running fast enough 
  • but then you see him 
  • he’s pedaling towards you as fast as he can on his board 
  • staring at disbelief at his wrist 
  • while people leap out of the way 
  • you both stop right in front of each other 
  • incredulous 
  • huge goofy grins on both your faces 
  • and without even saying anything 
  • he wraps his arms around your waist as he lifts you up into a hug 
  • whirling the both of you around much to a passerby’s staring 
  • and you both laugh amazed and incredibly happy 
  • and you both walk towards a near-by park to escape the crowds 
  • “my name’s Minghao." 
  • "I’m y/n." 
  • names are exchanged and you get to talk about stuff 
  • "I’ve never been on a skateboard before." 
  • "Really? Here let me show you! I love being on a board, I feel like I can go anywhere" 
  • you laugh that’s how you always wanted to feel 
  • he places both hands lightly on your waist as you stand on the skateboard all wobbly 
  • "Just try to keep your balance…” he says right as you feel yourself moving forward and slipping 
  • the board flies from under you rolling about ten feet away 
  • you however land 
  • in Minghao’s arms 
  • he laughs, his whole face lighting up 
  • both your faces inches away from the other's 
  • you laugh too and thank him as he helps you up 
  • “welp you fell for the first time, that’s progress. Necessary for the learning process. Should we go get something to eat?“ 
  • "I wanna buy a board first" 
  • you drag him into a skate shop near the park and buy yourself a similar board to Minghao's 
  • he bravely takes your hand when you’re walking out of the shop carrying your board 
  • one of his arms secured around his skateboard 
  • and his other hand in yours 
  • as he shows you some of his favorite places to skate and hang out and eat 
  • you learn that he’s in an idol group called seventeen 
  • "Wait you’re an idol?" 
  • "Yep" 
  • "So you sing and dance?" 
  • "And martial arts and skateboard yes" 
  • "Wow" 
  • "You’ve traveled the world though" 
  • "Sort of" 
  • you both laugh finding more things in common in your personalities 
  • Minghao was so sweet, cute, and good looking 
  • swooning, you couldn’t believe he was your soulmate 
  • multi-talented as he was, you felt boring in comparison 
  • "I’ve always wanted to see the world, since there’s so much to explore and so many possibilities. My stage name The8 means infinite possibilities. I think you’re incredible to have gone on adventures like that" 
  • you’re so surprised but happy to know he didn’t find you boring at all 
  • "Let’s go on adventures together in the future" 
  • “deal” you both smile at each other and round the final corner before reaching your goal 
  • a convenience store 
  • ramyeon is a must 
  • you both start to walk up to the store when the store doors open 
  • twelve guys walk out holding bags of snacks and munching happily 
  • “Oh no…” Minghao looks at them eyes widening 
  • “Who are they?" 
  • "My group members” he says right as they look up at you two 
  • “Isn’t that Minghao?" 
  • "Is that a girl with him?" 
  • “He’s gone for like two hours and gets himself a girl?" 
  • Minghao starts laughing and pulls your arm, putting down his board telling you to put your board down too
  • "Before they catch us hurry!" 
  • you hear the twelve boys start running after you and Minghao 
  • you drop your board 
  • "But I still don’t know how to ride!” \
  • “it’s ok you have me here nothing will happen to you” he smiles at you and takes your hand 
  • you both pedal on your boards away listening to his band mates throwing snacks at you both trying to get your attention 
  • “SHE’S MY SOULMATE” he yells back at them 
  • and then you’re both riding away 
  • side-by-side 
  • eventually you both come to a stop at a park 
  • sitting on the bench, hand in hand, you both stare up at the sky 
  • and maybe at each other 
  • “Can I get your number?” you say, after mustering up the courage 
  • and chuckles and you both exchange phones for a moment 
  • you notice his background is a picture of all his members holding a trophy 
  • “when was this?" 
  • "ah, that was when we won 1st place on a music show for the first time, i was very happy that day" 
  • your eyes scan each and every member, noticing some were a little puffy eyed 
  • but then your eyes settled on his face 
  • he showed the same exact bright smile as he had when he meet you 
  • it warmed your heart 
  • "so can I listen to a song?" 
  • and so you sat there, him explaining each and every song 
  • to the title songs, the performance team songs, to his own duet with his fellow Chinese member 
  • and then he let’s you listen to highlight, and you say to let you guess his parts 
  • when the song’s over you giggle
  • "i’m like a bird?" 
  • how fitting 
  • he laughs and wraps his arms around you happily, resting his head on your shoulder 
  • "we’ll fly”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess & seri

There are some bad parts about being borderline, but there are also some perks!

- The way you make people feel when you idealize them is something they’ll never find in anyone else. You make people feel so cared for and loved, and on top of the world. There’s a reason people are so drawn to those with BPD

- The amount of love you are able to give another person is unreal

- You’re able to sense immediately if something is off or wrong with another person. And therefore can react to make them happy quickly or be there for comfort.

- You work well with children and are able to empathize with them when they are hurt. You’re not one of those adults who treat children as if they need to suppress or suck up their emotions.

- When you do feel empathy (because it’s something I occasionally struggle with), you can genuinely empathize with others and truly make them feel like you understand and you’re listening.

- The love you feel for your friends can border on obsession, but they will ALWAYS know you care about them.

- When you are happy, you’re on top of the world! It’s such an amazing and euphoric feeling!

- When you find something you like, and hyper fixate on, just thinking about it can brighten your day! Which is so simple and great, that you don’t have to go to extra lengths to feel happiness from it

I’m sure there are so many more! Please feel free to add on!!

(Also, just because somethings aren’t necessarily healthy or considered healthy in society doesn’t mean they can’t be good things! Me being obsessed with the person I like isn’t healthy, but it can be a good thing if that means it makes another person feel special and happy!)


Fandom: Stranger Things 
Pairing: Eleven, Mike Wheeler
Characters: Jim Hopper, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Max Mayfield, Will Byers 
WC: 3418
Summary: “She’s spent all week waiting for triple-decker Eggo breakfasts, slow rock on the radio, and most importantly, her friends.” In which Eleven reflects on her favorite day of the week, and how it’s spent with her favorite people.


[A/N]: This is my first Stranger Things fic! Hopefully you guys like it! 

It’s January, and Eleven still doesn’t understand why, if Hopper is her Papa now, she can’t live just like everyone else.

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Remus Lupin was still half asleep when he entered Mr. Slughorn’s room. It had been full moon and he had had an incredibly hard night. He sat down between Peter and Sirius and thought about how he could survive this day. “Are you alright?” Sirius whispered and looked at Remus concerned. “Yeah sure” Moony answered and rubbed his fingers over his forehead. He felt as if his head exploded any minute. Slughorn wasn’t there yet so Remus layed his head on the table and listened to Sirius and James talking. “Long night Lupin?” Remus looked up to see Lily Evans with a huge smile. “Yeah” Sirius answerned instead of him. “We both had a long night if you know what I mean.” He winked at Lily and Remus had to laugh. He and Sirius joked about being in a relationship ever since they were friends. Well Sirius joked about it and Remus laughed, while ignoring this weird feeling in his chest, he always had when Sirius made those jokes.

“Good morning” Professor Slughorn entered the room. In his hand he held a colorful potion, that smelled incredibly good and sweet and made Remus feel really warm. He tried to concentrate on what exactly it smelled like, but it wasn’t so easy for him, because he was so tired. He closed his eyes. Shampoo? Yes exactly! That was the same smell Sirius’ shampoo had. But that wasn’t the only thing. There was something else? “Mr. Black, instead of talking to Mr. Potter, why don’t come here and tell me what this potion smells like for you?” Sirius sighed, stood up and walk towards Slughorn. Remus tried to think even harder. Dog? Wet dog? Yes! It smelled like a wet dog smells, a smell many people hated, but after all this time he spent with Sirius this smell reminded Remus of so many happy things. He closed his eyes once again? Leather? It definitely smelled like leather. Similar to those leather jackets Sirius always wore. But why?

“Ok you wanted to know what this smells like?” Sirius asked Mr. Slughorn who smiled and nodded. “Fine… this smells really good” Sirius said, “it smells like… books and tea I think… and like” Sirius sniffed once more. “Chocolate!” What? This doesn’t smell a bit like chocolate. It smelled like dog and shampoo and leather, Remus was sure. It was like the ultimate Sirius Black potion. How could he not smell that? “Many of you will probably be confused now, because you don’t agree with Mr. Black. That’s because this potion smells different for everyone of you. Mr. Black you can sit down again”, Slughorn said. Sirius sat down and whispered: “Books, chocolate, tea. Reminds me of someone” to Remus, then continued the conversation with James he had before. “Does anyone know which potion this could be?” Slughorn asked and waited a moment for someone to answer. One of the Slytherins raised her hand. “I think it could be Amortentia”, she responded. “Exactly!” Slughorn shouted happily. “Amortentia is the strongest love potion we know and it smells different to everyone of you, according to what attracts you.” Instinctively Remus looked to Sirius. The potions smelled like him didn’t it? Leather, wet dog, shampoo. Of course it did and it wasn’t even a big surprise. But didn’t Sirius say it smelled like books, chocolate and tea. Reminds me of someone, he repeated Sirius’ words in his head. Did he actually say that? Does that mean… Remus still had his eyes fixed on Sirius, but Sirius didn’t turn his head and kept staring James instead. What does that mean? He tried not to think about it. A coincidence probably, nothing more. He tried to listen to Mr. Slughorns words, but he couldn’t concentrate on them. Books, tea, chocolate. That’s all he could think.

When the lesson was finally over he followed the other maurauders outside. James forced Peter to come with him and ask Evans if her potions smelled like him, probably risking to get punched. The other two boys walked over the grass to their herbology lesson. Remus looked at Sirius. “Books, chocolate, tea. Reminds me of someone”, Remus tried to say it as cool as possible. “Oh shut up!” Sirius said and blushed a little. He looked down. “What did yours smell like?” Remus scratched his neck. Should he tell him? “Leather, that shampoo you love more than anything in the world and wet dog.” Now Remus looked down to his feet, not daring to look at Sirius, when he suddenly felt he gently, really soft kiss on his cheek. He looked up. Sirius put his arm around Remus. With a huge smile he said: “I fucking knew it! Remus John Lupin is into me!” Remus blushed too now. “Shut up, Pads!” he said and kissed Sirius on the cheek too.

Underrated SNS Fics

Here’s a list of excellent fics that flew under your radar:

Trails by teacett

Longing by teacett [incomplete, pls give the author some encouragement]

  • Both fics are part of the same series; unique premise, great characterization, gives u feels, modern AU

More Than Just Rumors by Drunk_Scribbler [incomplete, but still updates]

  • Great plot, characterization, and well-developed relationships, modern AU

Offerings by Rockability

Cat People by Rockability

  • Realistic, fluffy, canon-compliant, amazing characterization

mb gay by BELDR0P

  • smoll drabble that gives you big feels

A Chance at Happiness by Nomme_dePlume

  • lots of pining, slow build, good characterization, very realistic modern AU

the b-sides by fan_nerd

  • modern AU with time-traveling Naruto… A M A Z I N G

Here is WHY you missed out on the good stuff: 

Check my bookmarks on AO3 for other recs; these are just a few of the best ones. All of these fics (except More Than Just Rumors) have under 200 kudos. (Srsly, wtf??) Some have fewer than 100 kudos even though they’re really good. 

To find good fics, don’t just sort by kudos. Quality fics often have 5 kudos or more per 100 hits. High quality fics usually get 7 or more kudos per 100 hits. 

Example: Fic with 65 kudos and 400 hits? Probably excellent

Fic with 250 kudos and 7000 hits? Usually not that good

When searching for fics, fill out the other fields, then go to the work stats section and specify a maximum number of hits along with a minimum number of kudos, like this:

The results will contain all fics with less than 1000 hits and more than 50 kudos. I repeated this process with 2000 hits, 100 kudos, then 3000 hits, 150 kudos, and so on, to find all the good stuff. 

People overlook a lot of gems because they just sort by kudos. Good fics end up at the bottom of the stack. Quality content in fandoms becomes harder to find. Talented writers get discouraged by lack of feedback. You know the drill.

Searching with a ratio of kudos-to-hits fixes this problem…. Kind of. 

We should also rec, review, bookmark, whatever, when we come across good fics. Silence is the number one reason some of the best writers abandon their fics. I am tired of finding A Really Good Thing™ that was last updated in 2008 because readers were too lazy to provide an iota of feedback. We can’t go back in time, but we can keep it from happening again! 



I’ll take that as a yes. 

So. Rant over. Happy hunting, everyone. Hope this helps!

17 Things I've Learned About Life by e.s.

1. Instead of victimizing yourself, make use of what you’re feeling. Cry. Write. Reach out to a friend. But don’t stomp your feet and make a sad face hoping someone will save you. Be realistic. Pick yourself up.

2. Don’t be afraid to say you are excited or irritated. If there is good reason, there is good conversation to be made.

3. Get a notepad and a calendar. Write your goals on your notepad and write on the calendar specifically when you’re gonna do them. You will not get them done otherwise.

4. Stop the idea that texting first to make plans is bad. We’re all lazy. Friends want to hang out with you but just don’t take initiative. Be the friend that makes all the plans. Who cares. Life’s short and you need to make use of the people who are available to you at this moment.

5. Don’t lurk on people’s social media. Not the person you’re jealous of. Not the person you pity. Not your crush or your ex’s. Life is organic. Relationships are organic. Get to know someone in real life. With every post you see, the more your brain manifests ideas that you can’t even confirm about someone.

6. No matter how old you are, your voice is important to someone. Speak up. Be passionate.

7. Laugh at awkward situations instead of getting mad at yourself. Not only does it help you, but everyone around you too.

8. Charisma is overrated.

9. On that note, try to get to know everyone, including shy people, extroverted people, and everyone in between. Be warm. Be a light. People are interesting and they always have something to offer to you.

10. If someone needs help, give it. Not just a push, but give like you mean it. Wholeheartedly make someone understand what it is like to be recognized and supported. This applies to both paying for a strangers meal and when a friend comes to you after a hard day.

11. Don’t reduce yourself to traits. You are you. Every part of you comes together to make a unique person. Don’t depend on being the “artist” or the “good runner.” Yes you are that, but you are also a million other things. Recognize all of who you are and don’t compare yourself to others.

12. Two things you need to do more to make you feel warm and happy inside: eating breakfast for dinner and having long hugs.

13. Be thankful for everything. The drink you are slowly sipping on. The tree in your yard. Your family. Your bed.

14. Go out and listen to live music. You’ll find something meaningful.

15. People will insult you. Respond kindly and try to hear them out. It’s the most you can do.

16. If you want to make positive change then do it. Don’t let the past 5 minutes or 5 years define you. You don’t have to explain yourself to people who question or mock you. Be the best you.

17. Love.

Mummy’s Boy - Daddy!Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by lovertee

Words: 1,847

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: Yes

Requests are OPEN

Harry was surprised when (Y/N) told him that she had to go away for the weekend, it was a surprisement because, she never takes time out for herself. Before they had kids, it was Harry first, then her job. Now it’s her kids, Harry, and then her job. But when she told him, a week prior of that Saturday, that her company wanted her to go out to Scotland for the weekend to do a article, and possibly buy out that company, she could not say no. She could no say no for her company possibly buying out another company, and she did not want to send her assistant to go and screw it up. Therefore she said yes, but the hard thing is the kids.

Harry knows that their kids to his missus, is always her first priority, she always wants to make them happy, be with them, play with them. She loves them more than anything, and Harry knows that. But, when she did tell her that, it was a shock at first, and they, a good job for her company, but then the information sank in and he had to take care of Rosie, and Caleb, on his own without his partner in crime, would be hard part.

Therefore on Thursday night, she was packing, it would only be three days, but to her, she did trust Harry, but she has never left them alone with him for more than five hours, she does not know how the situation would go. So, when she was placing her blouse in the small carry on, he stood behind her, arms crossed, chin high, leaning against the dark chester draws, watching her, was almost aggravating to her. He watched her, burning holes in the back of her head, trying to get her to notice him. She tried to ignore it, she tried her best to go past it, forget it, but she can’t, she can’t leave her baby like that, so she placed the last shirt down and turned out, doing the exact same posture as Harry, but she gave up several seconds later, she placed her arms to her side, and looked at him, a sorry expression trying to show.

“I don’t know if you’re upset with me because I’m leaving you, or that you’re alone with the kids?” She says, he pushes off, walking up to her, giving her the same look, but placing his hands in a loving matter, rubbing her arms, gently.

“Both, you’re leaving me this weekend, the bed will be empty, cold, even. No morning kisses, with light shining through, oh, and no morning sex, (Y/N), no sex for three days, I can’t do that.” He stated, she went wide-eyed, giving him a look of how pathetic he is.

“Harry, for goodness sake, you’re acting like a horny teenager, you’ve been gone months before, leaving me to deal with stuff like that, and the one time I leave you for three, small days, you are complaining. You can survive for those three days, if you really want sex, there is always the option of wanking off, but I am not changing my plans.” She told him, moving past him to grab her jeans from the draws.

“But, love-” He was interrupted.

“No, Harry, I love you, but you need to let me do this, ok. I have given up for three years, my passion, my job. You know how passionate I am about this stuff, please let me, I’ll make it up for you.” She told him, instantly, when she told him that’ll she make it up for him, he was fine with her leaving. He nodded, a smile on his lips, telling her a quick and cheerful ‘ok’ and walking out of the room. She laughed from his actions and continued on with packing.

That morning when she left, bright and early, she did say bye to Harry, but not the kids. When either she or Harry said bye to them, they would throw a mental breakdown, and that breaks both of their hearts, therefore they decided to not say bye anymore until they have matured enough to behave proper, so, they just leave without them knowing and play it off cool.

The first two days was fine, Harry told the kids that mummy was at the store, or that she was at Auntie Gem’s or that she was at a friend’s, whenever they asked, and they simply thought that she’ll be back in a couple of hours. The three of them went and stayed at his mum’s house for two days, he did need a little of help to handle the two of them because Rosie was walking now at one years old, and he needed to be watching her a lot to make sure that she was not up to any trouble. With Caleb, at three, he was at the stage of wanting everything, so he throws tantrums and hits, therefore, Harry was constantly stress with balancing both kids, and it would help a ton with some extra help, but those few days went well. It was really the last day, Sunday, that hit him like a brick.

He woke up, back into his and the missus’ room, the right side of the bed was cold, another reminder that she was still in Scotland and was coming home later that day, but it was not the normal light that woke up him up, it was the wailing from next door.

Harry pulled on his pajama pants, and threw on a shirt and walked out, Caleb’s room was on the left, therefore he slowly opened the door revealing a crying, three year old with little curls of blonde hair, and deep hazel eyes. He automatically turned into daddy mode and started to shush him, telling him that daddy was there, no worries. Harry placed his ringless fingers under his son’s armpits and picked him up, gently bouncing him, shushing him in a gentle manner.

“What’s wrong baby, what’s wrong, daddy’s here.” He said, but the minute he went into Harry’s arms, Caleb started to push away, squirming away, still sobbing. Harry tried his best to keep hold of him since of how big he was getting, but he eventually sat down in the rocking chair, sitting him up, trying to find out is wrong. His diaper did not stink, the only option was that he was hungry.

“Mummy.” Caleb, simply said, sobs in between the syllables. Harry started to show sympathy, he felt bad.

“Mummy will be home soon buddy, she will be home in a couple of hours, she’s just out right now.” He said, trying to rock him, but his little boy, who was only in a diaper was still fussing. Harry has never seen him so depressed, he looked tired, and sleep deprived. He started to push away, but Harry kept holding on.

“No, mummy, now.” Caleb, was still sobbing. Harry picked him up and placed him close to his chest, and walked downstairs, hoping not to wake up his little baby girl. But he was still whining, and squirming. The minute he got down to the kitchen, he sent Caleb in his high chair, sobs still coming out. It made Harry’s heart weaken, seeing his big baby all upset, not wanting him, but his mummy.

He walked to the fridge, and pulled out some milk, gently pouring it in a pot, and turning it to medium-high, and nuking it for a few moment, until it was lukewarm. Then he placed it in the bottle, screwing the top on. He looked up noticing it was only six o’clock, which was a normal thing, both kids were early birds, like him. But he began to hear a faint cry, coming from upstairs. He placed the bottle to Caleb, that he took acceptably, which gave Harry the ‘thank God!’ feeling within, but here comes phase two, his daughter.

He raced upstair, quickly as possible, turning the corner. “Morning, poppet!” He chirped, when she came into view with the redhead. He picked her up with please and gave her a kiss on her head. Rosie just snugged into him, gripping on his arm. Mumbling, and gurgling, ‘Daddy’. He picked up her blanket, and walked downstairs as fast as he possibly could, thankful that Caleb was still drinking. He placed Rosie in her highchair, giving her a bowl from the fridge of mushed food. 

Only problem, Alfie was soon done and started to cry again, Rosie dropped her spoon on the counter and covered her ears with her tiny hands, shaking her head. Harry did the second thing that would soothe him, he picked Caleb up and sat down on the couch, pulling his shirt off, placing Caleb on his chest, chest to chest therapy, it did wonders to both kids at states like this. Harry rubbed his back in a circular motion, over and over, until his cries turned in soft snores, that took an hour and a half to do, still doing chores around the house, keeping Rosie fed and with milk. 

But, he heard keys jiggling, and the sound of the door unlocking, which made him confused. The door opened a few seconds later, and a bang of a suitcase hitting the floor, with the same voice he will love forever, calling out.

“Hello, I’m home, H, babe, Caleb, lovely, where are you all?” She asked, Harry knew it was her.

“In the living room, love.” Harry responded, Rosie dropped her blocks on the highchair, screaming out in excitement, and saying, ‘Mummy’ over and over again. (Y/N) finally made it through and saw her husband on the couch with a baby on his chest. A smile pulled on her lips, she started to walk up to Harry pulled his chin up for a quick kiss.

“Was he being fussy?” She asked, he nodded and laugh.

“You can’t imagine.” He stated. She walked to Rosie, picking her up and kissing her head repeatedly, sitting next to her husband. 

“How’d it go, tell me the details?” She questioned.

“It was fine, went to Mum’s, baked, played a with cars and blocks a lot, hmm’ Rose and Caleb, but it was all good. This fella was starting to be fussy an hour ago, but all good now.” He told her, “But tell me, why are you home so early?’ He asked, she leaned her head against his shoulder.

“The meeting went quicker than expect, I took the failing company under my wing, all good, now, nothing like this will happen soon.” She told him, he laughed.

“Thank God, I don’t think I can do one of these weekends again. I love you.” He told her, sighing in relief.

“Ok, now I’m scared.”

“Don’t worry, it was all good, it was just a lot of stress between a stubborn three year old, and a walking one year old.” He told her, she laughed.

“Welcome to my life. I love you too, gorgeous.” She told him, smiling at him.

This was requested by: @tiaameliapnina

I tweaked it a bit since I wanted it to follow into my series, but thank you for requesting!

Requests are open: Ask

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gildara-art  asked:

Could I place an everyone-loves-Bitty prompt where, after they come out to the team, Jack asks the Haus to give Bitty the occasional hug and kiss for him since he can't be around to do it as much as he'd like? I'm guessing Shitty would find a way to get in on it too. I just love the idea of Bitty getting sanctioned casual hugs and kisses from literally everyone they know 💕

“Jack! Wow, you don’t call often?”

“Sorry about that,” Jack tells Chowder.

“I didn’t meant to make you feel guilty. How is everything going? How is Providence?”

“Yeah, fine. Really good.” Jack passes over the questions and makes a note to start calling Chowder more often. “I’ve actually got a request if that’s alright?”

“Yes. Of course. Anything. Well, not anything, but you know, if I can help, then yes.”

Jack smiles at Chowder’s eternal effervescence. “I want you to do something for Bitty while I’m not around.”


“Can you make sure he’s getting hugs? He’s pretty physical guy but he’s not great at initiating.”

“That’s so sweet. Of course I can do that.”

“And could you let Dex and Nursey know too?”

“I’m on it, Captain.”

“Thanks, Chowder. Oh and hey,” Jack says before hanging up. “You can probably just call me ‘Jack’ now.”

“On it, Jack.”

Jack hangs up feeling confident that Bitty’s about to get a whole lot of love and affection from the team.


Bitty is watching Netflix on the green couch (with a thick blanket between him and the actual couch), when Chowder interrupts.

“Ooh! Can I join?”

“Of course.” Bitty smiles and pats the spot next to him.

“Swasome.” Chowder vaults over the back of the couch and lands half on top of Bitty but doesn’t bother moving. Bitty doesn’t mind.

The get through half an episode when Nursey and Dex get back from their trip to the library.

“Whatcha watching?” Nursey asks. “Something good?”

“Don’t fucking care,” Dex grumbles, dumping his stuff randomly near the bottom of the stairs and fitting himself beside Chowder. “I need to rest my brain.”

Nursey adds his stuff to Dex’s pile and wrestles a pillow from behind Dex, throwing it at Bitty’s feet and sitting on it. He leans back against Bitty’s legs and sighs out.

Dex stretches his arm out along the back of the couch and rubs the back of Bitty’s head before dropping his hand so it rests against his neck. Dex must really be exhausted to be touching Bitty so freely, but Bitty likes the warmth and the weight. It reminds him of Jack, who’s fond of doing the same. Maybe that’s where Dex picked it up from?

He slumps further into the couch cushions with Nursey against his legs, Chowder against his side, and Dex’s hand on the back of his neck, feeling quite loved.

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LOOK! I drew you this thing! Which… I don’t know why I did it, it took hours and a computer could have done a much better job. But I like it anyway, and I hope you do too! And I will send you a higher quality image if you want to use it for… anything. Which you are under zero obligation to do. 

But you ARE obligated to read the fic I wrote for you!!!!!!!

The Tail of Knee(zle) the Bard by Chicken Bake (me)

Summary: Being the master of a kneazle was absolutely horrible. (Or, Harry loves his kneazle to death even if he won’t admit it, and he’s extremely pissed that she keeps running off to Malfoy.)

Tags: Hogwarts Eighth Year, Fluff, Humor, kneazle, uncreative naming, Oblivious Harry, Jealous Harry, over a cat though, not over Draco, nice arms, wanking, Mutual Masturbation, potted sunflowers, sorry these tags are not in order at all, Cheese, Soulmates, Flirting, ignoring quidditch, Awkwardness, UST, linny in the background!, happiness

I hope this was worth the wait and that it makes up for even 1/10th of what you did for my birthday!!! <3<3<3<3<3


“Well… here we are. At your shop… End of the line.”

Julian reaches a hand toward you, but it never lands, hovering just above your shoulder. Before you can lean into his warmth, he pulls his hand back and looks sadly down at you. He leans forward, pressing his lips to one cheek, then the other, and it’s all you can do not to pull him into your arms and continue what you’d started on the dock.

“Thank you, my dear,” Julian begins again, “The time we spent together, however brief… It mattered to me.”

He’s saying his goodbye, you realize, but you aren’t finished. Not yet.

“And it mattered to me, too! ” You say, louder than you’d intended. Julian looks taken aback for a moment, and you take this as an opportunity to continue. “You never asked me, you know.”

“Asked you what?”

“What I want.”

Julian looks perplexed, brow furrowing even further as you laugh softly.

“You said it doesn’t matter what you want,” You begin to explain, “But you never thought to ask me what I want.” You take a step towards the doctor, closing the space between the two of you. A blush creeps up Julian’s neck as you place your hands on his chest, lightly gripping his jacket and keeping him close to you.

“Well? Aren’t you going to ask me?” You whisper, and when you are given no response, you lean forward, lips brushing against his neck.

Julian’s breath catches in his throat as you continue your ministrations, all of his boldness from earlier in the day gone. He finally brings himself to reply, saying, “Yes, I- What do you want?”

You press your lips once more to the base of his neck, pulling back to look up at him, and you smile sadly. “I want you… to let me make my own decisions about what’s good for me. I want you to do things that make you happy. I want you to get your memories back, and I want to help you do that. But most of all? I want you, Julian.”

For a moment, his expression glimmers with something akin to hope. It’s gone just a quickly as it came, and he looks away, but does not move from out of your arms. He sighs deeply.

“I told you, all I’ll do is bring you pain, and-”

“You think that a future with you would cause me pain, but I know that a future without you would be… unbearable. Please, Julian.” You bury your face into his chest, bringing him as close to you as you possibly can. “I just want you.”

Slowly, slowly, you feel his arms snake around you until he is hugging you just as tightly. The two of you stand like that for a long while, neither willing to let go, neither noticing the door behind you opening just a crack.

Asra did not hear the entire conversation, but he heard enough. He looks from you to Julian, an odd but undeniable pain in his chest. After another moment, he closes the door as quietly as he can, hoping that you and Julian both get what you want.